Moving On

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Part One

Yamcha spent a lot of his time at Master Roshi’s after he’d broken up with Bulma, he couldn’t bare to hurt her like he had, yet he had. All because of some teenager who became obsessed with him. Laila was in juvenile hall now. She wasn’t going to be bothering him or Bulma again. Well at least not Bulma, he was still getting her stalking letters and e-mails and it distracted him from his training. Yamcha had not told anyone he had broken up with Bulma. He couldn’t face them, about it. But he had a feeling Bulma had moved on, so it was about time he did too.
Even though he was just relaxing back on the deckchair after a morning with hard out sparring with Krillen had worn the two of them down. So there he lay under the hot beating sun wondering what would happen when the androids arrived. If he died protecting the earth then it was meant to be, but here he was single again, trying to comprehend the feeling. He didn’t feel single, he still felt linked to his past. He decided he would go out that night. He needed to get out, he needed to experience life a little bit more before his ended. Morbid thoughts were always thinking of his end. He’d been killed once before, and he knew if he died again, he wouldn’t come back. It was haunting. And it was killing his love for life, a life on a planet which he loved.
That’s it you need to get out.’ He told himself. ‘Then go back to the desert, your roots, the best place for you to train, before you met any of them, before Goku, before Bulma, before any of them.’ He pushed himself up and walked in to Kame House and straight to the room he’d been allocated while he was training under Master Roshi, or not, the old guy had his head in porn magazines too much to train him. Yamcha picked up a capsule from the beside table and he pushed the cap and he threw it aside and a coat rack appeared out of smoke. Bulma had been in a good mood when he called her the day after the break up, she had brought over his things, all packed up nice, neat and tidily in capsules. Yamcha picked out some clothes to wear for that night, something nice that would get him in to the clubs, he decided, what he needed was a quick fix it, from any girl, well any pretty girl...


Yamcha found a new club opening in Satan City and he walked on in, he grinned to himself at all the girls and he walked up to the bar and he ordered a drink, he couldn’t believe himself ordering a cocktail, he mostly if ever drank beer. But the bartender made it for him, he hadn’t paid any attention to the bartender until the drink was put in front of him and he looked at the bartender. A woman, an attractive woman and he smiled.
“Thanks.” He said and gave her the money and a tip.
She smiled back. “You’re Yamcha that baseball player aren’t you?” She asked.
Yamcha nodded. “Yeah that’s me.” He replied.
“I heard about that incident with one of the teams you coached a few months ago, How’d your girlfriend recover from it?” She asked.
Yamcha looked at her. “Are you media?” He asked.
She laughed, it was a nice laugh. He smiled. “Oh no, no, no... I hate Media, they always twist the truth.” She said.
“Yeah they do.” He replied. ‘That or Yajirobe takes the credit.’ he added in thought. “My name’s Debra Sidney.” She said.
“Well you know my name.” Yamcha said and smiled.
“Indeed I do.” Debra smiled, she had the most intense yet friendly green eyes he’d ever seen, they were amazing and her strawberry blonde hair was up on top of her head spiralling down in curls. She was defiantly attractive.
“So are you going to drink that?” She asked.
“Huh?” Yamcha remarked.
“Your drink, you bought it but you haven’t touched it, I didn’t poison it if that’s what you think.” Debra said and she grinned.
“Oh yeah, sorry. I was just admiring your eyes, they’re amazing.” He said. Then he mentally hit himself. ‘nice one, now she’s not going to fall for that line.’
“Thanks.” She replied and smiled again. “I get that all the time.”
Yamcha looked at her. “You do?” He asked.
“Oh yeah, for example, my sensei at my karate class likes to say that to me before he floors me... I get distracted really easily.” She smiled.
Yamcha chuckled. “Any other incidents?” He asked.
“Oh there was this old bald guy with a white beard wearing sunglasses at the bus stop once. That must of been about last week. He invited me to come visit him on some remote Island.” She replied.
Yamcha nearly feel off his seat laughing. ‘Master Roshi?’ he thought and he chuckled.
“Did you get his name?” He asked. “He sounds like someone I know.”
“No just the name of his place. Karma? Kami? Kama? Kame, that’s it... Kame house.” Debra replied.
“I’m living there at the moment, the guy’s a martial arts trainer.” Yamcha replied.
“Oh you know him? I’m sorry but he just seemed a bit to seedy for my liking. I mean a bus stop is not one of my most favorite places to be hit on.” Debra said.
Yamcha nodded. “Too true.”
“Anyway enough about me, I’m sure you get hit on all the time. Being famous and all. Then also being a great martial artist.” Debra said.
Yamcha blushed a little. “Well not in a while, I’ve avoided the public since I broke up with my girlfriend. I can’t stand the media.” he said.
“Wow that’s one thing in common. Look I’m looking for a martial arts trainer that won’t throw lines at me and use it as a reason to knock me to the ground. Are you interested. I can pay you.” Debra said.
“Uh I guess so... but I’m living at Kame house at the moment.” Yamcha said.
“Well there’s always my place.” Debra said and smiled.
“Okay. Look I’ll give you the number to Kame house and you call me when you want to start the lessons.” Yamcha said and he took a napkin and wrote his name and number on it and handed it to Debra. She smiled.
“Well then I better give you my number too, don’t you think?” She asked.
“Only if you want to.” Yamcha said.
Debra grinned. “Oh trust me I want to.” she said.


