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Anne Robinson: Welcome to the weakest link. Today is special as we have the cast from Dragonballz here. Let's meet them
Bulma: Hi I'm Bulma and my dad owns the Capsule Corp.
Chi Chi: Hi I'm Chichi and I'm only here cuz Goku and Gohan dragged me on.
Gohan: Hi I'm Goku *waves* hey Goten, Master Roshi look I'm on TV
Goku: Hi I'm Goku and I'm here to show I'm not as dumb as I look
Krillin: Hey I'm Krillin and I'm gonna win
Piccolo: I'm Piccolo, can we hurry up and get this over with I have other stuff to do
Trunks: Hi I'm Trunks and I'm gonna show you who's the strongest link
Vegeta: God I'm the strongest here you hear! Oh I'm Vegeta Prince of all Saiyans
Anne Robinson: Since these are known to being quite strong… We're only going to ask you 1 question per round, Each worth £100 If you say bank you bank the money won of far be beware get you question wrong and you loose all the money of that round. Let's begin the weakest link!! Bulma what is 3x+7=22?
Bulma: Easy it's 5
Anne Robinson: Correct, Chi Chi what is the main reason for Vegeta staying on earth?
Chi Chi: errm..Cuz he loves Bulma
*Bulma blushes and Vegeta lol*
Anne Robinson: Right.
Vegeta: *Starts at Ann and starts powering up *
Anne Robinson: I.I mean Wrong, Gohan what is the third planet from the sun?
Gohan: Earth
Anne Robinson: Correct, Goku what is your name?
Goku: GOKU!
Anne Robinson: *has anime sweat mark* correct, Krillin who's going to kill you next?
Krillin: Bank...What! I'm going to die again errm..Vegeta?
Anne Robinson: Wrong, Piccolo what does Goku love to eat more Rice or Chips?
Piccolo: Rice
Anne Robinson: Wrong, Trunks what do nameks only eat?
Trunks: How the hell should I know?
Anne Robinson: o.. Kay Vegeta what are Pokémon?
Vegeta: Annoying and dead if they come near me.
Anne Robinson: not what I've got on the card up we can except it. Bulma what is
Bulma: Bank errs...pass
Anne Robinson: At the end of that round you have banked £300.Now its time to vote off the weakest link...
Bulma: Chi Chi
Chi Chi: Trunks
Gohan: Chi Chi
Goku: Piccolo
Krillin: Piccolo
Piccolo: Krillin
Trunks: Chi Chi
Vegeta: Kakarott
Anne Robinson: Piccolo Why Krillin?
Piccolo: He got he's question wrong, but it will be right if he votes for me again!
Krillin: *gulps *
Anne Robinson: Vegeta, who and why Kakarott?
Vegeta: Because he got the easiest question of them all and he thinks he can be the strongest link
Anne Robinson: OK, Gohan why Chi Chi?
Gohan: Why not, she got her question wrong
Anne Robinson: Well Chi Chi they seem to want to get rid of you.. With 3 votes you are the weakest link goodbye!
*Chi Chi does the walk of sham, Gohan and Goku wave bye as she walks off*
Chi Chi: Well I'm suprised I got voted off first. I think Trunks will go next, as he didn't even try answering he's question.
Anne Robinson: Bulma whose better BSB or Boyzone?
Bulma: Boyzone
Anne Robinson: wrong, Gohan what do is the best chocobo you can get on ff7?
Gohan: Golden
Anne Robinson: Correct, Goku what are your kids called?
Goku: Gohan and Goten! Boy this is easy:)
Anne Robinson: Correct, Krillin do girls like you with or with out hair?
Krillin: They laugh ether way
Anne Robinson: correct Piccolo are you sick cuz your green?
Piccolo: I'm a namek you stupid women
Anne Robinson: correct Trunks will you stop brushing your hair?
Trunks: Mum do I have to?
Bulma: Yes
Trunks: Yes
Anne Robinson: Correct.Vegeta.
