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Super Saiyan-Future Trunks DBZ RPG
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Since 12/29/98

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When you go on a power quest you carry a sword and cut different creatures heads off and it increases your PL and gives you credits. When you go on a dragonball quest you go with a scouter searching. When you go on a vaulables quest you reach around for rare items you can sell back to us. ex. Gem, Silver Necklace, Gold Necklace, etc.
Creatures list:

  • Baby Orcs=50PL + 5 Credits
  • Orcs=200PL + 10 Credits
  • Baby Trolls=150PL + 10 Credits
  • Trolls=300PL + 15 Credits
  • Red Demons=400PL + 20 Credits
  • Blue Demon=450PL + 20 Credits
  • Dragon=600PL + 30 Credits

They are closed right now, I have a lot of HW which means I don't have that much time to do them, if you would like to have a job as doing quests and quests only, E-Mail Me, and I will consider the applicants, if not bear with me. Thanks.