Vegeta & Bulma Enter

ĎShe's Miss California, hottest thing in West L.A. House down by the water, sails her yacht across the bay. Drives a marinello, hollywoods her favorite scene. Loves to be surrounded with superstars that know her name...í

Bra is dancing seductively on the stage with Goten drooling at the base of the stage.

Yamchaís Saiyan Babe: I sooooooo love this song... yeah go Dante Thomas!! Welll Welcome to another edition of the GT HOUSE!!! Aíight! You peeps make this fic soooo possible and I wanna thank you for it... okay today we get two new peeps in but first lets have a look at the tally up!!

First of all you should know my two votes in are... Krillen and Yamcha ::G:: Of course... And I know how you girls love Mirai Trunks but Bulma has to enter the house rason being two Trunks in one house.... *shakes head* sorry Iíd get too confusing for me the author...

Vegeta - 9, Bulma - 4, Mirai Trunks - 4, Gohan - 3, Chibi Goku - 2, 18 - 2, Piccolo - 2, Lunch - 2, 17 -2, Yamcha - 2, Marron - 2, Raditz - 1, Videl - 1, Chaotisu - 1, Chibi Chi-chi - 1, Majin Trunks - 1, Krillen - 1...

Okay and the votes for characters to be kicked out have begun to...

Pan - 1, Trunks - 1, Goten - 1

The intruder votes

Cell - 2

Okay so who you want out of the fic vote and the next chapter they will be gone by majority.

Outside the GT HOUSE

Piccolo and Vegeta are sitting calmly on a couple of stools with a chess table between them playing a game of chess. Piccolo makes a move and Vegeta looks at the board thoughtful for a moment. He then moves a game piece. Piccolo smirks and he moves his game piece.

Piccolo: Checkmate.

Vegeta: WHAT?!

Seisetsu comes walking out and he taps Vegeta on the shoulder.

Sei: Uh Vegeta you can go in side now, you and Bulma both.

Vegeta smirks.

Vegeta: About time.

Vegeta stands up and he blast the Chess board away and he looks at Piccolo.

Vegeta: Checkmate that Namek!

Piccolo looks at Vegeta unimpressed.

Bulma is fussing over Mirai Trunks.

Bulma: Youíll be okay out here by yourself wonít you Trunks?

Trunks: Iíll be fine mother.

Bulma: *sighs* alright but any trouble you contact me immediately.

Trunks: I will.

Seisetsu: *bounces on the spot whinning* Huuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrry uuuuuuuuppppppp!!! I donít have all day...

Bulma and Vegeta walk towards the house.

Inside the GT HOUSE

Y.S.B: Alright you voted the next couple!!! Welcome aboard VEGETA!!!! and BULMA!!!!

The door opens and the two walk in. Cheers are heard and Vegeta looks round warily.

Goten: Ack! *runs off and hides*

Bra is still dancing on the stage. Vegeta stalks out to the stage and he looks round looking for Goten.

Vegeta: Alright where is he??

Bra: Who?

Vegeta: That brat of Kakarottís Iím going to blast him sky high.

Bra: you scared him off.

Vegeta: He canít hide forever. When I find him he will be blasted.

Bra: *whines* But daddddddddddyyyy you canít do that...

Vegeta looks at Bra.

Vegeta: And why not?

Bra: Cause heís really cute looking.

Vegeta sweatdrops.

Y.S.B: The sooner the better... I want Yamcha in the house.

Yamcha: *off* LEAVE ME OUT OF THIS!!!!

Sei: *off* Oi Yamcha get back here you coward!!!

Y.S.B: *sweatdrop* I hate it when they play hard to get.

Goten is hiding behind the side of the house. Trunks comes wandering out and he looks at Goten hiding.

Trunks: Goten. What are you doing?

Goten: *hisses* Get away from me Trunks... Iím hiding from your father.

Trunks: *smirks* oh really??

Goten: *threatens* Donít you dare...

Trunks: *loud enough for Vegeta to hear* It is nice weather isnít it GOTEN!!!

Goten growls and he lunges on Trunks the two of them scrapping on the grass.

Vegeta looks over.


Bra powers up and fires a ki blast at the two of them knocking them in to the pool.

