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A.N: Ergh.... Chichi came like one vote off from being voted out... but alas... Pan and Trunks still bet her...

And that lilí poem Seisetsu recites he did actually recite... now I wonder about him sometimes....

Yamchaís Saiyan Babe: This is it people the Intruder ep!!! oh yeah and today we boot Trunks and Pan!

Seisetsu: Woooooohooooooo...

Y.S.B: So what weíre gunna do is... have a little going away party... so that means...

Sei: Party, party, party...

Y.S.B: Suck bite suck bite...

Sei: *sweatdrop* what??

Y.S.B: Itís a flea powder add... what did you think I was going on about??

Sei: Errrrrr..... *sweatdrop* nothing....

Y.S.B: And I got Yammie Veggie pics... Yay!!! Thanks A-jae!! hehehehe...

Sei: *blinks* Iím not going to ask.

Vegeta: What?!

Y.S.B: Did I say that out loud?? Oooops.... hehe *grabs her perky nana bar and runs off* Let the PARTY begin!!!!

Bulma looks at Vegeta.

Bulma: Vegeta what was she talking about.

Vegeta: I donít know but when I see her next she is going to the next dimension!!!!

Sei: She is all powerful author you canít do that...

Vegeta: Weíll just have to see about that...

Trunks and Pan have just finished packing their bags and Trunks lets out a relieved sigh.

Trunks: no more dancing to that annoying Thong song...

Pan giggles and Trunks looks at her and she falls over laughing. Trunks picks up a pillow and he throws it at her. Pan catches the pillow and she throws it back.

Trunks smirks and Pan smirks back and the two grab a pillow each and begin having a pillow fight.

Strange voice over person: And since our two co-authorís are busy itís up to me to introduce the winner of the intruder votes... címon on in Cell!!!!

Cell wanders in to the GT house and he looks at a small party going down Chi-chi and Bra outside relaxing on a couple of deck chairs. Goku and Goten hanging by the food table pigging out. Cell looks round.

Cell: Where are these two authors that are too busy to introduce me?

S.V.O.P: Er... the diary room.

Cell pushes open the door to the diary room and he blinks as he sees Y.S.B sitting in a corner of the diary room with a bucket full of KFC Hot and Spicy Chicken. While in the other corer Sei is sitting with a large bag of sugar. He jumps up and begins running around waving his arms about looking -quite- insane.

Meh father was a green man from MARS~!
He and my mother were fro~m the stars!!!
Neither did they guess that my scars,
were from the green inside the~m!
I know not what a human is,
for not being around them that is~.
But when the moon comes out,
I will change into a green monkey yet don't pout.
I still look better than my fa~ther!!!

Cell sweatdrops and he closes the door and he looks round.

Goku: Are they okay?

Cell: Somebody take that sugar bag off that boy.

Sei: *off* MY SUGAR!!!!

Goten: Whatever you do donít accept the candy they offer you... I spent three days on the roof wearing Piccoloís cape.

Cell: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

In the diary room the two co-authors are conversing...

Y.S.B: nice poem...

Sei: Thanks Iím gunna make meh some moneys off it.

Y.S.B: Iím bored Iím gunna invite my friends to this party.

Sei: can 18 come in???

Y.S.B: I guess they all can just for this ep though...

Sei: Wooooooohooooooo!!!!

Y.S.B: Gimme ma Yammie!!!!

Sei: Awwwww so that thing with Goten didnít last?

Y.S.B: Ergh as much as Iíd liked it too the candy wore off and Iím too broke to afford any more.

Sei: Buy sugar bags like I do!

Y.S.B: Errrrrrrrrr... Iíll buy yours...

Sei: Noooooo this is my sugar *holds sugar close to him*

Y.S.B jumps up and grabs the sugar bag and giggles and runs off with it.

Sei: Hey!!!!!!!

Sei chases after her and grabs his sugar back.

Y.S.B: Aaaaawwwwwwww...

Sei: My sugar...

Y.S.B: hokay here have a straight jacket complements of me...

Sei takes straight jacket and puts it on.

Sei: nice fit...

Y.S.B: yeeeeeeaaaaaa.... okay time to call in my friends...

Door opens and in comes a rock, a blaster and a skateboard.

Y.S.B: Meet Rock... he spent a little while in the pocket of goku_in_a_wheelchair and thereís Blaster my dragonball stereo and skateboard with the dragonball gang on the base of his tummy.

Skateboard: *rolls itís wheels*

Rock: *sweatdrop* I canít believe she pulled us from the mental institute in to her fic...

Blaster: errrrr I guess she needs me for music for the party.

Skateboard: *rolls itís wheels*

Sei: Errrrr does that skateboard talk?

Blaster: If youíre lucky all it does is roll itís wheels.

Skateboard: *rolls itís wheels and bounces

Rock: and bounces occasionally.

Sei: okay I think Iíve had too much sugar Iím talking to a rock...

Blaster: Whatís gunna bug you even more is how on earth it can talk back without any mouth...

Skateboard: *rolls itís wheels*

Sei sweatdrops.

Y.S.B: But loooooook what I finally got!!!

Y.S.B holds up a GT Trunks along with a Chibi Goku, a Pan and Gill action figures.

Sei: Youíre kidding me whyíd you get Trunks? What about Goten?

Y.S.B: They didnít have any Goten... *pouts* but now I have a nice small lilí collection of dragonball characters. *puts the Pan, Gill and Chibi Goku in to a jar* Goku under glass... ::G::

Sei sweatdrops and looks at Y.S.B.

Sei: Thatís not funny.

Y.S.B: I know...

Sei: Itíll be funny once you stick Trunks under glass...

Y.S.B: But heís too big he wonít fit.

