Chapter Seven

Mission to the Underworld

When the man had returned that evening. Psyche took her leave carrying the flask and walking to the entrance of the underworld and she descended down the steps slowly.

Eros was watching and he shook his head.
“I can’t let her do this, she’ll fall in the Styx.” He said.
Hermes looked at him, the two seated on the gate of Olympus watching her.
“Well your mom has gone to sleep maybe you should help her.” Hermes remarked and took his glasses off and cleaned them using his top and he put the glasses back on. Eros nodded and used his godly powers to change in to an eagle and he flew off.
Hermes smiled and nodded. “I’ll always love that trick.” He remarked.

Psyche stopped just before the river Styx and she heard a low growling and looked over the Styx and saw a small green colored impish figure holding on to a leash of a large three headed dog. Psyche took the flask out and she began to climb down the rocks close to the river and she looked in to see a soul staring up at her the soul reached up and she jumped back.
“Whoa!” She held on to a rock and flipped open the flask and lowered it to collect the water but slipped and suddenly before she could fall in a large eagle swooped in and grabbed her and pulled her out of harm’s way and put her down at the bottom of the stairs and took the bottle from her and flew back in and swooped down low and swiped the flask through the water collecting the water for her and flew back and dropped the flask in to Psyche’s hands. Psyche watched as the eagle flew off and she smiled.
“Thank-you!” She called after the eagle and went back up the stairs.

Panic jumped up and down in a panic.
“She didn’t even fall in!! Hades will be sooo mad!” Panic looked at Cerbus and the dog tilted his middle head to the side and looked at Panic.
“Arrrrrrooooooooowwwwwwllllllll!!!!” The middle head howled.
“Hooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwllllllllllllll....” The left head joined in.
“Hooooooaaaaaaarrrrrrroooooooowwwwwwwwwllllllll.” The right head added.
Panic covered his ears letting go of the leash...

Hades came down. “What is all the noise about?” He demanded.
“Um she got away boss, she didn’t fall in like we expected.” Panic remarked.
Hades looked at Panic then off to the entrance and he looked back at Panic. “Oh she’s good, not falling in. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?!?! THEY ALL FALL IN!!!” He suddenly exploded.
Panic ducked. “Um... a giant eagle saved her and did the task for her.”
Hades explosion ended suddenly.
“She had help?” He asked.
“Y.Y.Yes.” Panic stuttered.
“Well then that makes me feel better, she’s not doing it alone, which means eliminate the help and she can get caught.” Hades remarked.
“But it was a giant bird, how do you eliminate a giant bird?” Panic asked.
Hades smiled. “By hinting to Aphrodite a task that will get her caught.”
Panic looked confused and watched as Hades glided off.
Cerbus ran off after Hades Panic looked down the river Styx and he blinked and then followed slowly, he was joined along the way by Pain.

Psyche arrived back at the hotel and went in to her room to find the man who had hired her standing in her room, she blinked and looked at him surprised.
“Um is something wrong?” She asked.
He shook his head, “I was with a friend today and he said he knew you, and that you were the mortal Aphrodite is that true?” He asked.
Psyche blinked and looked at the man. She sighed. “I’m not answering that.”
The man smiled, “Princess Psyche, the mortal Aphrodite staying in my hotel this will be good for business.” He remarked.
Psyche looked at the man. “Can you just leave me so I can sleep please I’ve had an awful time trying to complete tasks.”
The man smiled and nodded, “By the way my name is Peracles I’d like it if you called me that from now on.” He said.
Psyche nodded. “Fine then Peracles, can you let me get some sleep.” She remarked.
Peracles smiled and nodded and he left.
Psyche shut the door after him and she put the flask on the bedside table and she looked at it.
“This whole deal is evil.” She grumbled.

