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Character Techniques


This page will have all of the characters in Dragonball/Z/GT moves and energy attacks. If there are any you would like to see or that you can argue about please email me.


Goku's Attacks

  • KamaHamaHa Wave Attack.
  • Kio Ken Attack
  • Super Kio Ken Attack
  • Spirit Bomb Attack
  • Solar Flare
  • Instant Transmission (Instant Movement)

Vegeta's Attacks

  • Glait Gun Attack
  • Big Bang Attack
  • Final Flash
  • Rapid Fire Attack

Gohan's Attacks

  • Masanko Ha Attack
  • KamaHamaHa Attack

Piccolo's Attacks

  • Special Beam Canon Attack
  • Masanko Ha Attack
  • Scatter Beam Attack
  • Guilded Scatter Bean Attack
  • Eye Beam Attack
  • Rapid Fire Attack
  • Rapid Growth

Goten's Attacks

  • KamaHamaHa Attack



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