Title: The Storm
Author: J.Dee (Yamcha’s Saiyan Babe aka Mirashia)
Rating: NC-17- lamely attempted lemon... in this chapter
Story Brief: A storm caused by a ritual performed when it’s not suppose to be, sends a witch to the other dimension when she’s struck by lightening. Dying in her world she is given a second chance in other. But her friends aren’t willing to let go and is she willing to go back??

Author’s Note: You know I read alot of what if fanfics about being the sole character and transported in to another dimension. Alot of them are really seriously really good the descriptions in them amazing so I thought I’d try one for myself and see if I can’t fix up my writing. I tend to make alot of run on sentences. So this is my version of a “I’m sent in to dragonball world eye of god mary-sue fanfic”.

I felt the impact of the crash of the pod and I jilted awake and I heard Goku groan a looked over at him to see him lying there he looked terrible like he was really hurt. I pushed a few buttons on the controls and the pod door slid open and I stepped out and stumbled a bit in the large ‘Geri’ clanky like shoes I was wearing I saw the alien people of the planet Yardrat run away from me I looked back at the pod they probably recognised the Ginyu sign on the pod and though we were of the Ginyu force. I looked round as Goku tried to get up but I saw his body fail and he fell over and passed out.
“Goku!” I rushed to his side and I pulled him from the wrecked pod and I looked at the buildings the pod had destroyed on it’s crash landing. “Next Time Goku let me fly.” I said smiling It was always a dream of mine when I was little to fly a space craft.

The people of Yardrat watched me carefully as I lugged Goku’s body away from the wreck and trust me now I know how Krillen and Yamcha I think it was in a future episode would feel lugging him on to the craft to get him away from the androids would feel. Goku is not a light person despite he’s an animation drawn on paper which technically is light but in person... errrrgh it was no wonder they had problems. I noticed then the people of Yardrat began to help me and we took Goku to a medi bay where he was to get some rest.

The people of Yardrat we kinda funny looking and Goku was right they knew some awesome techniques. While Goku healed they taught me how to control my ki and how to fly, to fire ki blasts and create my own attacks. It took about a month before Goku was all better. He healed pretty fast. Saiyan and all.

I remember I was trying to get this instant transmission down, but in the end I only learned how to blink the wiccan equivalent of instant transmission. It appeared my wiccan side was stronger than my saiyan side and I feared how my human body would react to the heart virus I knew Goku got it on Yardrat and I was here with him. I managed to ‘blink’ to where Goku was training with out realising it. That was a problem with me you just need a quick thought and boom ya gone to where ever ya were thinking of.
I watched Goku train he was truly something else he was trying to reach super saiyan I could tell so apart from learning instant transmission I knew he was adjusting to his super saiyan abilities. I wanted him to teach me how to go super saiyan. But first I wanted to get use to being saiyan. I let my tail droop down from my waist I still wore the same clothes I’d arrived in and trust me the ‘Geri’ shoes were getting pretty easy to walk on. I just hate running in them they’re like devil torture shoes.

Goku turned round and he looked at me and smiled. “Oh hey wow you seem to of got the instant transmission down. Fast learner huh?” he asked with a smile.
“It’s not the same as they’re teaching you. I just think of a place and I’m there. Where as what they’re teaching locking on to a power level.” I explained. “I think what I’m doing is called blinking. It’s from my training as a witch.”
“So your a saiyan witch wow.” He stood there looking at me.
I was looking back at him amazed by the amount of power that was surrounding him in his super saiyan form. He was truly something else in person. I give him so much credit after meeting him in person. He is a truly great fighter and I admire that.
There was silence before Goku spoke up again.
“They summoned the dragon up to wish me back. I said no. As much as I want to see my family again I have to train with out any interruptions so I can get stronger to protect my friends and family from any further trouble.” He said.
I nodded. “Well I’ll leave you to train then.”

I was about to leave when I felt his hand grab my arm. I looked at him. His teal colored eyes had locked on my brown ones. “I need a sparring partner. I know you’ve fought in the past I can see it in your eyes. What do you say?” He asked.
I nodded slowly and I took my shoes off there was no way I was training in those clunkers I’m not Sarah Jessica Parker, I’m still part kiwi I don’t mind walking round in bare foot. I put my shoes to a side and Goku smirked at me it was a typical saiyan smirk and I smirked back at him copying Vegeta’s all famous smirk and I dropped back in to a defence stance. Goku then charged up in a burst of golden flames and then he charged me I surprised him and myself by blinking behind him and hitting him in the back with a flying kick. That was the only advantage I got over him. This is Goku here c’mon as if I could beat him up. I then proceeded to get my ass kicked.

