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June News

June 16

The offical opening of the site, i have now started the construction of the web page, and i am working on the Character Guide and movie reviews. Hopefully i will have the 1st movie (Dead Zone) completed with a full review and pictures by the end of this week. I will have other things to come such as the begining of my picture gallery and hopefully a few newer things.

June 18

WOW! Progress with the site is going very well so far. I have my Power Levels section all completed and looking good; if there are any questions on the power levels I have written down please email me. I have started the explanations of the characters but I can tell it is going to be hard and long to complete, so hang tight and I will have them done as soon as possible. I am still working on the movie reviews but I want to make sure they're the best anyone has read so I will have those up as soon as possible.

June 19

Excellent! I have the picture section started up, I am working on plugging in the pictures sometime in the next few days, I have 12 galleries I am estimation, 20 pictures per page. I also have the episode and movie reviews section up and running, the way that page is going to work is every time I have a new review I will put a new link to it so you can read it, the ones I don't have links for I haven't gotten to yet, the movie review will be a lot faster then the episode reviews, there are a lot of episode's so hang tight. Other then that I am still working on the characters section and hope to keep moving at the speed I am.

June 21

The best part of the site is now open, the picture galleries are now up and running, their area lot of pics but I will try and get all of them up by tomorrow. The Fan Art section is also up and running, I started if off with 3 of my own pictures so that you can look at. Please send me your pictures I would love to see them. For now that is all, but it is a major improvement.

June 23

The animated gifts section is up and running, you are free to take as many as you like. The Pictures galleries are coming along but sadly very slowly, I have 8 out of the 12 galleries done, I am shooting to have them done in the next few days so hold tight. Also please send me any of your opinions or comments; I want this to be an excellent site.

June 31

FINALLY! The site is back up and running, I apologies for not updating in over a week but I am back. I have updated the picture galleries, Animations section, and other odds and ends. I am going to work really hard for now on and hope to have the picture galleries done along with the Character section. Once again if you see something you don't like or would like to see please email me. Thank you


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