Sei: I donít care...

Y.S.B: You really donít like Trunks.

Sei looks to the camera.

Sei: Duh! *taps the camera shaking the screen* Hey VOTE 18 in damnit!!!

Y.S.B: But thereís still at least two more parts for me to write before voting for the next two to enter the house can be opened.

Sei: I donít care...

Y.S.B blinks.

In the lounge...

Goku is watching The GT house on TV and he points to it.

Goku: Hey look weíre on!!!

Goten looks at the tv

Goten: Wow how trippy I can see myself.

Vegeta frowns and looks at the two of them.

Vegeta: Idiots.

Y.S.B and Sei come out of the Diary room Y.S.B carrying blaster and sets him down.

Y.S.B: Let the party begin!!!

The door opens.

Sei: And enter everyone else who was voted...

#17 & #18 walk in first with Marron behind along with Krillen, Yamcha, Piccolo, Raditz, Lunch, Videl, Gohan, Mirai Trunks and Chaoitsu.

Y.S.B: *mutters* how on earth did Chaoitsu get a vote over Tien I donít know...

Sei elbows her.

Sei: Be nice.

Y.S.B: At least 18ís here...

Sei: WHERE?! *drools*

Y.S.B: Blaster some tunes please and weíll be nice and skip out on the theme songs...

Blaster: What the lady wants she got!
ĎWhen I think about all these years we put in this relationship. Who knew we'd make it this far? When I think about where would I be. If we were just to fall apart. And I can't stand the thought of leaving you. When I think about all these years we put in this relationship. Who knew we'd make it this far? When I think about where would I be. If we were just to fall apart. And I can't stand the thought of leaving you...í

Y.S.B: Hhhhhhhhhoooooooooo yea!!!! J.D!!! *drools* aaaaaarrrrrrrgggghhhhh!!! I love this song... aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh J.D and Jagged Edge... *drools*

Yamcha: At least it isnít me for once...

Rock: Sssssssshhhhhhhhhh or sheíll remember you and thatís the last thing you want..

Skateboard: *rolls itís wheels*

Goku looks at the skateboard and he watches as it bounces outside to the dance floor.

Blaster: and off he goes...

Cell is now in the kitchen making up a drink and unseen to anybody he spikes the drink and takes it out to the lounge setting it down in the middle of the table. He grins and walks off.
Gohan watches Cell walk off and he arches an eyebrow.

Gohan: I donít trust him. Heís up to something.

Pan: Well he is the intruder dad heís suppose to not be trusted...

Sei is now in the kitchen and he grabs a LARGE bag of sugar from the cupboard and he begins to drag it out and across the ground in front of everybody.

Y.S.B: Mooooooore sugar?! You DO NOT need more sugar.

Sei: Yes I do!!

Y.S.B sweatdrops.

There is a group of people up on the dance floor dancing away (for once not to any these songs) the only ones not dancing are 17, 18, Raditz, Piccolo, and Vegeta.

Blaster: Hey!! ho yo tribute time to Aaliyah!!! RIP BABY GURL!!

*plays out ĎDonít Wannaí* (AN: I donít know about that song with the snakes thatís just a lilí too weird for me to have in here)

ĎiI donít wanna be, (Be without you, be without you). I donít wanna live, (Live without you, live without you). I donít wanna go, (Go without you, go without you). I donít wanna be alone...í

Y.S.B: Awwwwww no more Aaliyah... so was cool.. and she was just older than me to by nearly two years... man how errie... I think Iím gunna learn to control my ki and fly that way Iíll never have to get on a plane again.

Sei: Yeahhhhh Iím sure you can fly.

Y.S.B: Hey why not? Peoples can levitate why not be able to fly?

Sei: Doesnít matter customs will still catch you when you land.

The door open and Goku stumbles in and fall over the couch and Y.S.B blinks.

Goku: *from the ground* Oh wow who put that couch there?

Y.S.B: Ummmm Goku itís always been there...

Goku: It has?? Oh wow...

Sei looks outside and sees Bulma swinging from a tree and he looks at Y.S.B.

Sei: I think theyíre drunk...

Y.S.B: Do you think if we start kidnapping the cute cast that theyíll notice??

Sei: how long do you think itíll take 18 to get drunk?

Y.S.B: Sheís an android longer than the rest of them...

Sei: Damn...

Y.S.B: Yamcha on the other hand *grins*

Yamcha: I heard that! donít even think it.v
Y.S.B: Damn! Oh well Iím gunna go mope in the diary room with a bag of jello snakes.

Sei: Sugar?

Y.S.B: errrr I donít know does jello have sugar in it?

Sei: Ummmm I think...

Y.S.B: well then lets go get high.... on sugar... *points to the readers* I donít get high any other way so donít even think it....

Krillen stumbles in and over Goku.

Y.S.B: Hey you think maybe Chaoitsu is drunk Iíd like to see that.

Sei grabs her by the collar and drags her in to he diary room.

Sei: We got to end chapter somewhere.

Y.S.B: Oh yeah right.

In the diary room...

Sei and Y.S.B are sitting in their little corners of the diary room. Sei holding his bag of sugar possessively. Y.S.B with her KFC hot and spicy chicken, her mega perky nana bars and a bag of jello snakes.

Y.S.B: hokay donít forget on what you want to happen in the next chapter... Veggie and Bulma are in the house along with Cell... tell me what you want to see to happen next!!!

Sei: no more Trunks!!! yeeeeaaaahhhh

Trunks: *off* I heard that!!!

Y.S.B: Gotenís still cooler... oooh and I still have Piccoloís cape stashed away somewhere too.

Sei: you think nameks can get drunk?

Y.S.B: *grins* now thereís a thought!

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