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Dragonball Characters
Name: Android 16
Description: Android 16 is another android created by Dr. Gero but was never used by him. Android was stolen by Android 17 and 18 to fight against Cell. Android 16 fought in a battle with Cell and was destroyed. He later was repaired and reprogrammed into a Z warrior by Bulma. In the second battle, Android 16 was killed yet again, but his death made it possible for Gohan to reach SSJ2 mode for the first time.
Name: Android 18
Description: Android 18 is #17's sister or companion however you want to look at it. #17 and #18 terrorize Earth as you already know. In the battle with Cell she is also consumed but later gets spit back out, and becomes slightly less evil. Strangely enough she settles down with Kuririn(Krillin) and have a baby Marron. How can androids reproduce?
Name: Android 19
Description: The Fat android with stereotypical chinese eyes constructed by Dr. Gero. Just like Dr. Gero he has power absorbers on the palms of his hands, giving him the ability to absorb the attack and vital energy from an enemy. He is later killed by Vegeta.
Name: Bardock
Description: Bardock is Gokou's father. He was cursed by an alien race whose planet he helped destroy. He foresaw the destruction of his planet by Freeza. He tried to save it, but was no match for him and was killed by Freeza.
Name: Bulma
Description: Bulma is one the first major characters who shows up in Dragon Balls. She's a tech wiz who starts on a quest for the Dragon Balls so that she can wish for a boyfriend. She's famous for her capsules that magically turn into anything she wants when thrown on the ground.
Name: Buu
Description: Buu was created by Bibi-di as weapon against the Kaiou-shins. He defeats most of the Kaiou-shins and was cursed as fat Boo. Years later, he was used again by Babi-di to destroy Earth. Buu went through various form changes (after absorbing good Buu, SSJ3 Gotenks, Mystic Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegitto) and even split into two good and evil beings. Fat being the good Buujoins the Dragon Ball team. The evil Buu named Majiin Buu was killed by Gokou and reincarnated as Ubuu.
Name: Cell aka Seru
Description: Cell was a powerful android created by Dr. Gero. He is also known as Android 21. He was completed in Future Trunk's time. Cell kills Trunks and steals his time machine and travels back in time to absorb #17 and #18 to reach perfect form. The Z warriors manage to defeat him. He kills himself by setting off the bombs in his body as a last attempt to win the battle. Before Cell can explode Gokou teleports him to Kaio's planet to prevent the Earth from blowing up with him. Cell manages to regenerate from a brain cell that survived after he died. He later is killed by Gohan.
Name: Cell Jr.
Description: Cell wanted to piss Gohan off so he created seven little blue clones of himself. They attack and injure Gohan's friends pretty bad. This really pisses Gohan off triggering him to turn Super Saiyajin 2 and he quickly deals with the cell clones.
Name: Chao-Zu
Description: Chao-Zu is the little white doll friend of Tehnshinhan. Orignally the emperor of Mifan. He studied under the teaching of Tsurusennin. He has very strong telekentic powers. He also has the ability fly and was one of the first Dragon Ball characters able to fly. Chao-Zu is a good figher but sucks at math which cost him during his battle with Krillan at the Teknkaichi Bodoukai tournament. He and Tehnshinhan later joins the Z team and plays a very important role throughout the series. Chao-Zu dies a lot and is brought back throughout the series just as much as Krillan is.
Name: Chi-Chi
Description: Chi-Chi is the daughter of the Ox-King. Gokou meets up with her in the beginning of the series. As a young girl she was a very brave mean spirited fighter. Chi-Chi had this suit that had giant blade on the her helmet that she could throw at enemies. When she met up with Gokou and Master Roshi she shoots her blade and hits Master Roshi right in the head. It took some time to pull it out. Later in the story she is all grown up and falls in love with Gokou. They get married and she has his kids, Gohan and Goten.
