Bulma listened as the three young warriors explained hurriedly at the same time why they had to get up and move base... Bulma sighed and sweatdropped. “Okay, okay, calm down one at a time please...” She said.
“Evil green thing with tail.” Ky managed to finish when Bulma looked at him.
“How do you know it’s evil?” Bulma asked.
“It tried to attack Trunks mainly, if it knows that he’s a super saiyan then wouldn’t it make sense to take on the strongest fighter first.” Maney remarked.

Trunks frowned, it couldn’t of known he was a super saiyan unless it had watched him kill those androids. Trunks hadn’t sensed another power level so that meant there was a third android and he was going to have to postpone his trip back to the past to tell Goku and the others, he’d have to find this creature, hunt it down and kill it, that’s all there was to it.
“Well then I suppose it would make sense Maney, but Trunks is a lot smarter than the average human. He’s got alot of battle sense and that’s his father coming out in him.” Bulma explained, her words breaking Trunks’ silent vow to find this new threat and kill it, but then he had to go back in time either way to warn the Z warriors of it’s existence and where it came from, but he didn’t know anything about this creature. “We should really pack now.” Ky said. “And while we move base we need a distraction for it so we can get away in a clean sweep.” He added.
“I’m doing that.” Maney interrupted. “I’m the only one who has a technique that can blind the creature. And if any of you want to argue with me, I’d like you show me your technique that can blind people straight for five minutes.” She added.

Trunks looked at Maney he didn’t want her to go out there, but she was right, he didn’t know such moves and neither did Ky. Ky could move faster than light, but that was it, it was like Goku’s instant transmission, just at half the speed which was still pretty fast. Trunks had no techniques, he had a few attacks he’d learned from his father in the past and that was it, he could manipulate his ki level and swing a pretty mean sword, though he felt the sword was more of a security blanket, Ky had his scythe and hammer, which looked killer in a battle when he used them. Maney’s weapon a couple of Ninja throwing stars and a couple of sais, she said she’d got the idea from a cartoon about mutant turtles that knew Ninja, and had insisted Master Roshi taught her how to use them, he had taught her. But when she’d stopped her lessons after her mother’s death, that was it no more learning it was just fighting. She only kept the stars on her at all times, when she knew she was going out in to battle that was another thing all together. She would take the sais despite her lack of knowledge on how to use them. She loved the throwing weapons. And she had dead on aim, which was useful if her legs were out in a battle and her arms were fine.

“Trunks, hey Trunks man? You who... wakey wakey, snap out of it.” Ky said waving a hand in front of Trunks’ face. Trunks blinked and he looked at him.

Ky had chosen to start wearing android seventeen’s scarf after all he thought it looked pretty cool, he’d cleaned it up and wore it along with his own clothes, everyone knew that the scarf was seventeen’s trademark clothing which gave away he was an android, but if someone who didn’t look like an android wore it then there was a sign of hope out there even if Ky wasn’t much help, he was more vain.
Trunks yanked at the scarf and grinned. “Why do you want to wear that thing?”
Ky shrugged. “I think it makes me look pretty cool.”
“Nah-uh Ky, you have no fashion sense, he didn’t you don’t. So just stop wearing it besides it’s creepin’ me out.” Maney remarked.
Ky laughed. “Awwww c’mon guys... Maney don’t tell me you wouldn’t wear eighteen’s trademark denim jacket.”
“Ew no, I’m not picking clothing off a dead thing, that’s just gross. Ky just give it up two against one and we know better... we’re older.” She said.

Bulma cleared her throat. “As much as I like to talk fashion here, shouldn’t we be packin’ up here?” She asked.
Trunks nodded. “Okay lets move you guys, we better do this fast while it’s still light.” The four of them began putting all the equipment in to capsules.


