Chapter Three

For Truth and Love

When Psyche awoke the next morning she saw Eros had gone but yet sitting by the bedside was her breakfast and she smiled, and had something to eat, she then went to explore the place and found that anything she even thought of wanting was already there given to her by invisible servants, who could read her mind.

Psyche sat on a nice soft chair when it struck her she knew there were servants and they were invisible to her, but she wanted some one to talk to, she wanted company, she had everything she desired, except to have her husband to talk to during the day, so she sat there bored and did everything she wanted too, knowing full well that it wasn’t everything, but her life had moved up, and so had her home, it was high atop a mountain where she could see the people below and she often spent her time watching her family from afar.

Each night he came to her and each morning he was gone again, Psyche admitted it did get rather frustrating, here she was a princess living in a large house, with a loving husband, and she couldn’t learn to love him back, she had only love for him for saving her life, and she knew he loved her only cause of her beauty, she felt like a trophy wife, except they never went anywhere together for him to show her off, instead she was cooped up in this house, not knowing if she would actually see her husband during the day, she didn’t even know his real name each time she had asked he’d given her a different answer, all answers of famous names. Jason, Heracules, Achilles, he’d even dared to tell her his name was Paris.

The two of them lived quiet happily when they were together but Psyche forever missing his company during the day decided she needed some company and made it a mission to talk to her husband in to letting her sisters come up and visit her.

When Eros returned home one night he found Psyche sitting up waiting for him in the dim light, he had allowed no light to be going in the house when he got home. He looked at her.
“What are you doing with that light?” He asked.
Suddenly like an invisible breath the light went out Psyche stood up and walked to him.
“I know you love me, but it is from afar and only at night. I need some company during the day. Can I invite my two sisters to come and visit me and spend some time with me?”
Eros looked at her he hated to see her look so sad, but he knew what would come of the sister’s... they would interfere, mortals like to do that with each other’s lives, they would make her paranoid of him, he didn’t want to scare her because of it, but he didn’t want her to be sad either.
“I don’t see why not, what ever makes you happy.”
Psyche was estactic and she leap in to his arms, “Thank you so much.”
All Eros could do was embrace her, he knew the time would have to come where he would have to tell his mother of them, and he knew she wouldn’t be to happy with what had happened, but Eros and Psyche lived happily together. Eros had managed to keep it quiet, it was against the rules for a God to marry a mortal.

Psyche spent no time in getting her sisters to come to her new home, the sisters knew of the curse that had been placed upon her and they remained quiet about their theories until Psyche spoke of how strange it was that her husband only came to her at night, the sisters then knew they couldn’t keep quiet.
“How do you know you haven’t married some really ugly monster?” Her older sister asked.
Psyche looked at her sister stunned, her younger sister nodded in agreement.
“Look at this way... invisible servants, a husband that only comes at night, a house away from everyone.” Her younger one added.
“He could of just been a hermit.” Psyche offered but it didn’t’ keep her sisters from plotting and planning of a way to see who he was.

Psyche couldn’t stand the deceit among her siblings.
“You’re just jealous, always have been, I’ve always gotten more attention than both of you. My husband is a loving and a caring man!” She protested.
Her older sister stood up and shook her head. “He is also deceiving you by not telling you his real name, or showing you what he truly looks like you’ve only seen him in the dark, and he rescued you in the dark, he could be so hideous and go out and destroy lives during the days while you wonder where he is.”
Psyche sighed and lowered her head, she had been deceived she knew that, and her sisters continued to spurt out stories of what type of monster he could be.

The following week after they had gone, Psyche sat alone in a single chair in the sitting room watching the door thinking to herself and who her husband really was, when she finally admitted, she could not love someone she didn’t know or didn’t see.
The sun was beginning to set and she sat in her chair waiting for her husband to come home, when he didn’t return at his usual time she fell asleep in the chair waiting.

Aphrodite looked at Eros with pure anger. “You married her?! How could you? You knew how I felt about her.” She shouted.
Eros sighed. “I love her, and during the day I can’t help but think about her. When I’m helping people find their soulmates. There is something about her that’s striking.”
Aphrodite rolled her eyes. “Hello Eros you scratched yourself with your own arrow.
You know this sort of thing is forbidden among the Gods, you either live on Olympus or you live on earth. You can’t have her and have your Godhood.”
Eros rolled his eyes. “Look mom I married her and that’s that, now it’s late, so I’m going home to my wife whether you like it or not.” And with that Eros walked out.

