Part Three

Yamcha arrived on the scene, with Krillen and Gohan where Goku and Android #19 were doing battle, he watched unsure of what to do or say. He just hoped it wasn’t to late. He had told Bulma before taking off, she had called up her house and told her dad about it and made sure that he passed the message about the life sucking Androids on to Vegeta. Yamcha wondered how long it was going to take Vegeta to arrive. They knew they couldn’t really do anything about the androids as usual it was left to Goku to try and save the world.
“Father!” Gohan shouted.
Tien turned and looked at the young half saiyan and smiled. “Hey don’t worry your dad has everything under control. That android never had a chance.”
“Has it been like this the whole time?” Krillen asked.

They watched Goku in the sky battling it out with the android for a bit.
“Man oh man Goku’s definitely has the upper hand on that guy.” Krillen remarked, all of them looking toward the sky.
“No kidding look at him go. He’s rewriting history up there. It looks like we’re all going to live after all.” Tien added.
“Yeah I’m not even worried anymore. Are you Gohan?” Krillen asked.

Yamcha looked at Gohan and saw the stern look on the young warriors face there was something about Gohan’s face that made Yamcha almost think twice about the comment, but it was son washed away as he looked back up to the sky.
“Yeah.” Gohan remarked.
“You are right to worry Gohan.” Piccalo spoke up.
“Huh? I am?”
“Goku’s just not his usual confidante, his attacks aren’t even hurting the android. He’s going to need our help you guys!” Piccalo remarked.
“Huh wait a sec, he seems fine, your being paranoid. I mean look at him what could go wrong?” Tien asked.
“I tell you something’s not right, Goku’s maxed out for some reason. He’s going to give out if this keeps up.” Piccalo replied.
“Yeah, that’s right I can see it to.” Gohan said then added. “Hey you guys, remember what Yamcha said about feeling weak when the android touched him. Like he was absorbing his energy?” He asked.
Piccalo looked over his shoulder at Gohan in shock. “What?!”
“Yeah, I felt energy leaving me, like I was being drained or something. But it felt weird. Goku would know if it was happening to him.” Yamcha explained. Yamcha was sure the android hadn’t touched Goku after all Tien had said that the android hadn’t even laid a hand on Goku. So at least it wasn’t the android.

Suddenly the android plummeted down to the ground from a kick from Goku, it made a small crater in the ground with dust flying up, the impact form the blast of hitting the ground was enough of a wind to knock a normal human being over, but then again these guys were definitely not normal.
“Right on.” Krillen remarked.
“Right on Goku.” Tien added.
“Excellent shot!” Krillen smiled.
“Man what a champ!” Yamcha said impressed.
When the dust cleared the android pushed himself up to his feet and stared up in the sky at Goku.
Yamcha blinked in surprise. “Man! Look if Goku hit me like that, I wouldn’t be able to move for a week.” He exclaimed.
“Yeah what are those things made of anyway?” Tien asked in reply.

The group of them stared in the sky at Goku. But Goku felt suddenly exhausted and he knew he couldn’t keep fighting this android for long. He knew he had to take a drastic measure and he pulled his hands to the side and a small blue sphere appeared between his hands.
“Kaaaaaaaa.... meeeeeeeeee...... haaaaaaaaaaa...... meeeeeeee..... HAAAAAA!!!” Goku cried out and the blast shot towards the android.
Suddenly the Android almost leapt for joy. “A-ha!!!” He exclaimed and held his hand out and began to absorb the blast and began laughing.
“Man that’s not right!” Tien exclaimed.
“Yeah I was right!” Yamcha exclaimed sounding panicked.


