Filler Chapter

Yamchaís Saiyan Babe: This is a special in between episode of the GT house...

Seisetsu: Like the filler sagas...

Y.S.B: That and no one is voting cause fan fiction net is being a little PUNK!!!! *ahem*... anyways... Welcome to yet another instalment of The GT house... Oh and hereís a list of songs to pick for Bulma and VEGETA to get up and dance too...

Vegeta: Hmph.

Sei: Well at least I donít have to deal with him outside anymore...

Y.S.B: And the thing is they love him more than they do my Yamcha!!! *cries pathetically*

Vegeta sweatdrops...

Sei: So you know what happened last time... Me, Y.S.B and Goten got high on jelly beans... and Goten I think is still on that high...


Everyone looks to the roof where Goten is stumbling along it...

Y.S.B: Anyways the votes for characters out are this...

Pan - 2, Trunks - 2, Goten - 1, Chi-chi - 1...

Sei: Sooooo technically this should be the episode where Trunks and Pan are booted... but....

Y.S.B: I was expecting a bit more than two votes ya need three votes a character to boot... so if no one else votes anyone out by the time I come round to the next ep they will be booted... *looks to Pan and Trunks* sorry you two... people love you out there they do... hell look at all the fics on you two hooking up... but thatís the way of the GT house...

Pan and Trunks shrug.

Trunks: I canít wait to get out of this place I can go home and have the entire house to myself!!! Since my familyís all stuck in here...

Pan: Alllllll alone huh??

Trunks: *smirks* heh...

Goten: GET A ROOM!!!!!

Trunks and Pan look to the roof where Goten is still stumbling along.

Pan: Bra get your man off the roof...

Bra looks up from the deck chair where she is tanning.

Bra: Iím busy...

Y.S.B: Anywho... these are the songs Iím picking for you guys to choose as Vegetaís and Bulmaís songs you have four options...

Blue -- All Rise.

S Club 7 -- Donít stop Moviní.

Destinyís Child -- Bootylicious.

D12 -- Purple Pills.

Sei: Well now thatís over and done with... Iím going back outside...

Y.S.B: Oh and next instalment, there will the entrance of the intruder, which most likely will be Cell...

Y.S.B is sitting in the Diary room wither her saiya man action figure on her lap...

Y.S.B: This thing is sooooooo coool... *makes it beat up on her ssj Vegeta action figure*

Y.S.B stops and snacks on licorice all sorts then goes back to making her action figures beat each other up.

Sei clears his throat

Y.S.B looks up.

Y.S.B: yuuuuuuuuus?

Sei: Weíre suppose to focus on the characters not your action figure collection.

Y.S.B: Sorry Iím on a chocolate high... I had a couple of Cadbury MEGA PerkyNana bars...

Sei: What?

Y.S.B: MEGA Perky Nana bars are a banana flavoured candy chew bar covered in deep rich Cadbury dairy milk chocolate *drools*

Sei: *seatdrop* okay... lets hope the bar doesnít make you Perky.

Y.S.B: Okay time to use this diary room... who shall we get in here??

Sei: Chi-chi.

Y.S.B: Cool okay make sure she doesnít bring in any frying pans because my author powers are a bit limited at the moment.

Sei: Er hokay.


Sei puts a sheet over the wall of his eighteen shrine just as Chi-chi walks in.

Chi-chi: My turn I take it?

Y.S.B: Yus it is... so sit down, take a load off relaaaaaax...

Sei: Stop that... this is a GT fic not a south park fic...

Y.S.B: now thereís an idea... *grins*

Chi-Chi sits down on the chair and she looks at the two authors.

Y.S.B offers Chi-chi her bag of licorice.

Y.S.B: Want some?

Chi-chi shakes her head.

Chi-Chi: no thanks I saw what the jelly beans did to my son.

Y.S.B: *takes some and stuffs it in her mouth* your loss...

Sei: Okay hereís a question...

Chi-chi looks at Sei.

Sei: How can you feed one full saiyan and two half saiyans? That must cost like heaps?