“I ought to beat you woman!” What do you think you were trying to prove?!” Vegeta shouted at Bulma who was standing in the gravity room.
She crossed her arms across her chest annoyed with him.
“I was trying to prove that I could fight to that’s what I was trying to prove!” She shouted back anger in her voice.
Catching her arm, Vegeta dragged her out of the gravity room. He felt her knees give way, as she stumbled to regain her balance and he dragged her back in to the house.
“Vegeta let go of me!” She snapped, but he didn’t listen. “I won’t be treated like this!” She shouted at him.

But he didn’t release her nor did he speak to her until they had reached her room in the house. He wrenched it open and forced her in to her room with rough hands, and slammed the door shut behind them.
“Have you no sense at all woman?! You could of been killed!” He shouted.
“But I wasn’t.” She responded boldly. “Besides, I thought it was about the damage to the gravity room you were worried about.” Her display of courage quickly evaporated before his anger.
“Vegeta, no. No, please.” Not certian what he might do, she backed away from him. He followed stalking her across her room until she stood with the back of her legs pressed again the table. She put both hands on the tabletop behind her, to keep herself from falling on to it.
“Woman are you determined to drive me mad?!” he demanded.
Bulma straightened herself up. “I can fight too you know. And the name’s Bulma!”
Vegeta growled. Bulma backed up more. “You come in to my life, destroying all my well trained emotions, you make me want you until I am half blind with passion, and then you do foolish, thoughtless things that make me fear for your life. Any other warrior on Planet Vegeta would beat you, would starve you in to humble submission, lock you away and forget about you.” He snapped.
“You’re not on planet Vegeta anymore.” Bulma replied. “Besides you can always leave and train elsewhere on another planet you are not a prisoner here Vegeta, you’re fee to leave when you want to.” She added.
Vegeta caught her hair in both hands stopping her backwards motion across the table.
“But I will never be able to forget you. Even if I leave you now and never see you after this moment.” He said and his mouth bruised her, his hands kept her head where he wanted it so he could plunge his tongue in to her, ravishing her mouth with such terrifying insistence that when he let her go, her knees buckled and she did fall on to the table. He straddled her legs, bending over her, his hands on her shoulders to hold her there.
“I ought to take you here and now,” he said, “without tenderness, without warming your heart or your body first, to show you how angry I am and how much I want you. Would that convince you that I care what happens to you?” He said.
“It would convince me that you are a brute,” she replied. “And considering how vigorous you were last night, the table would probably collapse before you got any satisfaction at all.” She smirked at her own comment. He only glared at her for a long, breathless moment, during which she was uncertain whether he would hit her or take her by force as he had threatened. She was suddenly afraid of him.