Trunks watched as Debra shifted in her sleep and she groaned. He sat forward in the chair and sighed. She looked like she was improving, he just hoped it would be soon he had to go help the others after seeing the report on television about south city being attacked. He hoped Goku was still alive and able to hold the androids off. But he’d promised Maney that he’d stay with her mother till she was well.
Debra’s eyes flickered open and she looked at Trunks. But she was still weak, he could tell just by looking at her. “Is it suppose like this?” She asked.
Trunks looked at her. “What do you mean?” He asked.
“Like a thousand knives are shooting through my heart all at the same time, and my heart is expanding from the impact ready to crush all my other organs against my rib age.” She replied and she coughed and instantly sat up gasping for air.
Trunks was by her side and he gave her more of the antidote, she looked at him thankful and she smiled and lay back down.
“I don’t know what it’s suppose to feel like.” Trunks replied honestly.
Debra nodded she had a look of understanding on her features. Trunks felt bad that he couldn’t do more, he just hoped well enough that she would live at least long enough to raise Maney.
“Don’t be sad for me Trunks. I have done my part in this life even though it wasn’t enough. Just pass a message to my daughter in your time for me.” She said.
“Please Debra don’t talk like that you’re going to make it. I will stay here until you do.” Trunks said.
“Tell her anyway. I want Maney to know so long as she gives it her best. I am proud of her. No matter what happens to her in that time or me in this time.” Debra said she closed her eyes and slowly fell back asleep.
Trunks rested his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands, he could sense Debra’s power level still there, so that meant she was alive, it wasn’t rising any higher and it wasn’t dropping. But Trunks didn’t know what to think anymore, all that mattered was that she would live a long eventful life with her daughter. Trunks had no idea who the father was and he was so tempted to check the birth certificate that was by Debra’s bed side table. He finally gave in to the temptation and looked at it, the father’s name wasn’t on the certificate, all it had was the words ‘Unknown’ hand written there and next to the occupation Debra’s hand writing ‘Saviour and Warrior’.
Trunks looked at Debra sleeping. “At least you’re keeping his identity a secret but you have to live long enough to tell Maney who her dad is, even if I never know, let her know.” He said to the sleeping woman.


The minute Vegeta got out of the time capsule and was given the message by Bulma’s father he took off to the skies in search for Goku’s power level and he found it and it was draining and he flew faster, he didn’t want Goku to die, not by the androids at least. “No one kills Kakarott but me.” Vegeta vowed silently.
He knew if that meant helping Goku form certain death, then so be it he would help.
“This doesn’t change our situation Kakarott.” Vegeta said and he saw on a remote island Goku under the vice like grip on Goku’s throat he smirked, he had hope to have Goku in that grip by him one day begging for his life then with ease Vegeta would then snap his neck. So what if it meant having all of his friends and Bulma against him, he didn’t care. His main mission was to become greater than Goku and if Goku somehow died in there battle it was Goku’s loss and his gain. Vegeta saw Piccalo rush forward to try and attack the android and Vegeta and knocked Piccalo aside from trying to interfere as he flew through the sky. Piccalo got hit in his weighted shoulder pads and flew towards the ground. Vegeta didn’t look back.

Vegeta flew straight towards the android and with one swift kick to the side of the android’s face. The Android let go stunned, flying aside like a rag doll and Vegeta landed. He saw all the surprised looks on everyone’s face even the other android.
“No body kills Kakarott while I’m around, destiny has reserved that pleasure for me.” Vegeta remarked.
“Wow Vegeta!” Krillen remarked.
“Vegeta.” Gohan echoed from Piccalo’s side on the ground.
“That’s who it was.” Piccalo exclaimed sitting up.
“Piccalo you’re okay.” Gohan remarked glad.
Piccalo stood up “I admit the move I made wasn’t very smart, but I wanted to help Goku out, and then boom Vegeta got in my way.” He remarked.
“It wasn’t the android?” Gohan asked.
“The android did got a shot in, but only after Vegeta interfered.” Piccalo replied.

Vegeta ignored the rambling’s of the Namek and he stood over Goku looking down on him with nothing but loathing.
“You’re pitiful Kakarott. You were warned about the heart virus. You should of known that turning in to a super saiyan could only make it worst.” He remarked.
Goku groaned from the ground.
“Really Kakarott you are far to forgiving to be a great warrior.” Vegeta said.
Goku gasped and made some sort of sound from his throat to show he was in pain.
Vegeta crossed his arms across his chest and looked down at Goku
“I’ll finish these androids but then you’re next. Got it?” He asked the in pain Goku.
The group of Z fighters were by Goku’s side. Gohan checking his vital signs.
“He’s unconscious but he’s still breathing.” Gohan remarked.
“One of your needs to take Kakarott home right now and give him the antidote. He’s running out of time.” Vegeta remarked.
Gohan began picking Goku up. “C’mon dad, you’re going to be alright, I promise, I’m taking you home.” He said.

