Ain't nothing But Magick

Okay right this is gunna be the page where I place the links up for the chapter to Ain't nothing but magick. Just so peeps can go back over the chappies and read them and so forth the first lot of chapters though ARE on ffn and I'm not placing them up here, cause I'm too busy with the latest chapters.

13.1 13.2 14.1 14.2 15 16.1 16.2 17 18 19 20.1 20.2

Right and below is a list of the pairing this story has and who HAS laid claim to certian characters from the show...

Piccoloz Girl - Piccolo
Raine - Yamcha
Bura400 - Bardock
J'dee (me) - Gohan (cause I was to slow to claim Yamcha)
VegeChan - Mirai Trunks
Eternity - Trunks
Kachoba - Goten

If you wanna claim a character let me know and I'll add you to the list....

You can also find fic art for the story.... some done by me some not.

And for those who are interested in the fic I have a kitty called Tiger, well she's real and this is what she really looks like. She's not a British Tabby, but she is a Tabby...