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Introduction to Dragonball

The series Dragonball was the sparkling product of artisan Akira Toriyama. After making the instant hit comic "Dr. Slump," Toriyama started to consider about other plots for a new manga-series. He started with an idea, "Dragon Boy" a brief mini-series comic that came into view in a weekly Japanese-Manga publication, which motivated him to release Dragonball later on. Based on the ancient Chinese story "Pilgrimage to the West," or "Journey to the West" (a fable containing the Monkey King (Son-Wu-kong) and his challenging experiences with his friends Piggy(Zhu-ba-jie), Tripitika(Hsuang-shen) and Sandy(another disciple,) DragonBall was at last released, announcing a fiction of a small boy with a monkey tail named Son Goku (Son-Wu-kong in Chinese) and his experiences with the purpose of gaining the mythical DragonBalls. Legend has it that he was rescued by a loving old man named Gohan, after coming down to earth in a capsule from who knows where (the story in DBZ exposes his real birthplace).

Along the way, young Goku meets with some life-long companions which aid him to locate these priceless artifacts, such as Bulma ("Bloomers" in Japanese) a lively young girl loyal to locating them, armed with hi-tech machinery. WuLong (a sort of tea), a perverted pig that has the capability to shape-shift, Yamcha, a desert rebel warrior with an attitude and a sociable magical-cat comrade (Kaos), KAME-senin, the wise old mentor of Goku and other warriors, with a perfected martial art recognized as "Kame-senin style," which he passes on to all his students, and ultimately, Krillin, a monk who makes friend with Goku at an early age where they become good friends for the entire series. The "Pilaf Series" is the first placement of Dragonball, followed by "Red Ribbon Series" and then the "Piccolo Series."

The series goes on, up until Goku grows into a young man, where he has plenty of experience in the famous "Tenkaichi-Budokai" tournaments. This is where the turning point of the series takes place, and he fights Piccolo, an impressive foe that Goku ends up in a large fight with, and hardly defeats him. Piccolo presumably divides into a good and bad form, and the good form succeeds to stay on the earth for quite some while. DragonBall Z initiates shortly after as a TV Show, but the Manga series goes on from there still under the name of "DragonBall."