Ultimate Saya-jin saga

Episode 2: Where is he, or die!

Part 1.
Our three strong warriors are travelling in space,
going to a Freeza's henchmen's stronghold.
Our warriors want to find the Saya-jin Prince Vegeta.
As a sworn enemy of and previous henchman of Freeza,
they should know where Vegeta is. Knowing this,
Kaiou insist on taking on the weak warriors to get the wanted information.
After gathering his two pupils, some training
and a litle 'field' trip he's about to land the ship.

K; Sanshin, Blade, are you guys ready!
S/B; Yes, ready when you are.
K; OK, lets land.
A few minutes later, after they landed.
B; May I take 'm on Kaiou?
K; No, you stay outside.
S; Why not Kaiou?
B; Because he thinks I will kill them,
B; before we get a chance to get an answer.
K; With your past and temper I don't want to risk it.
S; So what history.
K; They raded his planet, and killed his 'grandpa'.
B; I have sworn to kill them all, even now when Freeza is dead.
B; There may not be a chance that this happens again.
K; That's true, but the way you handle these things..
S; So what are 'we' going to do Kaiou.
K; We are going to interigate.
B; Can't I say hi afterwards? ...Pleasseee?
K; OK, but you wait outside, and can't do your thing until we are out.
B; You just made my day!
S; Why don't take those on who try to atack us outsides!
B; Your wish is my command, MMMMM, hehehe!

The 3 warriors move out of their vessel,
and fly towards a big building. Before they went to fly,
Kaiou took three of the scouters, and gave one to Sanshin and Blade.
As the purple creatures see the three warriors coming,
they assemble and move toward the 3. As they spot the coming henchman,
Kaiou make clear he wants to land, on the ground they walk towards the henchman.

K; Here they come, press your scouter twice, so you can see mutiple powerlevels.
S; So what are we going to do?
B; Check your scouter, there isn't much we can do, they don't even reach 15.000,
B; as we have reached powerlevels above, we are to strong,
B; They should so see it to!
S; So Kaiou what are we going to do?
K; Blade, take 'm on, but don't transform, then you're weaker..
B; but stil to strong...hehehe!

As both sides are moving towards each other,
Blade starts walking in front of Kaiou and Sanshin.
A whole group of Freeza's henchman power up their guns,
and advance towards Blade. Right in front of their nose,
Blade power's up, sticks his sword in the ground and prepares to attack.

K; Sanshin, hold my hand!
S; Why?
K; Watch and learn!
S; Whoa, that was fast, they didn't even see us.
K; Now let's watch Blade.
S; He's going to kick their ass, and they know it.
K; But they still don't run away, typecally Freeza and his henchman.
S; Hhhmm, this might be fun!
K; For him it is!

End part 1.
Part 2.
As the henchman check their scouters,
they are amazed as their scuoters blow up,
and they fire all together everything they got on Blade.
As the smoke is gone Blade still stands there,
he stand there without a scratch.
Just as the henchman are ready to fire again,
our warrior is about to say hi, and possibly bey.

B; He, why can't we just say hi?
B; Look, I'm even unarmed!
H; GGRRHHH! See if you can stand this!
B; He! This suite is expensive you know!
H; Nnnnnoo!? This can't be happening. Noooo!
B; It is though, but not for long!
B; Energie beam!
H; You killed our chief, come and take us all if you dare!

What ever they would have sad, it wouldn't have made a difference.
As Kaiou and Sanshin watch, Blade kicks the henchman around.
In a few powerful attackes Blade has killed them all.
Picks up his sword and flies to Kaiou and Sanshin
who await him at the entrence of the complex.

K; Good, See you in a few minutes Blade.
B; See you soon!
S; Gues we can't kill them all now.
K; No need for it, but they will be standing in the hall.
S; What to do?
K; I will blast them away.
S; Just do what you want, I won't stand in your way.
K; Thank you.

As the two warriors are walking through the entrence,
a few henchman stand ready to open fire at them.
But before they can't act, Kaiou blast them easely away.
and the two resume their course towards the command center.
When they reach the command center Kaiou tell Sanshin to go SSj.
As Sanshin goes Super Saya-jin so goes Kaiou, and they enter the room.

K; Who's in controle here?
H; I am, what do you want!
S; We just want some information.
H; We won't give you any!
H; Blow them up!!
K; Why? Even Freeza couldn't take on a SSj,
K; what makes you think you will.
S; So just let us settle it without fighting.
H; Hhmmm.... What do you want to know?
K; We want to know where Vegeta is.
H; That's simple, he's on earth,
S; the same planet where Freeza got killed by a monkey?
H; Yes, boys blast them.
K; Sanshin, lets leave.
S; Good choice.
K; Sanshin, take my hand, it goes faster that way!
S; OK!

As the henchman try to blast the two warriors,
they are already at the entrence,
and they tell Blade waht happend and tell him to go in!
As Kaiou and Sanshin go back to the ship to enter the course,
Blade walks in, and powers up.

A few minutes later Blade stand outside powersup a blast,
and blasts away the whole building. And goes back to the ship.
When they are ready Kaiou flies the ship up in the atmosphere,
suddenly he stops. And blade exits the ship.
As he gets ready he power up a blast, and blast away the planet.
Quickly he enters the ship, and they get out of there, heading for earth!

End of the episode 2.