Part Two

Debra arrived home to her apartment in darkness with nothing by a flickering light from the kitchen dinning area she walked in and smiled... Yamcha was there setting the table and she chuckled as she saw the take outs and walked up to him.
“For a second there I thought you’d made me dinner.” She grinned.
Yamcha laughed. “I need longer than an hour for that.” he replied. “So I got take outs, sorry it’s not romantic but, it’s food and I’d figure you’d be hungry.”
Debra smiled. “It’s the thought that counts, that’s all that matters. Yamcha smiled and she wrapped her arms round his neck and pulled him down in to a deep and passionate kiss. He put his arms round her and kissed her back.

They sat down and ate the dinner, it was in silence at first, because Debra was extremely hungry. But after the meal they sat there talking for a long while. Debra wanted to know about these battles he’d helped fight in to protect the earth, and he told her gladly, she admitted deep inside she’d hate to see him go, but then there wasn’t much she could do to prevent it. So she decided she wanted to know everything Yamcha knew, she wished she could help, but she wasn’t as strong as him and knew he wouldn’t let her go in to battle. After a long talk they talked more about there ex’s just to get a feeling on how they felt they stood compared to them. Debra having ended the last relationship they were in and Yamcha having ended his.
Yamcha then explained further about the other guy his ex Bulma was seeing. She blinked at the description and frowned a little.
“So he comes here looking for the dragonballs kills you guys, then suddenly he’s one of the good guys? I’m sorry, but that’s just weird.” Debra said.
“I was the same. It goes for Piccalo too, Goku has that effect on people. He’s a great guy, and a good friend.” Yamcha said.
“But this Vegeta guy... he doesn’t sound like he’s turned nice.” She said.

Yamcha laughed and he looked at Debra. “Oh he hasn’t he wants to prove himself as the strongest fighter in the universe that seems to be his goal, so we just let him do what he wants. I should of known sooner that Bulma was drawn to him... then the situation with Laila, I couldn’t let her get hurt because of me again. So I ended it, now she’s pregnant with his child.” Debra watched Yamcha sigh.

Debra could tell Yamcha was having a hard time getting over Bulma so she placed her hand on his shoulder and looked in to his eyes.
“I was once told by a dying friend, that during the short time remaining to you, it is best not to torment yourself with fears of death or press to change them, we all do what we do and it is done for a reason. The best part of your life is what you had and what you give to this moment, Love everyone no different and if they have to leave love them with all your heart and when the day comes they have to go send them away with a smile. And while they are gone pray constantly for their well being. That is all there is needed to show true love and care.” Debra said.
“You had a wise dying friend.” Yamcha said.
“Yes, he was philosopher of sorts, he was like a father to me, when I had none. His advice is the advice I treasure. And I constantly pray that he is being kept safe in heaven.” Debra replied.
Yamcha looked at her. “Are you giving me this advice for my sake?” He asked.
Debra looked at. “For you sake and my own, because I’m about to send you off in to Kami knows what and I fear that I might never see you again.” She said.
Yamcha nodded. “Why do I feel even though I’m much older than you, that you are so much older than me?” He asked.
Debra shrugged. “It’s what men find intimidating about me...” she replied.
Yamcha looked at her. “I don’t.”
Debra smiled and she took his hand and pulled him up and lead him away from the table. “I’ve never known true love Yamcha, and I’ve sheltered myself from it, your are like my best friend, but I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you, I just want you to be with me for tonight. Show me what love is.” She said.

Yamcha swallowed nervous as she lead him to her room, yet he didn’t protest and he didn’t back down. “Are you sure you want this?” He asked flushing slightly.
She smiled at him. “I’m sure.” She replied.


Vegeta came through on the cold floor of the training capsule and he groaned every part of his body ached and he slowly pushed himself up and he stood up, he felt better, but he was sore, the gravity in the training capsule no longer effected him and he turned it off and he pushed open the release door of the capsule to take in a breath of fresh air. He walked out looking at the night sky, he was alone in this far away planet with nothing but himself, he was caught in the solitude of space. Like he had planned to do. Yet as he looked up at the sky he wished that he wasn’t alone, he wanted to be back on earth and he hated himself for brining up the reason why.
The woman behind it all. “Woman, what have you done to me?” He asked the night sky and he sighed, he looked down at the rocky ground beneath his feet and he looked back up the sky. “This is no time to get soft. I must become a super saiyan that’s all that matters, I must surpass Kakarott and become the strongest fighter in the universe. That is all that matters, that is all that will matter, when I finally defeat Kakarott. And claim my rightful place as the strongest being in the entire universe.” He said to the night sky but part of him wasn’t sure anymore. It was then in the night sky he saw the meteor shower coming towards the planet he was standing on. It was then he knew nothing else mattered but to protect his only way off the planet and back to earth to fulfil his vow.


