What I saw in my dreams was everything as it happened in the series. Except Alethea was left to the care of Bulma as the guys went off to fight the androids. Goku got sick with the virus. Trunks came back but he didn’t run in to Yamcha so the two couldn’t talk. I felt like I was seeing reruns with small differences.
The blasting of Dr. Gero’s lab by Trunks in a last desperate effort to stop the androids was failed as they left with sixteen. Vegeta then taking off after them.

“Is Leona coming to help us out?” He asked. “She has to be a super saiyan by now.”
“She can’t she vanished.” Piccolo replied. “We lost site of her power level over Bridge Town and when we got there the town was half destroyed.”
“She’s gone?” Trunks asked. “Not again.” His fist tightened. “I was too late again.”
“Again?” Tien asked.
“I thought she died in my time there was a body and everything but it turned out it wasn’t her in my time she’d gone off to translate the plans for shut down of the androids and they found her and killed her. she died with the plans in her hands. The first time she supposedly died she was flying over Bridge Town in my world.”
“She could of found the plans earlier than expected and they found out and took her out of the picture.” Krillen offered.
“No. She was leaving Goku’s I should know I was the last to see her. She was returning back to Yamcha to show him that she had reached super saiyan. We lost her power level over Bridge Town. Goku wasn’t very impressed. He took it personal.” Piccolo remarked
“Well no ones heard from her or seen her since then. And that was a week ago. We’re beginning to doubt she survived.” Tien replied.
“No she’s stronger than that I know it.” Trunks shook his head and he looked up.

I felt in my sleep as if I was still there with them. But when I got woken up I looked a the doctor as he went to take blood I turned my head away from the needle. I felt the prick and I almost just cried the needle reminded me of Goku.
“My mother how’s she doing?” I asked not looking at the doctor.
“Your mother is?” The doctor asked.
“Johanna Anthanasius.” I replied.

The doctor looked at me sadly. “Oh I’m sorry she passed away last night.” “What and you didn’t tell me?!” I exclaimed. “That’s my mother damn you!!!” I watched as he pulled the needle out and I suddenly cried out. I only had my brother left to live for and I pulled my arm free of the I.V and I ran down the hallway the doctor chased after me.
“Get back here!! You’re not well enough SECURITY!!!” I rubbed my arm and I ran in to the toilet’s ducking out of sight of the security I picked out of my pocket a small capsule and I blinked the logo of Capsule Corp on it my hand shook as I turned it over in my hand.
“It’s begun.” I whispered and I popped the cap and threw the capsule to the ground and out of it a small rack of clothes appeared and I changed quickly in to a pair of shoes denim skirt and a white quarter sleeved off the shoulder shirt I pulled my hair back in to a pony tail tied it up pulled out a crocodile clip and flipped my air up in to it I pushed the button of the capsule rack and it popped back in to the capsule.
“If I have the capsule here then that means Dr. Gero could be here too.”
“Bravo.” I heard a voice remark and I looked over my shoulder as Dr. Gero stepped out of a stall and Nineteen out of another.
I backed up panicked and ran out of there and down the hall and they phased in front of me. They had the powers of the animated world.
“There she is!” I heard the doctor shout and I looked over my shoulder.
“Shit surrounded.” I grumbled. “Well if they’ve got powers so do I.” I placed two fingers to my forehead and I felt out for a power level and locked on to my brother’s and with that I vanished from the hospital in front of everybody. Exposing myself and my powers to the world. I was doing a Charmed.

I arrived in my house and I walked up to my brother’s door and I knocked on it I pushed the door open and I looked at him sitting on the bed looking downcast with my father standing on the other side of the room looking at him.
“She’s dead.” I said.
My father looked at me. “Well you two can stay with me.” He said.
I shook my head. “I’m not allowed remember.” I said looking at him.
My father nodded. “Well think about my offer boy.” He said and he walked out.
The door closed and I walked up to my brother and I looked at him. “Offer?”
“Dad’s going back to Melbourne he wants me to go with him.” He said.
“Oh.” I looked at him. “Neil what do you want?” I asked.
He looked up at me then at my still bleeding arm. “You were there for me when they both weren’t. I’m going where your going.” He said.
I swallowed. “You mightn’t like where I have to go.”
“Better than here.” He said.
I nodded. “I guess it is. Look if the hospital calls I’m not here okay.”
“Right.” He replied.
“Takeouts?” I asked. I instantly took control of the moment my brother was grieving, I had no idea how to get back to help the other’s out.
“BK?” He asked.
I nodded. “Sure.” I gave him a hug and he hugged me back I felt him crying on my shoulder. “just you and me kiddo.” I added.

