Part Four

Author’s note: This is going to be a four part chapter fic... and for those who can’t count this is chapter four... yus... this is the end folks... don’t like don’t read, if you want to tell me you don’t like that fic and what’s so disappointing about it e-mail me this is a fic for Yamcha fans mainly... cause the guy gets alot of dissing... so if you’re a fan of anybody else don’t expect them here... I might throw in some Bulma and Veggie lemon but not to much cause as I said -this-is-a-YAMCHA -fic- kay? and for those who are expecting more lemon this chapter well yus there is!!! this is the last chapter too...

Alot of time had passed, Debra was extremely lonely, she was on leave from work, cause she couldn’t go anywhere without her baby girl. She had never been one for waiting and it seemed to take forever. But Yamcha called her when ever he could, he wanted to check on her but time was so far apart. He had informed her he wasn’t fighting so for her not to worry. He seemed like he’d gone his full way and the near to death experience with the android had made him realise how much in life he still had to go. she had seen him fighting though he hadn’t a choice when the Cell juniors attacked but when the energy of the fight has escalated everyone was left guessing when the end of the world would be. Debra stayed put Yamcha had sent her to America but she had come back to her home to wait for him.

I wasn’t until a year later that he showed up at her door and she was surprised by what she saw, he had a new hair cut and was still in his red gi. He looked at her and smiled shly.
“Sorry it took so long.” he said.
Debra hugged him. “You’re alive and you’re here that’s all that matters.”
“So where is she?” Yamcha asked.
Debra took him and lead him in to the nursery.

Yamcha looked at the baby girl, she had her mother’s hair and eyes and for some reason was playing with building blocks. Yamcha looked at the blocks, they spelt out one name.
“Trunks?” He asked.
Debra smiled. “Don’t worry I know who Trunks is, he’s Bulma’s child, I saw it in the newspapers, when the worlds richest women has a child the world wants to know. But it was Trunks who gave me the antidote to the heart virus.” She explained.
“Wow. So he made more than one call?” He asked.
“Well kinda, he gave the antidote to me and then went off to help you guys. He didn’t come back, so I assume he went back to his own time.” She replied.
Yamcha didn’t say anything and he just looked at the baby girl, she looked up at him.
“Well go on, bond with your daughter.” Debra said and pushed him towards her.
“Debra I’m not to good with kids.” Yamcha said as he walked over and knelt down on the outer side of the play pen, Maney was in.
“Hey there.” He said to her.
Maney smiled up at him. She looked at him then with a serious expression trying to see if she could figure him out. She then suddenly beamed.
Yamcha looked at Debra. “Can I pick her up?” He asked.
“She’s your daughter too Yamcha, don’t be afraid or she’ll play you like a fool. She did that to Scott as well.” Debra said.

Yamcha reached over and he picked her up, she clung on to the side of his gi and tugged at it as if trying to figure out what it was.
Debra smiled watching the two of them. Maney put her small hand on the insignia of the gi comparing it’s size to her hand.
“She’s quite smart for her age, and she’s healthy as anything.” Debra explained.
Yamcha nodded and he turned to look at Debra. “So she’s how old now?”
“A year next week.” Debra replied.
“Well I think I should take you and Maney to meet my friends.” he said.
Debra smiled. “I’d like that.” She said.
“I warn you most of them are fighters and other are just plain... er goofs.” He said.
Debra nodded. “Thanks for the warning.” She said.


The small gathering was held at Capsule Corp. at Bulma’s insistence that she meet Yamcha’s girlfriend. Plus she couldn’t seem to convince Vegeta to leave Capsule corp he was just to intent on training.
Bulma had everything set, her and Chi-chi had gotten everything together. Chi-chi had insisted that she do some cooking while Bulma watch over Goten and Trunks. The two were constantly vanishing and getting in to places where they shouldn’t be.

It was minutes before everyone was about to arrive. “Gohan! Gohan!!!” Bulma called.
Gohan came in from where Chi-chi had set him to study. What’s wrong Bulma?”
“Well they both were just here. But they’re not!” Bulma panicked.
Gohan looked at the play pen the door had been wretched open, he smiled.
“Oh don’t worry that was Goten he doesn’t seem to know his own strength sometimes.
Gohan and Bulma set to find the two baby boys only to see them sitting outside the gravity room looking at the door.
“There you two are!” Bulma exclaimed. She picked Trunks up and Gohan picked Goten up just as Yamcha flew in with Debra by his side. Debra had in her arms Maney.
“Oh wow Yamcha. Is that your child?” Gohan asked.
Yamcha smiled. “Mine and Debra’s her name is Maney.” He said.
Bulma looked at the baby girl who wore a little black beanie with pig tails one on either side of her head.