Maney was clearing up Bulma’s office and opened her draw to take out the plans and roll them up to put in a capsule of their own, when she spotted a picture in the draw it was of Bulma when she was younger in a red car with a man that obviously wasn’t Trunks’ father, and she looked at the blue cat. The face she had seen it before and she frowned, but she couldn’t place it when a hand touched her shoulder and she jumped the picture flying out of her hand she caught it before it hit the ground, Maney looked over at Bulma smiling at her. Bulma took the picture.
“That’s not Trunks’ dad.” She said.
Bulma smiled. “No that was my first boyfriend Yamcha, we were together a long time since I was sixteen.” She explained.
Maney’s face paled and she spun round quickly.
“Maney what’s wrong?” Bulma asked sensing the awkwardness of the young girl.
“I... knew I’d seen him before that’s all.” She whispered.
“You have how? He died before you were born.” Bulma remarked.
“My mother had a picture of him.” Maney whispered.

Bulma looked at Maney suddenly realising, “You never told us who you’re father was did you?” She asked suddenly realising.
“Well know you know.” Maney whispered.
“You don’t act like Yamcha.” She said.
Maney smiled bravely and turned round and looked at Bulma. “That’s cause he died, he went and saw my mother before the battle and she told him she was pregnant and he gave her Master Roshi’s address he told her he wanted me to train, he didn’t know I was going to be a girl, but my mother followed his last wishes.”

Maney shuffled nervously and Bulma looked at her. “Me and Yamcha broke up, he saw that I was attracted to Vegeta, and I saw he was attracted to someone else, we split up peacefully Maney, he never said anything about the other woman being pregnant. That must of been while I was still pregnant with Trunks.” Bulma remarked.
Maney shrugged. “I never meet him.”
“Well I’ll make sure you do. This new time machine I’ll make sure you meet him, he’s a bit goofy I warn you, and he was terrified of fighting as he got older, but he still went forward with it. It’s like he got braver near the end. I always wondered about that sudden change.” Bulma mused.
Maney pushed a button on the drawer and it poofed in to a capsule and Maney picked it up and handed it to Bulma.
Bulma smiled. “I won’t tell anyone if you don’t want them to know.” “I’ll tell them when I’m ready, I mean it’s not as if I should be embarrassed by someone I don’t even know. It’s just hard, all I had was one memory of a photo and a name to go by.” Maney sighed.
Bulma gave her a comforting hug. “It’s okay. Now just like your father you’re going out there to face something you don’t know and I can tell you’re scared, but it’s okay, you’ll live and you will meet him, I promise you. Trunks got to meet his father, I don’t see why you can’t meet yours.” She said.

Trunks walked in. “We’ve packed.” He looked at Bulma hugging Maney and he looked confused. “Maney are you okay?” He asked.
Maney straightened herself up. “Yeah I’m fine. Get Ky go out the back way. I’ll find you guys after I deal with what ever is out there.” She said.
Bulma looked at Trunks then to Maney and she smiled patting Maney on the shoulder. “I’ll get Ky, meet you at the back entrance in ten minutes. You two need to talk I’d say.” She said and smiled and with that Bulma walked out.

Maney looked at Trunks. “Maney you don’t have to do this, if you’re scared-”
“I do not get scared!” She said in her own defence.
“We all do Maney. We are after all only human.”
“Well I don’t.” She crossed her arms across her chest trying to make a point.

Trunks looked at her he knew she was terrified she had that same look moments before, eighteen had crushed her fist right in to Maney’s stomach knocking her senseless, then the android had used Maney’s own sai against her turning it on Maney and stabbing her in the stomach. When Maney had fallen Trunks had feared she had died turning super saiyan he’d gone in to battle against the female letting his rage out. Ky at the same time had been hard in battle against seventeen. But Seventeen had easily disposed of him, after Trunks had sliced eighteen’s head off the feelings for his android sister raised and had swatted Ky aside like he was nothing more than a fly. Trunks looked down, he hated dwelling on the pain they’d all suffered. Ky was still only young he hadn’t fully developed his powers but he was still strong enough, probably enough to just defeat Freiza like he had, but apart from that he was still too head strong. Maney had some of those qualities, but she was more fragile for some reason and she looked it at that moment even though she had all her defenses up.

Maney looked at Trunks he was just looking at her not saying anything but she could tell by his eyes he was being haunted of past battles. She stayed where she was not moving. She then looked at her watched. “Eight minutes, you should get going.” Trunks looked almost pained and she stopped herself from showing any emotion, she couldn’t let that get in her way, she had told herself a million times saiyans didn’t feel emotions, but Trunks had proved that wrong, he seemed to nice to be part of a warrior race that did nothing but destroy.

