Rating: NC-17 Yus! Yus! Yus! LEMON FINALLY!!!!! Iím not sure how Iím going to do this but itís gunna be here...

Yamchaís Saiyan Babe: Yo yo yo!!! Wasssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppp?!?!?!? Welcome back to the GT house... Now here we go peoples the songs for which the single characters have been voted to dance to... heh... listen closely now!!! For Goku! His lilí theme song is Renegade Fighter (Go KIWI music) by Zed. Chi-chi X by Xzibit. Trunks got voted Thong Song hehehe....

Trunks: Hey whatís so funny?!

Y.S.B: No reason... heh... anywho moving on Pan got voted Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz. Goten got Feel the beat by Darude, and Bra well the song Whole Again was picked but thatís the group song so... I had to pick a song... so I picked Miss California... itís not on the list I know but hey! (if anyone knows the dude that sings this tell me please cause I canít remember his name...) Now that thatís out of the way... Iíll put the lines that they have to get and dance to in the next chapter...

Goten: Whew....

Y.S.B: Anywho letting you all know you can start to vote two more characters in... heh and hereís the tally so far on the characters stats...

Vegeta - 5, Gohan - 3, Lunch - 3, Bulma - 2, Mirai Trunks - 2, 18 - 1, Marron - 1, Videl - 1, Chibi Goku - 1, Yamcha - 1, Chaoitsu - 1, Raditz - 1, and Majin Trunks - 1 (I donít know if thereís such a thing but it was voted so donít argue)

And I am really offended that none of you voted Piccolo in... heís by far the coolest... then all you Tien fans could be upset that he too wasnít voted in yet... Well then pick your next two to be voted in, and in three entries time you can vote the two you want out... after the new two have entered which will be in two entries time... so start voting!!! Anywho now thatís that out of the way... on with the interaction...

Subtitled: 11:30am

Trunks is sitting outside along and looking rather bored. He looks round and sighs. Pan walks up to him and he looks at her.

Pan: You seen Bra?

Trunks: Bathroom something about putting on make up.

Pan: Okay.

Pan walks off. Trunks rests his head in his hand and watches her walk inside.

Subtitled: 11:35am

Bra is sitting on the sink in the bathroom while Goten is leaning up against the bench of the bathroom kissing her, her hand in his hair she is kissing him back. Goten is in nothing but jeans his chest exposed and her other on his chest. One hand under her top obviously caressing a breast. The other around her waist. The two of them oblivious to the camera in the corner of the bathroom. Goten pulls back from the kiss and he looks at her. Bra smiles at him.

Goten: *grins* Shower?

Bra laughs and she jumps off the bench grabs him by the jeans and quickly strips him.

Goten: Whoa! Thatís a yes!

Bra: Easy boy or youíll be taking a cold shower.

Bra runs a hand down his length and kisses the tip gently and Goten gasps in a quick in take of breath.

Goten: Er... okay.

Bra pulls her top off and stands up. Goten turns the shower on as Bra strips completely the two entering the overly large shower together. They wrap their arms around each other kissing passionately. Goten pinning her up against the shower wall dipping his head his teeth closes around one of the nipples and he tugs at it. This time a gasp slipped past Braís lips and Goten stood up towering over her kissing her.

They donít notice the door open and Pan sticks her head in she looks obviously shocked and shuts the door again quickly.

Gotenís hand slides down her stomach and nestles between her legs, his fingers parting her and entering. Braís head rolls back and Goten kisses her on the neck. Bra lets out a small groan. Goten pulls his fingers out and enters her and she gasps and clings on to him. Goten lifts her up still pinning her up against the wall of the shower the water pounding the two of them. Bra wraps her legs around Gotenís waist as he slowly rocks himself in to her while kissing her neck. Goten begins to rock faster and Bra cries out.

Subtitlted: 11:40am

Pan walks back outside to where Trunks is sitting and she sits down opposite him. He looks up at her.

Trunks: Was I right?

Pan: About the bathroom part... yea... the make up thing no.