Because she was quivering with tension after his dominant maleness, she saw only his hard black eyes, missing the sudden upward tilt at the corner of his mouth. She didn’t know what to expect when he hauled her upright with one hand.
“Take off your clothes.” He ordered.
Bulma looked at him in surprised. “Vegeta. Please.” She was shaking, but it was no longer in fear; it was because of growing excitement.
“If you do not want your clothes to be ruined, then remove them or I will tear them from you.” Vegeta said crossing his arms across his chest looking at her.
Bulma kicked off her shoes then unfastened her trousers letting them fall to the floor. With his eyes still on her, she lifted her shirt up over her head and dropped it on the ground next to her trousers.

Vegeta walked towards her, Bulma didn’t move, and with one strong arm he pulled her close to him, so he could press his face into the silky fabric of her teddy and kiss her breasts. When he began to circle one nipple with his tongue, the fiery heat of his mouth through the lace made her pulses pound. She leaned backward, away from him, trying to catch her breath. He took immediate advantage of the slight distance she had put between them. Still holding her with one arm, with his free hand he explored the curve of her abdomen, the moved downward to the sloping valley that led to the aching spot between her thighs. There he pushed aside the lace and fabric with such a purposeful a motion that she thought he would tear the teddy off her. His fingers stroked in to her, the intimate touch threatening to drive her mad with longing.
“Please,” she whispered, steadying herself with both hands on his shoulders. “Please.” She had no doubt about what she was begging for, nor any doubt at all that he would soon provide it.
Taking his hand away, disregarding her distraught protest at the deprivation, he looked in to her eyes reaching to catch the straps of her flimsy garment with both hands and pulled them off her shoulders.

Bulma could only stand unresisting while he removed her teddy leaving her clad in only in a lacy gold bra. Swaying on her feet, she watched him tear off his own clothing, shamelessly exposing his need for her. She whimpered when he caught her at the waist with one hand he unclipped the bra and he let it fall off, then he lifted her off her feet, thrusting at her as he did so. Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around his neck. Then she screamed with surprised and swiftly mounting passion when he pulled her legs up and around his waist at the same instant that he entered her with a hard, jabbing movement.
It was here again like every time they made out, that aching primitive desire he roused in her every time they made love. it was beyond rational control; it overcame her with terrifying speed, leaving her incapable of thought. Driven half to delirium by a need she could not, and did not want, to fight, she gave in to the demands of her passion for him.. She moaned with Vegeta carried her towards her bed, the motion of his powerful thighs pushing him deeper in to her with every step. The force of their joined fall on to the bed drove him deeper still, his manhood piercing her body and her heart with a sweet, sharp joy as thrust followed vigorous thrust until her overwhelmed senses could endure no more and with a final, ecstatic cry she soared with him in to rapturous completion.


Yamcha still couldn’t believe she had willingly given him her number and now they were dancing together in the middle of the crowd of the club. It was her break so she was allowed to dance. He’d found out she had finished college two years ago and had travelled a bit, doing courses here and there, she always found work as a bartender, due to her looks, if she attracted more men to drink then the more money. She hated being exploited like that, but in the end she’d had some pretty good looking boyfriends. She had just ended a relationship a month ago with a boyfriend who ended up getting scary obsessive with her, when she refused to sleep with him. Yamcha didn’t see her as a possible girlfriend for started she was twenty-four he was thirty-three, still nine years wasn’t much of an age difference. He’d found out she’d never slept with anyone before in her entire life and she was happy with it. She wanted her first time to be memorable with someone she felt she truly loved. So Yamcha decided that he wouldn’t make her feel uncomfortable it had been a while since he’d just had females for friends, with out dating them or checking them out.