But I managed to hold him off for about an hour, before he floored me and I lay there gasping for breath and he looked down at me.
“Wow you’re pretty good.” he remarked impressed.
I nodded. “But you didn’t even break a sweat and me I think I can’t move.” He smiled and he sat down beside me waiting for me to get up.
It was then Goku looked over in the distance and we saw a light and Goku quickly shielded me with his body as an explosion rung out in the distance. Pieces flying everywhere it was nearby too. But not close enough to hurt unless you were hit by some flying debrey.
“What was that?!” I panicked as I tried to move.
Goku looked down at me. “Meteorite. They say it happens regularly round here.”
I nodded breathing deeply I looked up at him. And I cursed myself for suddenly being weak in his presence. Now I never would of thought myself to admire Goku as I did. If any saiyan I admired it was Vegeta and Trunks. The Son family seemed a bit to... er goofy for me. But I reached up and ran a hand through the golden hair I was so amazed by it and feeling his power so close to mine. I looked at him.
“That super saiyan stuff. It’s going to impress me till the day I die... again.” I said.

My hand went from his hair and I couldn’t help myself this is worlds strongest fighter hoovering inches over me. I had to touch the side of his face I ran my hand over the soft skin, it looked animated still and so did my hand against his face. My flesh tone much paler than his. Both his hands were resting on either side of my head and he was looking down at me. We’d been on this planet a full six months at this stage. My heart was over Andy. But spending so much time with Goku. I know he’s married, but what usually happens in these situations when a husband goes away from his family for a long while. No one is ever truly faithful...
I scolded myself for letting my heart open to that of a married man. I watched as his eyes closed as my hand continued to feel for contours of his face, anything to show he was partly real. But everything was just so perfect.

I heard a small groan in the back of his throat. and my hand slipped round to the back of his neck I was curious wouldn’t you be? I pulled his face close to mine and I kissed him on the lips. It was like nothing ever before no messy exchange of fluids. It was like it wasn’t real. It to seemed perfect. Especially when I heard that groan again and he kissed me back. I felt myself succumb under him as he moved his entire body over mine my insides aching for that ‘feeling’ of somebody again.

Before we knew what was happening we were tearing at each other’s clothes in primal animal instinct. I felt Goku’s hand grab my tail. I thought he was going to try and weaken me with it but he begain to run his hand up it lightly the feeling gave me shivers all over and I shook with excitement.
“Are you seeing anybody?” He whispered in my ear.
I shook my head. “No.” I replied in a whisper. Before I felt him trail feather light kisses down my neck. It felt like such a rush. Something I’d never felt before.
We were out where anyone of the Yardrat people could come across us, and we were naked together. I knew Goku was a married man although he hadn’t told me. I just knew everyone who watched dragonball knew. And me arriving in the same pod as him... oh no not on. Can we say one name Chi-chi!!!

I felt his knee edge my legs apart. I wasn’t going to protest. I felt him enter me swiftly and I cried out the pain was unbearable to start off with and clung on to his strong shoulders. It must of looked so worrying to him. My memories of the other world were still clear in my head. But I couldn’t exactly say to his face ‘damaged goods’ should I? I felt Goku cradle me as I clung to him. I felt like the biggest liar ever. “You’re not a-” he began worriedly. “No... you just caught me off guard.” I replied. I felt his kisses start up on my neck and my shoulder while he held me close and his member stroking my insides. I couldn’t help but groan I couldn’t believe it. Goku of all people was being untrue. I guess it’s my fault I just wanted to kiss him. But we moved on further from that. Damn saiyan primal instinct things!

Goku sat up pulling me on top of him till I was on his lap my legs hooked round his slender but well toned waist. I kissed him on the lips again. It was salty this time round but both of us were working up a sweat and Goku’s hand touched the side of my face this time I knew he was looking in to my feelings. I knew he was looking in to my past and reading my mind all at once, but for some odd reason no one was on my mind but him. I looked at him as he brushed some of my sweat drenched hair from my brow and he kissed me on the forehead like a father to a child. My mind calculated our age difference there was five years difference. Goku was eighteen when he got married to Chi-chi and they had Gohan. Gohan was now eight. That made Goku twenty-six. Yet he seemed to be just older for the moment he seemed to act older unlike the innocent untainted soul that the show described him as. I felt his kisses run down me and pause at my breasts where his tongue flicked round teasing the buds and I groaned. Inside I felt really bad. I honestly did but my body wanted somebody. Just like his did. I wanted to forget this experience quickly. But when ya sleep with a cartoon character it isn’t that easy to forget.

