Psyche and Eros shared a kiss, and he smiled at her. “I’ve got to go love God duties and stuff.” He said.
Psyche smiled, “Hey it’s cool, I’ll see you on Olympus then.” She grinned.
Eros spread his wings. “If not I’ll come looking for you.” He said.
And with that Eros got up and he flew off, Psyche smiled. “This is going to be sooooo cool!!!” She remarked to herself... “Me a Goddess, ooooh I love it, I love it, that’ll show Aphrodite and she can take the stupid creme and stick it-” Psyche stopped she had forgotten about Peracles and the crowd and she grinned.
“Away and keep it in a safe place.” Psyche finished saving herself from looks of the people. “So I suppose I should get going now then to get that creme.” She said.

Peracles smiled. “We wish you well our mortal Aphrodite and we will start on your temple right here I will turn my hotel in to one just for you and we will pray to you in it wishing your journey well and for your safe return.” Peracles said.

Psyche smiled. “You guys are sooo wow, thank-you I’m sooo excited me a Goddess and from Zeus’ mouth, this is like whoa, and I can’t wait, I will think of you guys totally and pay you a visit once I get my place on Olympus I promise you, just cause I get a primo cloud apartment and all these cool nifty god like privileges, I won’t forget you people here who helped me out.” She said and she gave Peracles a hug and kissed him on the cheek. “Well I’m off later.” She said and ran off bouncing happy.

Peracles smiled. “I can’t believe it our mortal Aphrodite kissed me.” He grinned.
“Oh man you’re like so lucky man.” A younger male teenager replied, “What a hottie!” he added.


Psyche arrived at the base of the underworld and she paused she held with her a small bag of the contents she needed, “Okay underworld goodies time to check, loaf of bread...times two.” She pulled them out of her bag and put them back in. “Check.”she went to her next on the list. “Emergency steak times two...” She nodded as she found them... “Check” She looked at her list, “Two coins for Charon...” She pulled them out and she flipped one and caught it and looked at it, “Heads, check.” She replied. Psyche was feeling extremely perky for some reason here she was about to enter the underworld for the second time, the first time had been scary enough but this time there was the visit from Eros that made her feel so much better. “Okay personal notes, stay away from moss covered rocks, I don’t want to fall in, when riding in the boat remember to give souls a loaf of bread so they don’t pull me out, and steak to Cerebus, find Persephone’s room, and take the creme simple. Easy enough.” Psyche said to herself and she descended the stairs in to the underworld for the second time...

The only problem Psyche really had was when dealing with people, she liked to stop and talk, and she had a big problem with that, she just chatted away, until the ends of the night, she had to make a personal mental note, not to be to perky to Charon otherwise she might upset him after all his job was kind of a bore, just going back and forward like that, ‘but the pay must be really good’, she thought.

Psyche arrived at the edge and she pulled out one of the two coins and Charon came up he looked at her and blinked. “Your not dead.” He remarked.
Psyche shrugged, “Hey if Hercules can come down here so can I plus I’m a paying customer.” Psyche said and held up the coin.
Charon sighed. “It’s your funeral, get in.”
Psyche got in the little ferry and gave Charon the coin, and the ferry began it’s trip down the river styx, Psyche looked round as everything went past and she realised it was a really dark and gloomy sort of place, no flowers no light except by torches the it was like the shadows were watching their every move, it still didn’t ruin Psyche’s mood, she was looking at the view when Charon spoke up.
“So whose soul are you rescuing?” He asked.
“Oh nobody’s I’m here on a mission.” She replied.
“Usually soul rescue is the mission.” Charon said.
“Well Aphrodite sent me to borrow some of Persephone’s beauty creme, fashion tips among Goddess’ go figure.” Psyche said and shrugged.
“I never understand the female Goddess’ just don’t get Persephone mad, she’s stuck down here six months a year remember that, hanging round Hades gets her cranky alot, wondering eyes you know.” Charon said.

