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  • Saiya-Jin S: Nov. 25th: For those of you who happen to be fans of tournaments I ran 2 over this extended weekend for myself and many. I really hope to get back into the swing of things soon, but it may be a while before I get the next tournament ready. We also have a new add-on in th banner links sections, let's all welcome Anime HiIl to our collection of links.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Nov. 25th: Okay, time for that big annoucement I mention: I've finally got that 3rd webmaster I've been looking for! Well, actually, she's a webmistress, I suppose...anyway, Goten-Birdie will be acting the part of "techie" around here. Her staff page will be up soon, you can check her out over there. That's my only real news for today, so now I'm off to the cave of seclusion to work on these play-by-plays. Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Nov. 23rd: Sorry 'bout the length of that last one, but I had alot to talk about. Just as a heads up, our domain has changed to "". We are currently still hosted by Angelfire, but we'll be changing that soon too. Finally, I'm still looking for someone to help out with the site. If you're interested, e-mail me. I'm gonna get to work on those fights soon, I promise. Seeya in a couple days guys. Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Nov. 20th: Yikes, it's been awhile. Sorry guys, been busy for the last couple weeks. You might have noticed some things moving around, that's just me doing some housekeeping. The images have their own page now, and the new fights have been moved to the play-by-play area. The "Quick Notes" have been renamed "Acknowledgements" and moved to the bottom with the Disclaimer and "best viewing" settings. I do have 3 more fights (four actually! ^^!), but I have no clue when I'll get them up. Lots of school stuff coming up, what with semester papers and all that shit. Hope you guys like what I've done with everything...drop me a line sometime, I'd be glad to hear your thoughts on it. In some other news, I've got a big annoucement, but I'm gonna save it a little longer. Also, I'll be helping the DBZOA soon with their updated News section. I'm also gonna open the door to people who want to come on board the site as a co-webmaster. It would be a very small role, but may grow with time. E-mail me if you're interested, I would appreciate the help! Until next time guys, lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Nov. 3rd: Well, here it is. I'll be slowly applying this new layout to the rest of the site. Tell me what you think guys. Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Nov. 3rd: Alright, since no one's sending any requests, I figured I should ask again. Seriously guys, there's plenty of fights to choose from, just send me which one you want to see next. It's not like I'm going to bite your head off, I need the requests to update the site. In other news, since no one seems interested in taking my job offer, I've begun work on a new layout myself. Not sure when it will be up, but there will be many changes once it does go up. Lay.
  • Saiya Jin S: Oct. 24th: Lets all welcome Vegeta's Realm to the TCG family. You will be able to find his link in the Banner Links area. If you have a great site that is related to DB/Z/GT e-mail me, I'd love to look at them. Laters.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Oct. 22nd: Nothing new with the site today, just wanted to ask everyone to send in their requests, I only have one so far (I need 3 to do more play-by-plays). Remember, you're the ones that make this site run! Oh, and I still would like some help with the site...e-mail me for details. Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Oct. 20th: I know it's rather late guys, sorry 'bout that. Computer's been acting up lately, and didn't want to let me use the simulator for a couple days. Anyways, go check it out, and tell me what you think. In other news, I'm looking to get off Angelfire, since they haven't managed to clear up my pop-ups problem. If anyone wants to recommend a server to move to, it would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm still looking for help with the site. Drop me a line if you want the job. Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Oct. 13th: Well, it's a couple hours late, but I got the new play-by-play up. The next one might be a day late, too, just because of SAT testing that's happening at school. In other news, I am still looking for help. If you have any interest at all in working on a website, e-mail me! Trust me, it's not a hard task, just a necassary one, and I would greatly appreciatte it if anyone could help with it. Also, the next batch of fights only has one fight in it, so start e-mailing me fight submissions. Lay.
  • Saiya Jin S: Oct. 9th: The Tournaments section is back up after a month of inactivity.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Oct. 9th: The new play-by-play is up, hope you guys like it. Tell me what you think, and the next one looks like it will amazingly be on time, so get your butts back here for that. As a quick confirmation to everyone, we are still looking for help. If you're interested at all, e-mail me. Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Oct. 7th: Well, despite popular belief, I'm not dead. I've been really busy reformating things, trying to get caught back up at school after my CPU broke down, and just doing some maintance on my life in general. I've changed the play-by-play due dates, check those out. I'll be getting them soon. Lay.
