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Super Saiyan-Future Trunks DBZ RPG
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Prime Time:




Master Rule

Like in all RPGs what we say goes. This RPG is no exception. If you break any of the rules you have a good chance of having a pl of 200. Also put it this way three strikes and your out.


There will be some cursing but if it to much then your out of this RPG.
You will start out with a PL of 1,000 and 10 credits
I will not allow ganging up just on one guy cause of personal arguments. If you do then your out of this RPG.
There will be no personel threats or else I will your boot you out for sure.


When you die you can either be wished back or you come back after 7 days. You have 3 days when you die to email me and request to go to King Kais. I will have a council with some impartial people and decide if you will be allowed to go. If you don't Email me within those 3 days you will remain dead and unable to do anything for the rest of the four days. If you do get to go to King Kais it will take you 2 days on Snake Way both there and back.


There are three ways of fighting. One is head to head , where you and your opponent write me stories and i will choose who wins by their story and power level. Another is sneak attack, where you e-mail me who you want to sneak attack and you might always win, another is where your team attacks one or more people, here i decide who wins. If you beat your opponent you gain one of his items if he has any. Dont forget when you want ot sneak attack him please tell me if you want to kill him or let him live. If you don't I will assume that you want to let him live. Also, There will only be allowed five sneaks a week.


There are three quests. One is the Power Quest where you go killing things earning yourself credits and raising your power level. Another is the Dragonball Quest where you search for dragonballs and find items. Location for Dragonball Quests: Earth, Namek and Space. you need a scouter to go on the quest. On a Vaulables Quest you go around searching for jewels and necklaces and other rare items to sell back to us for credits. Each quest takes 5 days.


You can train to learn moves, but YOU CAN NOT learn moves at the same time your training at any place, for example, You can't try to learn moves like 2x Strength while training at Roshi's island for the powerup. You can train at Roshi House, Kame's Tower, Capsule Corp, King Vegeta's Palace and The Room Of Spirit And Time. To train in the room of Sprit and Time you must have a Pl of 300,000. You can train at Roshi's house for a week increasing your Pl by 500. you can train at Kame's Tower for a week an increase your Pl by 1,000. You can train at Capsule Corp in 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, and 100x, normal gravity.You can train in the Room Of Spirit And Time and increase your PL 50,000 each week. You can only train in the room a week at a time. At King Vegeta'a Palace you can train from 5x to 1000x normal gravity. You must have at least 1,200 pl to train at Roshi's. You must have at least 5,000 to train at Kame's lookout. You must have at least 50,000 to train at Capsule Corp. You must have at least 250,000 pl to train at King Vegeta's palace.
5x increases your Pl 2,000. 10x increases your Pl 5,000 . 20x increases your Pl by 10,000. 50x increases your pl by 20,000. 100x increases your pl by 50,000. 500x increases your pl by 200,000. 1000x increases your Pl by 500,000. Remember you have to go one at a time or else if you train to hard you get a pl decrease.
There also will only be five Spars a week.


You have to find all seven to get a wish. And I will tell you now so no one get upset with me. To decide if you get a DB I will roll a dice 1-3 you don't get a DB that day 4-6 you do. You could get no DBs in one quest or you could get 5 thats up to fate so leave me alone about it.

Earth Dragonballs

You get one wish, no immortality no more than a 100,000 Pl increase and no more than 200 credits. No wish except for PL increase and creds can be repeated for one person.

Namek Dragonballs

You get three wishes, no immortality, no more that a 1,500,000 PL increase and no more that a 500 credits.

Blackstar Drgonballs

You get two wishes, you can't wish for immortaltity, no more than a 100,000,000 PL increase and no more than 800 credits.


You must both spar in a gravity room for 2 weeks. Both your pl will increase by 15,000 before you fuse. I will decide your fusion pl. Before you spar you must meet Guru on Namek and learn fusion with him before you can spar with somebody. You can only stay fused for 2 days. After you first fuse it will only take you 2 days to fuse again in a gravity room, on board a spaceship or you can automatically fuse during a fight.


Earth, Namek, And Planet Vegeta. (there may be more added later). It takes 6 days to get from Earth to Namek, 12 from Earth to Vegeta, and 6 from Namek to Vegeta.

Tree of Might

When you get a tree of might seed you can plant anywhere you want. It will take 2 days for it to fully grow. You must take care of it and watch cause someone might take or destroy it. The fruit of the tree heals you and increases your pl by 25,000. There will be One fruit produced every week
To learn Instant Transmission you will need to go the Great Kai's to learn this technique, you must be dead and have King Kai's permission to learn this move.