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Welcome to mir's dbz and other fan artworks page

I actually forgot my password for this page for about two years then I was reminded of it in a random conversation with a friend yesterday so I thought I better pop in and say PERMENANT HIATUS for now until I can learn html better T-T

To your left from Yamcha's corner button down to the Goku and Piccolo button is my rambling of my favorite dbz characters. I have yet to update about Goten. My fav character after Yamcha. I love those guys that go ga ga goo at girls and oogle lots, man who can not like Goten chibi or adult he is just the kawaiiest of the DBZ crew.
Also don't forget about my Converted Pics corner I'm still looking for people to submit some in here.

Now the serious type stuff... what this site is about well it's a site dedicated to artwork in all forms from music video clips, to music remixes (unfortunately due to band space these had to be yanked but I'll work on finding a place for them), to fan art in written in pictoral forms... and I'm looking for other peoples to submit work so far all I got is some funky stuff from hades_evil!!! yo two thumbs waaaaaaaaaaaaay up... his work rules!!! and the first chapter of ssj bardock the great's fic "The history of 22" And my own buddy Seisetsu has even sent me in the beginning of a fic! - he promised he'd send some more in when he can but he's moved and got a busted compy so I'm just waiting back on that.
I have got some artwork from little pan two and a half years I love computer art work.

Bonus added to your RIGHT in the bottom of the menu you there is the Kiwi Tribute I have started i only put the link up just recently. Have a look kay?

For the non dragonball stuff I have added another actor in the real world asian american actor Russell Wong it's just a little page that I've started to work on I've actually added ore information on there not too much more but more neither the less I'm really getting in to seeing movies with Russell in them. Also on the page is suggested movies and a wallpaper. My first ever wallpaper... so if you're a Russell Wong fan check it out!! Tell me what I need to add.

I had a section for my friend Christa's written works, but her boss got snoopy, evil boss *shakes finger at him*, she also has two original pics up in my created art section under fanart in the left side menu.

Okay I'm trusting you people who visit this page to let me know if this site is looking a bit dodgey. I have a guest book in the left menu.
So leave your words of advice down there...

Lets see okay below is my adoption center... no ya can't adopt these from me I think the sites have long since closed down or moved... but it doesn't hurt to keep them up. Aren't they the cutest.... ::G::


Okay I hope there is enough stuff on this page to keep you entertained at least for a while. But I'm always open for suggestions on what I need to add...

Quote of the moment:
"I am teeth! I am fur! I am dribble!
I am the wolfman. HOMO-WOLFUS!!!"

I want to also thank Ardin' greatly for her help on this
page and the banners and buttons on the links page

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I also have three DBZ hackey sacks from BK if anyone's interested in purcasing any... I just wanna get them off my hands I have the set but I don't want to really hang on to the doubles, which are Majin Buu, ssj Goku and ssj Goten. Contact me if your interested.