Trunks: Huh?

Pan: More like make out.

Trunks shudders.

Trunks: Ow ewww gross Pan I really didnít need to know that!

Pan giggles.

Pan: Well just think your dad is probably watching this at home.

Trunks: *cracks up laughing and falls over* Hahahahaha... Goten is going to be so dead if dad is voted in!!!

Pan looks at Trunks and she chuckles.

Subtitled: 12pm

Goku is in the kitchen and he hears laughter come from the bathroom. Goku is in the middle of making a tower sandwich and he looks at the bathroom door again and he looks to the camera and shrugs and he goes back to his sandwich and then puts the other food away and in one gulp devours the tower sandwich.

Bra: *off, giggling* Goten!

Goku looks to the door again. He looks outside at Pan and Trunks sitting on the grass talking. Chi-chi comes walking out carrying a vacuum cleaner and she turns it on and begins hoovering.

Chi-chi sings to herself while she is vacuuming the floor. Goku begins going through the cupboards again for something else to eat.

Chi-chi: *sings* Roxanne... you donít have to put on that red light... Walk the streets for money... You donít care if itís wrong or if it is right... Roxanne you donít have to wear that dress tonight... Roxanne you donít have to sell your body to the night...

Goku blinks and he looks at the camera again.

Goku: This house is going to drive people insane.

Subtitled 1:30pm

Bra and Goten are lying in Braís bed together. Bra curled up in to him. Goten is running his hand through her hair.

Bra: So do you think Trunks and Pan will... you know?

Goten: *laughs* Yup!

Bra leans up and kisses him, Goten rolls over so he is hoovering over her.

Bra: Again?!

Goten grins at her.

Bra pulls him down and kisses him.

Goten: You think anyone saw?

Bra: Heh you can count on it.

Goten: *gulps* What about your dad?

Bra laughs and kisses Goten again.

Bra: Especially him.

Goten: ACK!

Subtitled: 4:15pm

Chi-chi wanders out and looks at the kitchen and she crosses her arms across her chest.

Chi-chi: Now where are those two boys?!

Goku walks in and scratches his head.

Goku: I canít find anyone anywhere. Itís like theyíre hiding.

Chi-chi: Or trying to get out of cooking.

Goku: You want me to look for their power levels?

Chi-chi: No Goku. Iíll just cook dinner.

Goku: Chi-chi itís their turn.

Chi-chi: Do you want to eat tonight?

Goku: Well now that you mention it I am really hungry.

Chi-chi: Then it looks like itís up to me.

Goku: You want any help?

Chi-chi: Goku last time you offered to help me you ate all the food I was preparing.

Goku rubs the back of his neck and smiles sheepishly.

Goku: heh... yeah sorry about that.

Chi-chi opens the fridge and she looks at itís empty contents.

Chi-chi: Goku have you made anything to eat today?

Goku: Well yeah I made a few things why?

Chi-chi: Weíre out of food.

Goku: I didnít eat that much! I swear it!

Y.S.B: Check the oven dinnerís already been cooked.

Chi-chi and Goku look at each other and they open the oven sure enough there is a meal sitting inside. Along with a note that looks slightly toasted.

Goku: Well??

Chi-chi: *reading the note* Hereís dinner... should be enough for you and dad. Me, Trunks, Pan and Bra are eating in our own little corners of the house tonight to so not to er... have another food fight. Goten.

Goku: Well at least they cooked.

Chi-chi: *sighs* He could of put the note on the outside of the oven.

Goku: Who cares! letís eat!

Chi-chi: Really Goku is that all you think about?

Goku: Most of the time. Yeah you should know by now hon.

Chi-chi sighs.

Subtitled: 4:30pm

Pan and Trunks are lying on the roof together looking up at the sky. Their dinner plates are sitting off to the side. The contents gone. Trunks rubs his chin and he looks over at Pan. Pan looks back at him. Trunks quickly looks back to the sky again. Pan smiles and she takes Trunks hand and he looks at her and makes no move to pull back.

