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Dead Zone


Dead Zone is the very first Dragonballz movie created. Though all the movies really don't have a place, Dead Zone seems to take place before
the first episode. The Movie starts out with Piccilo training to beat his rival, Goku, in the desert by himself. In the middle of his training though he
is interrupted by 4 strong power levels. All four of them attack with no reason or intent except to kill him. As the next screen moves on we see
Gohan studying as usual in the woods when his mother, Chi Chi, call him in for dinner. They get a unexpected visit by the Ox King. Bearing gifts for
Gohan. As the Ox King is about to give Gohan his presents he is paralyzed with pain, as he drops to the ground, all we see a dark figure over him.
When Chi Chi demands to know what he wants he points to the Dragonball on Gohan hat and tell her he wants it. When she refuses to give it to
him and get ready to fight, she is knock to the ground as well. Gohan, frozen in fear starts running away from the enemy, when he is knocked
down and taken away to the enemies lair.

When Goku arrives at the scene he finds his wife and his father-in-law laying on the ground beaten and broken, when asked what happened Chi
Chi tells him that they have Gohan. Goku rushes over to Bulmas house to get the Dragon Radar to locate where Gohan is because the dragonball
is on his hat. When we first see the enemies we find out it is Garlic Jr. Garlic Jr. is the son of Garlic, a demon that competed with Kami for the
throne for Guardian of the Earth. When Garlic was denied the throne he swore to unleash hell on earth, but was later trapped in the Dead Zone.
Garlic's son, Garlic Jr., swore to have revenge on Kami and fulfill his father's dream of releasing carnage on earth.

When Garlic collects all of the dragonballs he wishes to Eternal Dragon for Imortality. When his wish is granted the dragonballs are scattered
all over the earth and Goku just arrives a moment to late. Not caring about what Garlic wants or what he is planning on doing, Goku attacks the
3 minions, Sansho, Nikki, and Ginger, full force. Any normal man would have been destroyed by these men but Goku takes on all 3 till help
arrives. Krillin shows up and is sent to go find Gohan and take him home. When Piccilo shows up all 3 men are shocked and surprised, Goku
takes on Sansho and Nikki while Piccilo finishes Ginger.

While Goku and Piccilo are fighting, Garlic Jr. is attacking Kami, the Guardian of the Earth. Finding out Garlic Jr. has wished for Immortality,
Kami decided he is not a challenge for him. Piccilo and Goku arrive to help Kami out and seem to have the upper hand on the short and
weak Garlic Jr. That's until Garlic Jr. shows his true power and transforms in to the giant he really is. After taking a beating like none other
Goku and Piccilo remove their weighted training cloths and kicks the crap out of Garlic Jr. burying him in a pile of stone and ruble.

Thinking that Garlic Jr. is dead Goku and Piccilo start fighting each other to finish the score. That's till Garlic Explodes with anger and Opens the
Dead Zone!. About to be sucked into the endless void helpless, one person came to save the day, and it's in the form of a child named Gohan.
Angery with his father torture he explodes and pushes Garlic Jr. into his own trap. With everyone safe again Goku and Gohan head home. Though
Gohan had forgotten that he saved his friends, Goku decides not to tell Chi Chi about this till he is older.


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