Eros arrived home to see Psyche asleep in a chair in the sitting room a blanket draped over her obviously the servants had spotted her. Eros smiled to himself and walked up to her and kissed her on the forehead and he walked off to go to bed.

Psyche awoke in the middle of the night to find herself still in the chair she looked at the door and blinked, everything was dark, Psyche reached over and grabbed the oil lamp and lit it to see her way in the dark, when she stops outside their bedroom, she looked at the light then at the door. Curiosity filled her and she walked in to the bedroom she then looked at her husband sleeping and she looked round the room, her sisters had filled her mind up with paranormia. ‘one little look won’t kill me.’ she thought to herself. She then leant over with the light in her hand and gazed upon her husband’s beauty and the glow that came off him. Psyche blinked amazed.
“Ohmigod... literary...” she remarked to herself quietly. “Holy Hera I married a God, I can’t believe it. Eros of all gods, the God of love.” Psyche looked at Eros asleep next to her, she swallowed lightly. She then looked at the oil lamp with guilt. “No wonder he didn’t want me to see him.”

Psyche climbed in to the bed still holding the light as carefully as she could, trying to wake her sleeping husband. She looked at him one more time, she couldn’t help it the light coming off him was purely beautiful.
Psyche smiled. “Thank-you Aphrodite.”
She whispered to herself and blew out the light.

A drip of oil few out and landed on Eros’ shoulder and Psyche didn’t notice and put the lamp down when Eros sat up it startled her. He looked at her and wiped the drip of oil off him and he looked at her.
Psyche swallowed realising he knew she’d had seen him.
“Psyche how could you?! I told you not to look at me!” He exclaimed.
“It’s not as if you haven’t been truthful.” She replied back, “Why couldn’t you tell me I would of understood.” She added.
Eros shook his head. “I can’t let the Gods find out, that’s why I couldn’t tell you, if you know then your a part of it, and it endangers your life, I can’t stay here now.” He explained.
Eros stood up and Psyche got up and grabbed his arm.
“I wouldn’t of told anyone!” Psyche replied desperately.
“I’m sorry I can’t be here for your safety or mine. I’m sorry it had to be this way Psyche.” Eros remarked and kissed her on the lips. He then walked to the balcony and flew off.
Psyche looks onward and she runs out of the house upset.

Psyche ran down the path towards the township in which her father ruled, she had insisted that they had stayed at least within site of her home, for her parents sake. As Psyche ran down the path the house behind her slowly vanished.
Psyche stopped and turned round to see it disappearing. Psyche blinked.
“What a messed up Cinderella deal. Without the prince there ain’t anything.” She remarked to herself then she ran down the path towards the center of town.

Psyche arrived back at the castle, she hadn’t even told her parents she was married she’d been so angry with them for placing her on the cliff face in the first place in belief that it was the best view for Gods monsters and immortals. Maybe that had been part of the curse in the first place. Psyche stopped at the castle gates and looked up at it... She had missed her family deeply. She wondered if her sisters had told her parents of her marriage. Psyche sighed and she opened the gate up and shut it quietly behind her, she looked at it int he darkness there was something errie about it. But she supposed it was just the night time, she stopped before the drawbridge then noticed that the hedge that had surrounded the fence had grown back and it had extended up on to the castle feeding on the moat surrounding the castle.

Psyche sighed and she stepped back from the castle. She walked back out not even going inside. She knew her curse had effected her family as well, and she couldn’t bear to face them, and with that she walked back out of the castle closing the gate behind her.
She walked through town sadly not even noticing the darkness anymore, everything had been so beautiful to her once, now after loosing her husband everything had fallen dull, she stopped at a hotel on the way to her walk and she noted the name and sighed...
“Sun God Inn. How ironic.” Psyche went to reception and got a room for the night she was too tired to do what she had in mind. She knew the next day she would attempt to look for Eros herself and say she was sorry. She felt she would do anything to get him back, she paid for the room, and got the key and was shown to her room by the owner who couldn’t help but throw lines at her all the way.
Psyche thanked him for the room and went in shutting the door on his face.