My mother’s funeral was set up by mine and Neil’s grandmother. She’s an interesting old lady with alot of positive energy. Except on this day. Thee day of her eldest daughter’s funeral it was hard. I sat in the church. Every vein in my body pulsing with the fear of being struck down by God. It’s a strange feeling. My grandmother didn’t even know about my own mother’s beliefs. I wanted to lash out at the entire world. It wasn’t fair. Death wasn’t fair. I blamed alot of people I blamed my father. I blamed my grandmother, I blamed God, and I blamed myself for leaving. For being suicidal and for selfish and for not being the perfect child.
Everyone round me was crying except me and Neil we had no more tears all we had was pain. That emptiness. And part of me wished it was my father in that coffin instead.

We travelled to the cemetery afterwards me and Neil at the front of the grave watching the priest. I pulled my black cashmere coat round myself tighter and pulled my red buray down over my forehead. I had the winter theme down the only problem was it was spring and it was raining. After watching the coffin lower down to the bottom of the six foot deep grave I walked out of the cemetery and Neil followed me it was like he was five again and he was looking up to me in any way he could. I was the adult now. I stood outside the gates and I pulled a cigarette out and lit up I offered Neil one and he took it and lit up also so there we stood by the cemetery gates with cigarettes in our hands killing our lunges together.
“Take me with you where ever you go promise me you will okay?” He said his hand trembling with the cold.
I nodded slowly. “When I can figure out how to get back I will.”
I looked over as Chhaya and Iris wandered up to me the cemetery was out of Christchurch it was in Hastings instead but still my friends made it.
“We should of pulled you back sooner.” Iris said.
“So you could of at least said good-bye.” Chhaya added.
Neil huffed at the two of them. They looked at him.
“Neil-” Chhaya began.
He turned round and walked off and I looked down my entire body was shaking from the cold and the wind picked up I looked up and I sighed.
“A-Lee-” Iris began.
“No don’t this is my fault I shouldn’t of been a bitch and I would of got to say good-bye to her.” I looked at the two of my friends. “I’m going back and I’m taking boy with me. I’m sorry but there is nothing here for me anymore.”
“I wanna come!” A young voice announced and we looked down to my ten year old cousin Matariki and I smiled. I ruffled her hair and she hugged my legs. I picked her up and spun her round on to my back. “Alright piggy back!!” She smiled.
I walked off with Matariki on my back and I felt the storm’s energy increase and I looked up as the lightening stuck in the distance.
“Storms... Who’s the goddess of storms?” I asked.
“Don’t ask us Storm is your craft name.” Iris replied.
“Oya. She’s an African Warrior Goddess of Storms, wind, fire and she stands at the gates of death.” Chhaya replied.
“Oya huh?” I remarked quietly to myself. The perfect Goddess for me I felt.

I walked on and caught up to Neil. He looked at me and then we walked out of the cemetery to my cousin’s car. I looked at it and nodded and I opened the door. “In ya get Matariki.” I said
She clung on to my neck. “No cause your going shortly.” She said.
I flicked the cigarette butt in to a puddle of water.
Me and Neil jumped as lightening struck behind us and I looked at Matariki and she clung on tighter to me. “Move in to the car now now now!!!” I said pushing Neil in to the car first then Matariki and I got in myself.
“The rubber tyres should stop us from being zapped.” I said.
The lightening struck again and I looked over as I saw Iris and Chhaya standing by Chhaya’s Nissan Skyline. I then saw from the flash of the lightening two figures stepping out of the shadows of the shrubbery and I wound the window down. “Chhaya! BEHIND YOU!!!” I shouted and she turned round.

