Chapter one

Jazz sat in control room waiting, Rodmius Prime had called him there for a meeting. Jazz leant up against one of the computers, the computer beeped in to life and Jazz jumped away. He sighed. Things were definitely not like they used to... They had Cybertron back and the decepticons were being awfully quiet, he wondered what Rodimus had in store for him, it sounded pretty urgent and Jazz had gotten there as fast as possible.

The door slid open in a whoosh sound and Jazz looked at Blaster as he walked in. “Hey Jazz my main man!” Blaster said greeting Jazz.
“Blaster what’s the gig are you meeting Rodimus too?” Jazz asked.
“Yeah man, some sort of mission.” Blaster said.
Jazz nodded. He hadn’t really been teamed up with Blaster much before after Optimus had died and Jazz couldn’t help but wonder what this was for. Blaster punched in a few codes in the computer and it died down from when Jazz had accidently knocked it in to operation. Blaster was definitely good at controlling the large control room.
“A mission where?” Jazz asked.
“I don’t know man. But so long as it has some good tunes, I’m there already.” Blaster replied grinning.
Jazz smiled he had to agree with Blaster there. Music is what they had in common.

Rodimus Prime entered the control room and he looked at the two Autobots. “Okay you two, I’m sending you to an uncharted planet. I have sent Blur and Wheelie but they said some sort of noise corrupted their control systems and they had to turn round and come back before they crashed they’re on Junkion at the moment getting repairs to the ship, they said it was a form of music. I would go myself but I’ve got a heap to do round here. Can you do that for me, just check out the planet and it’s inhabitants.” Rodimus explained.
“Gotcha. Roddy!” Blaster said.
“Okay Jazz you’ll be in control. Springer and Arcee will accompany you two, just in case, I was going to get Ultra Magnus but he’s with Bumblebee and Spike at the moment updating one of the computer systems.” Rodimus remarked.
“It’s all cool Rodimus you can count on me.” Jazz said.


The four Autobots were on the ship, they buckled up and Jazz set the course he looked over at Arcee and Springer. “Ya don’t mind coming along with us old school do you?”
Springer smiled. “Not at all it’ll get some action in to these bored joints.”
“Then exercise.” Arcee said to Springer jokingly.
“Right lady and gentlemen and for your listening pleasure we have on the flight tonight, some new and up beat tunes from the sector of Gamma-Century.” Blaster announced as he punched in some buttons and the ship blasted in to life, with music blaring from the speakers as the ship took off.

Springer looked at Arcee they were now used to Blaster loud ways, but when there was a job to be done Blaster would do it. He had gotten more responsible over the years, and it was always a good thing from what they had heard of what blaster used to do.

Unseen to them a small figure hid in the corner of the ship as the countdown was started...
Ten... nine... eight... seven... six...
“Thrusters on.” Blaster called out.
Five... four...
“Course is plotted.” Springer added.
“All systems are in check.” Arcee said checking the panel.
“Lets hit it!” Jazz added.
One... BLAST OFF!!!!
The ship took off with incredible force and then it shot through the galaxy.


Once everything was settled down and the ship was five hours through cruising through space. The four robots unbuckled up and left the ship on autopilot.
“So how long do you think it’ll take to get to this place?” Arcee added.
“We’ll be there in about fifteen earth hours or so.” Blaster replied looking at the computer screen seeing how they were doing.
Springer stretched his joints. “I could go for a drink does this thing have a bar?”
Arcee looked at him. “There’s some energon cubes in the back room. But don’t waste them, we need some of them just in case.” Arcee replied.
Springer nodded and he got up and walked to the back room.
A figure in the corner stayed hidden behind a fixed box as Springer walked past.

Blaster got up and danced round the control to the music. “Yeah this music the bomb you guys.”
Arcee smiled and watched Blaster dance around.
“So does this planet have a name?” Springer asked walking back in.
“Rod called it Belta-X. It’s just another one of all of those uncharted planets out there.” Blaster replied.

