Chapter Eight


Hades was gliding round the underworld in a happy mood, Pain and Panic look at each other then at Hades.
“Um boss about that girl, do we still do nothing about her coming down here?” Pain asked.
Hades looked at them. “If you two do anything you’ll screw up. So what ever you do, don’t go anywhere near her.” Hades instructed.

Persephone was cleaning up her beauty cabinet and she held her creme up and she frowned. “I wonder who this mortal is that wants my creme?” She asked herself.
Persephone put the creme down in the middle of her dresser for all to see and she looked off in to the distance.
“You better be right about this mortal ‘Dite, otherwise I don’t want to know that I wasted my time in coming back here.”


Persephone is wandering through the forests in an upset mood, she sits under a tree and crosses her arms upset. “He’s so frustrating that male!” She exclaims to herself, “Why can’t he just be a typical faithful husband?” She added.
“Well Hades is like you know Hades.” A familiar female voice replied.
Persephone stood up and spun around to see Aphrodite standing there.
“What no spiral hearts this time?” She asked.
“Oh those things are so annoying I’ve given them the evening off... they’re back on Olympus sleeping, but they’ll be back tomorrow.” Aphrodite replied.
Persephone nodded. “So to what do I owe this second visit to me in such a short time?” She asked.

Aphrodite looked at Persephone. “I know you’re going to hate this, but that mortal I was telling you about, she’s coming to the underworld sometime tomorrow during the day to steal you’re beauty creme, I thought I better warn you.” Aphrodite explained.
Persephone raised a curious eyebrow. “So how do you know this?”
Aphrodite smiled, “Well it was Hades idea.”
Persephone growls. “Typical I haven’t even been gone one day and already he’s got plans to replace me.”
Aphrodite shook her head.
“No he hasn’t, he told me he wanted an expansion, more minions, more underworld power you know the norm the bigger the underworld get the more expansion then eventually Zeus will have to give him the Elysian fields, which means he can move to a brighter part of the underworld.”
Persephone shrugs. “So what’s that got to do with me?” “Everyone is moving there Sephy remember the fruit you are bound to him because of that.” Aphrodite remarked.

Persephone sighed.
“I know and I do care for him, it’s just he’s not the most easiest of Gods to get along with in fact he’s probably the most hot headed...”
Aphrodite nodded.
“Well I admit his temper is pretty bad, but remember you two are married and no matter what he will always come back to you, always, they always come back to their wives. Just like after everything you will go back to him.”
Persephone looked at Aphrodite.
“He sent you to come and get me didn’t he?”
Aphrodite nodded.
“Yes he thought I could talk you to going back to him.”
Persephone frowned, “You know sending you wasn’t the most smartest idea, I know how he chases after you. You know too, so why?” She asked.
Aphrodite sighed.
“You’ll have to talk to him about that.
Persephone rubbed her temples and looked at Aphrodite.
“I can’t win can I? You’re not going to tell me much except some mortal girl is after my creme, so I have to go back to get it, Hades sends you to get me, yet you won’t say anything further on that, no matter what way I’m going to have to go back to have a talk with him.”

Aphrodite looked at Persephone.
“Love doesn’t always focus on attraction and lust you know, it involves round the people themselves and making it work.”
Persephone nodded and smiled, “No wonder you’re the Goddess of love, you just make is sound so easy.” Persephone remarked.
“I know it’s like second nature to me, anywho you better get back before he goes back to his tv... you’ve got to get him away from that thing, it’s terrible, he’ll loose interest in his souls if he doesn’t get away from it, which means no interior expansion.”
Persephone smiled. “I like that thought...” She remarked, “Your right. I’ll go now then...” She added.


Persephone looked at her reflection she wasn’t an ugly looking Goddess, in fact she felt she was okay looking, but she had pictured herself marrying Apollo or something, she didn’t miss being on Olympus and she didn’t really think her and Apollo were a good match now... She had just been another Goddess lining up to get the sun God’s affection, Persephone sighed, it was time to drag her husband topside though, to get him away from the many hench wench distractions and to cause some trouble, she also didn’t want him there when the mortal girl was coming down, last thing she needed was him to strike a deal with the girl.

