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Goku: Well Piccolo whats it like being human?
Piccolo: Its great but there are two problems
Goku: Whats up then?
Piccolo: Well first, *lifts shirt* I have a hole in my stomach..
Goku: A belly button?
Piccolo: Yes and what is it for?
Goku: When we're born we have a cord and the belly button it thats left of it
Piccolo: ok and the second problem *gives Goku photos of he dick*
Goku: *goku looks and turns away in descused*
Piccolo: Well?
Goku: *wipes forehead* well what?
Piccolo: *Points at photos* it that normal?
Goku: Show pictures of your privates to your friends...No no its not!
Piccolo: No I mean it that thing normal, its so ugly!
Goku: Piccolo honstly all men have one, its there most priced posetion
Piccolo: Your telling me when man was created they when into the parts store and say ' oh i'd have that ugly thing for a laugh
Goku: Piccolo, men have it for 2 things peeing and sex, its made perfetly for both jobs!
Piccolo: Sex?
Goku: Ahhh! *bangs head against wall*
Piccolo: Whats wrong? what did I say?

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