Title: A Time for Travel
Author: Veggie Gurl 4221 aka Yamcha’s Saiyan Babe aka Mirashia
Rating: NC-17 (offensive language and Lemon in later chapters)
Story Brief: Alterntive Universe fic about the possible other fighters from Trunks timeline

Disclaimer: I do not own DBZ... but I do own the future characters cause I created them for this fic... Trunks, Bulma, Cell and those DBZ characters mentioned are owned by Akira Toriyama.... I said I was going to do a Trunks fic!!! I got inspiration from watching DBZ today on how Cell got to the past, so here’s a fic kinda based round that, but it’s also an Alternative Universe fic too. Oh and Lemon is involved too in later chapters...

Trunks stood over the dead bodies of the Androids and he smirked to himself it was a smirk that only Vegeta could of pulled off. He wiped the blade of his sword clean. “I told you I was going to win.” He said in a voice that was almost like his father’s.
“This was for you father.” he said and he kicked the decapitated head of the Android aside the eyes staring up in to nothing, the once pretty face of the blonde battered looking.

Trunks looked over to his human female friend she was lying in a pool of her own blood and he sighed, he walked over and rolled her body over and he checked her pulse it was there but it was still faint. Her light red hair tattered and her short army crop top torn one strap missing and her green cargos torn to short shorts.
Trunks scooped her form up in to his arms. He looked round for his other friend, he couldn’t sense his ki level anywhere, but his friend was good at that, suddenly he saw a pile move and then streaks of light came through the crack and the pieces of rubble flew up with such force and the figure stood up and he sighed and brushed his tattered jacket and dust floated off in clumps.
“Look at my jacket. That’s it why do I even bother?” the seventeen year old exclaimed and ran a hand through his short spiky brown hair. His denim jacket torn and his blue tank top torn, his brown cargo’s tattered at the bottom. He looked up and saw Trunks standing there with the girl in his arms, they were all the earth had left to protect it from all evil.
“Trunks remind me again why we’re doing this again?” he asked.
“To stop world suffering, and maybe this nightmare might end.” Trunks replied.
The other boy sighed and nodded. “Is she-” He begun.
“She’s alive but barely, we’ve got to get her back to my mother, she’s just finished repairing the regeneration tanks.” Trunks said.
The other boy nodded and he stood a step and stumbled over a corpse and he looked down at the dead male android. He grabbed the end of the scarf and pulled it off and looked at the blood stain.
“Souvenir.” He said and the two leapt up in the air and took off, leaving the two corpses there.

A green figure moved up to the scene and it looked down at the two dead androids and it scowled and looked off to where the two boys had flown.
“Damn him.” The voice growled. “There has to be another way I can become complete. I have to be perfect. Then and only then can I be unstoppable.”
The green figure’s tail swished back and forward annoyed, “I know he has a time machine, I must get it from him and go back in time to become truly perfect...” It said and it kicked the dead Android 17’s body. “I’m going to have to wait... but good things take time. For now I might as well find out where they live.” He said and it took off trailing the two boys and their injured friend but at a distance.


Trunks arrived at the hidden bunker, it looked like a destroyed building and rubble was everywhere and cleverly hidden, his mother had made this for him and his friends it was a training ground inside with a special protective barrier to hide their ki levels. Trunks pushed in the codes with a free hand. A piece of rubble moved up showing an entrance and the two teenagers walked inside and the rubble closed in after them.

The green figure landed and looked at the rubble and he smiled. “Very clever indeed, I must give the human race that much.” he smiled. “Don’t worry I’ll pay you a visit later.” He added and walked off mentally storing in it’s android brain the location of the hide out.


Trunks carried the girl through the training ground and in to the medical unit and he laid her on the table and began punching codes in to the regeneration tank. It bubbled to life.
“Ky we’re going to have to get these clothes off her and get her in here.” Trunks said and he turned and looked at Ky.