Aphrodite was lying on her bed sleeping when she was woken up by a tap on her door she sat up.
“Who could this be at this hour?” She asked herself and got up and opened the door and she stopped and looked at Hades standing there.
“Hades like what do you want?” She asked.
Hades smiled, “Apart from the usual, I want to inform you, she didn’t fall in to the Styx. And I don’t need to name names babe, ya already know who I’m talking about.”
Aphrodite looked at Hades and she sighed. “I kind of figured, she’s completed every task I’ve thrown at her, I just can’t win with her.”
“Well ‘Dite babe, how about a meeting between just you and me and we can go over this together, you see my mission, to make the underworld bigger, better, expand it, more help, more gathering of souls. You’re mission to get rid of this girl so you can get the attention that you deserve back. We can work together on this one babe, what’d ya say, you me, over dinner or should that be a midnight snack?” Hades offered.
Aphrodite looked over her shoulder at Eros sleeping on the spare couch and she sighed, “Fine then.” She agreed.
Hades smiled and offered the Goddess his arm, she reluctantly took it and Hades walked her off, the door closing behind them.

Eros opened one of his eyes and he sat up and shook his head. “Psyche.” He whispered, “Why is Hades suddenly interested in her?” He asked himself.
Eros got up and opened the door to find Hermes floating there just about to knock his winged shoes flapping away.
“Your awake, I was just going to wake you we got a situation.” Hermes remarked.
Eros nodded. “I know I saw, Hades and my mom leaving together... again... they want to bring Psyche down, I can’t let that happen.” He remarked.
Hermes nodded. “I suggest you go spend some time with your wife, before something happens to her.” Hermes remarked.
Eros looked at Hermes and he nodded.
“I’ll be back before morning, cover for me Hermes.” Eros remarked and ran off spread his wings and flew away.

Psyche sat on the bed staring at the flask she pulled the blanket up and around her and shivered, she sighed to herself.
“This is going to go on forever isn’t it?” She asked herself, and she sighed and lay down in the middle of the large bed.
“Eros, why can’t we just be together, why does it have to be so hard?” She asked herself.

Aphrodite sat opposite Hades in the underworld in his main room a chess board was laid out and it had the layout of the underworld and where everything was, Aphrodite looked at the pieces and she then looked at Hades.
“So how’d she escape?” Aphrodite asked.
Hades pointed to the board and it began to play out the sequence as he spoke.
“Okay I had everything set out perfect, but it all depended on her falling in to the Styx. She falls in like so and this would of happened...
The figure representing Psyche fell in to the water on the board and was rushed down the mini Styx, where the figure representing Cerbus leant in and picked her out, then several dead warriors took it from there killing her and then her soul was taken to the vortex of souls where as her body was be taken off by Pain and Panic and disposed off at the bottom of the Styx.
Hades looked at Aphrodite and she nodded.
“So that is what would of happened, I understand that no body just a soul, but what happened?” Hades sighed and pointed to the board as everything went in reverse. “This is what happened.” Hades remarked.
The pieces played out of Psyche climbing down the rocks to collect the water she slips and suddenly a figure representing the eagle swooped in and saved her then collected the water and dropped it to her and flew off.
“She’s being helped, I should of figured, I knew those tasks were too hard for her, someone is helping her! But who?” She asked.
Hades smiled. “Oh you’re gonna love this one babe, who ever it is, I have worked out this person isn’t a person, it’s a God. I’ve been watching the re-runs of your previous tasks. First the bugs with the sand and seed task, then a strange voice that only Psyche could hear with the sheep, then the giant bird... oh and you’ll love this, only one God would know what you’re up to ya see, apart from me and Seph, this one God has a bond with her so tight that... get this, that even a mother won’t be able to break it.”
Aphrodite blinked. “Eros! I should of known!”
Aphrodite exclaimed.
Hades smiled, “Well as you can see the next task is going to have to go where Eros can’t follow, where she can’t hear his voice, or where he can’ swoop down and rescue her at the last minute. So I’ve got the perfect task for you to give her, but as you know I wanna make a deal over this.” Hades remarked.
Aphrodite sighed she knew there was a catch there was always a catch with Hades.
“Okay so what’s the catch?” She asked.
Hades smiled and nodded. “Can you find Sephy for me, she kinda walked out and vanished, and I really don’t wanna spend time looking for her.” He asked.
Aphrodite blinked and looked at Hades. “Why me?” She asked.
“Well um, you are the Goddess of love aren’t you?” He asked in reply.
Aphrodite nodded. “Oh I see set her heart straight again, so you can go off and cheat on her again, yeah right, like as if I would do that!” She replied.
Hades grinned. “Oh okay then, you go back to getting second hand offerings.”
Aphrodite looked at Hades and she sighed.
“Fine then, you have yourself a deal.”
“Allllright and we’re done!” Hades grabbed Aphrodite’s hand and shook it.
Aphrodite looked at Hades, he always had a thing for that handshake, she admitted it was a strong one. “So what’s this task?” she asked.
Hades pointed at the board and the figures on it began to shape and change round.
“Okay here we go you’ll love this!” Hades begun.