Yamcha broke in helping Gohan.
“Please, let me. They need you kid, sad to say but I’d just be in the way here.”
“Hey you better take a swig of that antidote too, if the disease is viral, there’s a good chance you could get it as well.” Piccalo remarked to Yamcha who by now had Goku slung over his shoulder.
“Right thanks Piccalo.” Yamcha said.
Gohan looked up at him. “I’m counting on you Yamcha. Take care” He remarked. Yamcha nodded and began walking off with Goku over his shoulder to get ready to take off to the skies.
“Better get a move on.” Piccalo urged him.
“Right, we’ll be okay, just stay alive until we get back.” Yamcha said with humour in his voice.
The rest of the Z fighters looked at him and nodded except Vegeta who still stood further back than the rest of the with his arms across his chest.
Yamcha then looked at Goku over his shoulder.
“Alright Goku lets do it.” Yamcha said and took to the skies.
“Hurry back Goku we need you!!” Yamcha heard Krillen call out to them as they flew off. Yamcha flew carefully. Goku wasn’t a light person to carry after all he ate more than the normal person.
‘Man Goku, I hope I can carry you.’ Yamcha thought.

Vegeta stood back watching the entire scene appalled by the time he could of been spent getting his fists in to the androids and destroying them. He over heard the two androids talking and he listened in but he didn’t really say anything. He just stood there away form the group of them and the androids with his arms crossed across his chest. ‘After these androids then I will kill Kakarott and I then will be the strongest fighter in the universe, my goal is almost complete and I can hardly wait.’ He thought.


Yamcha flew towards Goku’s house holding the injured friend.
“Just hold on Goku, we’ll get this antidote for you and everything will be fine. I promise.” Yamcha said.
Yamcha for the first time had been glad for Vegeta’s interference for once he was glad of Vegeta even though inside he hated him, he was glad, he was overly glad.
I wonder what Vegeta thinks he’s trying to prove though?’ Yamcha asked himself in thought. ‘oh well I can check up with them later, but for now getting Goku that antidote is all that matters.’


At this stage Bulma was flying through the air in her air craft with Yajirobe holing on to Trunks. “I really don’t want to see Vegeta.” Yajirobe remarked.
“Listen Yajirobe if Vegeta hears that you kept him from seeing his son-” she begun.
“Alright alright I get the picture!” Yajirobe said.
“Good.” Bulma said and she looked at Trunks who was reaching up for Yajirobe’s shirt and began tugging at the clothe giggling and laughing.


Vegeta watched as Android #19 turned to him and stood in a stance ready for battle.
The Android opened his hand to reveal a small red jewel like object in the center of his palm. Vegeta stood there with a smirk implanted across his face.
“I was watching you battle with Kakarott.” He said and uncrossed his arms. “So I’ve seen your energy observing technique, oh well if I can’t blast you away, I’ll just have to pound you to a pulp that’s all.” He said.
“You know some of my moves, but I know all of your moves. Vegeta.” The android remarked grinning back and lowered his hand. “Oh yes Dr. Gero studied you very thoroughly.” The stage set for a large battle and the android flicked at the gold earring of his looking directly at Vegeta. Vegeta smirked again.
“Oh is that a fact, then why were you so surprised when Kakarott turned in to a super saiyan?” Vegeta asked. He knew the Android didn’t know he too could turn in to a super saiyan. “I’ll tell you why, because your database doesn’t cover the battles we had in space. You’re bone head creator picked a fine chapter to emit from your memory banks.” He said.
“Oh.” The android remarked still grinning.
“That’s right my friend, let me ask you, does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?” Vegeta asked and then began powering up, his hair flashed gold and his eyes changed color his hair began flowing with the wind of his golden aura.
“You’ve got to be kidding me I don’t believe it!” Krillen exclaimed.
“Not him to!” Android #20 remarked.
Suddenly with a large cry Vegeta turned in to a super saiyan a crater forming at the base of his feet at the transformation. Sending a blast out in a strong wind.
“Whoa you know who joined the super saiyan club! He is on our side isn’t he?”
Gohan asked shielding himself from the blast of Vegeta turning super saiyan.