  • Saiya Jin S: Sept 29th: I've redone the multimedia page, that is why the page has been unabalible for the past few days. I have to thank and for their music videos. If you have a good music video or mp3 of DBZ music please e-mail me.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Sept. 27th: Well, I got my CPU back. I'll have the fights up soon, but I don't know when. I have alot of homework to catch up on now that I've got the computer back. I'll keep you updated. Also, NikNak set me the new "BDBZ", which I'll post soon. Lay.
  • Saiya Jin S: Sept. 24th: I have put up the file sizes of the music videos and music files on the multimedia page.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Sept. 19th: Well, it's been a week since the atack, and I've had my time to mourn. Unfornatly, the fan for my CPU has blown out. It's in the shop until Sept. 27th, and without it I can't run any sims. Until then, SJ will be updating with whatever it is he does here, and I'll be adding a few things from my laptop, but not much. Lay.
  • SaiyaJinS: Sept. 14th: As my part of the tribute, and as an United States citizen I feel it is my patriotic duty to add the ribbon as a way to show my dedication to the country. Have a nice day.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Sept. 13th: In honor of the tragic events occuring on the East Coast on Sept. 11th, TCG will be changing it's colors for a week, as well as pushing all business as usual back a week. Sorry for any inconvience, but I feel that a time of mourning is needed for the dead. Lay.
  • Saiya Jin-S: Sept. 9th: I've recently updated and soon make public the Multimedia section of the site. I'm looking for links so if you have a good site e-mail me. Since school has started for me too, the tournaments may not be as completely done as quickly as they use to be.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Spet. 7th: Thanks to my friends over at the OAMB, we again have more fights. I'll be running them systematically, just like last time. Check below for estimated dates, I'll try to get them up when I say I'm going to, but with school now in session it may be a tad iffy. Related News: Still need help with the site. If you want an easy job and a way to show off your html wizardy, drop me a line. Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Sept. 2nd: ARGG!! I have just found out about angelfire's little triple pop-up move they pulled on my site. I'm looking into it now, hopefully I can get it fixed soon. I would change it back to zero pop-up, but then this layout wouldn't work. And I know you all like this layout better, right? Well, I'll go yell at Anglefire, now. Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Augest 31st: I figured it was important to point out the new layout. What do guys think? Two pieces of news: One, we still need help with the site. Contact me if you are interestd in working with us. Two, we still need suggestions for fights. I need two more before I do more play-by-plays, so start emailing me with requests. Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Augest 20th: It's non-update time! We've recieved only one request for a fight (SSj2 Goku v. Gotenks), so we only need two more before I begin the real updates. Send in requests now, please! The site does not deserve to float here in the void! Oh, and while I'm ranting: We need someone to help with the site! Interested? Contact me through e-mail (bottom), or AIM at "ThreepwoodO4". Anyway, I'm gone until I get requests. Lay.
  • Saiya-Jin-S: August 17th: I will no longer post who won the tournament on the front page. I will be posting it in the messageboard area under "Tournament Winners" in the Tournaments section of course. Later.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Augest 17th: Finished the Freezer/Cell fight, so go read that, and tell me what you think of it. The site needs more ideas, so start sending them in, you guys. Until we do, the site is just going to float here, doing nothing. New and exciting things are coming, though. The return of Nik_Nak and his BDBZ is marked for September, so that will be good. Also, the messegeboard is going ad free! Me and Sj-S are paying for the first 6 months, and will continue to do until the site dies, but if you feel the need to contribute, go right ahead. In my last bit of news, we need someone to help with the site! Badly!! If interested e-mail me, or get me at AIM as "ThreepwoodO4". Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Augest 15th: Ok, so its late again, but I got the third fight up, and Freezer/Cell should be up Friday. I would get it up tomorrow, but I'm going to MIA to see the Degas exibit, so just wait until then. Anyway, go read, tell me what you think, and I'll be happy! Lay.