Psyche still lay in her hotel room staring at the flask and she sighed to herself and pulled the blankets round her tighter.
Suddenly the door blew open from what seemed like a strong wind and slammed again in the same amount of force, Psyche sat up in her room and looked round worried and her oil lamp suddenly went out and she was sitting on her bed in darkness she blinked and looked round sensing another presence in the room. “Whose there?” She demanded.
She felt a hand touch her shoulder and she jumped.
“It’s me.” A familiar voice replied and Psyche spun round to see Eros’ silhouette amongst the shadows she leaped up and ran up to him he let her embrace him and he just held her back.
“You came to me why? I thought that it was over.” She whispered.
Eros shook his head. “Marriage is a sacred thing Psyche and I will never damage that, especially if it is love.” He remarked.
Psyche smiled and just held him. “I missed you.” She said.
Eros smiled. “Don’t miss me, I’m a God I’m everywhere at once, and I’ll always be with you.” He said.
Psyche stepped back and looked at him from the shadows, it was her first glimpse of him and as always he had to be in the dark, she never knew why.
“Something’s wrong isn’t it, you wouldn’t of came unless you thought I was in serious trouble.” She remarked knowingly.
Eros nodded. “You’re next task will be your last, I’m going to guide you through it, not now, but when it comes, but first thing tomorrow after my mother visits you for the flask I will instruct you what to get a what to do, just listen for my voice.”
Psyche nodded obediently. Eros looked at her with general concern on his face, if you follow my advice, then you will pass and I will report the tasks to Zeus and we can be together on Olympus or I can stay here on earth with you either way Zeus has to be informed, but you will only survive if you do as I say exactly if not, you will be trapped wherever they are sending you.” He remarked.
Psyche paused and looked at Eros confused. “They?” She asked.
Eros looked at her, “Like I helped you, Aphrodite now has help.”
Psyche nodded, it was understandable, that Aphrodite would call on stronger forces to help her win.

Eros touched the side of her face and smiled at her lovingly. Psyche smiled herself.
“I will listen to you to the best of my ability tomorrow Eros.” She remarked.
Eros nodded. “I know you will. No sisters to corrupt your thoughts this time.”
Psyche laughed. “Sibling eh, can’t live with ‘em can’t live without ‘em.”
Eros smiled and nodded. “I prefer you without them though.”
Psyche nodded. “I’m only ever going to listen to you again, no one else.”
Eros looked at her, “Just don’t go overboard with that okay, like if I say I need my wings clipped to be with you, don’t clip them.” Eros remarked.
Psyche hugged him, “You know what I mean.”
Eros nodded and he kissed Psyche gently on the lips.
“I have to go before my mother figures out I’m here. “Take care.” Eros remarked.
Psyche nodded and Eros opened the door spread his wings and he flew off.