Name: Dr. Gero
Description: Dr. Gero is an evil engineer who works for the Red Ribbon. He developed a hatred towards Gokou for defeating the Red Ribbon. He devoted the rest of his life trying to destroy Gokou by creating a number of androids to do the job, but was laer betrayed and killed by Android 17. In hell, he allied with Dr. Myuu to create Artificial 17. #17 betrays and killed him once again.
Name: Freeza
Description: Freeza is a powerful being who went around the universe conquering planets with the help of Saiyan mercenaries and other aliens he trained. He’s responsible for destroying Vegeta’s planet. Having knowledge of the dragon balls he wanted to wish for imortality. Freeza and his band mercenaries go to planet Namek to see the dragon balls. He ends up blowing up Namek, but is defeated by Gokou in the end. Later his body parts are found floating in space by his father King Cold and was rebuilt into a robot form. Freeza is killed again by Future Trunks.
Name: Gohan
Description: Gohan is Gokou and Chi-chi's first son. He trained under Piccolo to prepare to fight Nappa and Vegeta. Gohan was able to defeat Vegeta at the last moment when he released all his hidden power after getting pretty upset from Vegeta's taunts. In the Cell Series, he reached SSJ1 and SSJ2 forms and killed Cell. In the Boo Series, Gohan learned how to enter Mystic form under Dai-Kaioushin's training. Gohan was absorbed by Buu, but rescued by Gokou and Vegeta. Later in the story he grows up to become a very powerful fighter. Gohan marries Videl and have a daughter named Pan.
Name: Gokou
Description: Gokou is the main character of Dragon Balls. The series basically revolves around his adventures from a child to a man. He was only an infant when he was sent from the Saiyan planet to destroy earth. His Saiyan name is Kakarot. His father was Burdock. Gokou was found by Granfather Gohan on Mount Paozu. Gokou had banged his head on a rock and forgot his saiyan mission to destroy earth. Grandfather Gohan trained Gokou in the martial arts. He later left him a dragon ball when he died. The series begins when Gokou is out hunting and runs into Bulma. Throughout the series he trains under Master Roshi, King Kai, Kami, and Kaiou. He later discovers how to use his Saiyan powers. He is considered the true Saiyan which only appears every 1000 years. Gokou fused with Vegeta to form Vegetto and Gozita. Gokou sacrifices himself several times fighting Radditz and Cell to save earth. Later in the series when Gokou is older he marries Chi-Chi a childhood friend and they have Gohan and Goten.
Name: Goten
Description: The second of son of Gokou and Chi-Chi. He was able to reach Super Saiyan level 1 at a very young age. He and Trunks are inseperable. They can fuse together to form Gotenks.
Name: Gotenks
Description: Gotenks is the fusion of Goten and Trunks. The fusion technique was taught to them by Gokou so they could use it to defeat Buu but they were no match for him and end up being absorbed.
Name: King Kai
Description: King Kai is the watcher of the north who lives on a small planetoid in the heavens. He lives with his pals Bubbles and Gregory. He's big on cracking bad jokes. King Kai trains Gokou to beat Nappa and Vegeta. He laters trains the Z warriors to battle freeza.
Name: Kami
Description: Originally from Namek. Kami is the good half of Daimao and Guardian of the Earth. He watches over the earth in his floating palace above Karin Tower. He's the one who created the dragon balls on earth. He trains the Z team in the vegeta series. In the cell series he fuses permanently with Piccolo. Dende then takes his place.
Name: Krillin
Description: Krillan is the short little monk with six dots on his forehead. He met up with Gokou early in the Dragonball series. He trained with Gokou under Master Roshi. The reason for learning the martial arts was to find a girlfriend. When gets older he marries Android #18 and have a child named Marron.
Name: Master Roshi aka Kame-sennin aka Jackie Chun
Description: Master Roshi is the famous Turtle Hermit who lives in a condo on island with his turtle friend. A 300 year old, very wise and powerful martial artist who is has frequent nose bleeds. He trains Gokou early in the series and teaches him the Kamehame-ha fireball technique. He's the past master of the Tenkai-ichi Budoukai also known as "the greatest fighter on earth". In each tournament he disguises himself as a fighter named Jackie Chun. Besides being a wise and powerful martial artist he also is a big pervert who always looks at porno magazines.