Just then the door to the gravity room opened and Vegeta stepped out.
“So how’s it feel to be the worlds strongest fighter now Vegeta?” Debra asked.
Vegeta looked at her. “Who’s this?” He demanded to Bulma.
“Debra Sidney.” She replied.
Gohan looked at her. “Oh wow so you’re the one who survived the heart virus too?”
Debra nodded. “Yeah thanks to Trunks. But apparently I was suppose to survive anyway I’d just be one of those people who carried it and passed it on.” She said.
“You’re cured though right?” Bulma asked.
Debra nodded. “Yes I’m fine now.”
“Gooooooooohhhhhhaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn!” Chi-chi called from inside the house. “Help me put this food out.” She added.
“Be right there mom!!” He called back.

Bulma looked at the children. “Lets put them in the play pen shall we... and Gohan you’re going to have to do something about Goten so he won’t open it again.”
Gohan nodded. “Right.”

They took the children back inside and put them in the play pen in the lounge.
“So how old’s Goten?” Debra asked as she looked at the three kids. Maney had taken on the defensive and was glaring at the other two babies.
“He’s six months.” Gohan replied.
“So they’re half a year away from each other... wow...” Debra said.
“Could be trouble when they get older.” Yamcha joked.
Maney looked up at Yamcha and looked at the two boys who glared at her, she just glared right back.
“Trunks is nearly ready to say his first word too. I’m so proud of him.”
“Blargh...” Trunks remarked and frowned.
“Sounds like he doesn’t want to.” Yamcha joked.
The group of them left the babies. But Vegeta stayed back watching the kids, he frowned. “That girl’s ki...” He muttered.
Maney looked at Vegeta and she just glared at him. Vegeta looked at her surprised and smirked and with that he walked off.

The two boys had their attention focused on Maney as if they were trying to figure her out. Maney picked up a building block and began to build right up the middle of the paly pen making the boys on one side and her on the other she looked at them, gesturing for them to keep to their side.
Trunks and Goten blinked and looked back at her. They looked at each other and shrugged and kept to their side rolling a ball back and forward between them. The two guys began to talk to each other in their baby talk.
“This sucks” Trunks remarked.
“I know my brother locked us in I hate it when he does that.” Goten remarked.
“Well we’ll think of a way to get out. We always do” Trunks said back.
“I can’t believe we’ve only got this stupid ball.” Goten agreed.
“Wait how come she gets the blocks!” Trunks said and they looked over to Maney.

Maney kept playing with the building blocks making the wall higher and higher up against the side of the play pen until she had created a staircase to climb over the pen and she grinned. the only thing on her mind to get out of the restricted area.
“Hehe...” Maney chuckled and she climbed the blocks and over the restricted area.
“Later guys.” She said and she crawled off.
“Hey!!!” Trunks and Goten remarked in unison.
“Well you can be stuck in there or you can follow up to you.” Maney said from the doorway and crawled through it.
“That’s it! I’m going! You coming Goten?” Trunks asked.
“I wanna play in that giant ball in the yard!” Goten said.
“Lets go!” Trunks said and the two babies climbed over the barrier and then the block staircase. They followed Maney who had crawled out in to the back yard. She was sitting staring at the giant training capsule.


Bulma wandered in to the lounge to check on the babies and she saw a little block staircase climbing over the barrier and she began to panic.
“WHERE’VE THEY GONE NOW?!?!?!” She exclaimed.
Chi-chi and Debra ran in and they looked round. Debra looked at the blocks and she sighed.
“I’m so sorry about this. Maney hates being confined.” She said.
“Sound like Yamcha alright.” Bulma drooled.
The three women began looking round the house for their children.


Maney looked at the capsule and a big red button on the side she knew that opened the door and she looked at Trunks and Goten and grinned.
“Wanna go in?” She asked.
“I can’t reach that!” Goten exclaimed.
“You can’t but all three of us can.” She grinned.
Trunks caught on immediately and he stood up and Maney climbed his shoulders, Goten clicked and he climbed to the top and he pushed the red button and the door opened. The three of them fell over from their human ladder, then proceeded to climb the steps in to the capsule.


“Woman! What are you yelling about now?!” Vegeta exclaimed annoyed as he came in and he blinked as he saw the play pen empty and the three woman rushing about obviously looking for the kids. Vegeta sighed. He began to search for the ki of the girl and he spun round and he looked to the capsule out the window and he saw the door close and he smirked.
“Clever.” he muttered and he walked outside.
Vegeta pushed the button and the door opened.
“Vegeta now isn’t the time to train!!!” Bulma exclaimed from the doorway.
“Woman, if you paid any attention you’d now Kakarott’s brat seems to be obsessed with this thing.” Vegeta snapped.
Bulma stopped and looked at Vegeta, she followed along with Chi-chi, Debra and Yamcha, who come to see what Bulma was yelling about.