Bulma stood staring at the stars through her bed room window and she sighed. She placed her hand on her pregnant stomach and sighed, the baby kicked ever so slightly and she sighed. ‘I know, I miss him too.’ she thought.
“Vegeta where are you?” She whispered. “We’re waiting for you.”
Bulma left her curtain open like she had every night since Vegeta left and she walked over to her bed and she lay down on it looking up at the stars through her window, wondering what Vegeta was doing and wondering if he was okay, she closed her eyes letting her worry seep in to her sleep.

She saw him on a planet hoovering above the ship blasting meteor after meteor, he was handling it well protecting the ship, if it was damaged it would stop him form coming back to her, then she saw the giant meteor come out of nowhere and towards him. She saw his energy raise as he sent a giant blast directly in to the middle of the meteor causing it to shatter and a loose piece hit him sending him flying in to the ground with such impact it caused a crater.
“Kaaa...kaaa...rott...” He said his voice shaking.
Bulma saw him pull himself out of the crater, he was hurt, but he looked even more hurt emotionally he was suffering and then she saw it, his hand clenched in to a fist and he thumped the ground angrily.
“No that’s it no more! I don’t care!!” Vegeta cried out angrily and he pulled him self up and out of the crater and he cried out.

Bulma could feel his every emotion and then she saw while he was crying out in a great flash of golden light he suddenly changed... his hair instantly flashed a golden yellow and his eyes changed to an aqua color and he stood there for a moment. Transformed... part of his goal was complete... Bulma could see it and she felt it... Vegeta was a super saiyan....


Yamcha lowered his head and kissed Debra gently as if she were a fragile piece of crystal that might shatter, knowing very well in his mind that she had never felt this kind of love, so he was being extra careful with her, trying not to scare her. His lips left her mouth to place feather light kisses on both her eyelids before slowly moving down to nip at her neck. He pulled back and looked at her, and he studied her carefully and with great concern.
“Are you sure you want this Debra?” he asked.
She smiled at his and touched the side of his face. “I’m sure.” She replied.
They kicked their shoes off.

Yamcha’s fingers released the buttons of her shirt, he replaced each one with a kiss until he’d worked his way down to the waistband of her jeans. He unbuckled her belt and undid the buttons on her jeans, he slide her jeans down to her ankles and he scooped her up and out of her jeans, she smiled at him. Slowly he fondled her soft stomach with his warm hand before leaning down and claiming it with a kiss. He stood up and slid the shirt off her shoulders and it landed on the ground leaving her standing in nothing but her undergarments. He ran his hands up and down her arms and he pulled her close to him and kissed her, his hand travelled to her back where he found the clasp of her bra and with a flick of his thumb the clasp popped open. he pulled her bra off exposing her breasts, the bra landed on top of her shirt. His hand closed around her breast as his lips never leaving hers. He kneaded the soft mound until he could feel her nipple harden in response. He gently nipped at her ear lobe before moving lower to her neck. He kissed the pulse point at the vee of her collarbone.

Yamcha’s lips sent shock waves surging throughout her body when his warm mouth closed over her hardened nipple and he began to suckle, he could hear Debra let out a gasp. He knew these sensations were new to her, and that’s why he took his time. His hand closed over her other breast and he caressed it until it too was rigid before he covered it with his mouth. Each time his tongue laved her sensitive nipple he could feel Debra’s body quiver. He then moved down lower and tugged her under briefs down past her hips. Nuzzling and kissing her soft inner thighs, he moved the briefs down her slender legs and he stood up picking her and placed her on the bed he hoovered over her admiring her nakedness. Her passion filled green eyes, and her strawberry blonde hair fanning out about her face, she looked almost heavenly. He kissed her stomach again.