Everything moved in slow motion suddenly as she jumped back form Dr Gero as his dagger like hand struck out for her. Chhaya’s hands shot up freezing him and Iris and Chhaya ran over to the car and they looked at me.
“Friend of yours?!” Chhaya exclaimed.
I climbed out of the car Matariki copied jumping on to my back again I looked at her and Neil got out. “Okay Neil grab Matariki’s shoulder. Chhaya grab my left arm and Iris my right shoulder I’m going to get us out of here.” I ordered.
This was probably going to be the biggest group instant transmission ever. but they all listened and I placed the trademark two fingers to my forehead and the group of us vanished as Gero and Nineteen unfroze.

We arrived back at my aunt’s place and I looked round I had locked on to a familiar power level but there was no one around at least not that I saw.
“What the fuuuuuuuuck?” Neil breathed and he looked at me letting go of Matariki. Iris and Chhaya let go of me and they looked at me.
“New powers that’s cool. What’d you do blink?” Iris asked.
I shook my head “To blink I wouldn’t of been able to move you all away from harm.”
“Goldy!!!” Matariki announced.
I felt the power level I had locked on to and I turned round slowly. I looked to Goku with Goldy in his arm and he let the kitten go and it bolted up to Matariki and leapt in to her arms.
“Goku.” I looked at the others who were looking really baffled.
Goku smiled and he walked up to me. “I’m in the middle Lee I have to go back shortly to help the others fight this last android you mentioned.” He said. “But I needed to check on you. I need to take you back before the virus strikes you.” He said.
Goku walked up to us. Chhaya looked at Goku. “Virus.” She said baffled.
“Yeah Lee here has been exposed to a virus that can kill her.” He said.
I looked at Goku. “Do you mind?! You don’t just say things like that in this world.”
“It’s not H.I.V is it?” Neil asked.
“No it’s a heart virus.” Goku replied.
Neil looked at me with disbelief. “Okay you show us you have new powers, you know somebody who looks, sounds and acts like Goku and now you have a heart virus...”

Chhaya looked at Goku. “She is not going back! Do you know what we went through without her here?! It’s going to be a cold day in Hell before she goes back!”
I cringed and looked at Iris who just nodded. “She’s right besides we were nearly killed today by a couple of freaks. We have to get rid of them first.” Iris said.
“Androids Iris.” I corrected.
Goku looked at me. “The androids have arrived here already?” He asked.
“Android freaks whatever... same ol bad guys that need to be finished off.” Iris said.
Matariki tugged at my shirt. “Is that like terminator?” She asked.
I nodded. “Yeah just like Terminator the first one not the second one.”
“The first one sucked.” Matariki remarked.
“Oh I don’t know about that Kyle was a honey.” I replied.
“Hell yeah girl. I agree with you there.” Chhaya said.
“Hey I claimed him first you stick to that Adrian Lukas guy.”
“Mmmmmmm Adrian Lukas...”
Iris leant close to my ear. “Who’s this Adrian guy?” She asked.
I shrugged. “Beats me some English actor starred in something called the hunt.”
“Oh.” Iris nodded.
Goku looked at me. “So Lee bring them with us.” He said.
“Are you crazy?!” I exclaimed.
Goku looked at me. “No if it stops your visions from coming true.”
“I have to come back again to defeat these androids. I might as well do it now and not come back.” I said crossing my arms across my chest.
“Look Lee this virus has struck me you’re lucky you vanished before it hit. But here how do you know there is a cure or not?” Goku asked.
I sighed and I looked down. “There is no cure. Not here. I know this. But how do I know if I’m even going to be effected this is a different plain of reality.”
Matariki shook her head. “Getting sick is getting sick it happens in all realities. How do we know you didn’t bring it back with you?” She asked.
I looked down at her. “You’re ten you shouldn’t be talking like that.”
She smiled. “What can I say I like to read.”
“Just find a way back Lee and bring your friends if you’re worried about them getting hurt. The others can help protect them.” Goku said.
“I like that others show.” Iris said.
I looked at Goku and I sighed. “I don’t know how Goku I don’t know how to get back and if I did do you really think I’d be there for long before my friends wanted to come back.” I said.
“For Alethea’s sake Lee.” He added.
“Alethea? Who’s Alethea?” Neil asked.
Goku looked at me. “You haven’t told them?” He asked.
“I only got home two days ago Goku.”
“Two days? No way? It’s been over three weeks since you vanished.” He replied. “Three weeks?” I breathed.
Goku nodded. “Look Lee hurry please we need you. I’ve got to go.”
I watched as Goku slowly faded out like some sort of ghost and I looked at my friends. “You heard him I have to go back. They need me.”
“Yo you promised I could come.” Neil said.
“Who’s Alethea?” Matariki asked.
I looked down at her and I smiled. “She’s my daughter.”