The group of them looked in to the capsule to see the three kids sitting on the inside looking round.
“I wonder who’s idea this was?” Chi-chi asked.

The three babies looked at their parents and looked at each other realising they were about to get told off.
“It’s your fault!” Trunks said to Maney.
She shrugged. “So you didn’t have to follow me.”
“I’m hungry.” Goten added.
Both babies looked at him.

Debra smiled. “Looks like they’re fighting.”
Yamcha walked in and he picked Maney up. “Was this your idea?” He asked. Maney grinned at him.
“I take that as a yes.” Yamcha said and he carried her out.

Trunks looked at Maney and he grinned. “Maney’s gonna be in trouble!!!”
Maney looked at Trunks and stuck her tongue out at him over Yamcha’s shoulder.
Trunks frowned and he looked up at his own father.
“And so am I.” He added with a gulp as Vegeta stared at him his arms crossed across his chest.
“Where’s the food?!” Goten asked. “I thought there was food here!”
Trunks looked at Goten. “Are you always hungry?” He asked.

Goten gave a typical goofy Son smile.
“Never mind.” Trunks added.
“Goten, you are such a handful.” Chi-chi scolded as she picked him up.
Goten looked at his mother. “Food?” He asked.
He knew she couldn’t understand him, but it was worth a shot.
“Food?” He asked again.

Trunks rolled his eyes. Bulma walked in and she picked up Trunks.
“Well at least we know you’re going to grow up to be big and strong.” She said.
Trunks beamed. “Yeeeeeah alright! Er.... what’s that mean?” He asked.
Bulma carried him out and they put the kids in the sandbox outside instead.
“Now stay here.” Bulma said.
“Awwww.... no food.” Goten pouted.
Maney and Trunks picked up handfuls of sand and threw them at Goten.
“Hey!!! MOMMY!!!!!!” Goten began to cry.
Chi-chi rushed over and picked him up. “Awww hush sweetie what’s wrong?”
“They threw sand at me!” Goten exclaimed pointing to Maney and Trunks who were now throwing sand at each other.
Chi-chi looked over. “Goten... it’s okay I’m here now... now tell me what do you want?” She asked bouncing him in her arms.
Goten beamed. “Fooooooood..... arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh.... hungry.... no starving!! Is starving a word? Doesn’t matter Food pllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaassssssseeeee.....”

Chi-chi looked at Goten strangely, he was talking alot and she smiled finally understanding.
“Oh you’re just like Goku, lets go then and get you some food.”
Goten gurgled and jumped up and down excitedly. Chi-chi carried Goten off.

Yamcha sat outside watching Maney and Trunks having a sand fight. he smiled to himself as Trunks scrunched up his face in annoyance at Maney and he looked round for something else to throw. He picked up his rubber rattle and threw it at her.
Maney blinked as the rattle didn’t reach very far, she looked over at Yamcha and she beamed a smiled and put her arms out for attention from him.
Yamcha stood up and he walked over and he picked her up.
“Hey there sweetie.”
Maney grinned at him. Yamcha wondered if she had finally accepted him in to her life, and it looked like it.
“I can’t believe your a year old now. Well I promise I’ll be around for the rest of your birthdays as many as I can.” he smiled.
Maney looked at Trunks and she stuck her tongue out at him. Yamcha watched Trunks shoot Maney a nasty glare that Vegeta would be proud of. But Maney just laughed at him.


After everyone had left Capsule Corp. Bulma busied herself in cleaning up the place a bit, letting Trunks crawl around the room and do as he wished.
“Well Trunks I’m sure, you Goten and Maney will be the best of friends what do you think?” Bulma asked the baby.
Trunks just looked at her and he blinked. Bulma smiled at him and she picked him up and he grinned at her.
“Oh I can’t wait til you grow up and become big and strong like your other self.”
Bulma put Trunks down again and he just began to crawl round in circles entertaining himself. Bulma went back to cleaning up with the help of the bots. It made it so much more easier on her.