Debra sucked her breath in at the touch of his mouth on her stomach. Her heart was pounding so hard she could barely catch her breath. Her whole body pulsating as an exciting, yet at the same time frightening, pressure was building within her. With each caress of his hand, each touch of his mouth on her body it grew stronger, threatening to erupt at any moment. When he took her breast in his mouth, she thought she would die from pleasure. Her body jolted with each flick of his tongue on her tender nipple. She could see the desire in his eyes and her body responded with a flood of moistness in answer to his undisguised desire for her. Her hands moved to his shirt and she began unbuttoning it and he looked at her he smiled as her fingers quickly did away with the buttons, then slid the shirt of him. His kisses trailed down from her breasts down her stomach then to her legs and he kissed her on the pulse of her womanhood, she looked at him shocked and he smiled reassuringly at her and kissed her again his tongue entering her womanhood. She clutched the sheets and gasped and arched her back slightly overcome by the desire within her.

Yamcha moved back up to her lips and kissed her again, her hand touched the side of his face tracing the outline of his scar on his right cheek. She said nothing and let him kiss her, she ran her hand down his muscled chest to pause at the top of his jeans, she smiled and unfastened the belt pulling it out slowly, she then undid his jeans and pulled them off him. her hand ran along the top of his boxers and she smiled at him again and kissed him. Yamcha rolled away from her quickly, quickly pulling his boxers off and tossing them aside. He moved back to cover Debra’s body with his. He had been patient with his body, exploring her every curve with his hands and his lips, but he couldn’t hold out much longer. He settled himself between her legs. He braced his weight on his elbows with one hand on either side of her head, her hands travelled down his arms to his hands and her fingers interlocked with his. Yamcha kissed her on the lips again. “This will hurt Debra. The first time always does. But I promise I’ll becareful.” he whispered and kissed her again, to distract her. Slowly he entered her, then paused, allowing her body to adjust to the invasion.

Debra moaned and twisted beneath him. Her whole body was on fire and pulsating from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. The pressure now centred at the core of her femininity, was throbbing almost painfully, each throb releasing a hot, creamy liquid. Debra was shaking the pain slowly coming to surface and she looked at him.
Yamcha kissed her again. “It’ll vanish shortly, just bare with okay?” he whispered.
She nodded. Yamcha lowered his mouth to hers, he gently kissed her as he pushed past her restraint and buried himself further inside of her.
Debra cried out as she felt a sharp, burning sting. “Kami it hurts!” She cried out.
She wasn’t sure what to do and she tried to pull back from it till Yamcha unlocked one of his hands from her and placed it under her pulling her back to him.
“Shhhhh, it’ll be alright, just relax.” He whispered comforting her.
Debra clung on to him and she felt him slowly starting to move within her.
She loosened the grip and fell back on to the bed finally relaxed.
When he quickened his thrusting, Debra felt the wonderful sensations that she had started with return even stronger than before, She moved against him, matching his rhythm until suddenly her body began to quiver uncontrollably. She cried out and instinctively arched against Yamcha.

Yamcha felt the pulsating of Debra’s climax. Her body closed tightly around him, pulling at him until he spilled his seed deep within her. He collapsed on top of her momentarily as he tried to gasp enough air in to his lungs to move away. Her breathing was as ragged as his. He could feel her heart pound as rapidly as his.
As his breathing and heart rate returned to normal, so did reality. He started to slip out, when Debra locked her legs round him and pulled him back he looked at her.
She grinned. “Na-uh, not yet, you’re not getting away that easy.” She said. Yamcha smiled bracing his weight back on both of his elbows, he cuddled her to him, enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking. He nuzzled, the gently nipped the sensitive spot he’d discovered just below her ear.
“Mmmm...” She moaned. “I didn’t expect anything like that.” She said and ran her hand through his hair and moved close to his ear and whispered. “Can we do it again?” Yamcha moaned. Her words sent waves of passion surging through him, and at once again they were swept away in a storm of sensual feeling until at last they slumped to the bed in complete exhaustion.
Yamcha carefully eased himself away from her and rolled on to his back. Pulling Debra to him, he wrapped his arm around her, drawing her close to his side.

Debra turned her face up to him for another kiss before laying her head on his shoulder and snuggling closer to him. She could feel his heart thumping strongly under her hand on his chest. The rhythmic beat was slowly lulling her to sleep.

Yamcha rested his cheek against the top of her head, both arms wrapped around her.
He could feel Debra’s body relaxing as she drifted towards sleep.
He kissed the top of her head.
“Night Debra.” he whispered. “Mmmmnnn...” She replied.