I can remember the climax though it’s like both our power levels soared and I’m sure the people of Yardrat stayed back from us because they knew what we were doing. I watched as Goku powered up to super saiyan and I gasped as I felt the power. He must of felt my wiccan power rise. Sex is a very powerful thing, though it’s not practiced as often as it used to be. A.I.D.S and stuff like that... but this is the anime world I don’t think they worry much about that. But as I was saying Goku finished off as a super saiyan probably so he could keep that one step stronger than me. I don’t know why but men seem to like to dominate alot. Even saiyan men.

After the whole thing we both collapsed with each other. I couldn’t help myself his golden hair was so amazing, he watched me as I ran my hand through it. Maybe one day I’ll achieve that kind of power. I looked at Goku as he kissed me it was different though and he looked at me with teal eyes.
“Nothing can come of this.” he said, it was almost cold sounding. Now that wasn’t the Goku I knew. But family he must of felt so guilty. and me I felt really bad.
I looked at him. I knew he was going to tell me he was married. He was still seemly loyal at least. Was I going to have to act angry or surprised? Probably surprised.
“Lee,” he began he’d taken to calling me Lee I didn’t mind it sounded good coming from him. I felt his hand run through my hair. “I’m married.” He said and looked at me. I knew he was looking for a reaction.
I nodded slowly. “And you let me...” I stopped and sighed I played innocent.
“Lee you’ll find somebody, you’re still young. I have a family I have to go back to. A planet to protect I can sense Frieza’s still alive out there.” Goku said.
“I understand I have to stay behind. It wouldn’t look good if I went back with you. I’ll just find a ship and keep going to where ever I’m suppose to be going.” I tried to move from under Goku but he didn’t budge from over me. Instead I felt his hand touch my tail again and I felt a sadness inside me. I’d just been used by someone who was suppose to be a hero. So much for a perfect world. But nothing is ever perfect. Could I forgive myself for putting me in that situation? Not really. Part of me fell in love with him when that happened.
“Your not planning on leaving now are you?” Goku asked.
I looked at him and I blinked. “I can’t I’m stranded I have no ship.”
“You’re going to come back to earth there are other saiyans there. We should stick together being the last of our kind. There’s my son Gohan and Vegeta. I know he was wished there.”
“Prince Vegeta huh?” I asked with a smirk. Cranky old Vegeta It always wanted to met Mr. Psycho.
Goku looked at me as he powered down. “You’ve heard of Vegeta?” he asked.
“What living saiyan hasn’t?” I asked back with a sigh. Truthfully I don’t know if that was true or not but yeah any dragonball z freak has heard of or admired Vegeta.

Goku looked at me with those sympathetic dark eyes of his and he moved from on top of me. I got dressed slowly and I looked over at Goku as he changed. He wore his gi pants his abs and chest perfectly sculpted. I looked at him as he walked up to me and cupped my chin in his hand. He’d never meet a saiyan woman before. I realised I hadn’t either. His mouth touched mine again as much as I wanted to push him away and tell him to got back to his family I couldn’t, his tongue probing in to my mouth. I had been marked. I wasn’t the wife- I was lover. The other woman.

Goku’s kisses trailed down my neck and I whined as his hand slipped round my tail again. I made a mental note to get it removed it was a weakness I shouldn’t of even asked for it in the first place. I felt the sudden the sudden bite on my neck and I gasped, I’d read it in many fics of a saiyan marking. But Goku he was married. He wasn’t suppose to mark me.
“Goku what are you doing?” I asked panicked.
I felt both his hands move to an arm each holding me to the spot and I felt the drawing of blood and the sudden dizzy spells I got when ever I lost any blood through un-natural causes.
“Goku I think you better stop.” I groaned.
He pulled back and looked at me. I was becoming too attached to him it wasn’t right I wasn’t suppose to be. But then who was there for me. Could I always remain as the secret other woman? I think not. I’d be more hated than Vegeta by the rest of the z fighters. I watched Goku as he ran a finger along the tattoo on my arm and he looked at me curiously. I’d only managed to get in to my underwear and skirt at this stage.
“These markings. Where did you get them?” he asked.