Vegeta: nice shot.

Bra: ooops... Sorry honey...

Goten surfaces from the water and he sighs and looks at Bra.

Goten: no problem...

Trunks jumps up from behind and begins to dunk Goten under the water.


Y.S.B: okay we need an interlude...

ĎI'm feeling so good I knew I would, been taking care of myself, like I should 'cause not one thing can bring me down, nothing in this world gonna turn me round...í

Goku, Chi-chi, Pan and Bulma come running out.

Chi-chi: Whoís song is that?

Y.S.B: *blinks* er I said interlude... heh but now that you mention it.... *grins wickedly*

Vegeta: You dare make me dance and I will blast you sky high girl.

Y.S.B: Aaaaawwwwww....

Trunks: Do it!!!!

Vegeta looks over and he blasts Trunks.

Vegeta: Shut up boy!

Trunks coughs out a puff of black smoke and he dunks under the water and Goten leaps on to him dunking Trunks under.


Sei is walking back up to the house dragging Yamcha by the back of his collar and he throws him to the side.

Sei: Stay.

Yamcha arches an eyebrow at Sei.

Raditz has a chalk board set up with bets going.

Marron: So when do we find out if weíve won anything yet?

Raditz: When theyíre voted out.

Sei: Hey yo everyone vote 18!!!

Krillen walks up to the scene.

Marron: Hey dad.

Sei: Ack! *vanishes author style*

Krillen: Who was that?

18: Oh you know co-author...

Krillen: Why did he vanish when he saw me?

Marron: Heís in love with mom.

Krillen: What?!

Yamcha: I donít see why though... sheís an android. Hey Krillen why are you only arriving now?

Krillen: your obsessed Saiyan fan voted me in.

Yamcha: Oh yea... her... *sweatdrop*

Krillen: *laughs* whatís the matter.. I thought you were good with the ladies...

Yamcha: shutup Krillen.

Raditz: okay bets are rolling in... so far 17 has made a bet that Goten wonít last the day hiding from Vegeta.. anyone want to oppose that??

Krillen: Hey right here. I bet Goten will last til nightfall.

M. Trunks: I say he wonít.

Raditz: Well roll up and put your bets in!!

Krillen: Heh never thought Iíd actually be doing this...

18: Where is my egotistical twin brother?

17 steps out from behind the house...

Marron: Hey uncle!!!

17: Iím right here.

Everyone turns to look and wild girls screaming is heard.

Piccolo: Raditz I say Goku will step in to save Goten. Heís like that.

Raditz: Alright *begins writing the bets up on a chalk board*


Pan and Bra are sitting on the couch with Chi-chi. Goten dashes past the window and a ki blast is close behind him.

Vegeta: *off* get back here!!! You want to be with my princess then you gotta face me!!!

Chi-chi: so what seems to be the problem you two?

Pan: Well now that... we have *ahem* weíre not getting as much attention form our guys as usual... I donít suppose you can give us some advice.

Chi-chi: Cook them something. The way to a saiyan manís heart is through his stomach. Trust me it always brings them round.

Bra: But my problem isnít that... itís dad... he wontí let Goten stay still for too long then Trunks tells dad where Goten is... itís so unfair.

Chi-chi: Well for that youíll have to talk to your mother.

Pan: But even Bulma has a hard time controlling him.

Bra: Oh well I guess it couldnít hurt to talk to mom.

ĎTime is laying heavy on my heart. Seems I've got too much of it since we've been apart. My friends make me smile if only for while. You can make me whole again...í

Goku: *comes running out* Theme song!!!

The group of them all run on to the stage and get up and do a dance except Vegeta who looks onward scowling.

Vegeta: I am not going to be reduced to that level I am the prince of saiyans.

Y.S.B: er but the King is dead so doesnít that make you the King not the prince.

Vegeta: Shut up girl or I will stop blasting Goten and come after you!!

Y.S.B: Bah you canít find me so there :P besides I am all powerful author!

The song ends but Goku is still doing a dance and Chi-chi smiles and shakes her head.

Chi-chi: Goku you can stop dancing...

Goku: huh? Oh yea right! Hey Iím up for a swim anybody else? Vegeta?