Jazz got up and he looked at the three. “I’m going to go for a recharge best to be prepared for when we arrive on this planet if we arrive.” Jazz remarked.
“Hey I wonder if we should pick Blur and Wheelie up on the way there? Rodmius told me they stopped by Junkion to pick ups some spare parts, and that they were meeting Grimlock and Kup there.” Springer asked looking at the others.
Jazz paused at the door and looked back. “I don’t know but if it scrambled their computer systems lets just hope it’s only a protective shield and that the folks are friendly.” Jazz replied and then he walked out.

“I don’t know. I got a bad feeling about this planet we’re going to.” Arcee added.
Blaster stopped dancing round and he looked at her. “Don’t worry it’ll be all cool dudette, after all if we have problems we’ll just call Kup and Grimlock to get us.”
“And if they have Blur and Wheelie with them that should give us some sort of backup.” Springer added.
“Hey yo don’t talk like we’re going in to battle, Rodimus said chart a planet and check out it’s inhabitants and that’s that. That’s our mission nothing else.” Blaster said and he looked at the two of them.

Springer couldn’t help but smile. “I hope it’s decepticons. I’d like to kick some decepticon butt, 'cause it’s been a while.” Springer remarked.
Arcee sighed and looked at Springer. “If it’s going to be any decepticon it’ll be soundwave. Rodimus said some sort of music scrambled the systems.”
Blaster grinned. “And that my dear friends is why they sent me and Jazz, music and communications it is our thing man, we can hear and listen to every sort of music and not get the least scrambled systems from it.” Blaster remarked.
“That I believe.” Springer added.

Arcee looked at them. “Okay I think Jazz had the right idea. Recharging is a good idea, I’ll put the alarm system on alert just in case of a meteor shower and we all should get some rest before landing on the planet.” She said.
Springer nodded. “Should we put keyguard on as well?” Springer asked.
“Hey man there is only four of us on the this ship. As if some strange figure from no where will change our course.” Blaster said.
Arcee looked at Springer. “Well now that he’s actually said it, the possibilities are sixty per cent so do it Springer.” She remarked.
Springer nodded and he put the key guard on the three of them wandered off in to the back of the ship in the recharging chambers.


Jazz was the first to wake from recharging and he walked in to the control the large computer said they had half an hour til visual of the planet was brought up on screen, Jazz checked through all the systems everything was okay, he took the keyguard off and he turned round to see a small human figure curled up on the seat sleeping Jazz's optics blinked and he looked at the figure. “Daniel?” Jazz remarked surprised.

The figure woke up and stretched and looked up at Jazz. “Hi Jazz.” He said casually.
“Daniel what are you doing here?” Jazz asked.
“I wanted to come along so I sneaked aboard.” Daniel replied.
Jazz frowned. “Daniel this could be dangerous, we have to get you back to Spike and Carly.” Jazz remarked.
Daniel shook his head. “No please Jazz I’ll be good I’ll stay in the ship even, just let me stay please? Daniel begged.
“I’m going to get in trouble for this man.” Jazz replied.
“Just say you didn’t find me until you landed, please?” Daniel asked.
Jazz sighed. “I can’t believe I’m doing this. But go hide, cause any bet the others will want to take you back. They’ll be coming waking up shortly.” Jazz said.
Daniel nodded and he got up and jumped off the seat and ran an hid behind a box.

Jazz sighed and he looked out to where they were headed he heard the door slid open with a whoosh sound, and Jazz turned round to see Arcee come walking out.
“How far away are we?” Arcee asked.
“Thirty from a visual and twenty til a possible landing.” Jazz replied.
Arcee nodded. “So what happens if they put their system defence up again?”
“Me and blaster will counteract on that and fire it back at them, see if it scrambles their systems or if it lets us through.” Jazz explained.
Arcee nodded. “Shall I get the other two up?” She asked.
“Yeah tell them I’ll kick their lazy cans if they don’t move it.” Jazz said.
Arcee walked out back to the recharging chamber.
Jazz sighed. “I sure hope we know what I’m doing man.”