Eros sat up on a cloud next to Hermes, on the look out. Eros watched the hotel where Psyche had gone.
Eros sighed and he flopped back on the cloud. Hermes looked at Eros.
“Hey cat cheer up night watch isn’t the best job but still, I’m here to keep you company.”
Eros smiled and nodded. “Is it possible for the Gods of love to be in Love?” Eros asked Hermes, who just looked at him.
“Ahhh so that’s it girl problems, hey why don’t you ask your mom for advice, she has the best advice for anyone.” Hermes replied.
Eros couldn’t help but do was laugh Hermes looked at him, “Did I say somthin’ funny?” Hermes asked.
“Yeah my mom doesn’t want me to be with her, you see Hermes I went against rules, I married her, she’s so beautiful, turned out there’s a curse on her shoulders though, my mom said she’s not to receive any mortal love... and well I married her, but she’s a mortal, at first everything was good, until her meddling sisters filled her head with ideas because I couldn’t let her see me as a God.” Eros explained, then sighed.
Hermes blinked, “Whoa! Harsh, bad luck man, see that’s why the rule applies in my books, you’d have to become mortal to love her fully, then she could become a Goddess works both ways, but what type of Goddess would she be?” Hermes asked.
Eros smiled to himself. “Desire. Goddess of Desire. She’d make a good one.”
Hermes nodded. “But then you’d have to bring that up with Zeus, then you’d have to find a really good story to tell him why she should.”

Eros groaned his fantasy blown, he looked at the scratch on his hand and smiled.
“If I hadn’t of saved her then she’d probably be dinner for some wacked monster.”
“So ya scratched yaself with your own arrow, Zeus won’t think that’s good enough, you’re going to have to get over her, there are plenty of babes up here take a look a round, I’m sure any of them would like love, Athena perhaps? She’s all so serious, maybe you should show her.” Hermes offered.
Eros shook his head. “I like Athena, but Justice and love just don’t go together for me, Desire and love now that’s another thing.” Eros remarked.
Hermes this time shook his head. “Whoa you’ve got it bad kiddo.”
“Maybe if I set some Gods up that’ll get my mind off her... Hey Hermes what do you think of Iris? she’s cute... Messenger Goddess and Messenger God what’d ya think?”
“Oh no you don’t cat, I’m happy as I am thank-you.” Hermes replied.
Eros chuckled to himself, the thought provoked something though. Eros might just focus on playing matchmaker for the Gods just to keep his mind off Psyche... at least for now. Eros sat up and he watched the sky.
Hermes couldn’t help but look at him worriedly.

Psyche lay on the bed in her room looking up at the ceiling, she sighed and thought to herself where she would start to look to find Eros, she knew as a God of love he’d be out during the day doing typical love things, Psyche knew she would have to follow the trail of love to find him, not a good way to start because love was almost every where and the trail could lead to the ends of the earth and back again before she actually saw him, then there was always go to Mt. Olympus and ask for him at the gate, that wouldn’t be the best idea, but she doubted Zeus would actually answer the gate.
“I’ll have to go to Olympus first, then if he’s not there, then I’ll go out and look for him, I’ll just keep going back to Olympus until they tell me where he is, that’ll have to do, not the most professional way to get a Gods attention but oh well, just for now it’ll do.” She remarked to herself.

Eros was up early the next morning playing matchmaker, Iris who was minding her own business on her break was sitting on her rainbow down on earth with a glass of wine, she was watching over Zeus and Hera’s temple whenever a mortal asked for their help and if Iris thought it was decent enough she’d zap back up to Olympus and pass the message on. Eros was watching Iris from a distant thinking to himself how to set his buddy Hermes up with her, the problem with Gods was that they could see and hear everything, Iris would know if he tried to shoot her with an arrow, and it was impossible to hit Hermes he was just as bad, he was always moving.