Vegeta arrived back on earth with only a few days to spare till his son’s birth and he walked in to Bulma’s room he watched her lying on her bed balancing a plate full of food on her stomach and talking to the baby and eating at the same time.
“Now you don’t worry about your daddy he’ll be back in time...” She paused and then looked directly at him, she lifted the plate off her stomach and she set it aside and ran up to him and threw her arms round him.
Vegeta accepted the hug and he cursed himself metally for showing a sign of weakness and hugging her bag.
“Oh I knew you’d be back!” Bulma exclaimed.
Vegeta nodded. “I told you I would be. What would make you think otherwise?”
Bulma shrugged. “Nothing really.” She replied.
“You haven’t been talking to that weak ex mate of your have you? He hasn’t been filling your head with nonsense has he cause if he has, despite whether we need him for the battle with the androids I will blast him.” Vegeta said.
Bulma just kissed him on the lips. “Don’t mind Yamcha Vegeta. He’s moved on, we’re just friends now.” She whispered.
“He better have.” Vegeta grumbled.


Yamcha stood at the hospital with Vegeta outside the maternity ward. Bulma’s screaming was heard from inside and Yamcha looked at Vegeta and he smirked.
Vegeta just glared back. “What are you looking at?!” He snapped.
“I would never of believed it, you being a dad, wow this is weird.” Yamcha said. “Shutup or I’ll blast your weak human ass.” he threatened.
They listened as Bulma let out a string of curses most of them dissing Vegeta.
Yamcha smirked and tried not to laugh.

After a few hours they guys were lead to Bulma’s room where she lay peacefully and exhausted with a small baby boy wrapped in a blanket in her arms.
“Oooh look Trunks it’s you’re daddy...” Bulma whispered to the baby.
The baby opened one eye and looked at Vegeta, the baby then looked up at Bulma.
“Come here Vegeta hold your son.” Bulma said.
Vegeta stepped forward and he shot Yamcha a nasty look. “Say a word of this to anyone and-” He stopped as Yamcha interrupted.
“I’ll be sent to the next dimension... right got cha.” Yamcha said.
Vegeta growled at Yamcha and he walked up to Bulma and the baby, and Bulma put the baby in to his arms. Trunks looked up at him and the baby blinked and Vegeta smirked as the baby reached up for him. Trunks saw the smirk and he tried to copy it.


Debra was at work feeling very much light headed. She needed to constantly take breaks and she had no idea what was wrong with her. Yamcha had gone back to his training alone and she said for him to come visit her the day before the androids. So she could wish him well. But that day was a year away. She hated not thinking she would see him in that year, but she had made him go to train. So she had thrown herself back in to her work, but tonight was different, she felt different it was like her senses had been heightened and the noise of the music echoed in her ears, it wasn’t until she started to take her third break that she collapsed at the door.

Scott saw her collapse and he leapt over the bar and ran to her side and he draped her arm round his shoulder and he helped her to the back where he lay her down on the couch they had there.
The manager looked at him. “What happened?” He asked.
“She collapsed. I’m going to call an ambulance.” Scott replied.
The manager nodded then looked to two other bar tenders. “Take their places and hurry before we lose business.” He said.
The two replacements headed out and the manager looked at Scott.
“Go with her when the ambulance arrives.” Was all he said. Scott nodded.

Yamcha was coming out of Bulma’s room when he saw Scott in the distance and he saw Scott walking by the bed being rolled down the hall, Yamcha ran up to the scene and Scott looked at him.
“Yamcha what are you doing here?”
“Uh my friend just had a baby. She made me promise to be there for her. Then she kicked me out of the ward. But that doesn’t matter, what happened to Debra?” He asked general concern in his voice.
Scott looked at him and he shrugged they moved along with the bed. “I don’t know she was complaining about cramps in her leg earlier. Then getting dizzy spells and as she went for her break she collapsed.” He said. “So I called an ambulance and here I am and there she is... out cold still.” He added.

Debra slowly opened her eyes hearing two voices, she looked at Scott then smiled when she saw Yamcha.
“Hi stranger.” She whispered.
“Oh geez Debra you better be alright.” He said.
Debra nodded. “I’ll be fine. Are you at Master Roshi’s or at your normal address?”
“Out in the desert.” Yamcha remarked.
“I’ll come visit you when I’m better. And fill you in okay?” She asked.
“Okay.” Yamcha replied.
The doctors stopped the two guys from going beyond the doors and looked at them.
“Sorry guys, we can’t let you beyond this point. We’ll fill you in later, just go to the waiting room and wait there.” A doctor said.
They wheeled Debra off. Scott looked at Yamcha.
“You live in the desert?” He asked.
Yamcha nodded. “Yeah.”
“Geez no offense but get out of the sticks man.” Scott said.