Everyone was seated while Daniel was still hiding behind his box, Springer looked at the controls. “I’ve found a landing area, but according to the scanners we should be reaching the sector that Wheelie and Blur couldn’t pass though.” Springer remarked.
“Time to make radio contact, see if they reply.” Blaster remarked.
“Leave that to me.” Jazz said and he pushed a few buttons and began radio contact. “Roger you, Roger you this is Jazz here we’re one charting mission of four, just wanna check out ya planet, we mean you no harm, can ya here me? Over.” Jazz called through there was static for a few seconds then a reply with blasting music...
Springer cringed. “What is that racket?!” He exclaimed over the reply through the radio.
Blaster bopped his head in time to the music. “I don’t know man but they got some primo sounds.” He remarked.

Jazz listened carefully as he heard the lyrics blaring through.
“After all the darkness and sadness ya’ll welcome, ya’ll welcome through, bring in the light...” The lyrics said and then it stopped.
Springer looked at Arcee and Jazz and Blaster looked at each other.
“Damn man did you hear that?” Blaster asked. “Yeah we’ve been given the all clear.” Jazz replied.
Arcee looked at them. “Was that what scrambled Wheelie and Blur’s systems?” Arcee asked. Springer looked at Jazz and Blaster.
“Probably cause our systems are failing but we don’t have enough power to kick this baby in reverse.” Springer replied.
Jazz spoke back in to radio. “Roger you. Hey thank ya’s is there a suggested landing pad round here? Over?” Jazz asked.
“Welcome to the jungle baby, it’s alright.” The lyric sung back with the music.
“Roger you caught that. See ya there.” Jazz spoke back and he ended the radio transmission.
Blaster looked at Jazz. “Man an entire planet of music as the main language, this is going to be rockin’”
Jazz brought up the visual on the screen and he scanned the area. “Springer see the jungle, there’s a landin’ plain there, bring us down there, best to listen to them and not get them mondo mad.” Jazz said.
Springer nodded. “Right, plotting the course.” He pushed a few buttons.

The ship made a move towards the assigned the landing area. A clear landing plain amongst the middle of a jungle of trees. Not the most easiest looking landing plain but it was flat enough. The ship landed and the four Autobots stood up.

Blaster scratched his head. “Well that was easy enough.”
“Well we’re not out of the jungle yet. Time to check it out.” Jazz said.
Suddenly Daniel leapt out of his hiding place. “COOL!! Can I come?!?!?!”
Blaster, Springer and Arcee looked at him and spoke in unison. “Daniel?!”
Daniel looked at them and he realised he had given himself away a bit to early.
“Uh-haha hi guys.” He shuffled his feet nervously on the ground.

Arcee looked at Daniel, most missions where Daniel was involved she had been placed as his guardian she instantly took this responsibility up again. “Daniel what do you think you’re doing here?” Arcee asked.
“I just wanted to check it out.” Daniel said and lowered his head ashamed.
Arcee sighed, but Blaster spoke up. “Yo Dan my main man, this could of been a dangerous place, what possessed your organic butt to stowaway?” Blaster asked.
Daniel looked up at Blaster. “I just wanted to come.” Daniel replied.
Arcee looked at Daniel. “Daniel this could still be a dangerous place, we can’t leave you aboard the ship now. It’s just too risky.” She remarked.

Springer looked at Jazz. “Did you know about this?”
“Not until about half an hour ago.” Jazz replied.
Springer shook his head. “Lets hope it isn’t dangerous out there.” he said.
Blaster looked at the group of them as a group of figures emerged from the jungle surrounding the landing pad. “Well here comes the welcoming committee, lets make an entrance.” Blaster remarked.
Jazz lead the group of them out, Arcee had Daniel sitting on her shoulder and Springer held on to his sword , Blaster closed the ship up after they all left the ship and he placed a lock on it.


Meanwhile on Junkion...