Ky looked at Trunks and he shook his head. “No way!! She knows we touched her and she’ll kick our asses when she gets out!” He panicked.
Trunks sighed . “We’re lucky she’s even alive, we don’t do this and she could die, we’ll worry about the beating up later.” He said.
Ky sighed and he swallowed and walked up to the table. “I’m half expecting her to wake up an scream at me.” Ky said and Trunks smiled.
“I know how you feel.” He replied.
Trunks lifted her up and Ky slowly removed her clothing just in case it stuck with the burns she’d received with the blows from eighteen.

The two guys had her in the tank and hook up and Trunks looked at Ky they both sighed relieved. “So how long will she be in there for?” Ky asked.
Trunks looked at him. “She needs only a day. If she were a Saiyan it would be only a matter of hours.” He said.
Ky nodded. “I’m hungry, lets see if you’re mom has got any food.” he said.
The two guys left their injured friend in the tank to heal and wandered through to the kitchen.

Bulma looked at the two boys as they came wandering in and she smiled at them.
“Look at you two you’re a mess.” She said. “They didn’t follow you back here did they?” She asked concerned. “My scanners detected something outside after you came in.” She added. Trunks blinked and he looked at Ky strangely.
“Uh no it’s over the androids are dead.” he replied.
“Yeah Trunks waisted them! Man you should of seen that sword of his go. Wow!”

Trunks looked at Ky. “You helped to man.” He said.
Ky laughed. “No way I was unconscious in the rubble while you sliced and diced them!” He said proudly, “Man I’m so glad you’re a good guy.”
Bulma looked round. “What happened to Maney?” She asked.
“Eighteen got a hit in and damn strong one, Eighteen was hiding her true power from her and she’s in the tank at the moment.” Trunks replied.

Bulma looked at the two boys. “I bet you two are hungry? Well here we go.” Bulma said and she stuck two plates filled up with food and Trunks looked at his mother.
“Where did you get all this food from?” He asked.
Bulma smiled. “I went out today about five towns over there’s this little village pulling itself back to it’s feet and they planted crops and stuff last season and it came through, now that the androids are gone, everyone is free to move on with their life and maybe we can rebuild this town too now.” She said and smiled.

Trunks nodded. “Finally. The nightmare is over.”
“It maybe over but man I’m still seeing those freaks killing my parents over and over again, why did so many people have to die?” Ky shook with anger.
Trunks looked at his friend. he’d meet him when he came back from the past for the second time to see him taking a beating from android seventeen. Trunks had waited till they left him and he’d brought him back and stuck him in the tanks to heal, since then they’d become good friends. Trunks had found out Ky’s mother was from another planet, sent to earth to see if they could help bring peace to the much suffered planet. His mother had meet a human and fallen in love and not returned to her home planet, when Ky had been twelve the mother had been killed by the androids when trying to return home to get help for the planet. Ky was seventeen now, his father had died three weeks earlier at the hands of the androids. Ky had been beaten to near death trying to avenge his father.

Maney was different she was a human girl, no alien blood, but when she was little had trained with the in hiding Master Roshi, at her mother wanting her to be able to defend herself. Her looks she had received from her mother, who had died when the androids attacked the last amusement park she had been taking Maney home through the park, as it was a short cut to the bunkers, a fallen ferris wheel had crushed her mother, and Maney had seen the battle him and Gohan had against the Androids. She seeked them out after that and had found him just before he went back to the past for the first time, he’d sent her to this place his home for safety, when he had returned to do six months of training he had trained with her, sure he’d won but she was the strongest female left alive on the planet. Chi-chi had died of loneliness after Gohan had died, which made Maney a very powerful little girl at the time, but she just wasn’t strong enough to fight the androids. For the past few years she had been Trunks sparring partner she was only nineteen as well Trunks through had only recently turned twenty. Maney’s father, only she knew his first name only and that he’d been a Z warrior Trunks suspected Tien due to her almost copy of the solar flare. But she denied it, so Trunks hadn’t asked her more.