Eros wondered why Hermes didn’t want to find love, he was eager to set Eros up with Athena, but then leave it to Hermes to not really understand love, Iris on the other hand, she was a beautiful Goddess, loved by all, women and children, she was also best friends with all three rulers of the plains. Poseidon, Hades and Zeus, this Goddess was friends with them all which was not a normal thing, Eros flew up to her and Iris smiled at him.
“Hi Eros on love patrol on again?” She asked.
Eros shrugged and sat down on the rainbow next to the Goddess. “I guess so, but my judgements been impaired.” he replied.
Iris smiled and nodded. “Well I’m only a messenger but you see that couple right there?” Iris pointed to two people sitting out side “Pita Palace”.
Eros looked at them the couple obviously looked nervous.
“Yeah first date, I usually wait till the third date till I intervene.” He replied.
Iris smiled, “Try fifth, I’ve been watching this couple for two months now, this is the fifth time they’ve meet but neither will do anything. I’d say they’re about ready to go on to the first base, what do you think?” She asked.
Eros blinked and looked at Iris. “Well yeah that actually sounds about right.”
Iris nodded, “Thought you’d agree, but first do you mind if I ask you a personal question?” She asked.
“Um... no ask away.” He replied.
“For the God of love you seem mighty distance, are you finally feeling the effects yourself too? Because you are very distant and acting it. Hermes informed me this morning. he thought I could cheer you up, said you’d even be out here to visit me.”
Eros couldn’t help but laugh. “So I suppose he told you why I’d be out here?”
Iris shook her head. “No but he said you needed a push in the right direction, even if she is mortal love is love, but first she has to prove she loves you.” Iris replied.
Eros nodded, “I got a feeling Hermes is now trying to intervene.” He said.
Iris smiled, “He tried to convince me that you were interested in me, I could see though it though, messenger to messenger, we can’t fool each other.” Iris remarked.
Eros smiled, “Son of a God, he’s trying to set me up... I think I’ll have to catch him and have a serious talk to him.” Eros laughed.
Iris smiled, “Nice smile Eros, now you go do what you’re suppose to.”
Eros nodded, “Right, nice talking to you Iris.” And with that Eros zipped off.

Iris smiled and took a sip of her wine. When her instants told her there was an explosion below, she looked down and sighed.
“That God I’ll have to tell him to keep it down he’s scaring the mortals.” She said to herself looking at the crack in the ground forming.

Psyche was beginning to climb Mt. Olympus wearing the same outfit she had when Eros had rescued, her she continued to climb, but the mountain was just to steep, she sat on t he cliff face and sighed, she would have to find another way up there. When she saw a rainbow in the distant.
“A Rainbow! That means a certian Goddess is on earth, great maybe I can get her to pass my message on.” Psyche climbed back down hurriedly and went in to the center of the nearest town she stopped when the rainbow vanished and she sighed and looked round the town to see “Pita Palace” She smiled and decided to ask for some help to the nearest temple of Iris, she needed a message passed on. She walked up to Pita Palace when she saw a couple kissing passionately.
Psyche raised an eyebrow, and she slipped past them, and noted for once the guy didn’t look away. Psyche stopped realising only two Gods had that power.

Psyche spun round in time to see Eros flying off towards the vanishing rainbow.
Psyche began to run after him but was cut off by cart traffic, and she looked up towards the sky where Eros vanished in a twinkle in the distance and Psyche slumped down on the ground. She looked back at Pita Palace and she stood up and trudgingly walked back to it, she passed the same couple again and had to stop herself from gagging, she felt it was unfair that they could be together and she had to look for Eros.

Psyche walked in to Pita Palace and suddenly she was suddenly reminded what got her in to the spot in the first place when she saw all the stares at her, she was far from her kingdom and she knew at least they didn’t know she was a princess, she was glad for that this way she could wander amongst the people without the lame excuse of handing her gifts because she was a princess. Psyche walked up to the counter at the freckled face kid behind the counter and she leaned on it and smiled at him flashing one of her most popular smiles. The freckled faced kid stared at her.
“Hey there I was wondering if you could help me, I’m not from round here and I got lost on the way to Iris’ temple don’t spose you could point the way for me?” She asked. Psyche looked at the rest of men in the Pita Palace looking at her, she smiled, there was something good about being pretty finally, she could use it to help her find a way in to getting in contact with Eros.
The freckled faced kid stammered, “A.a.a.ah... ye. yeah... sure, it. it’s right that way...”
The kid pointed straight ahead towards a mountain and Psyche could see the rocky terrain from where she was. She looked at the kid flashed another smile.
“Thanks.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked out.
All the men looked on after her and the freckled faced kid blinked then fainted he hit the ground with a thud, and a customer looked over the counter.
“Wow lucky guy.” The customer remarked and he looked to where Psyche had left.