Iris, Chhaya and Neil looked at me wide eyed in shock.
“Daughter?!” They exclaimed in unison.
“Oooooh you got a baby! I wanna see her.” Matariki said. “I can help babysit!”
Chhaya looked at me angrily. “Girl how could you go off to a strange world and get pregnant like that?!” She shook her finger at me.
“I was there for four years!” I replied back angrily. “How could I not?!”
Iris stepped between us. “Okay here’s the deal we go there we help out we get the baby we come back all is settled.” She said.
“And the baby’s father?” Neil asked. “Doesn’t he get a say in this?”
“Unless he wants to start a new life here I don’t think so.” Chhaya remarked.
I looked at Chhaya and Iris. “I don’t believe you two look how selfish you’re being this is all about the power of three well what about what I want?! I want to be happy and I’m happy with Yamcha. Then you just want to take it all away from me?”
“Wait Yamcha?” Neil asked. “Okay Goku shows up here and now you’re saying you’re in love with Yamcha c’mon that guys a weakling.”
I looked at Neil. “You willing to let him prove he isn’t on your ass?” I asked.
Neil looked at me. “Errrr....”
“Heh he can kick your butt anyday.” Matariki grinned.

I looked at Chhaya and Iris who both had shot me a look.
“I’m going back. You can’t change my mind.” I said.
“What about these terminator peoples here?” Matariki asked.
“I’ll take them out here and now I’m sure I can. I can’t be that far behind Vegeta in strength.” I said.
Neil looked at me. “Yo I’m helping ya sis remember Vegeta needed a sensu bean after fighting Nineteen to get his strength back to take on Gero.”
“Well I’m going to fight them now the seconds we wait jabbering here ore time passes in that world. Iris Chhaya you going to help me or are you going to let this world and myself be destroyed?” I asked.
Iris sighed and she nodded. “I’m with you.”
I looked to Chhaya and she smiled. “Yeah me too beside I want to see this baby I always though I was the one who was suppose to have the kid first.”
I grinned and I began powering up to attract Gero and Nineteen’s attention. My hair flicked up and it flashed yellow and I heard Neil gasp. My hair then spiked up a golden yellow from under the buray and my eyes turned green and Matariki looked up at me.
“Look no contacts!!!” Matariki remarked and pointed.

Iris looked at Chhaya. Both of them looked at me.
“What no invoking for that kind of power?” Iris asked.
“Man that would be a great party trick.” Chhaya siad.
I chuckled. “Not as good as the Bees.”
“No you’re right the Bees rule. That is the ultimate party trick.” Chhaya agreed. Iris sighed. “You two and Imhotep.” She shook her head.
Suddenly from the sky two figures landed in the drive way from flying over.
I stood there a golden aura flicking about me still wearing my clothes from the funeral I powered up more.
“They don’t look like Arnie did in terminator.” Matariki frowned.

Dr. Gero and Nineteen smiled at me. “So you sent a beacon out have you decided finally not to run anymore?” he asked “or have you changed your mind?”
“I’m going to fight you and I’m going to kill you.” I said. “I’m going to send you to the scrap heap old man.” I hoped my power level was enough to fight Gero.
My plan get rid of the stronger first then let all of us together get rid of the weaker.
“You’re going to pay for hurting Yamcha like you did.” I growled.
Gero smirked. “That’s alot of talk for someone Seventeen sent back in to another dimension.” He looked at me.
“No that’s where you wrong I was called back to this place it’s my dimension. Besides it was Seventeen who sent you here.” I smirked.
Gero tapped Nineteen on the shoulder. “Kill her.”
Nineteen gave out a chuckle and charged towards me and I lifted off flying up in to the sky.
He jumped up off the ground and followed I power up. “ENERGY SWORD!”
“Yo what the fuck?! You forget they can absorb energy?!” Neil shouted up at me.