After the night was over Yamcha said goodbye to his new found friend and he flew back to Kame House, he walked in as the clock on the wall turned 4:54am. He decided to keep Debra a secret from everyone sure she was a friend, and a female but he knew how they would all react saying he was cheating on Bulma. He still hadn’t told anyone about their break up neither had Bulma. Both of them wanting to be able to move on before telling the rest of the group.

Yamcha found his way to the room he was staying in and he fell down on the bed and looked at the ceiling and he sighed. ‘She’s probably with Vegeta right now’ he thought glumly. ‘How could I of not seen it sooner.’ He sighed. He had to get over Bulma, he had to. It wasn’t going very well, ‘maybe I better go to the desert to train sooner rather than later.’ he thought.

He lay there for a while watching the sun rise up not feeling the least bit tired and he hear his door open and Puar floated in.
“Yamcha you’re awake?” She said sounding surprised.
Yamcha smiled. “Yeah. I haven’t been to sleep yet, I guess I’m not tired.”
She floated over and hoovered by his side looking at him. “When are you and Bulma going to tell everyone about your break up? I don’t think I can keep it a secret any longer.” Puar said.
Yamcha looked at her and he shrugged. “As long as it takes me to get over her.”
“Yamcha you’re hurting inside, if you don’t get it off your chest them you’ll never get over her.” Puar said.
Yamcha looked at her. “I know but I can’t talk to these guys. They’ll just give fake sympathy, I just have to admit it I’m not the best guy in the world Puar. I don’t know anybody who would want to date me. And I’m getting too old for this.”

They heard the phone in the other room ring and then Yamcha heard Krillen shout out at him. “Yamcha!!! Phone!!!”
Yamcha pushed himself up and he walked out and he took the phone from Krillen.
“Hello?” He said then he blinked surprised as the voice on the other end spoke to him.
“Today? Uh sure I’ll be right over.” He said and hung up.

Krillen looked at Yamcha. “Who was that Yamcha? I don’t think Bulma would be too happy is she knew girls were calling you here.” Krillen said.
Yamcha looked at Krillen. “This girl just wanted me to teach her some martial arts, help her get focused. That’s all Krillen.” He said.
“I’m not so sure, she sounded like she really wanted to see you.” Krillen remarked.
“She’s a friend Krillen, like Bulma’s yours, Gohan’s and Goku’s friend. Just relax. Nothing will come of this.” Yamcha said. He was positive nothing would happen.


It had been six months Yamcha had been training Debra in the desert, just the two of them, no one else. Puar had stayed behind at Yamcha’s persistence to train on his own, Yamcha had taught Debra everything he knew, she wasn’t as strong as him, but she was just determined. She floated in the air and grinned at Yamcha.
“Just wait until my sensei sees this, no longer will he treat me like some piece of meat.”
Yamcha nodded. “I’m glad... look Debra something big is coming up and I have to train here alone for a while. I hope you don’t mind.” He said seriously.
Debra floated back down to the ground and she looked at Yamcha worried.
“This sounds bad.” She said.
Yamcha nodded. “It is... you see there is these androids and they’re going to attack the earth in about a year and a bit, and well I have to be ready. I hope you understand.” he said.
Debra nodded slowly. “So long as you’ll let me come and see you at least once and a while... as a friend.” She added.
Yamcha smiled. “As a friend.” he agreed.
“Good... well I got to go, I have work tonight. See you.” She said and kissed Yamcha on the cheek and she took off to the skies.


Yamcha had decided to visit Bulma since he’d finished his training for the day and see how she was doing he wanted to talk to her too about telling the rest of their friends about their split up. Yamcha arrived on the door step and he rung the bell. Mrs. Briefs opened the door and she looked at Yamcha in surprise.
“Yamcha!” her eyes were wide.
Yamcha was well aware that Bulma would of told her parents.
But that wasn’t the surprise he’d expected. It was when he saw Bulma sitting at the table eating like a saiyan, he blinked and saw the bulge in her stomach.
“Bulma!” he exclaimed.