Kup sat on an old wing of a busted space ship as he watched Blur pace in speed wearing a hole in to the road, with Wheelie standing by watching him, the little orange robot getting dizzy.
“Blur, you’re pacing is making me sick, I’d like it if you stopped it quick.” Wheelie said and Blur stopped and looked at Wheelie.
“Sorry.” Blur said and sat down.
Wreck-gar came wandering along with Grimlock behind him.
“Twenty-four hours and it’s like brand new, takes out even hardest of stains and all for the retail price of twenty-nine ninty-nine. Limited offer only.” Wreck-gar spoke.
Grimlock looked at Kup. “Me Grimlock would like Kup to tell him War stories.”
Kup nodded. “Yeah, yeah, on the way back home Grimlock.” Kup said and the old war vet got up and he stretched his knee joints. “So shall we head off then?”
“Yes, yes, I would like to go, before Blur starts to pace even more so.” Wheelie replied.
Blur’s optic blinked and he looked at Wheelie. “My pacing isn’t to fast is it? ‘Cause if it is I could slow down if you like, I always seem to forget-” Blur started speed talking when he was cut short by Kup placing a hand over his mouth.
“Be quiet you’re giving me a break down.” Kup said.
“Mmrph rmphm mmrrpphh...” Blur replied from under Kup’s hand.
“Blur best be quiet, otherwise Kup might cause a riot.”
Kup looked at Blur and Wheelie then to Grimlock and he sighed to himself. “I’d rather be in the torture of the Peckin’ Khop Flock, than stuck with you three.”
“Oooooh me Grimlock would like to hear Kup’s story of the Peckin’ Khop Flock!”
“Then get your transistors on that ship and hurry! Before I lose my parts of patience.” Kup snapped.
Grimlock, Wheelie and Blur rushed aboard the ship and Wreck-gar watched as a weary Kup boarded the ship last.


As the ship shot through space Kup sat back watching as Blur and Wheelie took the controls and stirred the ship back towards Earth.
“Tell Grimlock of the Peckin Khop Flock...” Grimlock said.
Kup sighed. “Oh alright you big ox.” Kup replied. “Where should I start... okay I’ll start at the point where we passing through the Delta-Shoji solar system, now this solar system, is well known for it’s Ninja bots, they rebelled against their organic creators and took control. At the time me and my partner at the time Crystalis we just doing a charting mission of their solar system we had been told to keep clear of the Khop planet due to the Peckin’ Khop that were located there, but when the Ninja bots fired on our ship we had no choice and we went down crashing amongst the headflock-”

The radio beeped in to life and Wheelie pushed a button and Rodimus Prime’s image came up on to the screen and he looked at Wheelie.
“I’m glad I caught you four. Is everything alright?” Rodimus asked.
Blur nodded. “Everything is up to speed.” He replied.
“The ship has been repaired Prime and we all shall reach Earth in just a short time.” Wheelie said to Rodimus.
Rodimus nodded. “Okay I know this is bad to ask seen as what just happened earlier, I just was you to go back to the Belta-X sector and see if you can get in radio contact with Jazz and Blaster, we’ve lost radio contact here, you don’t have to land on the planet just get radio contact and if the situation calls for it back them up. Is that okay with you four?” Rodimus asked the four Autobots.
“Me Grimlock don’t mind.” Grimlock replied.
“Kup?” Rodimus asked. “Being as I’ve sent you on some pretty rough missions at times this should be a breeze.” He added.
Kup nodded. “I’m fine with it Prime.”
“Blur? Wheelie?” Rodimus asked.
“So long as we don’t go through everything again and have to land on the planet everything should be okay with me.” Blur replied and he looked at Wheelie.
Wheelie frowned. “I really don’t know, last time we had a very bad show. Sparks and a bright light, then falling and falling out of sight.” Wheelie replied.
“You’re not alone this time, Wheelie, Kup and Grimlock are here.” Blur said.
Wheelie nodded slowly. “I guess I’m ready, plotting a course, keep her steady.”
Rodimus smiled on screen. “Thanks you four. You’ll get an extra extended break for this.” He remarked.
Rodimus’ image then vanished from the screen as the radio contact was ended.

Kup sighed and he felt the ship turn round and head towards the Belta-X sector, Kup and Grimlock had just been doing their rounds on Junkion when Rodimus told them they could come home and have a break.
“This better be a breeze.” Kup grumbled.
Blur then put the ship in to hyper drive and speed through the galaxy faster than Blur and the sound barrier put together. Kup looked at Grimlock.
“Grimlock want Kup to continue the story.” Grimlock spoke.
Kup nodded. “I thought you would.” Kup replied.


To Be Continued...