Part One

Title: Escape From Reality
Author: Yamcha’s Saiyan Babe aka Mirashia
Rating: NC-17 (offensive language and Lemon in later chapters)
Story Brief: er... Yamcha finds someone from another world.

Disclaimer: I don’t own DBZ and if I did all I would really want to own is Yamcha... yus oh and Vegeta too... though they don’t get along so well one or the other is good enough... anyway don’t sue me you’ll only get is a bunch of video tapes a VCR, perhaps a collection of DBZ pics I drew... cause that’s all I own that and this computer... (well nearly) Oh I don’t own Madonna’s song ‘Music’ I just thought it would be good to throw the occasional lines in here as in reference to the song playing in the club... so all you Madonna haters but DBZ lovers don’t flame me!!!


Everything was dark and then light and the flashes speed up as the dance club throbbed as the music pulsed out a beat, bodies moved and danced and intertwined with others. The woman walked in the club her eyes scanning over the people she entered the club, she wore a short brown California top and a short black skirt with a belt the buckle that of the symbol of a ying yang, she flipped her hair over her shoulder and she entered the crowd it suddenly parting the ways for her to walk up to him. He stood in awe he was amazed by her, her long hair flowing out and free and she sauntered up to him, she was only a head shorter than he was but she was absolutely stunning. She smiled and ran a finger down his chest and grabbed him by the collar pulling him out to the dance floor. And he followed her like a little lost puppy.

Hey Mr. D.J put a record on, I wanna dance with my baby...

She pulled him close wrapping her arms round his neck and she swayed with him on the dance floor, he could smell her hair it was a fresh fragrance that he had never smelled before but it was absolutely womanly, his hands slipped round her waist as they danced, even though he’d never danced like this before he felt he wanted her more. The lights flashing faster as if to hide everyone else around them, they were in the center of a crowd yet it felt like they were alone. It was just him and her, and he didn’t even know her name. And she leaned close and pulled his head down and kissed him with such passion he was startled but then against everything, against his devotion to his girlfriend he kissed her back. All he wanted was her and his hand ran across her stomach, sliding upwards under her top and she didn’t pull back she just gave him a seductive look as in to say ‘continue’ as the song played out...
And when the music starts I never wanna stop, it’s gunna drive me crazy...

She groaned as he touched her, she wanted him, he could tell, yet she didn’t say a single word, only kissed him. Her lips starting on his and slowly moving to the side to his neck when she bit down, and he let out a throaty groan and she looked at him and licked his lips then her own and pulled him in to a more deep and passionate kiss as his had travelled under her top caressing her senses...

Music makes the people come together music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel...

There was nothing more he wanted, only for this night never to end. Why had she picked him out, he was amongst friends. All his friends through out the bar, if they saw him with her. They’d surely tell his girlfriend, but of recent he hadn’t felt as close to her, like she was in love with someone else. Was he cheating on her, he was sure he was. Was that why this woman had singled him out? He wouldn’t know...

Hey Mr. D.J...

She then pulled back from him suddenly and grabbed him by the collar not saying anything pulling him off the dance floor and he followed, what guy wouldn’t. This woman was something to make him remember his original fear of women. This woman leading him off, was enough to make the hardest of men crave after her. As she pulled him off the dance floor by his collar, he felt himself want her more and she stopped at the edge and pulled him down for one last passionate kiss.
“Who are you?” He murmured.

Hey Mr. D.J put a record on I wanna dance with my baby...

She looked at him and smiled. “Your dream girl.” and with that she let him go a sauntered off in to the crowd and he couldn’t help it he went after her and but the people closed round after her cutting his path off to her and he pushed his way through only to reach the door and look round, she was gone, just like that. She was no more. Was she playing with him, was he trying to drive him crazy, he was sure of it. Yet she was everything he wanted. And he cursed himself for falling in to her charms. He leant up against the door frame and he sighed to himself...

And when the music starts I never wanna stop, it’s gunna drive me crazy...

“Yamcha!” He heard someone call his name and he looked up and he blinked.
It was Bulma and she was coming towards him, she grabbed him by the collar. She shook him angrily and he was sure he’d been found out.
“Wake you up idiot!” She shouted.