Vegeta walked in and Trunks crawled up to Vegeta and looked up at him and Trunks sat at his feet. Vegeta looked down at his son who was looking up at him.
“What is it boy?” He asked the baby.
Trunks just kept looking up at him. Trunks then just crawled off looking for something else to do. Vegeta rolled his eyes at the baby. He walked on to catch Bulma putting out rubbish. She turned round and she looked at him.
“Nice of you to come in at last.” She drooled.
“Oh shutup. You know I can’t stand that brat of Kakarott’s and now there’s two of them to put up with.” Vegeta grumbled.
“And now Yamcha’s daughter too.” Bulma added with a smile. “She’s a bit of a trouble maker herself, and I have a feeling the three of them are going to get along.”
Vegeta huffed. “Whatever.”

Bulma knelt down and she looked at Trunks who smiled at her and he immediately came speed crawling up to her and Bulma picked him up.
“Such a hyper active wee boy aren’t you?” She asked grinning at him.
Trunks looked round and he looked back to her. “Goten’s gone home honey, don’t worry he’ll be back I promised Chi-chi I’d look after him tomorrow. So you’ll have a friend to play with while mommy works on daddy’s gravitron.” Bulma said bouncing him in her arms. Trunks gurgled happily.
“It’s about time.” Vegeta grumbled.
Bulma looked at him, then to Trunks. “I better put you in the play pen while I send the vacuum bot round the room, can’t have you getting in the way can we now?”
Trunks blinked and Bulma carried him over to the play pen and put him in with a group of soft blocks, a rubber rattle, a teddy bear and a ball.

Vegeta watched Bulma fuss over Trunks a little more and he loved the attention. Vegeta knew his own son wasn’t quiet so sure what to make of him. If Vegeta had his way he would of had the boy brought up the traditional way and he would of been named Vegeta like the first born son of every royal saiyan was. But Bulma had stuck her foot down in naming him Trunks, he figured it was because he wasn’t here while she was pregnant.
Vegeta stood in silence a long while. He watched Bulma fuss over him and he smirked the boy had the power in him to become a great warrior, he had seen the result and he would make sure that he would become that great. Vegeta hadn’t admitted it out loud but he was proud of Trunks. He’d felt the real pain of loss when Trunks had been shot down by Cell in the tournament. Trunks had gone out of his way to impress him to make him feel proud of him. Vegeta hadn’t said it but he was. The boy didn’t have to worry about impressing him anymore.

Bulma turned round and she looked at Vegeta looking at Trunks, Trunks was looking back at him with curiosity and baby Trunks smiled brightly. Bulma stepped away from the play pen and she looked at Vegeta.
“Do you want me to get started on the gravitron now Vegeta?” She asked.
Vegeta shook his head. “Come with me.” Was all he said and walked out.
Bulma looked at Trunks. “I wonder what your daddy wants huh?” She asked.
Baby Trunks just gurgled and Bulma put the bots on to hover the room and she walked out after Vegeta catching up with him outside.

Vegeta turned round and he looked at her. Bulma looked at him. There were so many things he liked about her. She was fiery, she enjoyed yelling at him, as much as he enjoyed yelling at her back and it was those fighting matches that he prided their bond on. Vegeta walked up to Bulma and he picked her up and she looked at him.
“Hold on.” Was all he said and he watched as she did as she was told once in her life and he took off to the skies with her in his arms.

Bulma held on to him as he flew to a secluded spot and he put her down. Bulma looked round.
“Vegeta where-” She began but was cut off as his mouth crushed her in a passionate kiss, he placed and arm round her waist pulling her closer to him. If she had wanted to free herself she wouldn’t off been able too, Vegeta was holding her so tightly she could hardly breath, while his mouth demanded her response.
Overwhelmed by his sudden desire and her own, she reacted with hungry abandon to a kiss that seared her soul, reminding him that she was his, and his alone. Afterward she hung fainting in his arms while her kissed her throat and ears and cheeks, until he found her mouth again. There he drank greedily, while her lips and face and neck flamed from his kisses he quickly discarded her clothes, and Bulma let out a gasp as the cold air stung her naked body. He stroked her hips, his callused hands against the softness of her skin. One hand slid down between them, across her abdomen and downward, downward...
With a soft cry of consent, she moved a little to let him feel the moist heat that would tell him how much she wanted him. He lingered there, probing, testing her readiness, driving her half mad with rising desire until she cried out and begged him to stop- and when he did she quickly discarded his clothes, letting her own exploration begin. Her hand grasping his length. While he placed a hand over each of her breasts, his fingers cupping the high, round firmness. He lowered his mouth to first one and then the other, and she began to shake with violent tremors. Her other hand clutching his shoulder for support. Her other hand let go of his length and grabbed his other shoulder. As she felt everything around her spin. It had been a long time since he’d touched her. The last time ending up in Trunks being created.