Psyche looked at the mountain, she had to find a way to get there and pretty soon for half the day had already gone, in her getting part way up Mt. Olympus, then down again and following the rainbow to this town. Psyche then began to cross the road and she noted she had originally been cut off but all the traffic stopped for her to let her cross, she looked at the drivers all hooting and hollering as she crossed the road, Psyche shook her head and crossed the road, she saw a tall dark and handsome man chatting up a young girl who was giggling, Psyche rolled her eyes and walked straight past, and suddenly his attention was gone from the girl to her.

“So hey there, what’s a pretty thing like you doing in this old town?” He asked following her leaving the other girl standing looking onward stunned.
“Well I’m passing through on my way to Iris’ temple and right now you’re distracting me so excuse me.”
Psyche walked on the figure slipped in front of her again blocking her path. Psyche looked up at him, he was good looking and Psyche didn’t choose to acknowledge him for it, for she would be no better than the people back home admiring her, obviously this guy was told he was handsome and he flourished on it.
“Look pal, I’m going to Iris’ temple whether you like it or not, now leave me alone, or I’ll pass this curse on to you!” She threatened.
The man blinked and looked at her, “Curse?” The man remarked confused.
Psyche smiled. “Oh Hades yeah, real bad one, where only a giant monster will love a pretty face. And I can pass it on now that I’ve found my soulmate, so don’t get me mad or it’ll be you.” Psyche replied and gave him her most wry smile.
The man stepped back hurriedly and Psyche walked on, then out of the town.

Psyche then decided to spend the night in another hotel, she was now obvious to the fact that everyone thought she was beautiful, and like when she was back home she choose not to acknowledge them for it, she knew she was on a mission to find Iris and get a message from the Goddess to Eros, she knew Iris was a messenger to the Gods, she also knew mainly Iris dealt with messages from Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades but she wasn’t so sure about the other Gods who didn’t get as much credit as those three brothers did along with their wives. Psyche lay down on the bed.
“Well I’m getting there slowly... I’ll search my entire life for Eros or at least to get a message to him.” She said to herself before going to sleep.

The next day, Psyche’s trip to Iris’ temple was hard but being on top of a mountain Psyche knew she had better luck at this mountain than Mt. Olympus, but she made it there and sat at the bottom of the statue and she sighed relieved.
Psyche then spoke to the statue.
“Iris Rainbow and messenger Goddess to the God, I need to pass a message on to my husband Eros, please can you help me?” Psyche asked.
The temple was silent for a few moments, and Psyche pushed herself up to her feet and she sighed at the silence that greeted her back. She lowered her head and she went to walk out, when suddenly a voice remarked from behind her.
“Well don’t just call me here and walk off.”
Psyche spun round to see seated on the bottom of the large statue a smaller version of the statue, She jumped off the stand and Psyche walked up to the Goddess.
“Oh wow you came I didn’t think-” Psyche began and Iris put her hand up and smiled warmly at the young girl.
“Don’t worry I know I take longer than most Gods to get to temples I’m a messenger Goddess and I always get lost. Anyway, what message did you want to pass on Psyche?” She explained then asked.
Psyche blinked and she smiled. “I want Eros to know how sorry I am for not listening to him, and that I do love him despite what he thinks, I just want his forgiveness and to know that he loves me back, that’s it.”
Iris walked up to Psyche and put a hand on her shoulder. “You have such a pure heart child, and a young girl like you should be out having fun, not chasing rainbows, or climbing mountains. But since you are his wife, I will pass it on, but here’s some advice, at the moment he’s busy working why not prove to him that you love him and I mean prove it, in any way possible. It’s up to you what you think will prove your love for him, that’s as much advice I can offer, but I will pass the message on. Now off you go.” Iris said.
Psyche smiled at the Goddess and she nodded.” Thank-you she said and she walked from the temple feeling a pressure lifted off her shoulder the only thing that bugged her now, was, how do you prove your love to the God of love?

To Be Continued...