to the kiwi blokes no longer with us

Billy T. James

born 1948 William Taitoko

died 1991 (heart failure)

He changed his name to Billy T. James because it was a name “the Aussies could pronounce”

He is famous for his laugh, which on it’s own could make people laugh. His numerous skits, impressions and his cabaret singing.

He was awarded New Zealand entertainer of the year in 1981
and New Zealand entertainer of the decade in 1985.

Two of his television apparences were in:-
~The Billy T. James show (1984)
~Radio Times (1987??)

~Footrot Flat, a dog’s tale (1986)

He provided a voice for this famous kiwi animated piece as Rawai.

~Came a hot Friday (1985)

Kevin Smith

born 1963

died 2002

some of his tv apperences:-
Desperate Remedies,
a guest spot on Shortland Street,
Ladies’ Night
Lawless (a tv movie based here in NZ)

Warriors of Virtue Two
in which he died after it was completed
He was voted New Zealand Sexiest man in a poll of 14,000 tv guide readers in December 2001

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