Vegeta: Bank *Vegeta holds up a Ki-blast*
Anne Robinson: Correct *wipes forehead* well at the end of that round you banked err £600 now vote of the weakest link
Bulma: Trunks
Gohan: Krillin
Goku: Trunks
Krillin: Trunks
Piccolo: Krillin
Trunks: Vegeta
Vegeta: Kakarott
Anne Robinson: Bulma why Trunks?
Bulma: He's my son and I love him but you shouldn't cheat by asking me the answer.
Anne Robinson: Goku why Trunk?
Goku: Because he cheated
Vegeta: That's my boy *smirks*
Anne Robinson: Trunks with 3 votes you are the weakest link..Goodbye!
*Trunks get up blasts his stand to pieces and walks off*
Tunks: I don't believe they voted me off as the weakest link.. dad cheated too its not fair I hope dad wins to show the others up!!
Anne Robinson: Bulma, who's better Britney or Christina?
Bulma: Christina
Anne Robinson: Wrong... Gohan who want to kill you?
Gohan: Lots of people...errmm...Garlic Jr. Anne
Robinson: Correct, Goku what's your wife called?
Goku: *pats Gohan on the back* Chi Chi
Anne Robinson: Correct, Krillin what does Chi Chi mean?
Krillin: Breast
Anne Robinson: correct, Piccolo what is it Mr. Popo never do?
Piccolo: Spanks Kame
Anne Robinson: Oh my that's wrong its Lies but I'll accept that!. Vegeta do you want a drink or snack?
Vegeta: no thanks I'll just bank
Anne Robinson: OK at the end of this round you have won £500, time to vote off the weakest link *coughs* Bulma *coughs*
Bulma: Krillin
Gohan: Bulma
Goku: Bulma
Krillin: *arrow pointing to piccolo* Bulma
Piccolo: Vegeta
Vegeta: Kakarott
Anne Robinson: Bulma why Krillin?
Bulma: Cuz he's annoying
Anne Robinson: OK Piccolo why Vegeta?
Piccolo: Its because he's not even answering he's questions now, OK Goku's are piss easy but vegeta's not even getting his.
Anne Robinson: I'm only doing that the screen says...Bulma with s 3 votes you are the weakest link goodbye!
*Bulma gets up and as she walks off turns round and stick her middle figures up at everyone*
Bulma: I don't believe they voted me off...me off of all people, I hope Gohan goes next he think he's so smart because he studied a lot.
Anne Robinson: right we have to get rid of two people in this round as we are running out of time
*Vegeta and Goku look at each other and smirk*
Goku: we can do something about that
Vegeta: yup just hold on..
*Vegeta and Goku do the Fusion dance and become Gogeta*
Gogeta: now we can continue
Anne Robinson: *gulps* oh ..well I hope you other 3 aren't going to fuse
Piccolo: I've got better thinks to do *fly's off*
Anne Robinson: OK now we have Gohan, Krillin and him left *points at Goegeta*
Gogeta: Hi I'm Gogeta and I'm going to win
Anne Robinson: *drink some water* OK Gogeta Are you comfy??
Gogeta: Yes
Anne Robinson: Correct, Gohan who is the only earthling apart from me here?
Gohan: Krillin
Anne Robinson: correct, Krillin why do you have 6 spots on you head?
Krillin: I duno always had 'em
Anne Robinson: Wrong, OK that round you banked nothing, vote off the weakest link.
Gogeta: Krillin and Gohan
Anne Robinson: hey you have to pick one!
Gogeta: but I'm two people so I get two votes
Gohan: Krillin
Krillin: Gohan
Anne Robinson: This is getting silly Gohan, Krillin you are both the weakest links now
Sod off and Gogeta you're the winner OK
*Gohan walks off crying and Krillin walks of trying to hide his face*
Gohan: It's not fair we never get to win
Krillin: I know that was embarrassing
Anne Robinson: OK Gogeta I'm just going to give you 2 million pound so you can have a million when you unfuse... you have been watching the weakest link and found out that its me...Goodbye *Anne robison faints*
*Gogeta unfuses*
Goku: Well that was fun wasn't it
Vegeta: Yeah hey wanna go and play Blankly blank next week, we'll win again easily plus we get to meet all though stars
Goku: OK then we can go on who want to be millionaire couple special then how about family fortunes?
*They both walk off counting the money*

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