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Trunks and baby trunks, cute

Aww Goten didn't seem to like that

LOL I wouls love to now their getting outta that

Goodnight kiss

Kinky Trunks.. or should I say gohan WAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I thnk a lot of girl would be doing that

Just a hello hug

Well I dont think she was impressed by that

This is a lovly picture

Chibi Trunks has a quick idea

Well I dont thnk Trunks made the first move here

A censoured part from the show - no wonder vegeta wanted to train alone

Trunks vs trunks?

hehe cute

I though Trunks didn't like andriods

Furter Trunk seem to not like babay trunks

WhenBulma says kiss your dad bye, I didn't think she ment rhat way!

Kisses a man when his down, didn't your mum teach you manners?

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