Yamcha never heard from Debra, it had been a year now and here he stood on this cliff face, on the fateful day the teenager from the future predicted would be his end. Bulma with him holding her and Vegeta’s son, she had wanted to surprise the group. Yamcha stood here his arms crossed across his chest, if only he’d been with Debra more, his inside hurt from not hearing from her. But still even though he had admitted he’d gotten over Bulma he couldn’t help but feel jealous. She had a child at least a legacy to continue on with the fighting after their demise. He hid his pain, but he couldn’t hid his hurt, he had wanted to help in some way, yet with his death prediction he was scared and he couldn’t help it. There would be no legacy for him. At least Vegeta had Trunks and Goku had Gohan, who was told that he would survive the attack. Yamcha held the hurt inside. Debra would of been a great person to spend the rest of his life with, where they could grow old together and not worry about anything but the upbringing of their child. If they had spent more time together to have a child that would of been. But he wouldn’t know it now. This was it, the time to see if they could change the future. Yamcha looked at his friends as they looked at Bulma with the baby, now was the time, the time to let them know him and Bulma were over.


Debra lay in hospital sick, Scott by her side. She had a fever and this was some sort of virus unseen before by the doctors. Debra knew it wasn’t right, but her daughter had survived that’s all that mattered, she hadn’t given the doctors the information they required about the girl’s father. She didn’t want her daughter to be hunted down and killed because of it. She looked at Scott he was her best friend, the only true friend that had stayed by her side the entire time he’d been here in this country. He’d fallen asleep by her bed side, she had been forbidden to even hold her daughter. She had fallen ill not long after the birth, yet she had no idea where this virus had come from. Had she been in contact with anyone who had the virus, all she could think of was Yamcha and Scott and the thousand people she served each week at the bar.
Something wasn’t right. This wasn’t suppose to happen she knew it.
It was then she saw the door open and a figure walked in he looked at her and smiled. She blinked she wasn’t sure if this was real or if it was a dream, her dreams had been so vivid of Yamcha being killed and it broke her heart. The figure was a teenager, with lavender hair and blue eyes he had a friendly smile and he walked up to her bedside and he looked at her.
“I’m not going to harm you. I’m here to help.” He said.
She nodded. “Who are you?” She asked.
He looked round then knelt down by her side. “The name’s Trunks... I’m from the
future. I gave the warning of the androids, have you heard of them?” He asked. She nodded. “Yes, they haven’t arrived yet have they?” She asked worried.
He looked unsure. “I don’t know, but first you’re who matters. Your daughter in my time is a good friend of mine, she told me you caught the virus, she said you fought it and lived but forever with the virus infecting those you loved, if I had known the first time I came back I would of paid you a visit. But I don’t think you would of believed me. I have the antidote.” he said.
Debra looked at him. “ daughter? What is she like?” She asked. Trunks smiled. “She the bravest, stubbornest and strongest woman I have ever encountered. She is a truly great warrior.” He replied.
“Her father would be proud.” Debra smiled. Trunks pulled the antidote out of his pocket and he gave her some. She took it and lay back her fever slightly dropping.
“I will stay with you until you’re better Miss Sidney. You’re survival means alot to your daughter. Without you she wouldn’t be anywhere near as strong as she is. We need her in my time.” Trunks said.
“But Scott? What happens to him?” She asked. Trunks looked at the sleeping friend he had never even heard of him, he looked at the sleeping American.
“I can’t say what I don’t know.” He said. “But first get some rest.” he added and found a seat and he sat back. Debra believed the young teenager and she closed her eyes and slowly drifting to sleep.


Yamcha fought the death grip of the android, he couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed, they looked just like humans, except the shorter rounder one, he looked like a freak, Yamcha mentally cursed himself he should of known something so weird looking was a creation of Dr. Gero. Yamcha’s life was flashing before his eyes as his life force was being sucked out of him. His thoughts went out to everyone he knew, Goku, Bulma, Puar, Krillen, Gohan, Tien, Chaoitsu, Chi-Chi, Master Roshi, he wasn’t sure if he really wanted to think about Yajirobe, the whimpy samurai was constantly flaking out. But he didn’t have time to think on it further, cause he felt his life force being sucked dry. But for his last thought was on Debra, and how much pain she’d be in when she found out he was dead. With that in his mind everything went black.