I threw the sword up in to the air and I phased in and out and behind Nineteen slamming a double axe hammer punch in to his back sending him hurtling towards the ground with great speed and I caught the sword as it fell downwards and I phased out and on the ground and then lifted of slicing upwards cutting the sword right through Nineteen vertically then I sliced horizontal and then on a ninety degree right angle followed by a left. I then gave the android one more slice cutting his hands off.
I landed on the ground and the sword vanished and Iris stood there stunned I saw her expression of shock. “Girl damn.” She said.
I stood up and I looked at Gero. “Your turn pal.”
He then phased out and I spun round and he grabbed Iris from behind holding his dagger like hand up to her throat Iris looked down at his hand. She didn’t even look scared. She looked at me with an unimpressed raised eyebrow.
“Ooooh look I’m being held hostage by a guy who needs a serious manicure. Oh what ever will I do? Help me please.” She drooled putting on a worst acting voice ever to emphasis her point. Gero looked pissed with her and he took his hand back and he jabbed it in to her arm and she let a scream out and looked down as he pulled his hand out covered in blood.
“Oh you fucker!!! Chhaya it’s our turn now!! Freeze this punk!” She shouted.
Chhaya flicked her hands up and Gero froze and Iris slipped out of his hold and she stumbled across the ground and I rushed up to her and I looked round quickly.
“Neil Matariki get Iris inside and get a wet cloth or something to put over this wound before she passes out from lack of blood.” I ordered.
Neil and Matariki nodded and they rushed over helping Iris in to Matariki’s mother’s place. My aunties house had enough room so Gero wouldn’t be able to find them if they got lost. It helps having rich uncles in the law industry.

I looked over as the Gero unfroze himself and he glared at Chhaya.
“Damn. Try it again I need time to gather up more energy for an attack.” I told her.
“Right!” Chhaya flicked her hands up but Gero phased out and we looked round I couldn’t pick him up anywhere not even my senses.
“Damn him for not having a power level.” I growled.
I took one slow step and Gero phased in behind me and he delivered a kick to my ribs sending me flying backwards and skidding across the ground.
I looked up from where I lay and I couldn’t see Gero I recognised the scene instantly.
“Chhaya move he’s behind you!” I shouted.
Chhaya went to run but then I heard a large crack of bones and Gero’s hand shot through Chhaya’s back and came out the other side of her stomach I gasped and Gero pulled his hand out and Chhaya fell to the ground her body began to convulse and I rushed up to her side and pulled her up in my arms.
“Chhaya.” I whispered.
She smiled up at me. “Kill him and go be happy girl.” She croaked out before her body started to slow down on the convulsions. She closed her eyes and I felt every sort of pain imaginable. She was family she wasn’t imitate family but we were cousins through Scottish clans and that was all the link I needed. She was family.

I let out the most agonising cry of pain ever as I felt my entire body tremble and I skipped past the ascended level and straight on to the second level of super saiyan and I stood up glaring at Gero.
“You’re dead pal.” I remarked coolly my body trembling from the new strength.
It was unimaginable. I held my hand up and I powered up my energy sword and I phased in and out so fast I was sure Gero couldn’t track me.
I rammed the sword through him from behind and sliced vertically up severing half of his body and I cut his hands off and his body fell to the ground I held my hand out in front of me pointing down at Gero. his body was convulsing this time blood seeping on to the concrete I could hear gurgles coming from his robotic body.
“Die quietly.” I said before blasting the remains.
I took three steps before falling to the ground exhausted.

The ranch door opened and Iris came out a bandage wrapped round her arm and she helped me up.
“We’re going to your daughter’s world now. C’mon stay with us.” Iris said.
I was pulled inside and helped to sit down as Iris pulled out a little pouch of ingredients. “We were going to use this to open a gateway to go through and physically pull you back but I think I can change the spell to send us all there to help your friends out. Because if the androids they’re fighting are worst than that one they’re going to need all the help they can get.” Iris said and she sprinkled the ingredients over the four of us.
I could feel tears stinging the corners of my eyes. Chhaya and my mother were dead I didn’t want any more to die. I couldn’t let anymore go out like that.
Iris began to say a quick spell. “Dimensional jump to Alethea’s world where the time is one in dire need powers that be, powers that see, powers divided equally amongst three. Add one more open the gateway so mote it be.”
I felt the powers rise and we all closed our eyes before the flash of golden light surrounded the four of us. it was like being stuck with lighting again except this time their was no pain just an entire sensation of tingling.

