James Woods Brief Bio

Well now I wouldn’t be a typical Jimmy fan if I didn’t state what those other fans of his and I already know about him...

James Woods was born on April 18th 1947 in Vernal, Utah
he is currently 54 years of age, and I must say he looks damn good for his age!! *smirks* of course I would say that.
Sibling wise he has a younger brother called Michael and Michael has kids as far as I know Jimmy don’t...

I’m not going to get in to Jimmy’s marriage situation because seriously I just don’t feel with the number of woman he’s been seen with no one really knows. But I heard a rumour he was at some stage married to Heather Graham (yus Felicity Shagwell from the second Austin Powers movie) but I’m not hot on the whole marriage situation... in fact I’d rather not go through or mention that whole Sean Young fiasco...

his first film break was in “the Visitors” Which I have yet to see... I know my mother has it on tape somewhere it’s just finding it... But he was gained nation recognition through the television series “Holocaust” in which I have made a large not to myself when watching it to look at the number on the tape so I can watch in proper order this time round.... He starred opposite Meryl Streep in that.

He has done a number of movie and works on television and as I said I wasn’t going to name them all I would be here forever... anyways I have seen about 22 of James’ appearances all together in television and movies and even his guest spots in animated tv shows like Disney’s Hercules series in which I’m still looking for that “My town” Song Hades sung.

From the information I’ve gathered through the Oliver Stone bio and other records online Jimmy is not exactly the easiest person to work with, as Oliver Stone has said... "He's a lunatic. He always knows better, which is very irritating... [but if] he's right for the role and you want to make the best film possible, you've got to go with him."
I myself am not an Oliver Stone buff, but a fan and I owe it to the Oliver Stone movies for introducing me to Jimmy’s incredible talent. And of recent he’s been able to enter the spoof industry with the opening scene in Scary Movie 2 in which had me in almost drool mode wearing priests robes of all things 0.o!!!

Suggested Jimmy movies to see:

Any Given Sunday
Diggstown (aka Midnight Sting)
Disney’s Hercules
General’s Daughter
Ghosts of Mississippi
John Carpenter’s ‘Vampires’
Scary Movie 2
The Getaway
The Specialist
True Crime