Subtitled: 5pm

Chi-chi is in the dinning room cleaning up the dinning table and she looks around.

Chi-chi: Those kids are still hiding.

Goku wanders in.

Goku: Bra and Goten are asleep in the bedroom.

Chi-chi: Bedroom?!

Goku: Yup and Pan and Trunks I picked up their power levels on the roof.

Chi-chi: Roof?!

Goku: *looks at camera* See look weíre already going insane here...

Chi-chi: Goku who are you talking to?

Goku: *points to readers* them.... see??

Chi-chi looks and she nods.

Chi-chi: Well you can help me clean up mister, since your the only one whoís come out of hiding.

Goku: Awwww... But Chi-chi do I have to?


Goku: *gulps* Yes hon. *rushes in to the kitchen*

Chi-chi dusts her hands off and walks off after him.

Subtitled: 5:45pm

Goku and Chi-chi have just finished cleaning up. Chi-chi is wiping the bench down and Goku wraps his arms round her waist from behind.

Ďand thereís no mountain to high, no river to wide, sing out this song and Iíll be there by your side, storm clouds may gather, and storms may collide, and I love you, I love you till the end of time... come what may.... come what may... I will love you, until my dying day...í
Goku looks round

Goku: is that our theme song?

Chi-chi: no I donít think so...

Y.S.B: Drat wrong number on the Cd.... and I canít do it now... cause itís not a surprise... Bugger I botched that up... oh well carry on...

Goku: Uh.... *sweatdrop* riiiiiight.

Subtitled: 6pm

Chi-chi is running a broom across the floor when she looks outside at the dark and she sighs and continues to sweep the kitchen floor. Suddenly Goku appears in front of her and he takes two fingers away from his forehead.

Chi-chi: Goku did you leave the house?

Goku: No I was just testing my powers I paid a visit to Trunks and Pan theyíre just looking at the stars... nothing much else.

Chi-chi: you could of just climbed the ladder Goku.

Goku: Thereís a ladder? I thought they would of flown up there.

Chi-chi put the broom away and she gasped as Goku picked her up and she looked at him and smiled as he pulled her in to a kiss.

Goku: Chi-chi youíve been doing chores all day I think itís bout time you stopped.

Chi-chi: Goku. Are -you- suggesting...

Goku grins.

Chi-chi: But. People-

Goku: Know we are a married couple.

Chi-chi looks round.

Goku pulls her in to another kiss and instinctively her arms slips round his neck. Gokuís hand ran down her arm then up again. Chi-chi then began pulling Gokuís shirt off, his hand slid up under her top pulling it off. the two f them stripping each other while not once parting from the kiss. Goku pulls away and takes one look at her and his hand slides round her waist and Chi-chi reached down and grabbed him manhood. Goku sucks in a breath.

Goku: *whispers* Chi-chi...

Chi-chi: *smiles* you know we could be interrupted any minute now.

Goku grins again and he guides her hand up and down his manhood.

Chi-chi just smiles. And Goku just picks her up and thrusts in to her, while sitting her on the bench her arms slip round his neck as they join in another kiss. Goku begins trailing kisses down her neck and Chi-chi arches as Goku begins thrusting in to her and she holds on to him. his hand slips up to his breasts and he begins tracing circles with his finger round the bud of each nipple. Chi-chi groans and Goku makes one last maddening plunge in to causing her to cry out.

Chi-chi: Goku!

Goku shifts her to the floor of the kitchen.

Subtitled: 6:20pm

Trunks sit up and he looks at Pan. She looks back at him.

Pan: What is it?

Trunks: Uh nothing... I just thought I heard Chi-chi cry out Gokuís name in-.

Pan: *giggles* you did.

Trunks sighs.

Trunks: *looks at the camera* Donít look!

Pan: The camera has no choice Trunks.

Trunks: *mumbles* Then I hope I donít get a grave next to Goten.

Pan: What for?

Trunks: This.