When we opened our eyes and looked round I stood up the world was that of the animated reality again. Matariki stood up and she looked round the meadow we were in. Iris stood up next followed by Neil. I knew this meadow it was three mountains away from Goku’s place in the mountains. Iris had definite location problems.
“Lets go find your daughter.” Iris said.
I looked over to the side in time to see a very familiar pink van driving along the roads towards Goku’s place.
Neil looked at the van. “The Androids.” he said.
I looked at Neil I blinked and tugged at a tail behind him and he yelped and spun round I jumped back letting go before he struck out with a punch.
“Now now kiddies behave.” Iris scolded.
I looked at her. She was the oldest I know but she had this habit of making it known. “Neil you have a tail!” Matariki remarked.
Neil’s tail slipped round his waist and I nodded.
“Mine grew back it’s hiding under this big jacket.” I smiled.
“So I’m a saiyan in this world. Great just great. now I’ll be looked at as a freak. So much for gettin’ me some-” He stopped and looked at us. “Wait why am I saying this out loud you’re three chicks.”
I sighed “Grab hold and I’ll get us to Alethea then to Master Roshi’s.” I ordered.
Matariki jumped on to my back again for a piggy back and I laughed and Neil grabbed my right shoulder and Iris grabbed my left arm. I then used the instant transmission and locked on to Alethea’s power level.

We arrived at Baba’s place and I looked round. The immortal witch looked at us. “So you’ve arrived for the child huh? It’s about time! She’s won’t stop crying and she’s giving me a head ache.” Baba remarked and she brought Alethea over Iris took her and she smiled down at Alethea.
“Look at her she’s so cute.” Iris grinned.
Alethea blinked and stopped crying. Iris linked and arm through mine and then held on to Alethea.
“Think you can handle us all?” Iris asked.
I nodded. “Yeah sure no sweat.” I looked to Baba. “thanks for watching over her.”
“It was Bulma’s idea. just because I’m a witch doesn’t mean I’m a babysitter for other witches babies.” She grumbled.
I smiled. She sure was grumpy. Probably lack of sleep. “Well thank you anyways.”
“Yes yes yes, whatever.”
“Okay we’re gone sorry for bothering you.” I placed two fingers to my forehead and located Tien at Master Roshi’s.

Using the Instant transmission I arrived outside so not to surprise everybody. Neil let go first and then Iris she bounced Alethea in her arms. I looked over slightly jealous. Iris was a natural with kids, her mother ran a day care center so Iris dealt with kids on a daily basis while growing up. I looked to Matariki. She let go and slid off my back and ran up to the door. I felt suddenly exhausted. I’d been using up too much energy battling androids and using instant transmission. Then reaching the second level of super saiyan. I watched as Matariki knocked on the door.

Neil pulled out a cigarette packet and he wandered away from us so not to smoke near Alethea and he lit up. The door opened and Chaoitsu looked at Matariki and she looked up at him hoovering there. He looked down at her from where he was hoovering. He then looked over to Iris and looked ever more confused until he saw me his face lit up.
“Master Roshi! It’s Leona!! She arrived!!” He said.
“Lee’s here!” I heard Tien shout and before I knew it he was at the door. There was something out of place. Tien and Chaoitsu weren’t suppose to be here still.
I smiled at Tien and waved slightly. I’d almost forgotten how bulky and impressive he was on sight. “My friend Iris wants to help fight the androids and I got my bro over there and my cousin here too.” I said.
Iris walked up to Tien. “Hey he’s pretty cute. I like the third eye thing. Lots of magick comes from the third eye.” I saw Tien blink then he blushed.
I then looked at Tien worriedly. “Is Goku okay?” I asked.
“He’s still in a coma. Okay Lee I think you should go seek Trunks out right away. He brought you the cure for the virus.” Tien said seriously.
I looked at Tien. “I feel fine. Just a bit tired but fine.”

Iris looked at me. “Listen to him. You’ve been battling bad guys and over using your power when it hits you. Well girl you could just drop dead. And well we need you. And your friends do to.” She said.
I nodded. “Oh okay.” I looked at Tien.
“We’re glad you came back. We really need as much help as we can get right about now.” Tien remarked. “I’m taking Chaoitsu and we’re going to get some training in.” “Training is good. Okay well I’ll go seek Trunks out. Hey I you guys see Yamcha let him know I’m back.”
“We will.” Chaoitsu said.
I stepped back and placed two fingers to my forehead looking for Trunks power level I found it a fair bit off. I then concentrated and vanished from Kame house area.