Psyche nodded. “Wandering eyes?” She enquired curiously.
“Trust me when he sees you it will be.” Charon replied.
“So where abouts are they down here?” Psyche asked.
“Oh they’re not, so your lucky, I think they’re on a visit to threaten Hades’ nephew Hercules, he seems to like to do that, just for fun, every time he comes back madder, I think he’s still sour about his losing attempt at the whole trying to take over the Cosmos thing, I would be.” Charon replied.
“Wow did you meet Hercules when he was down here, he’s like so cool, he gets the coolest of missions to go on.” Psyche asked.
“No I think he rode Cerebus in last time. I missed, him, it would of been good though I could of gotten him to autograph my cape.” Charon replied.

Psyche smiled, “He’s soooo cute, man Megera is like so lucky, I’m a little bit jealous, but that doesn’t matter anymore. I’m here doing my own mission type so it’s exciting better than the grain and sand thing, that was just boring and extremely frustrating.”
Charon looked at her. “Ahhhh so you’re the little nymph giving Aphrodite problems. She was down here you know talking to Persephone about something not quite sure what though.” Charon explained.
“If she was down here then why didn’t she get the creme for herself then?” Psyche asked sounding confused, she was beginning to smell a trap.
Charon shrugged. “Beats me really. I’m just the ferry man not the local gossip.”

Psyche had forgotten about the souls until she saw hands reaching up the side of the boat. Charon looked at her going through her bag. “Mase doesn’t work on these souls kid, just stay in the middle and you’ll be fine.” Charon said.
“I’m not looking for mase.” Psyche said and she pulled out a loaf of bread and she threw it to the souls, they all let go of the boat and went after the bread.
Charon looked at her surprised. “Wow you really have that thought through, I’d like to see how you get when we come to Cerebus.” He said.
“Oh I’ve got that one covered too.” Psyche said.
Charon nodded. “For some reason I believe you.” He replied.

Psyche sat back comfortable, Charon was a good chatting buddy, though ‘he seems a bit glum’, thought Psyche though he didn’t get much action in that sort of job.

They arrived at the door way and Cerebus looked at her and he started jumping about like an excited puppy. Psyche got out of the boat and looked at Charon.
“Thanks for the ride.” She remarked. Charon grinned. “Good luck, I’m not sure I will see you again, cause alot of alot of people come in, but then most of them never leave again.” He said.

Psyche nodded she understood what he had said, Charon turned the ferry round and went back the other way.
Psyche walked up to Cerebus. “Here doggy, nice doggy, look what I got for you.” Psyche remarked and she held up the steak and Cerebus sat down his tail wagging. Psyche threw him the steak and the middle head grabbed it and the two other heads grabbed either end of it and they began to fight over it as Psyche casually walked past and in to the underworld.

Pain and Panic ran up to one of Hades hench wenches and looked at her. “Hades gave you a mission!!!” Panic panicked. “Hurry up She’s not suppose to reach Persephone’s room!”
The hench wench arched an eyebrow. “Oh no way, last thing Hades needs is another minion. he can blast me later, but I changed my mind, he didn’t keep to his end of the bargain.” She replied and leant up against the wall and just watched.
Pain and Panic looked at each other worriedly. “Oh this is just great! So what’d we do now?!” Pain asked.
“Okay looks like it’s up to us.” Panic remarked.
“But the boss doesn’t want us to capture her, he made it very clear.” Pain replied.
“Yes well if we don’t who will, I mean look at her, all the other girls are jealous, if she’s down here any bet they won’t get Hades’ attention anymore.” Panic replied.
“So what are we going to do?” Pain asked.
“Distract her and set off the alarm to get their attention that things have failed.” Panic replied.
Pain looked at him. “That’s the lamest idea ever.”
“But it’s the most practical. and that is the one that works the most.” Panic replied.

Persephone’s room was easy enough to find but she had so beauty products that Psyche was there for a good ten minutes standing looking at all the different varieties of creme. Psyche scratched her head confused. She was unaware of two little imp like creatures watching her. She sighed and began sorting through the cremes and body lotions reading the labels.