Bulma looked up and she smiled at Yamcha. “Hi Yamcha come in.” She said.
Yamcha walked in and he sat down at the table opposite her. “Bulma, you’re, you’re, you’re... pregnant...” He said stunned.
“Uh huh... Nice observation. I’ve tried to get a hold of you but Master Roshi said you’d left Kame House.” Bulma said pausing from her eating.
“Well yeah I went back to the desert to train.” he replied.
“Oh I should of figured.” She smiled.
“Is it Vegeta’s?” Yamcha asked looking at her stomach.
Bulma laughed. “Yeah it is...”
Yamcha looked round. “Where is Vegeta?” He asked.
“Off training in space somewhere... I should of never given him that idea... but when he gets back he’s going to be a super saiyan. I just know it.” She said.
“Does he know about the baby?” Yamcha asked.
Bulma laughed. “Yes, he does, he said he’d be back for the birth, he’s positive it’s going to be a boy. And for some reason I believe him.” She said.
Yamcha nodded. “This is unbelievable... I should of kept in contact.”
Bulma pushed him playfully. “Yeah you should of. We may not be going out, but that doesn’t mean you had to ignore me. You’re still one of my closest friends Yamcha.”
Yamcha smiled. “Thanks Bulma, I wasn’t sure if you’d want to see me again. After the way things turned out.” he said.
Bulma shook her head. “Nonsense Yamcha you’re always welcome here. So tell me is there anything new with you?” She asked.
Yamcha shook his head. “Not really, just training in the desert by myself.”
“No special someone? Krillen tells me that a girl keeps calling up for you.” She asked looking at Yamcha he blushed slightly.
“Well she’s just a friend I started training.” He replied.
Bulma nodded she didn’t question it further. “So what brings you here?” She asked.
“I wanted to know when and if we can tell the others... about our break up... it’s been over a year and a half now, but I guess we should wait.” He said looking at her stomach. Bulma smiled, she seemed so happy and at peace.
“It’s best we should wait. I say you come and pick me and the baby up just before the androids attack and we’ll let everyone know officially.” Bulma said.
Yamcha nodded. “Yeah sure.” He replied.
Inside though he was hurting from the news of Bulma being pregnant with Vegeta’s baby, but he couldn’t do anything about it now. So he decided he would just live with it. He didn’t voice his concern or hurt, for he felt Bulma would give him an ear bashing for being typical and worrying about her.


After the visit Yamcha went back to the desert to the house where he was staying and he saw a note attached to his door and he looked at it and he smiled. It appeared Debra had come back after he’d gone. Yamcha read the note.

Yamcha... I’m working tonight but could do with some company, I’d really like it if you visited me while I was at work. Debra

Yamcha smiled. “I guess it couldn’t hurt.” He walked inside to have a shower and change, he didn’t know why but he felt like something was forming between him and Debra, she wasn’t a strong human, but she was strong enough to hold her own. Yamcha laid the clothes on his bed and he went to have a shower. He decided he would only tell Bulma about Debra when he was sure Debra had feelings for him back, until then he wouldn’t want to ruin the friendship and trust he’d gained from her.


Vegeta was training to the best of his ability. ‘must surpass Kakarott’ he thought tiredly before collapsing the training was driving him nut, at time he wanted to have a break but he only paused to eat and sleep when he felt like he needed it, he only had a certian amount in time in space, and he had to get back, for Bulma... for their child.
He pushed himself up slowly only to be pulled to the ground again by the intensity of the gravity.
“Kak...aa...rott...” He managed to say before everything went black...