  • Saiya Jin-S: August 13th: Well I've run the first Tournament, and the first really evil boss of DBZ has won. If you don't understand what I mean, that's Freeza.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Augest 12th: Well, its another day late, but at least I finally got it up, right? Anyway, SJ-S will be posting the first tournament soon, look forward to that! I'll be getting the Gotenks/Kid Buu fight up tomorrow, and then the Freezer/Cell fight two days after that, but then we need more fights! Tell us what you want to see! I put up a list of requestable fighters, so go look and make a choice of what two to fight eachother. Please, you guys, I've not heard any feedback! We need to know if you like what we're doing! Hope I hear from you guys soon. Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Augest 10th: I'm SO sorry guys! I know I'm really late, but I've to tired after work to update. Seriously, if one more guest complains to me, instead of Guest Service, I'm just going to freak out and attack the nearest thing that's living! I'll get the Trunks/Goten fight up today or tomorrow, but the other ones I've no idea when I'll find the time. And we still need someone to help out at the site!! E-mail me for specifics! Lay.
  • Saiya-Jin-S: August 6th: I Have updated the tounaments page. The poll for tournaments will be changed, and those of you who wish to vote on it will still have the chance. Please give me some time to change the poll before you vote though.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Augest 6th: It has arrived...PLAY-BY-PLAY IS UP!!! Hope you guys all enjoy, and tell me what you think!
  • Vegeta-Sama: Augest 5th: Again, but later in the day. Thanks to everyone's friends over at the DBZOAMB, submissions for fights have been recieved! It'll take a couple days to get everything worked out, and running, but this marks a new era in the life of The Cel Games. Check below for the fights that will be up, and keep sending in submissions for fights! I'll put some polls up for people to vote in about the winners. Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: Augest 5th: I'm a day early, but I suppose that doesn't matter too much. SJ-S and I have been busy hunting for links, to very little luck. If anyone viewing has a decent site, PLEASE trade links with us! We need the traffic, bad. As for actually updates, the overhaul has been haulted due to zero feedback. Most of the ideas we have need a new fight to begin, so tell us what you want to see. One final note: We are looking for someone who knows html, and has good knowledge of the original (JPN) DBZ to help with the site. If interested, contact me, my e-mail's at the bottom. Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: July 32nd: Well guys, I'm going under the knife. The powers that be decided I have to have my wisdom teeth pulled out tomorrow, so I'm going to be out of it until, most likely, next Monday. I think SJ-S is just putting the finishing touches on his new sections, though, so the site is by no means inactive until I get back. Guess I'll go now, since there's real update to talk about. Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: July 30th: Changed the Messegeboard, we are now on EZBoards, which may not be that good, but you have to admit its better then the last one. Also, the Humor section now includes the "BDBZ," or the "British Dragon Ball Z." For now it only has one file, but if I can convince Nik Nak to some more, I'll be sure to post those as well. Lay.
  • Vegeta-Sama: July 29th: I got rid of intro screen, the page should upload better now. If you're having problems, contact me and I'll try to fix it up. Also, I've updated the "Tournaments" section, so go and read about that if you're interested. And one last note: changed the banner, its at the top of the site. Tell me what you think. Lay.
  • Saiya-Jin-S: July 28th: I've been a little busy trying to get my pages setup, but now it's good. I will also be the man you send your DB, DBZ, and DBGT sites to. From there I will review the site to see what you've got. If you want to do anything else just give me a shout.
  • Vegeta-Sama: July 27th: It's huge renovation time! The site will slowly be undergoing alot of changes, all for you guys, the viewers. First off, I'll be adding a "play-by-play" section where you can read all my comments about each fight. Oh, and speaking of fights, I've recently found a second simulator, so now the list of fighters has almost doubled to include: Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Cell, Furiza, Majin Buu, Kid Buu, Majin Vegeta, Chibi Trunks, Goten, Gotenks, Gogeta, Dabura, East Kaioshin, and #18. Not all can match up, since its two different sims, but e-mail me or SJ-S which ones you want to see, and we'll tell you if we can do it. Other renovations to come later. Lay.