Trunks still stood there and he could sense Ky’s presence in his mind, and he tried not to show the metal connection to Maney, it had been an advantage they had over her when she used to take the two of them on.
Geez Trunks you’re hot for her, it’s like so obvious, just do your thing man.’ He heard Ky’s voice remarked.
Trunks mentally told the half Tavian ‘Get out of my head’. But Ky stayed.
Go on do it.’ Trunks heard his voice again, he sighed and he looked down. ‘Fine just some private time please.’ Trunks said back to Ky mentally.
Hokay.’ he heard Ky reply and Trunks sensed the block being put up again.

Maney saw the sigh and she frowned, she stayed still and looked at her watch.
“Six minutes. Now are you going to stand there till I move or what?” She asked.
Trunks looked up at her and she could of sworn she saw him blush, she looked round, she couldn’t sense Bulma or Ky anywhere near and she turned back and jumped Trunks was right in front of her, she hadn’t even heard him move, she felt her pulse quicken for a brief moment. ‘Damn he’s cute’ She thought then suddenly scolded herself for feeling, the monsters who had killed her parents had no emotions, so why should she show any, it was a weakness, a weakness that got people killed in this world and so many had died, she wasn’t going to go out next cause of that. She prided herself on being the strongest human fighter not female fighter but human, she hated accepting her female side had a weakness, and if either Ky or Trunks had referred to her as babe, hon, baby, sugar or any of those sexist names she’d sent them flying. She was their equal, she was not lower nor did she let anyone push her down in to thinking so.

Trunks looked at Maney she still had her hardened expression, and he took her hand and looked at her watch. “Four minutes.” he said.
Maney finally smiled and playfully hit him. “Okay we’ve got to go now.”
Trunks nodded and still held her wrist though, but it was light, if she wanted to move away she could but she didn’t Trunks didn’t know why she didn’t and he could tell by her sudden confused expression she didn’t know why either.

Then out of nowhere the two suddenly joined in an all out passionate kiss, Trunks wasn’t sure if she’d started it or he had. But it didn’t matter, this was probably their last moment together before she stepped out in to whatever it was waiting for them topside. For two whole minutes their bodies were as close to each other as they could get, their tongues battling it out, Trunks impressed that Maney was somehow always victorious, though she had that fiery spirit. The spirit of a fighter. Tongues tangling, bodies close, hands quickly exploring each other’s senses. Till Maney pulled back and Trunks looked at her, she touched the side of his face.
“We should really go now.” She whispered. Trunks nodded in agreement but neither one moved until Ky came in.

“Hey you two we’ve got to- oh... um... nevermind... continue.” Ky remarked and turned round and walked out.
Ky flushed a little Trunks had blocked him out of his mind in retort to Ky blocking him out and night fall was coming more quickly. Ky had assumed they had done what they were suppose to do. He’d never thought they’d still be at that gagging stage.


Bulma looked at Ky as he walked up to her. “They, um, are, er, occupied, but not that sort.” Ky explained seeing Bulma’s look.
Bulma nodded. “We have a full half an hour till the sun sets then going out there would be to dangerous.”
Ky grinned. “Should I tell them fifteen minutes max?” He asked.
Bulma looked at him. “Ky you are unbelievable.” She remarked.
“Hey I try.” He grinned.
Bulma sighed.


Trunks looked at Maney and they just looked at each other Maney looked at her watch. “Time’s up We’ve got to move and we’ve got to move now.”
Trunks nodded and he kissed her on the cheek. “Be careful Maney please.”
Maney smiled. “I’ll distract him then I’ll follow you guys. I’m not going to fight, there really is no point if I don’t know what I’m up against, all I know is it’s big, it’s green and it’s ugly.” She said and began to walk towards the door.

