Russell Wong

Well I have a page dedicated to James Woods and now I've decided I'm going to do a page dedicated to Russell Wong. Now there are probably a few of you out there going who? So here's a little bit of info on the guy to bring you up to date to make you go "Ohhh him".

Russell Wong was born on March the 1st in 1963, in Troy, New York. He is the sixth (or is that fifth??) child of seven (if my memory is wrong forgive me). As far as i know he's single but he has a daughter in her early teens. He was a football player at Mariposa high. He took dance and acting lessons at Santa Monica college. (correct me if I'm wrong there).

But he is one of america's top Asian American male actors. In 1994 he was honored with 2 awards. Asian American's media achievement award and the role modle for Asian American's award. In 1997 he was honored by the Asian American Arts foundation.

Now I don't know too much about him but when I find more about him this page will be updated.

Below is the suggested movies most of these I haven't seen but have been suggested to me to suggest

Suggested Movies:

(Russell's first movie also starring Bryan Brown - that other guy from cocktail)
Character: Gordon

The Vanishing Son
(movies I- IV/V?? and tv series)
Character: Jian Wa Chang.

The Prophecy II
(He plays an angel in this one)
Character: Daniel (or is that Danyael??)

The Joy Luck Club
(it's not a huge part this movie but it's worth it to see him speak in chinese and that watermelon scene oh man!! ::drools::)
Character: Lin Xiao

New Jack City
(My brother said this is a worth while flick I haven't seen it as of yet, it takes about 20 mins till he makes his on screen apperance)
Character: Detective Park

Romeo Must Die
(::drools:: This was the most awesome movie I have the soundtrack I love Russell's song Confidential 'it really don't matter' where the boat goes BOOM!!)
Character: Kai Sing

Other movies I have yet to see for myself.

China Girl, Eat a bowl of rice, China Cry, Takedown, and Tracker.

See my Russell Wong Wallpaper if you want to d/l just right mouse click on the image and save as...