Persephone came walking out of the bedroom and saw Hades talking to Pain and Panic, he was obviously making a point of something in his more calmer mood.
“And I want you to keep him away from the vortex I need to talk to this soul, he has good warrior potential...” Hades was saying.
Persephone cleared her throat and Hades looked up.
“Sephy! Babe, how’s my wife on this fine and lovely underworld day?” He asked.
“I’m bored!” She announced, “I want to go topside and I want you to come with me, and I want to cause trouble!” She added.
Hades blinked surprised. “Trouble huh? For the humans... hmmmm... lets see... there’s alway Hercules and Meg...” Hades remarked.
“Perfect! Lets go.” She said.
“What? Now? But I’ve got plans for today I’m expecting a shipment of dead warriors, how am I suppose to stop them from heading to the Elysian fields?” He asked.
Persephone looked at Pain and Panic, Hades caught her look and shook his head.
“No babe these two would point them the way I need these souls...” He remarked.
Persephone sighed. “Fine then I’ll go topside myself.” She said.
Hades frowned he didn’t like that thought, Persephone wouldn’t go cause trouble like she wanted but go on route of visiting her friends or other flings.
Persephone went to walk off.
“Wait, wait, wait, Sephy, babe okay, okay I’ll come. I’ll get some henchwench to watch over things.” He remarked.
Persephone smiled and she looked at Hades and smiled. “Oh good! I’ll give you five minutes meet me by the chariot.” She remarked and strolled of a smile across her face.

Hades sighed and he looked at Pain and Panic, “Well then, I’ll have to get the warriors I have in to the River Styx and pull her out of Charon’s boat while she’s crossing.” He said. “Okay you two better not mess this up, find the meanest warriors and inform them that if they do that they can have a month topside.”
Pain blinked, “Oh they’ll love that boss!” He remarked. “So how many do you want?” Panic asked.
Hades thought for a minute, “What’s a good number? Hmmm, just about a thousand that should do it, cover the entire Styx with them through out.” Hades explained.
“Right we’ll get straight on it.” Panic remarked.
The two imps scurried off hurriedly.
Hades then went to proceed to look for his top hench wench to give her the mission of trapping Psyche, if all else failed.

Psyche sat in her room feeling almost defeated, she knew that Eros’ voice couldn’t be with her all the way in the depth of the underworld, she would just have to remember every thing he would tell off by heart. She was still waiting to hear his voice, she supposed he was busy on Olympus so she wouldn’t begin until he had told her what to do first.

Eros was standing in front of Zeus Hermes floating by his side Zeus looking from one God to another with a disappointed look across his face.
“I wasn’t expecting this from either of you, but Hermes encouraging him like that, I don’t know what I should do.”
Zeus remarked. Eros looked down, he had to get hold of Psyche and help her out one more time. He knew he had too but someone had reported them to Zeus for helping Psyche out during tasks obviously meant for mortals to complete.
“I only did it cause I care for her, don’t blame Hermes.” Eros spoke up.
Zeus sighed. “I know about the marriage Eros and I know Hermes knew about it too, and why the two of you kept it secret, but this is just not on, interfering with tasks for that aimed at a mortal is not acceptable, and I can’t punish either one of you for it... Aphrodite has a handful with love as it is and Iris can’t do all the messages by herself. I’m just going to have to ask the two of you not to interfere anymore. If you do I will find some mortal to turn in tot a god to replace you. Is that understood?” Zeus said.
Eros nodded slowly. “Yes, but can I ask who told you?”
Zeus shook his head, “I’m afraid not all I can say it was only by written notice that I was informed.”

Zeus held the scroll in his hand and tapped the inner palm of his other hand with it.
He still couldn’t believe it himself, he had never figured that Hades would let him know, of all the Gods Hades, the one who tried to take over, suddenly informed him, Zeus knew Hades would have the girl’s soul and body if she failed, he supposed that was the reason, but he wondered why his brother was so interested in this young mortal girl, if she couldn’t complete the task then what use was she to him?

Hermes looked at Eros. “My Lord I’m sorry for what’s happened, but when the God of love is in love, not much else can be said.”
Zeus nodded. “Understood Hermes, now it’s my turn to talk to Aphrodite, go get her, Eros you are dismissed.”
Eros nodded and he walked out, Hermes zipped off to get Aphrodite.

Hera walked in to the room and looked at Zeus.
“You have to give the mortal woman some credit for completing these tasks to show her love.” She remarked.
Zeus nodded. “I will if she returns out of the underworld unharmed I will give her God-like power and status here on Olympus, if she doesn’t return then I can’t do anything.” He remarked.