I looked at my ying yang tattoo on my upper left arm I watched as Goku’s thump ran round the circle permitter of it. I realised not many anime characters had body markings and if they did they were always on the aliens.
“I got it when I was eighteen.” I said proudly.
“You got it?” Goku asked.
“Yeah when I found out I was Chinese in heritage I planned to get a tattoo done. my martial art instructor said it was cool and he gave me a half an hour lector on the meaning of Ying and Yang. Don’t ask me to repeat it cause it went in one ear and out the other.” I laughed.
Goku smiled. He seemed fascinated by the body marking.
“How did they get it like that though?” He asked.
Now Goku is very naive in person with everyday things. But it’s cute the naive thing.
I grinned I knew I was going to say one word that would make this mighty super saiyan tremble in fair.
“I got it via needle.” I smiled as Goku went pale and looked at me.
“A needle?!?!” He exclaimed.
“Yeah what they do is have a needle lined up with ink and it makes small puncture like holes on the skin the ink seeping in to the skin adds the color through the needle.” I explained.
Goku paled a bit and I smiled at him. I turned round and showed him the crow tattoo in the middle of my back. “This was the first tattoo I got done. I was seventeen. Underage and everything I tricked the guy in to giving it to me.” I beamed.
I felt Goku push my hair aside as his ran his finger over the tattoo. “It’s like a scar but not. Like it’s one with the skin.” He said. “But a needle?” he asked again.
I closed my eyes as his hand travelled up my back to the back of my right shoulder blade his finger tracing the third tattoo an anhk (Celtic cross) I felt him kiss the skin and I almost went dizzy with excitement. His arms wrapped round my waist. I must of looked so tiny compared to him.
“Anymore of these markings?” he asked.
“No I got a fear of needles after the third tattoo I lost consciousness while having it done.” I laughed nervous and Goku looked at me strangely.
“You have a fear of needles?” he asked confused.
“Not as big as you do... but yeah kinda. Every time I go to the doctor I get jabbed three or four time they can’t find my veins so yeah I have a healthy um dislike of them.” I replied with a shrug.
“How come you lost consciousness you shouldn’t of.” He said.
I knew he was referring to my saiyan abilities but I wasn’t a saiyan when I got them done. But I didn’t tell him that.
“I don’t remember I guess it’s cause I felt the needle jabbing close to the bone on my shoulder blade and it hit a nerve and I fainted.” I explained and rubbed the back of my neck. I felt Goku shudder. It was pretty gross just thinking about it. Tattoo’s are very messy when they’re first done. At least all three of mine were...

I relaxed in to Goku’s embrace and wondered in my own little dream reality the what ifs situation between us. What if he didn’t go back to earth. What if we stayed on Yardrat together. I knew it would never happen earth needed him. But I felt like I needed him too and for an instant I realised his family needed him as well.
I swallowed lightly. I knew Goku loved Gohan with all his heart and he would be back for his son. I suddenly felt like the bad guy or girl in my case. What would happen to me if I was to go back with Goku? Would Gohan look upon me with such hatred. But who could I end up with if not Goku? Tien? there was no way. We all knew Krillen gets eighteen so that’s a big no no. Chaoitsu? I think he’s eternally a child. Yamcha? No he’s got that ‘someone else’ Trunks mentioned. Now Trunks. That was a defiant possibility. But then there’s the timeline thing. I guess that leaves me eternally alone. Because there was no way I was going to get Vegeta. No way no how as cute as he was and everything I wasn’t going to jeopardise Trunks’ birth like that. But being with Goku wasn’t I jeopardising Goten’s birth? I smiled Goten the little mini Goku, if only I had actually been reborn then Goten was a definite possibility. But he wasn’t even concieved yet like Trunks. But I am admitting I like Goten.

I felt Goku’s hand draw circles on my stomach as we stood in silence My back against his bare chest.
“So what now?” I asked breaking the silence.
Goku looked down at me he turned my head to face him and he kissed me again. It wasn’t the reply I wanted first. But I wasn’t protesting. People always wondered what Goku got up to on Yardrat and maybe his innocent pure heart routine was a bit to over the top. Anybody notice after Namek the lack of the flying Nimbus?? I always wondered about that. I felt Goku slip the strap of my bra down my arm.
I felt that rising sensation my wiccan powers was always acute to for men. I had to stop before anything more happened. I pulled back quickly.

To Be Continued...