Psyche stood at the door and she waved and after Eros was out of eyesight she shut the door let out a love sick sigh and slide down the door.
“I don’t care about mortal love anymore. When you’re in love with a God there’s not turning back to mortal love.” She remarked to herself.
Psyche then got up and she walked to her bed and crawled in and lay in the middle her mind on Eros and Eros only. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

Hades looked at the tv screen with a sickening look.
“Love, it’s disgusting!” He remarked, he then heard Cerbus barking playfully, Hades stood up and saw the giant dog run in to the room crashing in an entire wall, Persephone by the three headed dog's side and she looked at Hades and he smiled.
“Sephy! Babe! I’ve missed ya!” He remarked and walked up to her.
Persephone looked at Hades,
"I see you were too busy watching that tv of yours to come and get me so you send Aphrodite, you two didn’t do anything did you?” Persephone asked with an arched eyebrow.

Hades looked at Persephone with mock hurt.
“You know me better than that! I only have eyes for you babe, me and ‘Dite we just talked that’s all nothing but talk.” He said then added in a mumble. “And struck a deal.”
Persephone sighed and looked at Hades.
“A deal huh? What type of deal, wasn’t one where you got to sleep with her to help her out was it?” She asked.
Hades blinked, he thought for a second. ‘I knew that would of been the better deal to put forward.’ He thought to himself.
“No! It was just I help her get rid of that little princess causing her trouble and she helps me locate you my sweet.” He said out aloud.

Persephone looked at Hades and she looked in his eyes, for some reason she knew he was telling the truth.
“So to tell me you had a chance to strike up that deal... where you could sleep with her, and you didn’t?” She asked.
Hades nodded.
“Yep I didn’t do it, though I’m beginning to wonder why I didn’t now.”
Persephone smiled and hugged him.
“Oh I’m so proud of you!” She exclaimed.
“Really so how’s ‘bout you and me get an early night then huh?” Hades asked grinning.
Persephone smiled and grabbed him by his arm. “Well c’mon then.”
“Oh yeah!” Hades remarked as Persephone lead him off.

Psyche awoke the next morning and got up she had a quick wash up and got ready to prepare herself for Aphrodite’s visit.
She opened her door and blinked as she saw offering after offering stacked up against her door and she sighed.
PERACLES!!!!!” she shouted.
Peracles ran up to her.
“Is there a problem?” He asked.
“Um yes I’m expecting a visitor... mainly Aphrodite, what are these doing here?!” She asked with an obvious tone of annoyance in her voice.
“They’re for you from the locals.” He replied.
Psyche sighed. “Can’t you at least get rid of them till after Aphrodite has been and gone okay?” she asked.
Peracles nodded “Right away princess.”
Psyche sighed and she grabbed the flask and left her room shutting her door and she began to walk to reception when suddenly red rose petals fell down from the sky and she looked up to see the people living in the rooms above her were throwing them down at her feet.
Psyche sighed. “What a nice way to end my life.” She drooled.

Psyche walked in to reception to find Aphrodite already sitting there behind reception. Aphrodite looked at the flask.
“Ooooh I see you got it let me look.”
Psyche handed the flask over and she looked in to it to see the water and she could tell straight off that it was the water from the river Styx.
“Oh okay then time for your next task... like I want you to go back to the underworld and I want you to ‘borrow’ some of Persephone’s Beauty creme, she has a really nice complexion for a Goddess who gets no light, and I’ve forever been wanting her secret except only she doesn’t want me to know, so you bring that to me and then this whole thing is over. You can live happily like with my son, if not Hades gets to keep you. Body and soul, so how’s that for a last task, easy enough?” She asked.

Psyche blinked, she knew what that meant going right in to the center of the underworld, no living person had ever done that before and survived without Hades making them a minion or even worse killing them himself.
Psyche nodded and looked at Aphrodite.
“It’s a deal.” She remarked. “I’m going to survive this one too, and you’ll be sorry you ever set these tasks in the first place, when I’m living on Olympus with Eros.” She added.
Aphrodite smiled.
“Oh you’re so sure of yourself, good, that will make you fail.” She remarked then vanished in pink spiral love hearts.
Aphrodiiite, Aphrodiiite, Aphrodite... Goddess of love....

Psyche slumped down defeated. “Holy Hera how am I going to complete this task?” She asked herself...

To Be Continued...