Wednesday 4th May 05:

~ OMG I'vesort of updated something... well not really added a new polls and quiz result I got, see which traveller you are! Saiyuki...
And to replacemy poetry page I've put up a Bishie page so far only two are in there dedicated to bishies from other Anime series that aren't DBZ related...

Sunday 23rd of June:

~ I have updated the created arts page and added the next page on to it for Author's of the Ain't Nothing but Magick story I have going on fan fiction net.

Saturday 13th of April:

~ The Kiwi Tributes link was added to the right side menu down the bottom. It needs alot of work and more information- but it's up and that's all that counts.

Thursday 7th of March:

~ Added 3 new tadpole images to the nz music clip page

~ Added chapter 21 & 21 of Storm this fic is now complete!

Wednesday 13th Fedruary:

~ Added 3 Wiget quiz links on my Polls & Quiz's page have a GO!!

Sunday 3rd of February:

~ Added chapter 3 of Dekiru Dake fic in my dbz fan fics page.
~ Added 1st part of Yama Neko Script on my Yama Neko page.

Friday 1st of February:

~ Added chapter 19 and 20 of my Storm fic.
~ Added a Goku and Piccolo quick ramble on the main page.
~ Added Christa's episode 2 part 2 of her Heaven's Fury fic.

Thursay 24th of January:

~ Added chapters 7-18 of Storm fic.
~ Added computer colored picture of Ichi and Niju in Created character art.
~ Added Leona's various outfit art to the created art section also.
~ Added Bardock and Trunks ramble page on the left hand side menu.

Wednesday 16th of January:

~ Added a third mocking Hannibal song fic on the humor page.
~ Added chapters 3-6 of my Storm fic up on my page of the dbz fanfic's.

Tuesday 15th of January:

~ Added chapter 2 of Dekiru Dake
~ Added pt 1 of episode 2 of Christa's Heaven's Fury fic.
~ Added chapters 1 & 2 of my Storm fic.

Tuesday 8th of January:

~ Added pt 2-4 of the first episode of Christa's Heaven's Fury fic.

Sunday 16th of Dec:

~ Added the 1st part of episode one of Christa's Heaven's Fury script.

Wednesday 12th of Dec:

~ Added 2nd chapter of Christa's PP fic.

Monday 10th of Dec:

~ Added the first chapter of Christa's fic Perfect Prefect.
~Added a Yamcha wallpaper under the Yamcha dedication.

Tuesday 4th of Dec:

~ Added about 14 pieces of littel_pan_two_and_a_half_years art work

Wednesday 28th of Nov:

~Added a Russell Wong dedication page
~Added a weekly quote to the main page

Friday 23rd of Nov:

~More pages added to the James Woods section about three pages from the Oliver Stone Bio (it's about James so hey why not?!) The information so far is from while filming Salvador.

Wednesday 21st of Nov:

~ A James Woods add on ramble and Colleage was added on to the James Woods section.

Tuesday 20th of Nov:

~ A new face lift was added.
~ A ne poll was also added.

Saturday 17th of Nov:

~ Added a converted pics corner with a handful of pics with quirky yet possibly funny captions.

Tuesday 13th of Nov:

~ A third rambling corner has been added.

Friday 9th of Nov:

~ The poetry link has finally been added.

Thursday 8th of Nov:

~ Added a new dbz fan art pic of mine.
~ Added a first chapter form a fic by Seisetsu.

Sunday 4th of Nov:

~ on my fanfics page I added an author's page where you will be able to find works from authors who submit stuff in to me.

Saturday 3rd of Nov:

~ Added the second & third part of the dbz mockeries to my humor section.
~ Added another dbz humor fic entitled 'Things the dbz characaters will never say or do.
~Added a dbz mock commericals fic to the humor section as well.
~ Added a 'you know you're obsessed with dbz when you...' to the humor fics.