Bulma looked at Trunks he seemed deep in thought. “You two better eat something I don’t want you collapsing from lack of food.” She said.
Ky grinned. “Thanks Ms. Briefs.” he said and took his plate and he wandered off. Trunks smiled at his mother and he took his plate and they wandered back to the medi lab and sat down eating their food.
Ky still couldn’t believe it was over. He looked over at Maney and he looked back at Trunks.
“So what do we do now? I’m so used to fighting the androids now we don’t have them to fight anymore, I’m confused.” He said.
Trunks stopped eating his food down and swallowed he looked at Ky he hadn’t thought much of it. “You know I don’t know anymore.” he replied.
“Are you going back in time to tell Goku and the others it’s over?” Ky asked.

Trunks shrugged. “I suppose I should, it would be good to see my dad again, even if he does scowl at me.” he replied.
Ky smiled. “I’d like to meet your dad one day.” He said. “Maybe the three of us could go back in time one day, you know see what it was like before the androids.”
Trunks nodded. “But us being there would change the events even more.”
“Does it matter one little look too see green grass, children playing, people living their lives out, not hiding in fear, promise me Trunks that you will take us back, just for a look.” Ky said.
Trunks looked at his friend and he nodded. “You have my word Ky.” He replied.
The two half alien boys went back to eating.


Bulma stepped away from the door and she smiled, she could try to make a bigger time machine for the three of them, after all they had grown up in a world where they had no form of education, only their basic training skills to survive and Bulma headed off to make that time machine.
She worked long in to the night after both boys had fallen asleep and she used every inch of scrap material she had left. She knew what she was doing this time round so it didn’t take her as long this time, she had the machine finished in a few days, which was an improvement from the months of gruelling work on the last one.


Trunks watched his mother work, he didn’t know her motive for this time machine, but he trusted her, even though the androids had been defeated Trunks still trained to reach the next level of Super Saiyan him and Ky sparred hard out, in their advanced forms, Ky in his Super Tavian form, his brown eyes blue and his brown hair shades of red and black, Trunks sword was out and Ky was using his own weapon a double bladed scythe and hammer joined by a chain.

The two were unaware that Bulma had now completed the new time machine. Maney was sitting on the floor of the room watching Bulma write on the side of the machine a small message.
Hope Prevails”. Maney stood up and looked at Bulma.
“You built another one. Why?” She asked.
Bulma looked at the teenage girl and she smiled. “For the simple purpose of you and Ky to see what the world was like before the androids. Are you interested?”
Maney smiled and her green eyes lit up. “I could go see Kame house! Master Roshi’s home.” She said. Bulma sweatdropped remembering Master Roshi.
“Yes Maney you could.” she said hiding her embarrassment of the perverted old man.


Trunks and Ky had finished training when Maney walked in she had been out of the tank for a day but her power level hadn’t returned to her pervious status.
“Hey Maney how you feeling?” He asked.
Maney smiled. “Refreshed, very much, now stand still boys I’m going to kick you’re asses.” She grinned.
Trunks and Ky powered down. “This is about the taking you’re clothes off isn’t it?” Ky asked nervously.
Maney nodded. She had stopped training under Master Roshi after her mother had been killed. (A.N: So she doesn’t know about his little... er *ahem* weakness.)
Trunks looked at Maney. “You haven’t fully recovered Maney it wouldn’t be-”
*twack* Trunks stumbled back and he looked at Maney and she grinned. “Right to fight a weak and helpless girl?” She finished.
Trunks rubbed the side of his head and straightened up and he grinned. “So you want a fight huh? Well then brace yourself because I’m warning you, I don’t want you back in that tank again.” He said.
Ky stepped back. “I’ll um go gather supplies and stuff... uh yeah... bye Trunks!” He said and took off topside.

Maney flicked her light red hair away from her face, her green eyes flicked with excitement of finally getting back in to a fight. Trunks powered up to a Super Saiyan again and he charged at Maney she stood her ground as they meet and their blows connecting with each other neither one getting a hit in but sparks were flying, Maney grinned as she was the first one to get a hit in.

