Ultimate Saya-jin saga

Episode 1: The gathering of power

Part 1.
All alone in space there's a warrior, training alone in his spaceship.
His ship is heading for an abandend planet, but a better look reveals
that there is yet again a strong warrior present. The ship lands on the planet.

The warrior present on the planet moves towards the ship, as the door opens,
he enters the ship. Behind him the door closes again.

K; Hi SanShin, long time no see.
S; Same to you Kaiou. So how are you doing.
K; Great, but I have to watch out not to blow up the ship while powering up.
K; So, how are you.
S; I'm feeling fine, You have to remind me not to do the same though.
S; Shall we have a training session here?
K; No, not yet. We have to get Blade first. He's winning some tournaments.
S; Hmm... I think i'l join him next time. So where is he, is it far?
K; He's close, we will be reaching him in a few hours.
K; If the ship stays in one peace.
S; Joking as ever I see. Shall we do some training on the ship then.
K; Sure why not!

On a planet not far away, an tournament is being held.
As the unbeaten champion enters the ring, an unfimiliar warrior appears.
He is about to challenge the champion, when the 2 warriors from the space ship
enter the crowd. Kaiou gives the challenger a sign, en the challenger grasps his sword,
and walks to the champion and gives him a handshake.
The 2 warriors go to their starting position, en power up.
When both are finished, the challenger powers up his sword.
And the crowd is impressed by the change of hair color of the challenger.
And his glowing sword. The champion moves towards the challenger,
but in one fast slash the champion lies in two pieces.
The chalenger has won, and gets a medal and retreats to the spaceship.
When entering the spaceship, the two others where exspecting him.

K; Impressive fight, but a weak enemy.
B; But I won, got a medal and got some warm up for the training.
S; Well done Blade, but next time keep him alive!
B; He asked for it.
K; Lets eat, we will train after.
B; Sound resoneble, where shall we fight, here?
K; No, we wil land on the next onhabited planet, if we can breath there!
S; Then I can show you guys my special move.
K; OK, but I wil fight you both at the time, so I get a training as well.

When the 3 strong warriors land on an onhabited planet,
they start their training. All 3 power up.
Blade and SanShin got yellow hair strait up.
But Kaiou got silver hair with 3 big loks on top.
Blade put his sword in the ground, and began attacking Kaiou.
A few seconds later SanShin enterd the fight.
Sanshin and blade worked as a team, but stil Kaiou was to strong.

K; Come on, you two can do better than that.
S; Easy for you to say, you don't even have to think you're next move.
S; You just block and hit back.
K; So SanShin, you know how I fight, try to use that as an advantage.
B; He Sanshin, why not a combo attack, the one we did against you know!
S; That's should do some more damage than our previous attacks.
S; But we have to do it both perfect on time, if we want it to work.
K; OK, bring it on!

After a few hours of hard training, they went back in to the space ship.
Back in the spaceship, they ate and they all enterd a regeneration pod.
End part 1.
Part 2.
While the warriors are getting out of their regeneration pods,
the board computer gives a signal that they have left orbit around the planet.
The warriors have a meeting in the 'living' room.
As kaiou enters the room he makes attend to SanShin and Blade that they have to talk.
As Sanshin and Blade sit down by the main table, Kaiou opens a closeth.
When the closeth is open, Kaiou takes out a map,
and 3 weird things with little screens in the front.

K; This is a map of the part of space in wich where in.
S; And what are those things?
B; Their called scouters, they are transmitters,
B; and they can read powerlevels, if not suppressed.
S; Pretty neat things then!
K; almost right Blade, these are special scouters,
K; they can see if some one supresses his power, although stil can't read it.
S; what about the map, this is the planet we just trained on.
K; that's right, this planet here is called earth, home to dragonballs,
K; and our beloved friend Goku also know as Kakarott.
B; So where are we heading?
K; We are heading to this planet here.
B; Kaiou, why are we heading to a Freeza's henchman stronghold.
K; We need to find out where Prince Vegita is.
S; why him, as far as I know you're stronger then him,
S; and is not a charming person.
K; But he's still our Prince, and if we get a planet our King!
B; But he used to be one of Freeza's men.
K; Well what would you do if you adversary where 3X stronger than you,
K; in the first of his 4 forms!
B; You got a point there, but Freeza is dead now, so why still be so mad!
S; lets have this discussion an other time fellows, we are about to land.

While our warriors where having a conversation, the ship drifted of course,
and is beginning a descent on a hostile planet.
A planet wich they had no intention to visit.
The warriors have landed on a planet where it is almost inpossible to get out of the atmosphere.
They must do everything they have in their power to get away from this planet to resume their course.

S; Kaiou!?
K; this will take some time, have to see if something can penetrate the atmosphere.
K; if not, we just have to figure out something else!
B; I'll just site and wait.
K; just see if it can get from the ground.
.....Few minutes later.
K; it starts, but we can't get away from the planet.
K; Sanshin, any idea?
S; Blow the atmosphere away!
K; Go ahead, but don't destroy the sun ok!
S; I'll do my best.
S; Ennnnerrrieeee beammmm
S; If that doesn't work!
K; No it didn't!
B; Why don't blow the planet!
K; Ok, but you and Sanshin must shield the ship.
S/B; OK!
K; Miiinnnnnnnddddd bommmmmmmmmm

As Kaiou blast's away the planet, he enters the ship,
he resumes the original course. All three warriors are exhausted
from the little 'field' trip, and enter yet again their regeneration pods.

End of the episode 1.