Vegeta knew she could stand it no longer, he just knew through the bond and he gently lay her down on the grass. His hands then caressed the length of her body right down to her toes, then upward again, along the inside of both legs, over thigh and hip and upward to her breasts, where he paused for a breath-stopping moment before continuing onward to cup her face in his hands and hold her steady for a sweet, deep kiss. He knelt above her.

Bulma touched his cheek looking up at him with passion-glazed eyes, then laced her fingers through his flame hair.
“I want you so much Vegeta.” With those words she let one hand trail across his chest, downward across his taunt stomach, and lower in to a mass of black curls. Her eyes never leaving his, she touched him, deliberately, provocatively. his surprised gasp filled her with delight. She reached farther, deeper in to the mat of hair to stroke a smaller, rounded warmth, then slowly drew her fingers out again, stroking, always stroking. He closed his eyes and moaned. Daring to look where her hand caressed, she watched him grow larger and harder. The heat inside her was rapidly becoming unbearable, and only he could quench it.
“Vegeta, please.” She said.

Vegeta opened his eyes, he smirked down at her. “I see there’s something you want.”
“Please, before I die of wanting you.” She begged.
“If you die, I die too,” he told her, his hands separating her legs. With wry humour he added. “Shall we die together?”
Vegeta noted she could not utter anything by gasps and moans and occasionally his name.

Vegeta’s loving was a fierce, vigorous assertion of his imperative masculine need, and it was not entirely gentle. Yet there was a tenderness in his actions, as if he assumed that whatever gave him pleasure would please her also. He entered her with a swift, hard thrust that shattered her senses, and so strong and urgent was his hunger for her that she wondered if she would survive to rise from the ground when he was done with her. his passion attack tore her breath from her throat and nearly stopped her heart. Her gasp of when his great size filled her completely made him pause for just an instant. His eyes filled with passion about to be forcefully unleashed.
“Relax would you woman. I want you with me.” He groaned.

Bulma was incapable of speech, nor could she move, because she was fastened to the ground by the weight of his body, impaled on the hot hardness of his desire. There was only one way she could answer him. She lifted her head an inch or so to place her lips on his and gently, delicately, let her tongue slide between his teeth to touch his tongue with the tip of her own.
With a wild cry, he tore his mouth from hers to renew his passionate onslaught. For and instant she feared he would split her body in two, but then something within her, some deep atavistic longing, awoke to match his fierceness with her own. Urging him onward, she rode the crest of passion with him, wrapping her legs around him to draw him even deeper into her aching, throbbing center, laughing and crying at once,
calling out his name over and over again, ‘Vegeta, Vegeta, Vegeta...’ until tears and laughter and passion mingled in an explosion that forged them in to one ecstatic, rapturous being.
Nor would he leave her. He stayed within her, moving more gently now, kissing and caressing her with tender hands and mouth, whispering nothing but insults in her ears, making her smile. Only when she could answer him with her own insults, did he withdraw to lie beside her.


Yamcha awoke in the middle of the night to Maney’s cries and he pulled himself from the bed tiredly and walked in to the nursery and he picked her out of her cot and bounced her in his arms, until she stopped crying, he looked at her as she sniffled.
“Hey there... you okay now?” He asked.
She looked at him and grabbed on to the strap of his tank top and tugged at it. Yamcha took her tiny hand and pried it away. She looked at him and smiled.
“You know I’m you dad right?” He asked her.
She just smiled at him and he held her close to him. “I can’t believe how tiny you are. But one day your going to be big and strong I just know it.” He said.
He sat down in the chair in the nursery, rocking her in his arms, he looked up as he saw Debra lean up against the door way.
“Hey.” He said to her.
“Fatherhood, it looks good on you.” Debra said walking up to him.
Yamcha grinned. “You think?” He asked.
“I know.” Debra grinned and she bent down and kissed him passionately.
“Mmmnn..” Yamcha moaned.
“When your finished there daddy, I’ll be waiting for you.” She said with a seductive smile and walked out.
Yamcha watched her as she walked out. He looked down at Maney who was looking up at him wide eyed.
“You don’t look the least bit tired.” He said. “Think you could give me and you mother some time alone together... like really soon?” he asked the baby.
She just blinked then as if on cue she yawned.


After tucking Maney back in Yamcha slipped back in to the main bed room and he looked at Debra and smiled. “I’m really proud of you.” Debra said.
Yamcha looked at her. “You are? Why?”
“For coming back to me and coming to see your daughter.” Debra replied.
Yamcha walked up to the bed and he got in and pulled Debra close to him. “I always wanted to have a family you know... settle down. I really thought it was going to be with Bulma, strange thing is now I’m glad I didn’t.” he said.
Debra nodded. “Everything has it’s course, it’s just strange how it didn’t change that much from what it was suppose to.” She said.
Yamcha pulled her close to him. “Well you don’t have to worry cause I’m not leaving you to look after her alone.” He said and started kissing her behind the ear.