I arrived in the jungle somewhere and I took a few steps and I felt this sudden pain well up in my chest like the strongest anxiety attack I’d ever felt along with an echo of a throbbing head.
“No not now you stupid thing don’t you dare strike me now.” I muttered.
I walked through the forestry til I stopped and I looked up at a time machine covered in moss I looked round I heard Gohan and Trunks near by I walked over to a bolder and I sat down. I looked at the time machine then everything sunk in suddenly.
“Cell.” I breathed. “Damnit and I haven’t had enough training yet.” I added.
I heard Gohan shout out to Trunks that he found the time machine and he landed moments later Trunks landed and I stood.

They both jumped and spun round at my standing up being as I snapped a twig as I stood up. I waved at the two of them and they smiled relieved.
“Lee! You’re back! This is great!” Gohan exclaimed, “Hey are you staying to help us fight the androids?” he asked.
I nodded. “Yeah. But Tien sent me here to see Trunks about the antidote for the virus and I got a strange feeling it’s begun.” I said.
Trunks walked up to me and he placed his hand on my forehead and he looked at me. “Are you sure it isn’t cause you’re dressed for winter?” He asked.
I shook my head. “I just came from a colder climate okay I didn’t have time to pick out my wardrobe.” I replied.

Trunks handed me the antidote from his pocket and he looked at me. “You do look a bit pale.” He pulled my buray off and felt my forehead again. “Take some now.”
I took some of the antidote and Trunks helped me sit down.
My head spun for a bit and I felt uneasy as a wash of dizzy spells spun over me. I held the side of my head. I saw Trunks look at me with concern.
“We should get you back to the safety of the others.” Trunks said.
I shook my head. “No I’m okay.”
Trunks looked at me with disbelief. I guess he had seen the effects of this virus in his timeline so he knew it was serious. So he knew I was far from what I was going to be if I didn’t get some proper rest.
It was irritating knowing about this virus and being not strong enough to fight it.
Gohan looked at me worriedly.
“Lee you don’t look too good.” He commented.
I pulled my jacket off. “I’ve had it up to here with androids.” I remarked making a sign with my hand up to my forehead like Gwen Stefanni did in the No Doubt video clip ‘Just a girl’. “now seventeen to deal with but Piccolo will hold him off.” I mumbled to myself and I saw Trunks and Gohan look at me.

I realised I was babbling or ranting out information they shouldn’t know.
“I don’t know why I came back here it’s like travelling through time and completely altering history.” I sighed. I saw Trunks look at me. “Sorry. You know what I mean, having all this information and then scared that if saying the wrong word will completely change it all. I’ve read novels about this sort of thing, I’ve seen the movies, Reese died in terminator, and then in that book that chick decided to stay behind and be with the man she loved. It’s how it always ends trapped or death...”
I saw Trunks look at me. “You know I can talk to my mother about the different dimensions I’m sure once this is over I can get you back to your world.”
“That’s all very well, but what about my cousin, my best friend and my brother? I don’t think we’ll all fit in the time machine.” I jerked my thumb over at the other time machine. “Even if you do have two of them now.” I added.

Trunks looked over and he looked at me. “Lee-” I knew he wanted to do that comfort thing these animated people seemed to strive on but it wasn’t happening.
“I have to find a way back unfortunately one of my friends died at the hands of the Gero and the other is here with me, so trapped we are. And I have all this information in my head that can alter Goten, Pan and Bra’s very existence. Do you know how dangerous this is? These things are suppose to happen and now I’ve been thrown in to the mix add my daughter in to that and ya got the perfect time alteration.”
Trunks helped me have more of the medication and he looked at me.
“What’s she going on about Trunks?” Gohan asked.
Trunks shrugged. “The future I guess...”
I suddenly blinked remembering I had to talk to Trunks about Alethea from the future. Trunks saw my sudden expression change.
“Trunks I need to talk to you about the future.” I said suddenly.
He nodded. “uh sure.”

To Be Continued...