Ultimate Saya-jin saga

Episode 4: A size to big for Vegeta

Part 1.
The fight Sanshin and Blade v. Goku and Vegeta continiues.
To try and do some damage Sanshin and blade use their special atacks,
Blade powers up his sword, and Sanshin an sort of an electric atack.
Both fire away but the strong opponents dodge them.

K; Stop this fighting, Sanshin Blade!
S; Ok.
B; Couldn't you be a little earlier?

As kaiou walks to the battle field Sanshin and Blade retried.
And Vegeta Walks towards Kaiou, followed by Goku.
When Kaiou passes by Sanshin and Blade, he stops.
And signals them to get to the spaceship.
But the 2 warriors can't wait to see Kaiou fight against vegeta.

K; 2 on 1, thats onfair, mmmmiiiinnnndddbommmmmmmm!
G; Nooooo! I can't move, what is this!
K; My atack involves some electric waves, making it paralising.
K; And now it is 1 on 1!
V; So it's me your after.
K; In a positive way!
K; I came here for the Dragonballs.
V; You won't get them!
K; Why not, I was going to wish a new planet vegeta!
V; Why, we haven't got much of us left, and besides we have no king.
K; Vegeta, there are still a few Saya-jins out there.
K; And if we got a planet, you our prince would be king!
V; Hhmm... I do like the sound of that.
G; Don't listen to him Vegeta!
K; Goku, Shut up!
V; But still, I have to settle the score!
K; What? You won!
V; You stopped the fight, so if you think your up to it, fight me!
K; That's an offer I can't refuse!
V; Aahh, You just made my day!
K; Bring it on!

Both warriors power up to SSj4, and have massive powerlevels.
All warriors watch them preparing to fight. Kaiou gives the signal,
and the fly of to each other, and go head to head.
Neither of the two gaining the upperhand in the fight.
When both warriors take a small brake, Vegeta powers up a Final Flash!
When Kaiou dodges the attack and fires a energie bom back,
wich, on his turn, is dogded by Vegeta!

V; You're a real chalenge!
K; And you are not!

End part 1.
Part 2.
As the warriors stand ready to fight, Kaiou powers up.
Kaiou power us to max power and transforms to Ultimate Saya-jin.
Making almost everybody amazed, and still after turning USj he powers up.
The first time Sanshin and Blade see Kaiou power to max as USj.
He is still powering up, and is doing this so powerful that except everbody lays on the ground.
When he's finished, ever one scrambles back on their feet, and watch Kaiou.

V; Impressive. Take this!
K; (holding Vegeta's hand) Thank you, but can I trade it in.
V; (braking loose) Sure, but don't think it will pay your life ensurence!
K; Damm, why not?
K; (holding Vegeta's head) Does this pay my life ensurence?

Kaiou holds Vegeta by his head, and throws him in the air.
While Vegeta is in the air, he powers up a small pruple ball.
And he throws it to vegeta, who get's hit by it on his chest.
Then there's a big flash, and Vegeta lands on the ground.

V; HHmmm... Long time no see!
K; Same to you.
K; So, are you gonna show what's on your chest or what!
V; Sure! Why not.
G; He, I know that mark!
V; You should, it's the mark of our kingdom,
V; this is the mark of the prince, my mark.
K; I have also a red ball, but first we need a planet!
G; So you're story is true, but how can you make them.
V; He can make the because he's my-
K; -Brother!
V; I doubted that has was my brother when he sad his name.
V; But the way he fought revealed his identetie.
K; Just before the fight against Freeza our father send me away.
K; He couldn't send Vegeta away, because he was in Freeza's ship.
V; But my father had hidden Kaiou to make sure Freeza couldn't get to him.
K; And now we are together again.
G; How did you find vegeta?
K; Simple, we just flew in to a post controlled by Freeza's henchman.
K; Simple got the info, and made them suffer!
G; But who are those 2 behind you.
K; They are my friends, their strong, but not as strong as us.
V; What was that last transformation?
K; I call it the Ultimate Saya-jin,
K; I think it's sort of like SSj, with mutiple levels.
K; So we have got a long way to go!

As our warriors talk, Sanshin, Blade
and the Z warriors move to the 3.
They talk about what has happend, on earth, namek,
and ask what happend to them, and how they go together.
And Kaiou anwsers, that's a long story, I'll tel you tomorow.

End of the episode 4.