Debra began to run her hands through his hair. “I know your not.” She whispered.
Yamcha began brushing soft kisses along her lips. Debra rolled over so she was kneeling down over him and she kissed him on the lips.
“Well now that Maney is back in bed. What do you think we should do?” Yamcha asked grinning putting his hands behind his head.
“I wonder.” Debra teased and she ran a hand up and under Yamcha’s tank top.
Yamcha grabbed her suddenly and Debra let out a startled cry followed by a laugh as he flipped her over. Yamcha’s hands gliding up her gown. Debra grabbed the base of his tank top and she pulled it up and over his chest. The two met for a deep and passionate kiss. When suddenly a loud crash stopped them and Yamcha flopped down and he sighed.
“What now?” He asked.
Debra smiled. “I’ll go check it out.” She said.
“No you stay here.” He said and he got up and walked out in to the hallway.

Yamcha wandered down the hall and he heard the crash come from the nursery and he ran in quickly and he stopped seeing the cot lying over on it’s side and along with the baby night light on the ground. Maney no where in sight.
“Maney...” He asked softly.
He saw a shadow run out of the room and he took off after it and then in to the lounge where he stopped as the figure was stopped by the door with another two figures standing there. The figure had Maney under arm but the other two figures didn’t look like they were friends of the first.
“Uh-uh.... put the baby down.” the slightly smaller figure remarked.
Yamcha knew that voice instantly. “Maney.” He whispered.
The other figure Yamcha knew who it would be instantly and he smiled, when the streetlight from outside flickered and he got a glimpse of a navy blue Capsule Corp. Jacket. “You heard her.” his voice said.
“You two don’t scare me.” The figure said.
“We mightn’t... but the baby’s father is right behind you.” Trunks voice said.

The figure turned round and Yamcha stood there his arms crossed across his chest.
“I’d like it if you put my daughter down right now and I’ll let you leave with most of your face in tact.” Yamcha remarked.
The figure growled. Suddenly a glow began to come from round baby Maney and the figure looked down.
“What the-” he began but he was cut off as Yamcha punched him. the figure stumbled and Yamcha caught baby Maney before she hit the ground.
She looked up at him and smiled and curled in to him.
The figure shook his head.
“Get out.” Yamcha growled.
The figure pushed past Future Trunks and Maney and out the door.

Yamcha looked at them and he looked down at Maney curling in to him.
“Hey what bring you two back here?” he asked.
“No reason just a last social call before we move back on with our life.” Maney replied. “That and Trunks just -had- to see Vegeta one last time.” She added.
Yamcha smiled. “Well it’s good to see you two are doing okay.”

Trunks smiled. “Yeah everything’s fine. We even got the dragonballs back in our world. I would of never thought it possible. But Ky wished everybody back even Goku and my father. But we just had to come and let you all know everything is finally back to the way it should be.” He said.
Yamcha looked down at baby Maney in his arms again. She rubbed her eyes tiredly and yawned and began to drift to sleep in his eyes.
“Yamcha?” Debra’s voice called out and she walked out and she looked at the two future warriors. “Trunks Maney. I never thought I’d actually see the two of you together.” she smiled.
Trunks blushed slightly. “We’re just visiting.” he said.

Debra nodded and she looked at the clock. “At three in the morning?” She asked.
Trunks rubbed the back of his neck. “Well we were flying over head. Maney wanted to see if the two of you were up that’s when we spotted someone trying to break in.”
Debra’s eyes widened. “Break in? Why?” She asked.
“It was an Alexis Electrical car.” Maney replied.
Yamcha groaned. “Even in juvenile hall she’s still sending people after me. I wish she’d just give it up.” He then sighed.
“Who?” Trunks asked.
Yamcha looked at Trunks. “Long story, involves alternative worlds and an obsessive teenager.” He replied with a sigh.
(AN: See my V/B get together story if you haven’t already)
“Well we’ll be at Capsule Corp. tomorrow, I’d actually like to hear this.” Maney said with a grin. Trunks smiled and he looked at them.
“Well we should go and let you sleep we’ll be there round lunch time if you wanna drop by.” Trunks said.
“We will.” Debra replied. “Yamcha seems of forgotten about his best friend.” Yamcha looked at Debra. “I have?” He asked.
“I still have to be properly introduced to this shape shifting friend of yours.” She said.
“Puar! Oh I totally forgot! She’ll be extremely mad at me.” He exclaimed.
Debra chuckled. “Fatherhood’s got you busy. She should understand.”
“Well we’ll be off now. See you tomorrow... or later today.” Maney grinned.
The two of them left.

