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Hey heres your chance to become part of the DragonBallZ saga Just Read the rulz and then tell me what character you want .this site is still under construction and i dont have all the characters up in the series but you can still choose characters past the saiyajin saga that arent up. -KAMEHAMEHA! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey I CHOSE A CHARACTER! every one who joined told me i should have one so i got one i am Kai00shin. as far as the saiyajin saga Piccolo and Raditzu havent shown up yet so im still waiting be patient and those who are going up against Raditzu i suggest u spar.-KAMEHAMEHA! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey this is Kai00shin Piccolo has arrived! Im sensing a strong power heading for earth get ready ZWarriors.-KAMEHAMEHA! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey this is Kai00shin! Raditzu has arrived on earth! A major battle is about to go down! Good luck Z Warriors. -KAMEHAMEHA! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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