Pain and panic looked at each other. “Well there she is you go first.” Panic remarked.
“Me why me?” Pain asked. “Why don’t we just grab her together?” He added.
“Okay then lets draw her out of the room in accordance to Hades’ plans.” Panic said.
Pain nodded and they shape shifted in to two little mice they looked at each other and grinned wickedly. “Girls are always scared of mice.” Pain said. “This is going to be easy as lemon meringue pie.” He added.
“Do you even no how to make pie?” Panic asked.
“No but it’s just an expression.... lets go!” Pain said and the two mice came scuttering in to Persephone’s room and began squeaking and circling Psyche’s feet.

Psyche looked down at the mice and she knelt down looking at them. “Mice in the underworld how odd, are you dead mice?”
“No!” Pain replied and Panic hit him across the back of his mousy head with his tail. “Ow why’d you do that?” he asked using his own tail to rub his head.
“Because you’re giving us away!” Panic said.
“I’m giving us away? What about you huh?” Pain asked.
Psyche frowned at the mice and she stood up and began sorting through the cremes again and she found the one she was looking for. “Here we go... geez is this it, this little piddly box I thought there was more to it than that.” Psyche remarked.

The two imps looked at each other as Psyche began to walk out. “Oh no she’s leaving!!! Quick we’ve got to do something or the boss will be real mad!!!” Pain said.
The two of them ran after Psyche and jumped on her sandals. One mouse on one sandle and one on the other. Psyche looked down at the mice. “Oh I’m sorry I can’t take you two with me it just isn’t right.” Psyche remarked.
The two imps transformed back to normal and Psyche jumped back looking at them strangely. “What in the name of Zeus are you two?” She asked.
“We’re Hades’ top minions, I’m Pain!” Pain croaked in his normal annoying voice.
“And I’m Panic, now you have to go back in that room.” Panic said.
Psyche crossed her arms across her chest. “Eros didn’t tell me about you two... I guess I’ll have to bribe you like everyone or thing else like I have so far.” She said and she pulled out of her purse, “So what do you take Grecian express, case I’ve only got a couple of deeners and I need one for Charon to take me back out.” Psyche remarked.
“Yeah we take Grecian express.” Pain said.
Panic hit him across the back of the head. “No, otherwise the boss will kill us.”
“Well you’re in the right place for it.” Psyche said and pulled out her Grecian express card. “So where do I swipe this?”

Panic looked at Pain. “Aaaaah there’s a machine in Persephone’s room.” Panic said.
Psyche shrugged and she wandered back int he two guys high five’d each other and Pain pushed the button on the wall.

Hades had he hand flamed and ready to blast Hercules who was standing back in a heroic stance when Persephone looked round and she sighed, she could hear the alarm as well as Hades had. “Your guest has arrive Hades’.” Persephone said annoyed.
Hades was grabbed by Hercules then suddenly thrown in to a wall. “Hey, hey, hey, Herc no fair I wasn’t looking!!!” Hades remarked as Hercules pulled him out of the wall and flung him across the room and out the door. Hercules ran out after him.
Persephone and Megera looked at each other. “Well I guess I should go and entertain this new guest.” Persephone said.
Megera looked at her. “Don’t worry I’ll let ol’ flame head know where you’ve gone.”
“Thanks Meg.” Persephone said and she vanished in her spiral of blue light and flames.

Hercules came suddenly flying back in and he hit the wall this time. “Round two ta me Herc ol’ buddy Bada boom, boom, boom.” Hades said from outside.
Hercules stood up and brushed himself off as Hades came floating in.
Megera took this change to interject. “Flame head you’re wifey’s gone back down under, maybe you should go too.” She said.
Hades smiled. “Not yet Meg babe, I’ll be there just after I finish killing wonder boy here.” Hades said.
“But she said she was going to entertain you’re new guest.” Megera spoke up.
Hades froze and looked at her. “Oh no, no, no, no this is not happening not it’s suppose to be me!!!” Hades roared in anger and suddenly Hercules’ fist hit the side of his face sending him flying back out the door. Hercules looked at Megera and he nodded.
“New guest huh... I feel sorry for that soul.” Hercules said.
Megera nodded. “Ya I would too.” Megera remarked.