Music makes the people come together music makes the bourgeoisie and the rebel...

Yamcha woke up suddenly and he looked round and he groaned and pulled the blanket over his head. “Just a dream...” He muttered.
“Yamcha.” Bulma said.
He pulled the blankets down and he sat up in the bed he shared wit his girlfriend. Countless times they’d made out in this bed over the years. But he wasn’t thinking about it, he was thinking about -her- and who ever she was.
“You better get out there and train there are androids coming remember. Vegeta has been up and training for six hours now.” Bulma said.
Yamcha nodded and he got out of the bed, he looked at Bulma and she smiled at her. He reminded himself why he cared so much about her, even though she was his girlfriend, she was also his best friend. He would watch over her until he died... again. If that was going to happen.

Steel Pulses was the hottest nightclub in town and she always came here for a good night out, but this time after that dream of the man, she came to look for him it had been a few weeks and she’d never seen him in her sleep again, yet something told her he was real. But she couldn’t find him, yet in this dream he was there and she walked slowly through the crowd up to where he had been in the club, but he wasn’t there and she looked round herself and she looked round and she sighed. She felt a man grab her by the arm. She looked over her shoulder at him. It wasn’t the man she was looking for but she greeted him with a kiss anyway. She could never tell her boyfriend about -him- and the connection. He kissed her back.
“Look babe, I know you’ve tomorrow off, and I gotta do some bonding with the kid, so I gotta get him out of the house, take him fishing or something, but he wants me to set the video to record something for him. Can you do that?” He asked.
She nodded slowly. “Sure.”
“Good look lets get out of this pit.” He took her by the arm dragging her out of the club, so much for her night out. But she had a feeling what he was asking her was going to change her life, it was just a television show how could it change her life?

Weeks had passed, then months, with not one more dream of her, then suddenly came the break up with Bulma, her confession to being in love with Vegeta. Yamcha had taken it hard, but he’d let her go all the same. Then the months turned in to years and then the androids were no more, yet in their place was this creature, and android from he future. His name... Cell and here Yamcha stood on the edge of the cliff watching as the Cell Juniors were rushing towards him and his friends he took in a deep breath and dropped back in to a defence stance and powered up.
Kami let us be able to do this...’ He thought.
Yamcha attacked the Cell junior he still couldn’t get the upper hand no matter how hard he tried. And between him and Tien a Cell junior hit the ground, near his feet but Yamcha didn’t stop trying.
“Hey Yamcha! Tien! Goku is still worn out from his fight from Cell! We have to protect him!” Piccolo shouted at them.
Yamcha nodded even though he had his back to Piccolo who was fighting a Cell junior of his own he heard the suddenly noise of Piccolo hitting the Cell Junior he was fighting.
“Yamcha duck!” Piccolo shouted.
Yamcha did as he was told and Piccolo flew over his head booting the Cell junior off the edge of the cliff.

It was then Yamcha and Tien spotted a Cell junior about to attack Goku and they both moved in Tien grabbed one arm and Yamcha the other. The Cell junior looked at them shocked before he was sent flying landing near two of the other fallen Cell Juniors. The three of them stood up and looked at Goku, Yamcha and Tien.
“Hey thanks you guys.” Goku said.
“Hey there’s no need to thank us we’re a team.” Tien replied.

Catriona sat down in front of the television she had pushed record when the show started but she hadn’t thought to watch it she just left it going, she sat in front of it and she frowned at the cartoon. Joachim’s son was addicted to the show. She sat back looking at the screen and took a sip of the drink she’d got from the kitchen and it was then she saw him and she shook her head in disbelief.
“No! It can’t be.” She whispered seeing a guy in an orange gi fighting a funny little creature and she was in sudden shock. The hair was different but his features were recognisable she had never watched this show in her life, so how could it be, that guy she meet once in her dream wasn’t a real person, or was he? She was confused. Catriona watched as the man from her dreams hit the ground hard the aura of energy fading round him as he lay on the ground.