Yamcha looked down at baby Maney asleep in his arms. “I think we better get her tucked back in to bed.” he said.
Debra smiled. “C’mon then.”
The two of them fixed up Maney’s cot and tucked her back in to bed. Maney curled up in to a giant teddy bear in the cot and sleep soundly.
Yamcha stood over her and he looked at Debra. “We might need to get Bulma to suggest a good baby monitor system.” He said.
Debra smiled. “That would be a good idea. But first we are going to finish what we started.” She smirked and grabbed Yamcha by the front of his boxers and lead him out of the room.


Yamcha stood in the bedroom the door slightly ajar, Debra had her arms wrapped round his neck, the two of them kissing each other passionately.
“I love you.” Debra whispered against Yamcha’s lips.
“We should get married. You know settle down.” Yamcha said and afterwards he thought himself going insane. He had never thought the day would come, where he would be asking anyone but Bulma to marry him.
“Yamcha.” Debra breathed. “Are you seriously asking me to-” She began.
“Yes. I’m asking you to marry me Debra.” He interrupted.
Debra pulled him down kissing him passionately. “Yes!” She replied happily.
Yamcha scooped her up and lifted her up and the two of them fell on to the bed together, Yamcha trailing kisses down her neck.
“Now where were we before the interruption?” He grinned.
Debra smiled at Yamcha and she took his hand placing it on her leg and he looked down and he smiled. “Round about here.” Debra replied.
Yamcha kisses her and he began gliding the gown up Debra’s legs, revealing her smooth thighs and then the supple broadening in to the hips with their central, strawberry blonde muff of hair.
His desire a sharp, hot pain in his lions, Yamcha raised the gown higher, revealing the slimness of her body and the magnificence of her breast. He lifted the gown away from her, then cupped a breast within the palm of one of his hands and brought the taut nipple to his lips. He flicked his tongue over the nipple, then circled the soft mound of her breast with his tongue, tasting the sweetness of her flesh.

When Debra moaned and twined her fingers through his hair, urging his mouth closer, his hands made their way down her body. Her breathing became ragged when he rested a hand over the soft triangle at the juncture of her thighs. Slowly he inserted a finger inside her. His mouth moved from her breasts to her lips. He kissed and sucked on her mouth while his finger moved within her, drawing from somewhere deep inside her contented soft purring noises. Debra lowered a hand to touch the hard swell of his manhood that strained against his boxers. He gritted his teeth with desire as she moved her hand over him. The silky material a barrier that impeded her full touch. Debra smiled up Yamcha as he reached for her hand that was pleasuring him and encouraged it a the front of his boxers. understanding his silent bidding, seeing his eyes now smoky with emotion, both her hands discarded his boxers across his hips. Very soon his hard, flat stomach was revealed to her, and then the curling of hair which led down to the part of him that was well aroused. After she tossed as side the boxers, she sucked in a wild breath as Yamcha rose above her, one of his knees nudging her legs apart.
“You can’t know how much I love you,” He said, his voice husky. “I doubted it would ever be possible we would see each other again. I really thought this whole world was going to be lost. And I regretted sending you away...”
Debra silenced further words by feathering sweet kisses across his lips. “Shhh,” She whispered. “Please don’t spoil this moment, with bad memories that kept us apart. You say that you love me. Love me now and love me long.”

Yamcha glanced down the full length of her, his gaze burning upon her liquid curves. She looked up at his face and ran her fingers over his scar on his cheek then over the scar over his eye. And then their lips met in a frenzied kiss, Yamcha’s tongue plunging inside her mouth. his hands supped the soft, round flesh of her butt, moulding her curves in to his as he plunged his hardness deep within her.

Caught in his embrace, Debra felt her body become warmed, all senses yearning for the same rapture she remembered so vividly from that first time with him. Surges of tingling heat flooded her as she worked her body with his. Each stroke within her spoke to her heart more sweetly, more endearingly, than the last. A wondrous sort of curling heat was spinning through her, his lips now at the nape of her neck, his hands awakening her breasts to a keen throbbing.
“Yamcha,” She whispered, moaning with ecstasy. “Oh Kami how I missed you.”

Yamcha stopped his strokes within her. He leaned back and smiled down at her, his hands smoothing some damp tendrils of her hair back from her brow.
Then his mouth bore down upon her lips and he hips moved, filling her again with his hardness. His strokes within her were demanding. She met the demands with upraised hips, locking her legs around his waist.
Together they rode, body to body, heart to heart.
Soon the passion crested and exploded, leaving them clinging, their world melting away...


