B is for Buu - Fat, pink little dude
C if for Cell - Bug spray required
D is for Dragonballs - Gotta find 'em all
E is for Eternal - Dragons everywhere
F is for Frieza - Old granny we tease
G is for Gohan - Studies and Trains
H is for Hurry - It nearly on
I is for Immortals - Vegeta wants bad
J is for Jeice - Hottest of the lot..Not!
K is for Kakarott - Goku's second ID
L is for Lame - Opps wrong show
M is for Master Roshi - The master of Porn
N is for Nimbus - A big flying muffin
O is for Oolong - Don't ask me why
P is for Piccolo - A big, green mixed up namka
Q is for Quitting - you'll never see that
R is for Repeats - and repeats and repeats and repeats...
S is for Sagas - Saiyan, Frieza, Garlic, Androids and Buu
T is for Tien - who flashes and splits
U is for Uncensored - which's a rare sight
V is for Vegeta - named after a planet
W is for Wives - The most feared of them all
X is for X-rated - Who invented that!
Y is for Yamcha - You'll find him watching girls
Z is for Zats all forks - As we're now at the end

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