Yamcha felt the sudden power behind him and he tried not to look over his shoulder he seemed to know instantly, the power was incredible and Yamcha knew instantly what had happened.
“Vegeta’s a super saiyan.” Yamcha remarked. But he didn’t turn round to go back, he couldn’t. Goku needed the antidote and it was Yamcha’s job to get it to him.
“We might have a chance after all if Vegeta keeps to our side for now.” Yamcha said but inside himself he still didn’t trust Vegeta. He knew he could never trust Vegeta. It was just too much to ask him to do after all the guy had been the reason for his death in the first place. Yamcha’s mind slowly drifted from there to the discussion he had had with Debra. And he tried not to sigh even though Goku was unconscious, he knew Goku would pick up on it. But it wasn’t like Goku could fly back to the battlefield. Goku wasn’t even moving and Yamcha suddenly began to worry about his close friend whom he had known a long time.
Yamcha looked to his shoulder at Goku ‘C’mon Goku hang in there, we’re not going to let you leave us again, we’re going to beat this thing.’ Yamcha thought to Goku.


Trunks was asleep in the chair when he felt a giant power level and he sat up.
“Oh no the battle has already begun!” Trunks exclaimed and he went to leave but then stopped and he looked at Debra’s unconscious form he sighed and he sat down.
“Damnit I promised Maney.” Trunks whispered. “But the others need me I can sense it. At least I know where to look.” he added softly.
Debra’s condition was getting better he knew it, ‘as soon as she wakes up... I’ll ask her opinion on what I should do.’ Trunks thought. ‘I won’t leave until then.’
Trunks sat back waiting looking at Debra. He knew know where Maney got her looks from, and he smiled, Debra rolled on her side and groaned suddenly in pain and she began clutching her chest and she screamed out in pain. Trunks jumped up surprise it looked like she was getting better ‘obviously not’ he though and he sat her up.
“Debra, come on take this.” He said giving her more of the antidote.
He watched her breathing calm down, Trunks knew sooner or later a doctor would come in and check on her and he sensed power levels coming towards them, they were low Trunks jumped up and hid in the corner of the room behind the door floating there quietly as the door burst open and he watched as the doctors began fussing over her. Debra was calm now though thanks to the antidote.
“Well she seems fine, it looks like her system is fighting what ever it is.” A doctor remarked and he looked at the female doctor.
“It’s odd cause only a few moments ago she was in incredible pain.” The female doctor said and shook her head confused. “Did the tests come up with anything?”
The other doctor nodded. “Yes, it’s some sort of virus that attacks the heart, but it’s foreign. I haven’t seen anything like this before.” the other doctor said.
The female doctor after finally convinced that Debra was okay, she walked out with her companion closing the door behind her.

Trunks floated down and Debra’s eyes flickered open again. ‘There has to be something else in her system fighting this thing, other wise she’d be dead.’ Trunks thought and Debra looked at him and she smiled.
“Debra, there’s a battle going on... I need you’re permission to go.” He said.
Debra looked at Trunks and she smiled.
“Just call Scott in and give it to him.” She said.
Trunks nodded. “But first I need to know if you’ve come in to any contact with a guy named Goku. He’s the only other person who’s infected with this virus.”

Debra looked at Trunks. “I don’t know any-” she stopped and she sat up slowly thinking her words drifting back to what Yamcha had told her about Goku, she even remembered the picture of the young boy that Yamcha had, it was a group shot of all of them, Master Roshi, a little Goku, Oolong, Puar, Yamcha and Bulma and she thought carefully trying to remember. Goku’s hair wasn’t ordinary hair and she suddenly realised what had happened. It had happened while she was pregnant with Maney and she nodded.
“Goku... I only ever met him once, it was a pure accident.” She said.
“Once is enough, at that stage his body would of been stronger to protect himself from t eh virus while it slowly ate at him inside but any normal human, they wouldn’t stand a chance if they came in to contact with him. Was there an exchange of some sort say a scratch or contact with flesh?” Trunks asked.
Debra nodded. “He was doing some shopping with his son and wife, she was yelling at him about something and he wasn’t paying any attention to where he was walking and he walked straight in to me knocking me over and lost my groceries. But he helped me up and helped me pick my groceries up and that was it. I never saw him again, later on that week I had a collapse, there was cramps in my leg, dizzy spells, and alot of black outs... symptoms of pregnancies... and if I’ve learned anything all you need is once and anything can happen.” She explained.
Trunks nodded. “Well then that explains how you got sick.” He said.
Debra looked at him. “When Scott comes in you should go help out your friends.”
Trunks nodded and he left the room.