Trunks followed her to the door and he looked at her and pinned her up against the wall kissing her again, this time he noticed she let him take control, she just ran her hands through his hair and her other arm round his waist. Trunks hated letting her go, she’d seeked him out to make herself a stronger fighter, but now that the time was near, he didn’t want to let go, until she put her hand on his chest. “Okay time to go, if I don’t make it, and I mean if, promise me you’ll remember me?” She asked.
Trunks looked at her. “I promise Maney, same here okay?”
Maney smiled. “Who could forget you.” She replied and she punched in the exit code. Trunks ran off down the hall and he took off flying down the hall instead to gain better speed. He couldn’t bring himself to look back. He just kept flying till he reached the other exit and he grabbed his mother round the wait as they flew out the exit and in to cover till Maney’s Colored Flash move would shine, blinding their escape from the strange creature.


Maney took a deep breath as she walked out in to the open she could see the sun setting in the distance and she knew she had to be fast, she flickered her hair over her shoulder and she stook a few more steps she looked round, she saw a green flash and she spun round to see the creature suddenly right behind her and she jumped out of the way. He grinned down at her.
“Where’s Trunks girl?” He demanded.

Maney grinned and she leapt back and up in to the air, she was one of the last humans taught how to fly and she wanted to live to make sure more knew that feeling. She raised her hands high above her head and a sphere formed. the green creature just smiled at her.
“Go on fire you’re best shot.” he said and chuckled.
Maney grinned. “Colored Flash!!!” She cried and the rainbow colored flash shone out.
“What the-?” The creature begun but was blinded. Maney looked over in time to see Trunks, Ky and Bulma vanish beyond her sight of the glare, that was the only side effect of her glare, she had to remember to keep her eyes closed otherwise she’d be effect to. She saw the tail though swishing annoying.
She held one hand out in front of her and pointed it at the creature.
“Flame Thrower Attack!” she cried out.
Suddenly a long shot of fire extended from her hand hurtling towards the creature she saw him move then suddenly she felt his tail wrap round her neck and he yanked her up in the air. Maney saw his singed tail, at least she’d got one hit in even if it hardly damaged the creature.

Cell held her tight around the neck and he began squeezing the life out of her when he stopped and brought her up to his height and he looked at her.
“The last female warrior, well then, they’re going to need you.” He smirked. “What’s your name girl, I have no record of you.” He said.
“Maney.” she croaked.
Cell laughed. “What a weak name.”
Maney glared at him. “And who are you?” She asked.
He looked at her, “I’ll only tell you my name girl, for the sake I am going to absorb your life force later after I use you as bait to lure Trunks out.” He said. “I am Cell.”

Maney blinked, Trunks had mentioned Cell from the past and she suddenly realised this was the creature that had caused alot of trouble in the past when Trunks was there last, he’d come back looking older and more haunted, something about training a years worth in a day. ‘oh if only we could do that here.’ she thought.
“I’ve heard of you. I know your future.” She grinned.
Cell laughed. “Oh really girl, how is that?” He asked.
“Trunks fought you in the past, I’m not going to let you kill him! He knows what you’re up to, he’s not stupid enough to fall-” She was stopped as Cell’s tail gripped her tighter round the neck. “ahhh.” She croaked.

Cell looked at her. “I want him to know your alive and I hold you now.” He said.
Maney glared at Cell and he loosened his grip and he flung her in to a wall and she was sure she heard a sickening crack as she impacted with the wall. Cell floated down to her and he picked her up by his tail again round the neck and he felt her finger nails dig down in to his tail, the pain was minimal so it wasn’t even worth acknowledging.
“Go on try to escape me girl. I dare you.” he said.

Maney’s mind flicked to a story her mother had once told her, Maney’s father Yamcha had told her about Goku’s battle with Frieza and how he’d bit his tail to make Frieza release his hold. Maney grinned. ‘If it worked for Goku.’ She thought.
Maney bit Frieza’s tail and he hollered in pain and dropped her, Maney landed on the ground but she knew this time she heard a crack and she had definitely landed wrong, as her legs collapsed under her, she looked down and saw her left leg was broken, a little white bone was visible and Maney felt suddenly sick to the stomach. She lifted herself up and she flew up in the air, she couldn’t walk but she could still fly.
She formed a sphere above her head, this time it was blue and it was different from her previous two attacked.
“Bubble Trap!” She cried and flung the attack at Cell and he looked up as the sphere engulfed him in a giant bubble.
She formed her rainbow sphere again, she knew this time she had to get out she couldn’t fight with a broken leg and any bet Cell wouldn’t let her live after this.
“Colored Flash!” She cried out and she closed her eyes as the blinding rainbow lights shone out and she took off flying as fast as she could.