Y.S.B is now back to playing with her action figures.

Chi-chi: *shrugs* I donít know really itís like having three little children in the house. Even though my two babies have grown up. *begins to sniff* Soon Goten will be leaving home and moving out in to the world...

Goten: *off* Wooooooohohoooooooooo!!!!

Y.S.B: *looks up to the ceiling* that poor world...

Sei: You donít mind that in fact we all know you like Goten after Yamcha.

Y.S.B: Shhhhhhh!!!! Donít ruin my reputation!!!

Sei: WELL itís TRUE...

Y.S.B: Fine...

Sei: *teases* Then itís Piccolo isnít it?

Y.S.B: Gah!!! they really donít want to know about that!!

Chi-chi sweatdrops and looks at the two of them.

Chi-chi: Can I go now?

Sei: Sure.

Chi-chi gets up and walks out.

Y.S.B: Man... now my reputation is broken...

Sei: *smirks* how about we invite in here someone from outside of the house.

Y.S.B: Yamcha?!

Sei: No...

Y.S.B: Android 18 is not coming in here.

Sei: Drat... oh well... stay here Iíll be right back. *leaves*

Y.S.B: Why do I haven the feeling Iím going to be surprised here?

Sei: *renters with Piccolo* back.

Y.S.B: Gah! *faints*

Sei: *looks to the ground* Hmmmm... okay take a seat Piccolo.

Piccolo: Iíd rather stand.

Sei: okay whatever just donít keep you back to the camera like you do in the show people want to see you not your back.

Piccolo growls at Sei.

Sei: *laughs nervously* Or do what you want.

Piccolo: Hmph.

Sei: Okay Piccolo this is a question for everyone who is dying to know this... Where does that WIND come from?!?!

*wind blows in the diary room making Piccoloís cape flap in it*

Piccolo: Itís not my choice it was just written in there.

Sei: Oh... do you get annoyed with it?

*wind blows again*

Piccolo: Very.

Sei: So what would happen if we took that wind away?

Piccolo: *looks at Sei* Can you do that?

Sei: Well only for this fic.

Piccolo: *smirks* Iíd like to see you try.

Y.S.B: *leaps up from the ground and pulls Piccoloís turban and cape off and runs off with it* hehehe...

Piccolo: Grrrrr...

Sei: Our well actually her conclusion or theory is that if you donít have a cape then there would be no wind to blow the cape, so she wanted to try it out.

Piccolo: *sweatdrops* Thatís ridicules...

Sei: Hey weíre testing our theory out here.

Piccolo: I thought you said it was her theory?

Sei: er.... yes.... thatís right... -her- theory.

Y.S.B jumps up on to the roof of the GT house wearing Piccoloís turban and cape giggling... Goten looks at her and he blinks then laughs.

Goten: Hey let me try that on!!

Y.S.B laughs and hand the turban and cape over and Goten puts them on and poses.

Y.S.B: hehehehehehe...

Trunks, Bra, Pan, Bulma, Chi-chi, Goku and Vegeta all look up at the roof.

Goku: I said this house was making people go crazy...

Trunks: Should we be worried itís starting to effect the author as well..

Sei: *walks out with Piccolo* be afriad... be very afriad...

Piccolo: *to the GT contestants* This is a warning to you all donít eat the candy they offer you.

Piccolo walks off to the in between of the GT house.

Y.S.B: I am the Lizard KING I can do anything!!!! er... wait now QUEEN!! I AM LIZARD QUEEN. YEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Sei: just cause she steals his cape and turban does she seriously think that sheís actually green.

Y.S.B: Hey Iím having fun!!!

Goten: me too!!!

Bra: okay maybe I should hook up with 17...

Raditz: *off* okay new bets rolling in we have thirty dollars from Videl that Goten and Yamchaís Saiyan Babe are going to hook up!!

Sei: *looks to camera* I guess Iím closing this ep then... oh well tune in next time to see me kick Trunks out *smirks*

Trunks: Hey!!!

Sei: Oh and Panís going to :P Just try and stop me!!!