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Super Saiyan-Future Trunks DBZ RPG
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Since 12/29/98

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Prime Time:




  • A saiyan, with a high enough power level can go SSJ. To go SSJ you need to reach these power levels.
  • SSJ-3,000,000
  • USSJ-7,000,000
  • USSJ2-12,000,000
  • SSJ2-18,000,000
  • Mystic-25,000,000
  • SSJ3-35,000,000
  • SSJ4-60,000,000

Super Namek

  • For a namek to go Super Namek you have to visit Namek to go see Guru. He will give you a 20,000 pl increase.
  • SN-4,500,000
  • SN2-12,000,000
  • SN3-24,000,000
  • SN4-36,000,000
  • UN-48,000,000