He leans in and kisses Pan on the lips.

Pan: heh... I hardly doubt your dad would kick your butt for that.

Trunks: not my dad... your dad.

Pan: Bah itís been voted in he canít do anything against it. Itís the people choice.

Trunks: *grins* in that case!

Trunks kisses Pan again and she kisses him back.

Pan: So what happens now?

Trunks: *grins* Youíll see.

Trunks turns round and blasts a camera. fuzziness fills the screen*

Y.S.B: Hey!!! Hold on peeps switching cameras... heh shhhh... they donít know that...

Camera views change and Trunks and Pan are stripping each other wildly.

Trunks is trailing kisses along Panís naked shoulders then up her neck to her lips as they continue to strip till they are fulled naked. Trunks lies pan down on the roof. Kneeling over her his kisses her long and hard, his hands travelling her body. With the palm of his hand he taunts a nipples then brings his mouth down to it and begins to circle it with his tongue.

Pan moans and twines her fingers through his hair, Trunks hand then slides down her body and slips between her legs slowly inserting a finger inside her. Pan gasps but is cut off by a kiss from Trunks. Trunks then trails the kisses down her body.

Pan: Trunks...

Trunks: Mmnn

Pan: There are other cameraís watching.

Trunks groans in frustration

Trunks: Canít anyone of us get any privacy.

Pan: If we did then it probably wouldnít be as interesting.

Pan leads Trunks her up with her hand and guides his lips to hers.

Pan: Lets just forget it for now.

Trunks rises above her and one of his knees nudges her legs apart. Pan ran a hand down Trunks chest and he smirked at her.

Trunks: Iím going to be so dead when this is over.

Their lips meet in another kiss. Trunks hands slid under her as he slid his length in to her. Pan wrapped her hands round his neck. Trunks begins stroking his length further in to her. Pan arches her back.
Their lips still kissing. Trunks holds his hand up not looking and blasts the other camera.

Y.S.B: AAAAAH!!!! thatís it... those two are going to pay... *grins evilly* you voted it in so itís going to be.... hehehe....

ĎTime is laying heavy on my heart. Seems I've got too much of it since we've been apart. My friends make me smile if only for while. You can make me whole again...í

The theme song play out...

Y.S.B: Mwha-hahahaha....

Goten and Bra come running out to the stage. Bra in her dressing gown and Goten in boxers. They are joined by Chi-chi and Goku, who surprisingly enough are fully dressed....

Goten: Hey whereís Trunks?

Bra: And Pan?

*crash* Trunks and Pan fall from the roof landing on the stage in the middle of the four Trunks is just in his shorts and Pan has Trunks olive green jacket on...

Trunks: heh.... uh hi guys...

Goten: *sweatdrop* Iím not even going to ask.

Y.S.B: hello theme song whereís the boogie?!

Trunks gets up and helps Pan up.

The group of them do their little dance.

Y.S.B: hehehe... pay back....

Trunks: Remind me to find her and blast her...

Goten: Nah if Yamcha gets voted in just blast him.

Y.S.B: Nooooooooooooooooo not YAMCHA!!!!

Goku: *sweatdrop* sheís a bit obsessive about him isnít she?

Subtitled: 6:30pm... Outside the GT house.

Vegeta is standing with his arms crossed across his chest scowling at the large television screen. The whole DB crew are standing there.

Vegeta: Iím going to blast that brat of Kakarotts...

Gohan: *threatens* You do Iíll blast Trunks.

Vegeta: Go ahead. Iíll help you. That boy needs to train more often.

Bulma: *looks to Videl* Men. Sheesh.

Videl: I hear ya.

Yamcha: Kami I hope Iím not voted in... Last thing I need is to be blasted.

Y.S.B: Iíll protect you!!!

Yamcha: Anybody ever wonder where she actually is?

Y.S.B: Mwa-hahahahahaha.... not telling YOUíLL NEVER FIND ME!!!!!

Yamcha: *sweatdrop* Okay guys sheís scaring me...