The screen focused on a young boy and a strange green creature.
The boy looked frustrated his hair gold and twitching. The creature spoke up.
“Ahhh, your energy is beginning to swell, that’s good now take your anger and feed off it, use it to unleash your power, before it’s to late for your friends, just take a look out there no one but Vegeta and Trunks can still defend themselves, not even your father... he too will die...”

Catriona watched and she shook her head. “I must be going crazy, but I’ve never watched this show before.” She muttered confused by what she was seeing.
“Monster!!” She heard the voice of the man of her dream and she watched as he went to punch the little mini creature and it grabbed his arm stopping the punch and then brought it’s arm down snapping his arm. He cried out in pain.
Catriona stood up with all intent on turning the television set off before she was fully disturbed by what she was seeing but she couldn’t.
She picked up the remote ready to flick it off until he came on the screen again holding his injured arm and she looked at him.
“Who are you?” She asked.
The screen moved from one character the other slowly focusing on a man who was powering up. “FINAL FLASH!!!” He shouted.
“Whoa! What a blast.” Catriona remarked amazed by his strength but seeing it wasn’t enough. Catriona watched as the screen as it switched to the comic relief.
With a long discussion with what looked like a head. With the world’s so called ‘champion’ rushing in with the talking head to the battle.
The screen then flicked to the separate fighters again the man she had seen in her dreams crying out in pain as a little mini creature jumped in the middle of his back.
The to a man with a third eye as he hit the wall and slid down.
The creature turned and looked at the boy.
“That poor child.” Catriona remarked.
“Playtime is over Children! you can kill them now.” the green creature spoke up.
“NOOOO!” The boy shouted his hair flicking.

Catriona sat back down as the ‘champion’ threw the talking head at the boys feet.
“Android sixteen.” The boy said looking in shock at the head.
“Gohan, let it go, it is not a sin to fight for the right cause.” The head spoke. “There are those, who words alone will not reach, Cell is such a being. I know how you feel Gohan. You are gentle, you do not like to hurt. I know because I too have learned these feelings. But it is because you cherish life that you must protect it.”

Catriona blinked and she looked down suddenly, a strange feeling inside of her and she looked round herself. Even though it was just a cartoon the words made sense to her deep inside. Her constant battle with her father disowning him for the pain he had caused her family. The way he had killed her baby brother, by shaking him to death and the abuse he’d caused her teenage brother while growing up, and nearly abusing her younger old sister to an inch of her life. He was now serving a life sentance for the death of her mother and baby brother. Catriona had felt true fear that night when she couldn’t protect the ones she loved.
“Ugh. This sentimental dull pour is killing me, it is so nice of you to help sixteen but I plan on doing this my way.” The creature said walking over to the head.
“Please, drop your restraints. Protect the life I love, you have the strength, my scanners sensed it. Just let it go.” The head said just before the creature stepped on the head crushing it.
The boy looked distraught and the creature smirked.
“Yet another fighter you could of saved.” The creature said.

Catriona pulled out a cigarette and she lit it up ignoring the rest of the episode as the three or so minutes played out, she sat there contemplating her own thoughts for a long while and when the credits rolled she pushed stop and flicked the television off.
“Just a cartoon.” She told herself walking out of the room and to the back porch where she stood looking out at the sky. She watched as her teenage brother jumped the fence coming over he grinned at her.
“Hey Cat!!” he said and ran inside.
Catriona watched as her ten year old sister climbed over the fence as well and went rushing inside laughing after her brother.
Catriona sighed and she slumped down on the porch sitting there looking out at the sky, she looked at the cigarette in her hand.
“Mom I hope you know I miss you, please, tell me I’m doing okay. Please.”

after note: I admit I took a part of the Cell saga and put it in here... but hey! I like this saga it’s truly interesting and I feel Yamcha is one of the most under looked characters from Dragonball Z. Catriona and those other ones aren’t Akira’s character’s they’re mine...
So don’t steal them and I’m sorry my writing isn’t very good but I’m new at this... I’m more of an RPGer... I know it probably won’t be as popular as my GT house, but still it was worth a shot to write a ‘typical’ DBZ fan fic...

oh yeah and before I forget...

To Be Continued... ;p