Ultimate Saya-jin saga

Episode 3: Meeting the prince

Part 1.
A spaceship is flying in space, heading for earth.
As the spaceship is advancing, the 3 warriors are training.
They are training in kaiou's place, a special room,
where they can change the gravity.
They can change the gravity up to 100 times the gravity on planet Vegeta,
wich is already 10 times the gravity of earth,
meaning that they train at 1000 times the gravity on earth.
For a SSj2 and USj1 this is hardly anything, but they can't powerup,
because it will blow the ship, so they train as Saya-jin.
Making them stronger and stronger. In a few hours they will reach earth,
where they will try to find prince Vegeta.

K; We should reach Earth in a few hours,
K; maybe it is useful if we enter our regeneration pods.
S; Why, we are OK.
B; Yeah, why?
B/S; AArrghh, Kaiou!
B; You, You..
K; Look on the bright side,
K; if you enter your regeneration pod now, you will be stronger.
S; Next time warn us!
K; Then you would have blocked it.
B; Well, let's regenerate then!

As our warriors regenerate, they are coming closer to earth.
On earth, the 3 warriors have been detected,
but with his special skills of Kaiou their powerlevels are hardly detecteble.
Making them seem weak towards Vegeta and Goku.

K; I needed to prepare you guys.
B; For what?
K; For things to come, Vegeta and Goku aren't wussie's!
S; So ain't we!
K; But remeber, their both SSj4, and have trained much in this form.
B; But we aren't going towards their to fight them!
K; I hope not, although they are strong they are no match for me.
S; But to much for us?
K; Yes, if they fight together you two will get beaten.
K; But I will make sure, you guys won't get killed.
S; Thank you.
B; But what makes you think they will fight us.
K; We will be intruders, SSj, and with a unbelieveble mission!
S; So why go.
K; When they see that I am to much for them, but harm no one..
B; They see that your intentions are good!
S; Lets hope it works!
K; It will, it will.

As they are beginging their descent towards earth,
they strap them selfs tide, and wait till they've landed.
As they are landing, the Z warriors have assembled.
The Z warriors are heading towards the landing site,
Vegeta has bad intentions, and waits just a few meters from the ship.
As it has landed, inside the warriors have a last conversation.

End part 1.
Part 2.
K; Everbody OK with the plan?
S; Sure!
B; Let's battle!
K; Wacht out, don't provoke them.
B; Yeah yeah yeah, let's go outside!
K; Let's go!

As the door opens, Sanshin and Blade advance
towards the awaiting gang of earth warriors.
As Sansjin and Blade move forward,
kaiou still stands at the entrence of the ship.
Sanshin tells Blade to stop, and moves on alone.
Vegeta spots this, and walk towards Sanshin.
Sanshin stops, and Vegeta moves within 15 meters from Sanshin.

S; Finding you wasn't so hard.
V; Well what can I say..., you found me, now I will make you lost!
S; Big talk for such a small Saya-jin.
V; Hhhmm..., I like they way you talk, but lets battle!
S; I always wanted to battle you, you bastard!
V; Big talk, but not for long!
B; He Sanshin, watch out.
V; He, I didn't ask you to speak, so shut up.
S; That's exactly what I mean!
V; Now let's fight!

Both warriors power up, vegeta to SSj4 and Sanshin to SSj2(mystique).
Although Sanshin is outclassed in every way,
he still tries to beat Vegeta, but with no effect.
Vegeta is much better, but plays with Sanshin,
making him seem to have a chance.
But then Vegeta has had enough and hits him hard,
making him fall on the ground, hurt.

B; Oh you bastard! See if you can take of us!
S; Lets go get that practice to work.
G; He 2 against 1 isn't fair, lets make it 2 against 2.
B; Uh... Sanshin?
S; Just try Blade!
V; You don't have a chance, and you know it!

End of the episode 3.