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Nick, can turn into Majin Buu just to tell you!
Nick: Well Children todays lesson is why you shouldnt do drugs!
Nick:Now watcht he stage.
*Goku teleports in*
Goku: What am I doing here?
Nick: I am Majin Buu!'
Goku: !!!!*goes ssj4*
Nick: *uses mind control on Goku*
Goku: WTF!
Nick: Now watch kids..Goku here does drugs. This is what you do when you do a little bit of drugs!
Nick:*makes Goku dance*
Goku: I will kill you for this!
Nick: I think its I will kill you!
Nick: *makes Goku do a kamehameha through himself and die*
Nick: Thats why you shouldnt do drugs and never listen to a good or bad guy. Dont trust anyone from Dragon Ball /Z/GT either.
Kids: Yes Master
Nick: Thats why I use mind control :)
End of Story 1

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