Name: Nappa
Description: Vegeta's partner who accompanied him to earth to find the dragon balls so that they could become immortal. He kills Chauzu, Yamcha, and Piccolo. Nappa is betrayed by Vegeta after Gokou beats the crap out of him.
Name: Oolong
Description: The shapeshifting pig with an panty fetish. He went to shapeshifting school with Puar. Oolong can only shapeshift for 5 minutes. He's pretty much is a wuss. Oolong first appears in the beginning of the series terrorizing villagers. He meets Bulma and Gokou and joins them on their search for the dragon balls.
Name: Piccolo
Description: The evil son of Daimao. Piccolo was once imprisoned by Master Roshi's master Mutaito-sama but was released by Pilaf. He originally wanted the dragon balls to regain his youth. Piccolo entered the Tenkaichi Boudoukai tournament against Gokou to avenge his father but was defeated. Years later he allies and trains with Gokou against Nappa and Vegeta. He grows a fondness for Gohan and trains him. Piccolo was killed by Nappa but was brought back to life with the dragon balls. Later he fuses permanently with Kami and Nail.
Name: Radditz
Description: Gokou's older evil brother who came to earth searching for him to return to the Saiyans. He is disappointed when he finds out that Gokou is good and does not want to return. Radditz is later killed by Piccolo.
Name: Shenglong
Description: The famous dragon that appears when all seven dragon balls are brought together. He grants one wish.

Name: Tien
Description: Three-eyed martial arts expert and former student of Tsuru-Sennin. He's always accompanied by his friend Chao-Zu. They abandoned their master Tsuru Sennin when they found out he was evil. In the beginning they both work as con artists, going to towns unleashing monsters and asking for money to chase them away. Tenshin entered the Tenkai-ichi Budoukai tournament against Gokou. He later joins the Z-team.

Name: Trunks
Description: The son of Vegeta and Bulma. He was able to achieve Super Saiyan form at a young age. Trunks and Goten can fuse to form Gotenks.Future Trunks is trunks from the future who travels back in time to save Gokou from dying of a heart attack so that in the future Gokou could defeat Androids 17 and 18. While in the past he kills Freeza but is later killed by Cell. He is brought back with the dragon balls. Future trunks then returns to the future more powerful due to his training in the past. He easily defeats Androids 17 and 18. Trunks and future trunks both can change into Super Saiyan form and carry a sword that Tapion gave them when he was on Earth.
Name: Vegeta
Description: Saiyan Prince who grew up under Freeza's rule. Vegeta joined Freeza in conquering planets all over universe. He even had his own planet which was destroyed behind his back by Freeza. In the Vegeta series he and Nappa came to earth in search of the seven dragon balls in order to become the strongest fighter in the universe. He is defeated by Gokou and retreats in his space pod. Vegeta is later revived and goes to Namek in search of the dragon balls there. He allies with the Z-Warriors against Freeza. He later realizes that Gokou is stronger than him and vows that Gokou's life is his to protect. Vegeta doesn't officially become a good guy until the Boo series. Vegeta also falls in love with Bulma and they get married and have a son who turns out to be Trunks.
Name: Yajirobe
Description: Basically a cowardly warrior with a sword who roams around Karin Tower. He's a real pig and will do anything for food. Yajirobe usually runs away from fights but sometimes at the unlikely moments he'll doing something brave. He's responsible for cutting Vegeta's armor and later his tail off. He also gave the Z-Warriors sensu beans when they were beaten up pretty bad by Nappa and Vegeta.
Name: Yamcha
Description: In the beginning of the series he worked as a bandit in the desert with the help of his friend Puar. Yamcha seems to have a big shyness problem with girls especially Bulma who he had a lust for. He was killed in the vegeta series by a Saiba-Man but was later brought back with a dragon ball.