Zarbon: Pan save your breath you know that the gals are going to write to the sexiest bad guy which it me
Jaice: What ya mean you? I'm the best looking, have the sexiest voise..
Zarbon: Sexist voise?
Jacie: Yeah pan said I had a sexy voise ^_^
Zarbon: *darts eyes @ Pan*
Pan: ... ^_^;;
Spice: Well you too can stop complaining as I'm better than both of you
Zarbon: Oh look its a spice girl
Zarbon: SPICE GIRL!!!
Spice: *powering up* take that back*
Jacie: Which girl is he Zarbon?
Zarbon: humm. his... BABY spice LOL
Jacie: LOL
Cell: *fires blast knocking them all away*
Spice: what do you want?
Cell: I heard that they we're looking for the sexist bad guy
Zarbon: and?
Cell: I'm here see i'm perfect in every way
Jacie: Oh brother not you too
Cell: Bow down to my perfection
Vegeta: I've rather bow down to kakarott than you
Cell: Vegeta what a surprise
Zarbon: Whats the monkey doing here
Jacie: *hiding behind Pan* what are you doing here this is about the sexist bad guy...
Vegeta: Well Jacie I am well was a bad guy, the baddest there was
Vegeta: I HAD IT FIRST!!
Spice: LIER!!
Vegeta: Who are you any way?
Spice: Spice leader of the spice boys
Vegeta: Oh from the Garlic Jr saga...
Spice: Thats right
Vegeta: The saga they just had there to skip time when me and Kakarott where away
Spice: It was important acually
#17: It was there so me and 18 had time to be built
Cell: *looking confused* how can you be here?
#17: Wonders of the internet, right Pan?
Cell: Pan broght you here??
Pan: hehe well you where leaving him out
Vegeta: Oh god whos next?
Pan: How about Piccolo?
Cell: Hes a good guy?
Piccolo: I was a bad guy like Vegeta before I met Gohan
Jacie: Oh this is great dont tell me your going to bring Frieza into this
Frieza: We'll some girl actually think i'm quite sexy acutally
#17: Hello??
Zarbon: Master Frieza no offence but you do sound like a old granny
Frieza: Now, Now Zarbon that quite enogh of that
Zarbon: Yes master Frieza
Garlic jr: Missing me out on the party?
Pan: Hey your not invited *kicks garlic jr back into the daed zone*
Piccolo: Garilc jr?!?!
Spice: Man why didn't I think of that?
Zarbon: Your a spice girl thats why
#17: You're all left me out AGAIN!!
Cell: shut up 17 or i'll absorb you again
Vegeta: So who is the sexist bad guy then?
Pan: I duno
Cell: You don't know?!?!
Pan: Yeah, you all have your good points and bad points thats why diffrent peeps love you.. apart from Frieza
All: Yeah your right
Frieza: What was that??
*All cont agruing while pan sneaks off*

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