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6/15/02 --- Gogeta
OK LISTEN UP! I kow we have been quiet for awhile, there's a reason for that. Because we haven't gotten diddly shit from any of you people. Did you join the RPG for a reason or just to take up space? We will have no sagas until I see activity. Quests are open. Fights, Spars, Training, every option is available to you. Send me something or I will begin to delete people because of inactivity. PLEASE DO SOMETHING! Also, Masoken, is your little post supposed to be a story or an actual quest? If it's an actual quest then I write them hence the quests page. Email me if you want to go on one. That's it for now. I hope to be getting something from someone very soon. Later.

5/13/02 --- General Dozus
Okay, I'm really just posting this because we've been quiet for a while. We should be back in action soon, once school is out. Once that happens, we'll probably start excepting quest submissions again. And after quests, come... sagas! Well, maybe. You guys'll have to be active for that to happen. So start posting on the board and training more so we can get more active. Peace out.
4/28/02 --- General Dozus
Evening, all. Looks like I'm the new staff guy type thing. You got issues or something, talk to me, G. Yeah...

Anyway, I should be getting our new friend Vares up soon enough. Just gotta update my browser to Version 6. Oh, and if you aren't active, get with it. RPG's gotta have players to work, guys. Peace out.

4/27/02 --- Gogeta
OK, looks like slowly but surely everyone is coming back and starting to do things. Sorry about the lack of updates, I kinda got injured but I'm back and everything everyone sent to me is up. If you see any inactive person online please ask them if they are going to do anything in the RPG, I just talked to one person and they didn't even know the RPG was open and running again, so please let them know. Also THANK YOU GENERAL DOZUS for the logo. I think it looks great. Thanx everyone.

4/20/02 --- Gogeta
OK, everyone, Check out the sagas page for a poll. Also check out the quests page. We also have a new character, Neo, please welcome him. OK besides that not much of anything is happening. The quests will be opening Thurs. because until then I have a major research paper to do, ain't school just peachy? Please don't let this stop you, send me spars, fights, moves, just PLEASE send me SOMETHING. Thanks.