Twenty-four years later...

The sound of the music filled the club Tribal Sympin’ the bass of the music shaking the overly large stereo speakers and the strobe lights flashing. The music itself was a cross over of language between Hindi and English. Something from an old musical. Trunks rubbed his temples and he looked at Goten the two of them watching each girl as they passed by. Maney stood between them, an arm linked through each of their arms. she possessed every bit of confidence as they did. She too was checking out the occasional hot looking male as they walked past.
“Tell me what are we hear again?” Goten asked. “Apart from trying to mingle in to this clubbing scene?” he asked.
“Mingle Goten? Oh no this is not mingling. This is where my parents met. I had to see it for myself and besides Mr. President. some of us have to earn a living and we don’t all have rich parents.” Maney replied. “Right Goten?” She asked.
Goten nodded. “Right.... whoa I wanna work here too look at all these chicks... Kami I’m in heaven.” He grinned.
“You want to work? That’s a first.” Trunks laughed.
Maney looked at Trunks. “I could say the same for you. How many times has Vegeta caught you this week flunking work?” She asked.
Trunks looked at Maney. “I wasn’t caught.” he said quickly.
“Least not yet... hey aren’t you suppose to be working now?” Goten asked.
Trunks groaned. “I would be if you two hadn’t showed up at the my work window urging me to come out.” he replied.
“You didn’t have to come, we didn’t kidnap you.” Maney grinned and she broke free of them and she bounced up the bar. “SCOTT!!! YO!!!” She waved her arms about.
Scott looked over from where he was supervising the younger bar tenders.
“Maney! Oh hey!!” He came over and smiled at her. “So what are you up to?”
“I’m looking for work got a free spot?!” She asked.
“Yeah sure! Anything for you girl. When do you think you can start?” he asked.
“Tomorrow??” She asked. “I gotta familiarise myself with the place first.”
“Sure thing, drop by tomorrow round about lunch. I’ll take you through the basics. just get out there and enjoy your self.” he said.
Maney waved at him. “Thanks!” She bounced off and looked at the two guys.
Trunks looked at her. “Well?” he asked.
“You’re looking at the newest edition to the Tribal Member!” she exclaimed “I start tomorrow!”
Goten looked at Trunks. “I should ask too. Hey they take guy bar tenders?” he asked turning to Maney.
“Yeah of course. Scott’s a guy he runs the place now! it’s so cool!! I’m a Tribal gurl. dad’s going to probably freak, but a job’s a job!” She exclaimed.
“Hey Tribal gurl care if I buy you a drink?” A male voice asked and Maney turned round and looked at the strange man and she shrugged.
“Sure why not!” She said. He offered her his arm and she bounced off with him.

Trunks rubbed his temples. “This is why I never take her clubbing.” He groaned.
“That guys must be about forty.” Goten mused. “Ten bucks says in ten minutes she’ll have her tongue down his throat.” he added.
Trunks looked at him. “Goten!” he scolded.
“Trunks. you know as well as I do she plays on guys, we’re the only ones who she won’t lay. Sucks being a friend.” Goten said.
“Make it Twenty minutes and thirty dollars and your on.” Trunks laughed.
“Okay you owe me thirty bucks if it’s in ten minutes though and I’ll owe you thirty if it’s twenty.” Goten said confirming their betting options.
“This is sad, we’re betting to see if our best friend is going to get laid.” he laughed.
“She’s one of guys... in a girl way though.” Goten said.


Yamcha landed outside Tribal Sympin’ and he looked round and then blinked as Vegeta and Gohan landed down behind him.
“Guys what are you doing here?”
“Damn boy skipped work.” Vegeta grumbled. “It’s ten days of training non-stop for him when he gets home.” He added.
“Mom sent me to find Goten.” Gohan replied. “Something about he hasn’t been home in three days or something.” he added with a shrug.
Yamcha looked at Gohan. “He didn’t call you guys, geez slack, I shoulda known better, he and Maney were hanging out these past few days.” he explained.
“And it’ll be your brat’s idea for them to come here too. I know it. She’s nothing but a pain.” Vegeta scowled and glared at Yamcha.
Yamcha frowned. “Well you’re probably right Vegeta.” He said.
“Why are you here?” Gohan asked.
“Maney has some unfinished chores round home, she and Goten took off before doing them. I got sent to bring her home to do them.” Yamcha replied.
Vegeta huffed and he headed in to the club first. Yamcha and Gohan looked at each other and they shrugged and walked in to the club.
“Kids.” Yamcha sighed.



Sorry abrupt ending but I am so outta idea... I’m just glad this fic is finished...