Trunks wandered the hospital while Debra was sleeping he had to see for himself his friend from his time the girl who fought with the spirit of a thousand warriors, who had survived on her own for four whole years. He found the ward and he looked in, she was only six months old but he knew those green eyes, he touched the glass and looked in, she was sitting in the play pen with building block, she had so far made a strange structure. He saw her look up and she looked directly at him he smiled, she smiled back.
“I’ll make sure your mom will be okay don’t worry.” He said.
The baby girl looked round the ward at all the other children, she just sat there, he knew she must of felt out of place.
“I wonder why you never told me who your father really was? I guess I’ll have to wait until your ready.” He said and he stepped back from the glass and he walked back to the ward where Debra was sleeping.

Trunks walked in to the room to see Scott sitting up. Scott turned and looked at him. “I’m a friend don’t worry. If you want you can go home. I’ll sit in from now on.” Trunks informed Debra’s friend. Scott nodded and he got up.
“Get the doctors to call me if she gets any better. But for now I’ve got to go and look for her boyfriend.” He said.
“Sure.” Trunks replied. Scott smiled he grabbed his jacket and he walked out.
Trunks sat in a chair and rested back, he pulled out a small capsule from it’s case in his pocket and he held it in his hand and spun it round his fingers.
“I hope I’ve come back far enough to help both Maney and the rest of the Z warriors.” He said to himself and looked at the capsule holding the time machine.


When Yamcha came through he was on the cliff face again and he sat up and held the side of his head, he felt fine, better than anything so he assumed that he’d been given a sensu bean, he sighed to himself he felt incredibly bad for not being able to stop the android. But he really didn’t know what he could do. He looked at Bulma and Trunks in her arms, he hardly ever left her embrace, Yamcha knew the boy would grow up to be spoiled. But he didn’t say anything on it. Yamcha saw Yajirobe and Gohan on the cliff face.
“How are you feeling Yamcha?” Gohan asked.
“Okay I guess.” Yamcha said he stood up, he felt a bit a dizzy but he steadied himself.
“Take it easy for a while Yamcha.” Bulma said.
Yamcha nodded but he knew he had to get back to the rest of them and tell them what was going on. That android had drained his energy till he was almost dead, he had to tell Goku, that by grabbing them the androids were able to suck the life out of people. He couldn’t just stand around and not tell them, but first he had to get his bearings right and gather more energy for himself.


Vegeta was training in the capsule in the back yard of the brief home. Bulma had told him that he was going to be late for the battle if he didn’t hurry up. He didn’t really care, he had to use every second of every minute possible to become stronger in his super saiyan form. So what if he was going to be late, it’s not as if he really cared about Bulma’s friends. He just hoped she wouldn’t go off and do something stupid, she seemed to do that. For a genus she was pretty thick at times. But still he cared even if he didn’t show it, he wasn’t sure how to show he cared and the last thing he needed was to show it. He wasn’t going to be weak like Kakarott, that would be his one leverage over the other saiyan. As he flipped through the capsule training in his normal saiyan form he fired blast after blast. He was so used to training in four hundred and fifty times gravity it felt like normal gravity for him now. So he kept training at that level not using up all his energy he needed it to fight the androids. To show them that he was the ultimate warrior the best in the universe.


Trunks watched over Debra carefully, he knew her being alive would be the difference in Maney’s upbringing. He cared fro his friend from the future, she was a bit stubborn but she was determined to prove herself as his equal, even though she didn’t have the foreign element running through her veins to give her the advantage that he had of getting stronger. Trunks was proud to be half saiyan but he didn’t go to the extreme his father did. Trunks heard Debra scream out in her sleep the antidote seemed to be taking a while to help her out and Trunks was by Debra’s side he gave her some more of the antidote.
“Please pull through Debra. Let Maney of this timeline have a full family. She needs both you and her father.” Trunks said taking the woman’s hand. Debra’s cries stopped out and she lay still for a while her breathing shallow. Trunks sighed relieved that the woman had fallen back asleep.
“I wonder how you got this virus to start off with. you must of come in to contact with Goku some where along the line to be effected, but as far as I know, Goku’s still alive and well... I just don’t get it. Something is wrong.” Trunks said more to himself.


to be continued...

sorry this chapter is a bit unco but I lent the tape out with the eps on it based round this part of the story...