Debra stayed sitting up and she leant up against the headboard of the hospital bed.
“If only you’d stayed at the hospital Yamcha, then I could of told you I was pregnant with your child.” She whispered and she wondered what Yamcha was doing and she wondered if he was the one who was in trouble and she felt dread twisting her insides in to knots.
“Yamcha.” She whispered and she lowered her head sadly. “Please be okay.” she added to herself and she sighed. When she was well again she’d call Master Roshi and give him a message to pass on to Yamcha when she saw him next... if she saw him next.


Trunks hung up the phone from talking to Scott who said he was coming right over.
Trunks was glad now all he had to do was wait and then he’d be able to go help his friends out, he could tell now though that his father was a super saiyan like he’d always wanted to become. Trunks knew that the large blast had been from Vegeta and Trunks knew that Debra had sensed it two. It had to be the reason why Debra woke up. But what was important was getting to his friends and Vegeta to help them out in anyway he could. Trunks looked off in to the distance.
“Hold on father I’ll be with you guys shortly just hang on.” He whispered.

Trunks then walked in the children’s ward where Maney was. The little girl had a small baby beanie on with a large M.S on it he smiled. The baby girl looked at him and she grinned and smiled, Trunks smiled back.
She always seems so happy here, not like the Maney I know in my time.’ He thought.
He walked right up to her she was kept away from the other children he knew it was because of the virus her mother had. Trunks wondered if that was the reason why Maney was strong in his timeline. That the virus had become part of her being helping increase her strength. But Trunks didn’t know.
Trunks thought more on some of the minor differences in the timeline.
There has to be a reason behind all of this.’ He looked at Maney who looked at him and she beamed up at him.

Trunks smiled at the baby Maney. “I’m so going to tease you about this when I get back.” He said to the baby girl. He knew how much Maney hated being teased, she got extremely angry and gave him the bashing of his life proving her point to be the strongest human warrior ever, she seemed to thrive on getting angry and she ran her power through her anger, it was much like Vegeta, but she wasn’t as arrogant as Vegeta was. Trunks looked at the baby girl.
“Well hopefully your mom is going to be okay. I’m going back to check on her. You’ll be okay won’t you?” He asked the baby.
She just smiled back up at him. Trunks nodded. “I thought so.” he said.
With that Trunks left the ward and coming down the hallway he stopped when he saw Scott walking in to Debra’s ward.

Trunks entered the ward and he looked at Scott. “Hey.” He said.
Scott turned and looked at Trunks. “Oh good, you’re here.” Scott said.
Trunks handed him the antidote. “Do not let the doctors get there hands on this until Debra is better, if they stop her from taking it she could die.” He said.
Scott nodded. “I got you.” He said.
“Well I have to get going.” Trunks said and he looked at Debra who was taking a sip from a glass of water. Debra put the glass down and she smiled friendly.
“Good luck Trunks, make sure you kick those androids butts good okay?” She said. Trunks smiled. “I’ll do everything I can to stop them.” He said.
“That’s all any of us can do.” She replied.
Trunks walked to the window and he opened it and took off to the skies towards where he had sensed the battle.

Debra leant back on the head board and she looked at Scott. “You better take some of that too since you’re here. By the sounds of it it’s contagious.” She said.
Scott nodded and he took some and pocketed the antidote as the doctors walked in and they looked at Debra stunned that she was sitting up and talking.
“Hey will I be able to go shortly I have to let the father’s baby know I’m okay.” She said looking at the doctors who were staring at her stunned.
“Um we need to do some tests first Miss Sidney, to see that the virus has completely left your system. If you don’t mind.” The female doctor said.
“No I don’t mind, so long as I can see my baby girl.” She said. The doctors nodded.


