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Character Information

In this page I am going to explain each of the major characters that appear in Dragonball/Z/GT. I have pictures to go with the explanation of the character and how they reached different levels. If there are any requests in characters that I have left out please email me and tell me, I will add it as soon as I get it. Thank you and enjoy


Son Goku

The saga of dragonball revolves around one single character, Goku. Goku was born on the planet Vegeta, and was sent to earth to take it over for premium selling rate. When landing on the planet earth Goku was found by a martial arts teacher, named Gohan. But being a sayjin baby Goku was a very violent and destructive baby until one day when walking in the woods with Gohan, Goku fell into a cliff and was seriously injured in the head. After this accident Goku was a changed boy, he was well behaved and very cheerful just like his grandpa Gohan. Over time he grew to learn the art of fighting from his grandpa, who over time passed leaving Goku in the world alone. Goku was later trained under the guidance of Master Roshi, where he meet his life long friend Krillin. Master Roshi taught Goku very well and was very proud of him. Goku then entered many tournaments and made many enemies such as King Piccilo and other. When DragonballZ starts Goku is a grown man who has married his childhood girlfriend Chi Chi and had a son named Gohan, after his grandpa. This is only the beginning, Goku was visited by his brother Raditz, and found out he was a Sayjin warrior. This is the begin of the life long adventure of Goku and he has many more adventures and skills to learn in the Future.

Super Sayjin Goku

After the battle on earth with the sayjin warriors, Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma traveled to the planet Namek in search for the Dragonballs to resurrect those who were killed in the battle against Vegeta and Napa. Goku later joined up with them to only realize that there is more trouble; Goku found himself training in 100x earth's normal gravity in his space ship heading towards Namek. Upon arrival Goku was faced with his 1st challenge of fighting the Ginyu Force. After fighting the long terrible fight Goku was healed only to help fight against the most powerful creature ever, Freiza. After almost loosing Piccilo and watching the death of his best friend Krillin, Goku last control of all his feelings and emotions and transformed into the Legendary Super Sayjin. With new reinforced power and speed Goku made short work of Frieza, but before Frieza was defeated he made a onslaught against the planet Namek itself. Goku almost didn't make it off the planet until he found the Ginyu Force ship. He then was crashed landed on the planet yardrein where he was healed and sent back to earth.


Super Sayjin 3 Goku


Super Sayjin 4 Goku

It is in the Final stages of the fight between Goku and Baby Vegeta that we see Goku's supreme form. Super Saiyan 4. When the possessed vegeta and Goku are fighting Goku seems to be running out of energy and ideas on how to beat vegeta. This goes on till Goku transforms into the Golden Ozoru. This is the 1st step in becoming a level 4 Super Saiyan. Over time Goku realizes that his friends are all depending on him to defeat Baby vegeta and he completes his transformation to end the battle.


Young Gohan

Gohan is the 1st son of Goku and Chi Chi who is named after Goku's Adopted grandpa Gohan. Gohan 1st appeared in dragonballz in the arrival of Raditz. He was kidnapped by Raditz and put in his space ship while Goku fought him. Enraged by his fathers torment Gohan lost control in his anger and attacked Raditz his a powerful head-butt attack. Gohan is legendary for this, in all the sagas, especially in the Frieza saga; Gohan looses himself in his anger of someone getting hurt or something dramatic happening to him. This is the hidden power Piccolo tries to get Gohan to control, but the depths of his power were not truly realized till Goku was training him in the Room of Time and Spirit. Not only is this were Gohan went super sayjin, but also his father saw that he can go beyond that level of a Super sayjin.

Super Sayjin Gohan

When Goku and Gohan went into the Room of Time and Spirit Goku was determined to make his son into a Super Sayjin. With Gohan incredible power it wasn't that hard for him to do. While training Gohan thought Goku was being to easy on him because he was his son, in response Goku gave it all he got and transformed himself into a Super Sayjin and floated high in the room, only to release nothing else but his KamaHameHa wave attack at his son. Gohan tried to block the attack with his own attack but it wasn't going to work, while he was holding the attack he thought of all the times he let his friends down when they needed him the most. With all this anger of not being able to help his friends he transformed into a Super Sayjin and launched his fathers attack right back at him. After this both Gohan and Goku transcend the level of Super Sayjin and become the best chance in beating Cell.

Super Sayjin 2 Gohan

Gohan is known for being able to control his hidden power in the Cell Games, when Gohan told Cell about his hidden power Cell was intrigued by what he said and was determined to have Gohan show him his power. Cell then decided to take away the Sensu beans and released a handful of Cell Jrs. at the Z Fighters. Enraged by the sight of his friend's fight and the words Android 16 gave him about fighting for the right reason, Gohan let loose his awesome power putting an end to Cells evil control. Giving sight for the 1st time to a level 2 Super Sayjin. Gohan stays at this level through the rest of DragonballZ and DragonballGT. Though in the Buu saga, Gohan gives up being a super sayjin and is know from their as Mystic Gohan.



Vegeta was 1st seen in the show when Raditz was killed by Goku and Piccolo in the Saiyan Saga. Vegeta and Nappa were going to go to earth in search for the dragon balls to grant themselves immortality. Upon arrival Vegeta and Nappa fought Goku and the Z fights only to loose in the end. After Vegeta then left the planet Earth we see vegeta allied himself with Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, and Goku on the Planet Namek. From their on Vegeta has been considered to be apart of the Z fights.

Super Sayjin Vegeta

The Saiyan Prince's only dream in life was to become a Super Saiyan and defeat Frieza. Even though he never defeated Frieza he did accomplish becoming a Super Saiyan. After seeing Goku and Trunks become a Super Saiyan, Vegeta trained himself in 400x earth's normal gravity. After then training himself in outer space, he came across a planet that was about to be hit with asteroids. To protect his ship vegeta fought off the asteroids till he came across the source of it all, the largest asteroid. Trying with all his power, vegeta gave it his all to stop the giant rock, after exploding the rock and saving himself and the planet, vegeta collapsed on the ground and protested that he doesn't care anymore about becoming a Super Saiyan, or even becoming stronger the Goku.. This is just what drove him off the edge and transformed him into a Super Saiyan.



Super Sayjin 4 Vegeta

After being possessed by Bebie and fighting with Goku. Vegeta realized that Goku has once again surpassed him greatly. Not knowing how to become a level 4, Vegeta's wife Bulma creates a giant radar, and plans on shooting it at Vegeta forcing him to transform into the Golden Ouzor and going Super Saiyan 4. The radar was created to keep Vegeta from loosing control like Goku did when he was transforming into a level 4. The Plan worked out and Vegeta and Goku were legends.

Future Trunks


Super Sayjin Future Trunks





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