Thursday 1st of Nov:

~ Another main page facelift for my site
~ Uploaded some new buttons and a banner from A-jae! Thank you Girl!!!!
~ I added some of A-jae's art up in links on the fan art page.
~ The Yama Neko link is now active.
~ Uploaded a picture up of Cora from Yama Neko.
~ Added the Technical jargon page up for Yama Neko.
~ Two links have been placed up on the links page one a DB related the other not.

Wednesday 31st of Oct: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

~ Added two more pictures to the Created art section.
~ Added latest GT House chapter up.

Thursday 25th of Oct:

~ Added the kiwi music links to the bottom of the main page

Wednesday 24th of Oct:

~ Added the first chapter of a new dbz fic of mine entitled Dragonball Alternative Universe.
~ Added my two dbz song parodies to the humor section of the fan fics.
~ Added the 1st part of my dbz mockeries to the humor section also.
~ Added a created character art page for original created characters.
~ Added eleven of my pictures to the created art page and two of my friends.
~Added four more buttons to my links page and a mini banner.
(they all need working on but it's a start.)

Tuesday 23rd of Oct:

~ Added a button to the link page it's the one A-jae uses on her site.
~ Added ssj bardock the great's first chapter of his first fan fic.

Monday 15th of Oct:

~ Added a new page in the misc section called "Music Clips" it's for NZder Anime fans who submit their music clips or favorite NZ music clips up. So far I have one clip from the NZ band Tadpole who did their own anime music clip.

Thursday 11th of Oct:

~ Added the Beausford Bobcats section page link up in the side menu bar so if you want to see what this is all about check it out... only if your the patient type though.

Wednesday 10th of Oct:

~ Added another fan dedication corner this time to Goten, Vegeta and #17

Sunday 7th of Oct:

~Added a typical Yamcha (I'm a fan so sue me) dedication page

Monday 10th of Sept:

~Added chapter two of A time for travel

Sunday 9th of Sept:

~Added chapter one of Dekiru Dake

Saturday 8th of Sept:

~Added prologue of Dekiru Dake
~Played round and redid main page... comments on it???

Friday 7th of Sept:

~Added 1st part of Mirari Trunks A/U warriors fic 'A time for travel'
~Added 1st part of Cross Over fic 1 'Escape from Reality'
~Added 1st part of Bi fic... my first ever entitled 'Goten's Goof Up'
~Added 1st part of Cross Over fic 2 'Can You Handle it?'

Thursday 6th of Sept:

~Added part two, three & four of 'Moving On' Yamcha fic... *now complete*

Wednesday 5th of Sept:

~Added new linkie Total Z now this site is kickin'!!!
~Added 1st part of Yamcha 'Moving On' fic

Tuesday 4th of Sept:

~I put up the final part of my Dragonball Z Get together fic...
~I converted my fanfiction net interactive fic GT house on to my dbz page...
~I made a new banner for the site and I'm currently working on a smaller one for linking purposes...
~Added 3 links
- Libbie's anime art
- Vegeta's Mental Institue
- Blade's Saiyan Elite

Monday 3rd of Sept:

~I added this updates page!!! ho yeah!!!
~I also uploaded three of my audio remixes...
- the Jon Hyde rmx
- Ginuwine Movie rmx
- Jamie Kennedy rmx!!
~I put up Part 2 of my Dragonball Z Get together fic

Sunday 2nd of Sept:

~ I added a poll and a quiz...
~ and I added a new linkie!!! A-Jae's site it's at the top of my links!!!
not much else but it took me forever!!!!

Saturday 1st of Sept:

~I reloaded the best of my dbz pics...
~I reloaded Psyche's fic *complete*...
~I reloaded the first chapter of my Jazz Transformer fic...
~and the first chapter of my Alethea Disney Hercules fic
~and the first chapter of my my Dragonball Z Get together fic

Friday 31st of August:

~I started the revamp on my site by shutting everything down trust me not much to shut down but still it was an update of a sort...