Eros blinked from outside the door, and he smiled and he quickly spread his wings and flew off.
“I’ll have to help her no matter what was said, if she’s to become a God, then we can finally be together, so time to check out what Hades has in store for her and then help her out.” He remarked to himself as he flew towards the underworld.

Psyche got up from sitting and she stretched her legs and looked out the window there was crowd of people gathered outside and she frowned, she knew they were all here to see the mortal Aphrodite. Psyche sighed and she walked outside to be greeted by a cheer.
She looked at Peracles. “I over heard your talk with Aphrodite, I couldn’t keep quiet I’m sorry.” He apologised.
Psyche nodded understandingly.
“It’s alright Peracles this maybe my last day on earth, I might as well live it up.” She remarked.
Peracles smiled at her, “A mortal woman whom Aphrodite feels threatened by is a woman who deserves to be worshipped as a Goddess.”
“I’m not to be worshipped I’m like you all I have my flaws, and I’m only human.”
She remarked.
Peracles looked at her,
“You are the mortal Goddess.” Psyche sighed.
“Men want to love you and woman want to be you, yeah yeah I know I’ve heard it all before.” She drooled.
“That’s right though. They do.” He replied.
Psyche looked at Peracles.
“And all I want is to live with my husband in complete togetherness no secrets, no darkness, just the two of us, two people in love not a mortal and a God breaking the rules.” She remarked.
The crowd suddenly cheered, Psyche blinked.
A young child walked up to Psyche and handed her a flower. Psyche looked at the child no older than three years and she kneels down and smiled at the child. “Hey there.”
Psyche said, “What’s the flower for?” She asked.
The child blinked. “In case Hades gets you, my daddy says that a flower is suppose to help the dead realise that there is no coming back.”
Psyche frowned. “Nice vote of confidence there kid.” She drooled. “But you know I needed it, there is a realism to this thing that I might not return.”
Peracles looked at Psyche.
“And if you don’t we will set up a temple just for your memory.” He remarked.
“No don’t do that!” She remarked panicked, “You do that and Aphrodite will punish you all with no love!”
Peracles looked at her.
“Does it matter anymore, when our mortal Aphrodite can’t have the one she loves, we should suffer to.”

Hades and Persephone are standing off in the distance. Persephone with her arms crossed with a look of anger across her face.
“Sephy babe, can you believe this, they’re going to set a temple up for that mortal girl? All because she’s coming to me. I love this undead ruler thing. It has it’s upsides, it’s messing with the Gods, poor ol’ Zeusie, they’re all beginning to have faith in her.”
“She’s not going to you hon, she’s going for the creme need I remind you? Which is my creme not yours so technically she’s coming to me.” Persephone corrected.
Hades looked at Persephone and sighed.
“Hey, I ran the underworld first here.”
“I know you did, but it’s a better place now that I’m there, trust me, people prefer to come to a woman instead of a man, we’re so much gentler with their souls.”
Hades rolled his eyes.
“Okay I can tell you’re getting angry with me, so no more detours I promise you.”
Persephone looked at Psyche standing amongst the group.
“That girl is beginning to bug me. I don’t want her in our underworld.” She remarked.

Hades looked at Persephone.
But then they saw a sudden flash of light as Eros suddenly appears in front of Psyche immediately the crowd start murmuring.
“Oh look the God of love how touching, he’s come to say his last good-byes, excuse me while choke.” Hades drooled.

Psyche looked at Eros.
“Eros what’s wrong you looked panicked?” She asked worried.
“I got new for you, if you complete this task and come out of the underworld alive creme or not you will be made in to a Goddess, I heard this from Zeus’ mouth, I had to tell you before you go.” He explained.

Hades blinked suddenly and looked at Persephone.
“Zeus is going to make that girl a Goddess if she returns?” He asked suddenly.
Persephone is looking to where Psyche is standing.
“I wonder why he said that?”
Hades looked at where Psyche was standing.
“I’ve got to have her in the underworld, she’d make a great minion a future Goddess under my rule, that would totally annoy everyone and maybe even get Aphrodite to like me.”
Persephone looked at Hades with an arched eyebrow.
“At least that would make one.”
Hades turned to Persephone and he sighed. “Oh sorry babe, right time to kill Hercules, sorry.” He remarked.
Persephone nodded and she walked off to the chariot. Hades looked over his shoulder and he grinned.
“There’s no way she’s going to get all the way to Persephone’s room to get the creme anyway... this thing is in the bag.”

To Be Continued...