Hades stood up outside contemplating what he could do, go stop Persephone from killing the young girl or kill Hercules. Hades sighed. “Damnit! I’ll be back Herc you can count on that!!!” Hades roared and he vanished in a puff of blue smoke.

Hercules looked outside to where Hades had been and he looked back to Meg. “Well I guess this guest must be important to him, if he doesn’t trust his own wife with him.”
“Wonder boy I got the feeling the guest is a female, otherwise Hades wouldn’t ta left so fast, he has quiet a rep down there ya know?” Meg remarked.
Hercules blinked and looked at Meg. “He does?” Hercules asked.
“Trust me with all the young female souls and minions and you wonder why Persephone leaves for six months at a time.” Megera said.
Hercules looked at Meg. “What about you?” Hercules said.
“Heart wise, after what happened to me I couldn’t trust any male, not even him, so I just became his minion like so many others.” Megera remarked.
“Does he sleep with his minions?” Hercules asked sounding a little bit jealous.
Meg smiled to herself and looked at Hercules. “Yeah, give him two days and he would of charmed every single one of them over and slept with them, don’t ask me how he did it but he did. I was stupid enough to fall for that, but he still used me as his top human minion, cause I just ignored him alot though...” Megera replied.
Hercules nodded, he put his arm round Meg and lead her back in to the house.


Persephone stood there with her hand on Psyche’s shoulder draining the life of her, Psyche couldn’t pry the grip free. “You’re not so beautiful now are you huh?”
Psyche looked at the angered Goddess. “I’m sorry I’ll put the creme back and I won’t ever come down here again...” Psyche remarked.
“That’s besides the point. This way there is no way you can get to him.” She said.
Psyche looked over her shoulder confused by what the Goddess said. “You don’t want me to be with Eros? Why?” Psyche asked.
Persephone stopped leaving Psyche a pasty color and she looked at her, deep within her young eyes that was all Psyche had on her mind was her own husband.
“She hasn’t meet the boss yet, just remember he can test even the most faithful of all women.” Pain said.
Persephone looked at Pain and nodded. “Yes you’re right. This is for the best.”
“Okay you can let go of me now I like get your point, cause I believe you have now like squeezed the life outta me.” Psyche remarked.
Persephone looked offended. “Now where is that man? HHHHHHAAAAAAAADDDDDEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!”

Hades appeared his fiery head flaming up... “Couldn’t you of just waited Seph I nearly had Hercules dead, we were going to do it together... babe.” Hades stopped and he looked at Psyche and she waved at him meekly he grinned. “Ahhh I see you’ve arrived the Mortal Aphrodite...” Hades remarked.

Psyche blinked and looked back at Hades. “Oh no you’ve got to be kidding me... you’ve heard too... great just great... even the Gods know. If you call me mortal Aphrodite one more time and I’ll put that flaming head of yours out forever got it pal, and I don’t care if you are the god of the underworld!” Psyche remarked.
“Oooooh fiery I like that...” Hades remarked.
“Okay here’s your damn creme Persephone, I’ll just go talk to Aphrodite myself and let her know, that she won.” Psyche said.
Hades flipped out a transcript (verbal). “Nah-uh, you’re mine now babe, welcome to the gang.” Hades said.
Psyche grabbed the transcript and he eyes skimmed over it, it covered everything in detail for the last mission, Psyche looked at him. “That was a verbal contract how did you know?” Psyche asked.
Hades grinned. “I’m the king of deals babe, and according to this transcript your soul, your body, your mortal life is now mine. Due to this agreement and well I hope you like doom and gloom cause you’re going to be here for the rest of eternity babe.”

Psyche sighed and Hades grinned at her. “Trust me Hades I won’t be here for the rest of eternity and when I leave you’ll be sorry...” Psyche warned.
Hades just smiled and he draped an arm round her and lead her out of the room leaving a fuming Persephone watching.
“C’mon babe, you’ll love it down here, trust me I can make it worth your while, plus all for a lil’ me alone meeting with ‘Dite I can give you your body back.” Hades remarked still smiling.
Psyche sighed. “I suppose.” She remarked and sighed again. “I knew I should of taken Law.”