Vegeta: *growls* no.

Goku: aaaaaawwwww címon Vegeta itíll be fun!!

Trunks: *snickers* yeah dad go on.

Vegeta shoot Trunks a nasty look and he yelps and jumps behind Bulma clinging on to her for protection.

Bulma looks at the others and she sweatdrops.

Bra: mom... can I talk to you.

Bulma: Sure as soon as your brother lets go of me... I canít move with the strength of a demi saiyan clinging to me like this.

Goten sees that Vegeta is looking at him and he gulps.

Trunks: *whispers* Thatís right dad pay attention to Goten and blast him not me...

Goten: hey I heard that!!!

Vegeta: Can it boy or Iím going to blast you both!

Y.S.B is sitting in the diary room in the diary chair playing with her great saiya man action man making it beat up on a super saiyan Vegeta action figure.

Y.S.B: Grrrrrraaaaarrrrggggggh take that... and that and that...

The small action figures are fighting each other in lame attempt.

Sei walks in and clears his throat.

Sei: *ahem* the camera is on... and whatís this great saiya man business??

Y.S.B: *sweatdrop* er.... hehehe I love Yamcha honest... but there were no Yamcha action figures in stock...

Sei: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...

Y.S.B: hehe... I think we should bring someone in for hassling... er I mean questioning...

Sei: Yes lets hassl... er question someone... 18!

Y.S.B: Um sheís not in the house...

Sei: Oh yeah right then who??

Y.S.B: Yamcha!

Sei: Oh no you donít heís not in the house!

Y.S.B: Damn worth a shot...

Sei sighs and he looks at the camera.

Sei: Well how about Goten? Itíll keep him safe from Vegeta for a while.

Y.S.B: okay *cups her hands in a microphone shape* WILL SON GOTEN PLEASE ENTER THE DIARY ROOM ALONE!!!!

Sei covers his ears and glares at Y.S.B

Goten runs in to the diary room and slams the door shut. he looks at the two authors. Y.S.B has started sorting out a bag of jelly beans by color in to little glasses... Sei is setting up an 18 shrine on the wall... with very scary pictures of Krillen being killed.

Goten: Errrrr.... *sweatdrop* rrrrriiiiiiiiiiight... I think Iíd rather my chances with Vegeta than with you two.

Y.S.B: oh no youíre staying... Iím on a jelly bean high and youíre going to stay till that sugar rush goes!!

Sei: hmmmm could be a while... *tacks up another picture of Krillen dying*

Goten: youíre both nuts.

Sei: Better be nuts than on the wrong end of a blast from Vegeta.

Y.S.B: sit down, take a load off, relax fella *falls over laughing* woooohooo did I just sound like Saddam Hussien from South Park???

Goten: *sits down in the chair with a worried look across his face* okay you two are weird...

Sei: And you -just- noticed that???

Goten looks at the walls and he frowns.

Y.S.B: *puts a black jelly bean in to a glass with black jelly beans, and then a red jelly bean in to a glass with all the red jelly beans* The store ran out of M & Mís....

Sei: they let her out of Vegetaís mental institute to do this fic...

Goten nods slowly.

Goten: Wait if sheís in a mental institute dedicated to Vegeta then whatís with the I.D?

Y.S.B: Iím the club Straight jacket designer and distributor who has scary obsessiveness to Yamcha... ::G:: itís my club title!!!

Goten: Hey stop the shameless promoting!!! youíre suppose to be questioning me!!!

Y.S.B: itís in Yahoo clubs check it out and if you join tell Kali that I sent ya!!!!

Sei: *ahem* anyways... Goten are you well aware people are already voting against you and Bra and wanting her too hook up with 17?

Goten: Er.... no...

Y.S.B: Donít blame them... *stuff a handful of orange jelly beans in to her mouth and starts eating them* he is such a babe....

Sei: Whatís your opinion on this?

Y.S.B: We shoulda picked Trunks heís smarter...

Goten: Hey! I heard that.

Y.S.B: Want a jelly bean???

Goten: *sweatdrop* youíve had too much sugar... but sure why not...

Sei: hey I want some!!

the three of them begin pigging out on Y.S.Bís candy.

Until next time!!!!