It had been over two weeks now and Goku was back on his feet, and he was at the hyperbolic time chamber with Gohan, well waiting to train anyway, Vegeta and Trunks were in there training first. Yamcha sat on the couch of Master Roshi’s channel surfing, he hated not being able to help them. But yet there wasn’t even one news report of the androids or Cell and Yamcha slumped back and he flicked the television set off.
“Yamcha make up your mind, you’re checking the news channel every five minutes, either keep the television on of keep it off.” Oolong remarked annoyed, he’d been watching the television before Yamcha had come inside for the few moments break from his training, Chaoitsu sat on the ground quietly he was upset he couldn’t help.
“I can’t help it your guys. They’re my friends out there and I don’t know what’s going on anymore.” Yamcha said frustrated.

There was a knock on the door at Master Roshi’s and Master Roshi blinked from where he had been sitting with his head in a porn magazine.
“I wonder who that could be?” Master Roshi asked. He got up and he opened the door and his mouth instantly dropped to the ground at a young girl standing there, she was dressed casually in jeans and a short crop top and her hair out hanging down below her waist. She was absolutely beautiful looking.
She smiled at him. “Hi Master Roshi.” She said causally.
He blinked. “You know me?”
She looked at him like she remembered something. “Um... do you know where Trunks is?” She asked.
Yamcha didn’t look over from the couch but stated clearly so the girl could hear him. “He’s training at the moment.”
“He can’t be training I would of picked up his power level if he was training.” She said bluntly.
“Oh he’s in the time chamber.” Master Roshi said drooling at her.
The girl looked at Master Roshi. “Oh well I’m a friend from Trunks timeline.”
Yamcha turned round and looked at her. “Look girl Bulma said there was only one time machine and Trunks has it and there is noway anoth-” He stopped looking at her.
She shifted under his gaze. “Okay so I’m from further forward than Trunks, I left just after Cell killed Trunks, I have a mission and I need to see Trunks.” She said.
Yamcha looked at her he jumped over the back of the couch and walked up to her. “I know you. I’m sure I do.” he said.
“Nice line Yamcha she’s not going to fall for that one.” Oolong remarked.
The girl swallowed and she shook her head. “No you don’t know me, you can’t know me. You’re dead where I come from, we never met.” She said.
“You can wait here till Trunks gets out of the time chamber.” Master Roshi offered.
The girl smiled. “Thank-you. But I have four reasons for being here. One is to make sure my mother has recovered from the heart virus she got from Goku, the second is to get a sensu plant, the third is to see Trunks, and the fourth is to talk to Piccalo.”
“Heart virus? you’re poor mother.” Chi-chi said, “We have some of the antidote left that Trunks gave to Goku.” She added.
“Um... have you guys taken any?” She asked.
“No. Chi-chi wouldn’t let us.” Yamcha said and was instantly belted to the ground by Chi-chi. Yamcha groaned and he shook his head and stood up.
The girl looked at Chi-chi. “They must take it. It’s important, the virus has to be wiped out before it can spread to more people.”
Chi-chi nodded slowly. “Can I ask who are you?” She asked.
The girl shifted uncomfortably. “Um... I’m Maney ma’am.” She replied.
“Well it’s nice to meet you.” Chi-chi said.
“You two ma’am, Gohan is a great hero where we come from. It’s an honour to meet the mother of the hero.” Maney said.
“You knew my Gohan! Tell me what was he like?” Chi-chi asked.
“Well he was a great fighter, but he was very shy, and well all the studying you made him do did pay off he was constantly out smarting those androids. Until Trunks got in trouble, that was the battle where Gohan lost his arm, but he kept on fighting till the day he died. He was a great leader. I only ever watched him from afar.” She said.
Chi-chi smiled. “Well then when Gohan is finished saving the world then I will make sure he gets right back in to studying.” She said.
“Poor Gohan.” Oolong remarked. He was suddenly twacked by Chi-chi and Oolong hit the wall on the other side of the room.
“I hate to be rude, but I only dropped by to look for Trunks, so I have to go. I wish you all the best.” Maney said.
Yamcha nodded. “Same to you Maney, your brave for coming back here by yourself.”
“I didn’t I bought Ky and Shi-gatsu. They’re out looking for Trunks too.” She smiled.
“Who’s protecting your world then?” Yamcha asked.
“ ku... Our Goku android, Ky trained him exceptionally well...” She said and shifted uncomfortably. “Well I must go.” She said and she ran off, taking to the sky flying towards Korin’s tower.

