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Super Saiyan-Future Trunks DBZ RPG
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Since 12/29/98

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Prime Time:




  • Senzu beans-20 credits
  • scouter-100 credits
  • small capsule corp. spaceship(2 people)-200 credits
  • large capsule corp. spaceship w/gravitron(5 people)-250 credits
  • Spaceship armor for all spaceship-200 credits
  • Spaceship lasers-175 credits
  • Saiyan Spacepod(1 person)-150 credits
  • Freeza's Hovership-200 credits
  • Power Pole-20 credits
  • Nimbus-50 credits
  • Tree of Might seeds-250 credits
  • Healing Chamber-400 credits
  • King Yama's Fruit-220 credits
  • Saibeman (4 of them)-300 credits
  • Android-350 credits