Trunks loved to spar with Maney, but for some reason she seem to have an advantage and he knew it was cause he’d spent the entire morning sparring with Ky. Maney got another hit in and he watched as she flew up in the air and held her hands above her head and he saw the formation of the colored rainbow sphere in her hands.
“Colored flash!!” She cried (A.N: her version of solar flare) and bright rainbow colored lights shot out making Trunks momentarily blind and Maney moved in knocking Trunks around. She leapt up when the glare had vanished and Trunks looked up at her and he grinned.
“Cunning.” Trunks said and he smirked... “but you asked for it...” Trunks own little sphere formed it was something he’d learned from being in the past that he hadn’t used in this time yet... “Big bang attack!!” he cried and the sphere shot up in the air towards Maney and she leapt out of the way as the sphere hit the wall and Trunks saw Maney and anticipated her movement and he tackled her to the ground. He had her pinned to the ground and he powered down.
“I win.” He said and smiled.
Maney humped, it made Trunks smile grow bigger. “What was that attack, it could of torn me apart? Why didn’t you use it on the androids?” She asked.
Trunks looked at her. “It wouldn’t of worked it didn’t work on the androids in the past, so why would it of worked on the ones in this time?” he asked.
Maney nodded. “Okay you can get off me now.” She said.
“Accept that I’ve beaten you.” he said.
Maney sighed, she hated accepting defeat and he’d done it so quickly, she sighed.
“Fine then, you won.” She mumbled.
“Excuse me I couldn’t hear that?” he teased and let her go, but he stayed sitting across her legs Maney sat up and rested back on her elbows.
“I need to get stronger.” She said.

Trunks looked at her. “Why? The androids are gone.” he said.
Maney nodded. “I know they are but one day I’m going to get stronger and I’m going to beat you, and when I do- ow.” She said.
Trunks looked at her. “What?”
“My legs hurt.” She said.
“huh? Why?” He asked suddenly worried that he had indeed hurt her.
“‘Cause you’re sitting on them.” She replied.
Trunks laughed and he stood up and helped her up to her feet.
“You were saying.” He said.
“I said I’m going to beat you and when I do you’ll be sorry.” She said and smirked.
“I’m a Super Saiyan Maney, I’ll just get stronger and stronger. You won’t win, if you do next time I’ll just get stronger and beat you.” he said.
Maney looked round. “Lets go find Ky, so I can beat him at least.” She said.

The two headed topside and Maney looked out at the rubble and it hit her the sudden depression of seeing the people still hiding, Ky was in the distance holding up a yellow shirt looking at it confused and he looked round.
“Ky yellow just ain’t your color man!” Trunks called out.
Ky threw the yellow shirt aside and he walked up to them.
“Something’s here guys. I don’t know what. I can’t pick up a power level but there is like discarded clothes everywhere, unless someone came through with a clothes wagon and everyone suddenly went naked and changed clothes straight away I’d say something is wrong, and it’s bugging me.” He remarked.
Maney looked down at the jacket at her feet and she picked it up a white shirt fell out from inside it and she blinked. “Clothes within clothes it’s like the peoples were sucked right out of their clothes.” She said and kicked a pair of jeans aside with the shoes and socks.
“Get back inside quick.” Trunks remarked.
“We’re not leaving you out here with what ever it is.” Ky said.
“I’m coming I think we need my mom to do some sort of scan of the area. This thing obviously has no power level. Which means that there is one more android.” He said.
The three headed back inside and the door closed and Trunks saw a green flash and a tail swished in quickly under the door straight for all three of them Trunks jumped in front of Maney and they jumped back as the tail lashed at them then pulled out just before the door closed.
“What was that?!” Maney asked panicked.
Trunks shook his head. “Obviously not a friend and it knows where we are so we have to pack up and move right away.” He said.


To Be Continued...