Bulma had set up the new base in fifteen minutes, she never knew so much ground could be covered in fifteen minutes it took to fly there. It was now pitch black and she looked at Trunks looking at her scanners.
“Maney where are you?” Trunks asked silently, but Bulma heard her son’s concern for the young female warrior.
Bulma looked at Ky he was sitting on the floor of the new base, Ky had his head on his knees, Bulma looked at him.
“Everytime, this happened to the Z warriors of the past too... when one opponent happened to be defeated another one would come along stronger. I can’t keep up with you guys, I don’t think I would of been able to even keep up with the average Z fighter.” Ky sighed, he looked up.
Bulma’s features softened, he was really stressing out, there was no way she could comfort him, when she was his age she was graduating from college (A.N: I don’t know this really but if she’s a genius then why not?), not off saving the world, Goku was.
Bulma sighed Goku could help them, she knew he could but he was long gone, and no earth dragonballs to revive him or the others. Things were really starting to look grim.
Bulma then heard a small blip on her scanners. “Maney!” Trunks exclaimed and he ran outside to see for himself.

Trunks stopped as he saw the female form fly towards then, he knew she couldn’t see in the dark so he powered up to a Super Saiyan the light from the aura would be a beacon enough for her.


Maney saw Trunks and she flew down and landed gently, her left leg crumpled and Trunks caught her and he powered down and hugged her.
“I was so worried.” Trunks said.
Maney looked at him. “Get me inside now, it’s Cell.” She said.

Trunks nodded and noted that she was injured but she was alive and that was all that mattered to him. He took her inside and the base was once again hidden, she leant on him limping up to Bulma and Ky. Ky looked at her then at her leg.
“Yuck Maney put it away.” He said sounding grossed out. Maney sighed and Trunks lifted her up on to the medi table. Where Bulma came to her side instantly.
“Can you fix it?” Trunks asked.
“I’m not a doctor, but I can get the medi bot to, while I build an exo skeleton brace for it.” Bulma remarked.


Cell was madder than ever, the girl had escaped and any bet she was telling Trunks and that other Z warrior about him, he knew there were only three, the other fighters who’d been before them had all died at the hands of seventeen and eighteen. Cell decided now it was time to figure out who the other two warriors were and take out their parents in the past, so the other version of him in another world which (A.N: he’d create by going back in time) wouldn’t have any problem with them.
“Maney... now where would one go to find files on her.?” He asked and he then went to the remains of a computer library and began looking up the births and saw that there was only one Maney born in all of Satan City. He grinned.
“Mother: Debra Sidney Died seven eighty. Father: unknown -- deceased.” Cell grinned even more. “Well then take out the mother. That saves that problem. Now for our ther little alien brat...” Cell began searches on Ky only knowing his age...


Maney was watching the bot stitch her leg up and she frowned. Ky was hiding, Maney looked over at Ky.
“Geez Ky it’s nothing just like getting a tattoo done.” She said shaking her head at the younger teenager.

Trunks had observed Ky had alot of Goku traits about him, Trunks wondered if Ky was Goku reborn, it was possible. After all the instant transmission and Ky cowering in the corner away from the bot with the needles, then Ky for some strange reason like food which was strange being as Tavian warriors were known for able to go two years without eating and still be as strong as the day they first reached the Super Tavian level. Ky was more fashion conscious though these days, he had only wore the red Z fighter gi once and when it had got torn in the battle it had sent Ky in to new levels of power, the guy loved a battle but hated getting dirty. Though that sort of thing was known to happen as well, only a few traits would remain the same.

Bulma came wander in as the bot was finishing up and Bulma but the exo skeleton on Maney’s leg.
“This will help it heal and you’ll be able to walk and train with it too, but you over do yourself and I can’t help you after that.” Bulma remarked.
Maney smiled. “Thank you.”
“Any time, we need you all to help this world.” Bulma smiled and she walked out again to go back to rebooting the whole system back on line with the shift of base.


To Be Continued...