Yamcha scratched his head. “I swear I’ve seen her before.” he whispered. He sighed giving up trying to think on it and he flicked the television back on in time to see a report on television. A reporter sitting behind a desk looked up and spoke.
“This just in, a lone victim suffering from a foreign heart virus has pulled through...” The reporter said.
Everyone looked at the screen.
“A small pottle of medication was found by the victim’s bedside table. The doctors believe that this is what helped the young woman survive. They have taken it to the lab to find out what is in it and to put it to more tests... we are going live now to South City hospital where the young woman is being allowed to leave...”
The image on the screen changed and Yamcha gasped as he saw Debra leaving the hospital camera’s in her face, Scott was fending them off.
“Miss Sidney how does it feel to be a lone survivor of this virus?”
“Debra! How did you get the virus?”
“Can you tell us what is in that medication you were taking?”
Debra stopped and the reporters all looked at her.
“Do you have something to say Miss Sidney?” A reporter asked.
Debra nodded. “Yamcha... if you’re watching. You’re a father.” She said and she walked off and in to a car which pulled off. There was a baby in her arms.

Yamcha fell back in to the couch a shocked look across his face.
“Debra. I’ve got to call her.” He said.
“That was the girl you were training right Yamcha?” Master Roshi asked.
Yamcha flushed and he nodded. “Yeah, I was.”
“What were you doing, training to get her pregnant?” Oolong asked.
Oolong was smacked and sent across the room by a back hand from Chi-chi.
Chaoitsu floated up from the ground. “She looked like the girl who was just here.”

Chi-chi looked at Yamcha. “She did and she said something about making sure her mother was alright. This Debra girl was said to be a lone survivor.” She remarked. “Yamcha I think you just met your daughter from the future.” She added.
Master Roshi grinned. “Well she was a fine young lady Yamcha, you should be proud.” He said referring more to Maney’s looks.
“I don’t know guys I have to talk to Debra first, I mean for all we know what if she had a boy? So don’t jump the gun just yet.” Yamcha said.
“Either way you’re a father Yamcha how do you feel about this?” Chi-chi asked.
Yamcha smiled. “I feel great. This is unbelievable. And she’s a warrior. I wonder how that occurred? Especially if I’m not around.”
“Well you said you trained Debra did you actually train Debra?” Master Roshi asked.
Yamcha looked at Master Roshi. “Of course I trained her!”
Chi-chi smiled “Well then Yamcha are you going to continue fighting now that you have a family?” she asked.
“I don’t know.” Yamcha replied honestly, Yamcha didn’t need to talk Debra to ask about the sex of the child, he knew inside himself that he had a daughter. And he knew it had been the girl who had just visited them looking for Trunks.


Debra was putting Maney to bed in her cot, she had been home a few hours now when the phone rang and she picked it up. “Hello?” she asked.
“Debra it’s me Yamcha.”
Debra smiled. “YAMCHA!!! Oh Kami you’re alright I feared the worst.”
“No I’m fine I’m at Master Roshi’s at the moment. How’s Maney doing?” He asked.
Debra blinked. “How’d you know the name of our daughter?” She asked.
“I can’t say not just yet. But I promise when all this stuff is over I’m coming to see you. I mean it.” Yamcha said.
Debra looked down at the sleeping baby. “You have to see her Yamcha, she is a beautiful baby. I want her to know who her daddy is.” She said.
“I promise Debra. When this is all over. I will be there, not even death can stop me. I’m proud of you and of her.” Yamcha said.
Debra pulled the blanket up over the baby. “She’s six months old now. And she’s got such spirit. Apparently the virus is running through her veins but it’s not effecting her. She’s healthy as any other baby. It’s odd. The doctors can’t seem to figure out why she’s living. I’m scared through, I can’t do this alone.”
“You won’t have to Debra I promise, with all my heart, you won’t do this alone. I won’t let anything happen to you or our daughter.”


To Be Continued....