Debra was serving the drinks and she was really good flipping bottles here and there and not spilling a drop of alcohol, she was considered one of the best bar tenders and thanks to Yamcha’s training she was able to do little shows of acrobatics in the middle of her routines. The other bar tender was a male and that was to attract the females, he was a nice guy, talented, but he was very oblivious to the females goggling over him, he was from America, on a job exchange he was half Korean half American, a small guy with great acrobatic skills as well they worked well together on the routines. But that wasn’t on Debra’s mind, Yamcha was... and she couldn’t wait til Yamcha arrived, it was today that she had realised after their training her true feelings towards Yamcha, he had been the only guy not to take advantage of her lack of power. And when he’d taken her through some Kata’s his body had been so close right behind her and his hands over hers showing her the hand movements, she had felt all tingly through her body. She wanted to tell Yamcha, she wanted him to let him know. But part of her mind was nervous at telling him, after all he had been dating the richest woman in all of Satan City, and she had nothing, her apartment and her job, that was it... she had nothing to offer him in return.


Yamcha stood outside the club and he looked at the bright pink flashing neon sign titled ‘Tribal Sympin’. It was a strange title for a club but he wasn’t here for the club tonight, he was here for Debra, he took a deep breath, he knew something in this club was going to change his life for the better and it made him smile. He had kept his feelings hidden for her, yet he couldn’t help but smile, the six months had been so fast and he really didn’t want to just up and vanish or even worst die on her. He looked at the bouncer who nodded at him in greeting. Yamcha was well known for coming to this club, it had replaced every other club or bar he’d been too. The bouncer stepped aside and let Yamcha in.

Yamcha smiled “Thanks Don.” he said and walked in he saw Debra in the middle of a routine, he smiled, she was still as pretty as when he’d first seen her, even when she’d been dirty and training with him. He stood back in the shadows watching her routine waiting until it was finished. he caught her as she walked past for her break startling her, and she had almost blasted him until he laughed.
“Hey.” He said.
Debra smiled back. “Hey yourself.”
“You were great up there.” He said.
Debra grinned. “You think?” She asked.
“I know.” He replied.
“Just let me clean up then I have something I want to tell you.” She said.
Yamcha nodded. “Sure.” he replied.
Debra rushed off and Yamcha took a seat waiting for her to return. His mind ever wandering, wondering what she wanted to tell him.

He was off in thought he didn’t notice she had come back a few minutes later and sat right next to him. She took his hand, making him jump and she smiled.
He looked at her. “Sorry, I thought you were paying attention.” She said.
“I kinda just drifted off there for a moment sorry.” he said.
“It’s okay. Now are you ready for what I have to tell you?” She asked.
Yamcha nodded. “Yeah sure.” He replied.
Debra leaned over and she kissed Yamcha on the mouth, he didn’t pull back but he looked rather surprised and Debra smiled and pulled back.
“Meet me at my apartment tonight after work the key is in an envelope in my mailbox outside the apartment.” she whispered and she smiled and kissed Yamcha once more before slipping off back to the bar, to work.
Yamcha blinked and he smiled, she’d given him an open invitation. He looked at his watch there was still another hour till Debra finished work, yet he got up and rushed out, he shook his head to himself, there was something about her, that made him want to go.

Debra saw Yamcha practically fly out of the bar and she grinned to herself. ‘He is the one for me. I know it in my heart.’ she thought.
“Deeeeee... help...” She heard the voice of her friend and work mate Scott, being pulled over the bar. Debra jumped up on to the bar and she grabbed the hose of the water tap and sprayed the girls back with the water and pulled Scott back behind the bar to safety. She laughed at him, as he rung out his wet shirt.
“Ugh.” he remarked at being drenched. “Remind me again why I accepted this job?”
Debra laughed. “You wanted work experience in another country?” She asked.
He nodded. “Oh yeah that’s right.” he sighed.
Debra grinned. “Is it much different from your work in America?” She asked.
“I guess it is... over there I don’t get mauled by girls...” He replied.
“They only like you cause you’re a foreigner.” She replied.
He nodded. “So who was that guy you were drooling over?” he asked.
“Yamcha. Baseball player.” She replied.
“Boyfriend?” He asked.
“Not yet.” She grinned.


to be continued...

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