Christmas in July

Yamchaís Saiyan Babe: Welcome to GT house, and I know itís nearly July but hey!! Special Christmas chapter... Hey what can I say I was watching big brother and got inspired to write this... The GT contestants have a special surprise for them today.

Subtitled: 8:55am

Bra comes wandering out of the girls room and she blinks and looks outside. Pan comes wandering out a duvet just wrapped round her and she looks outside of the house.

Bra: OhmiKami...

Pan: But itís June? Whatís with the snow...

Bra: *runs to the guys room banging on the door* Hey!!! WAKE UP!!!!

Goten and Trunks come wandering out sleepily both only in boxers... (A.N: mmmmmm cute guys in boxers....)

Trunks: What is it?

Bra: Come on!!

Bra grabs them by the arms and pulls them to the porch and the two guys blink and look at the snow. Goten looks to the sky.

Goten: Er... isnít there something wrong with this picture?

Trunks: Itís snow...

Bra: Duh!!

Bra begins running through the snow and she picks up a handful and begins hiffing snowballs at Trunks and Goten.

Goten watches Bra run through the snow in her dressing gown a small tank top and matching underbriefs.

Goten: Whoa...

While Goten is distracted he gets hit with a snow ball in the side of the head by Pan which knocks him over.

Trunks looks at him and laughs then suddenly both guys are under fire by snow balls.


The two guys run in leaving the two girls laughing and throwing snow in after them.

Subtitled: 10:05am

The group of them are sitting in the lounge. A giant plastic Christmas tree is in the middle of the large lounge. Goten looked at Bra and she looked back at him smiling.

Trunks: Man donít look at my sister like that. Itís gross.

Goten: Hey I canít help it! You saw the way she was running through the snow. That was my biggest dream come true.

Y.S: Right you six your first contact from the outside world in four days, open ya presents!

Goten gets up and he walks up to the tree and he picks up some presents. He hands them out to the group of them.

Trunks opens his and holds up a capsule and he pops the cap and throws it to the side and a large box appears. He blinks and opens it and looks inside and he pulls out a saiyan armor with a note attached.

Trunks: *reading* you better train.

Pan opens her present and she hold up a teddy bear and she smiles. Goten looks at the bear and he blinks.

Pan: Oh dad! he sent me my bear!

Trunks rummages through the box and he blushes and closes the lid. Goten looks at him and wanders over and open the box and looks in he cracks up laughing. Goten pulls out a bear and Trunks covers his face embarrassed.

Goten: Hey Pan is -your- bear a girl?

Pan: What?

Goten: is your bear a girl, cause I know Trunksí bear is a guy.

*thump* Goten is suddenly hit by a frying pan by Chi-chi and she looks at him scoldingly.

Chi-chi: now you stop thinking like that this minute young man!!

Trunks: *snickers* I see Gohan sent your mom and endless supply of frying pans...

Bra helps Goten up and looks at him. Goten looks at her. He points up. Bra looks up and smiles at the mistletoe.

Bra: Youíre such a goof, but okay. *kisses him on the cheek* there better?

Goten: *grins* Oh yea!

Trunks shudders.

Pan: Wait where did that mistletoe come from?

Y.S.B: ME!!!! MWHA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! As the writer I feel it is my soulful duty!!!

Goku looks at Bra and Goten and smiles.

Pan: *singsong voice* Someoneís gunna get some...

Trunks sticks his tongue out disgust...

Trunks: Iím sorry but thatís my sister!!! Yuk!!!

Goku holds up his giís and nods.

Goku: Great something to wear while I train. Sure beats jeans.

subtitiled: 12:15pm

Chi-chi is in the kitchen doing the lunch. Goku, Trunks and Pan are sparring in the back yard. Trunks wearing the saiyan armor Vegeta gave him.

Bra and Goten are no where in sight... [A.N: *wink wink*]

Chi-chi finishes cleaning up and she wanders outside and looks at the three training.

Ď,i>Time is laying heavy on my heart. Seems I've got too much of it since we've been apart. My friends make me smile if only for while. You can make me whole again...í

Goten: *off* THE SONG!!!!

Goten and Bra come running out and the six of them jump on to the stage for a quick dance while the song plays out.

Trunks: Goten your buttons are done up wrong...

Goten flushes immediately embarrassed. Bra chuckles.

After the song stops the group of them jump off the stage. Pan blinks and she looks at Goten. There is a red lipstick mark on his cheek.

Pan: uncle Goten is that Braís shade of lipstick your wearing?

Goten: Er.... is this being filmed?

Trunks: Goten everything is being filmed...

Goten: Gah!

Goten runs off.

Trunks: Man if dadís watching this... when he gets voted in Goten is soooooo dead.

Bra: *grins* Iím going to see how heís doing.

Trunks shudders again.

Pan: Trunks grow up.

Trunks: Wha? Me grow up! Hey your younger...

subtitled: 5:47pm

Trunks and Goten are in the kitchen standing there looking round absolutely baffled.

Goten: whatís this assigned cooking thing?

Trunks: Well your mom cooked for the first half of the week itís our turn now...

Goten: me? cook?

Trunks: Us. Iím hanging out for when Bra has to cook heh...

Pan wanders in and she looks at them.

Pan: I got sent to help you guys out.

Trunks: Weíll be okay.

Goten grins and he sneaks off. Trunks arches an eyebrow at Gotenís back.

Trunks: Get back here you...

Pan clears her throat and Trunks looks at her. She points up to the light where some mistletoe is hanging.

Trunks: What the-? Where did that come from?

Pan: Guess.

Y.S.B: Mwha-hahahahahaha!!!!!

Trunks shrugs and he kisses Pan on the cheek.

Goten: *off* GET A ROOM!!!!!

Trunks powers up and send a ki blast off.

Goten: *off* Oooooowwwwww.... *thunk*

Pan looks over at Goten blasted in to the wall. He coughs and out comes some smoke from his mouth.

Goten: Cool...

Bra comes running in and she looks at Trunks and she sighs.

Bra: Trunks!!!!

Trunks: *innocent* What? I didnít do anything... right Pan... *pleading eyes*

Pan: *sighs* what ever...

Bra peels Goten out of the wall.

Bra: Come on weíll get you cleaned up before dinner.

Trunks: Wait!! Iím not cooking on my own!!!

Bra: you should of thought of that before your blasted him.

Bra helps Goten out of the room to the bathroom to clean up.

Pan: Now your screwed...

Trunks: Pan...

Pan: Oh no you donít!!! Youíre turn...

Pan runs off laughing. Trunks sighs and looks at the camera and he shrugs.

subtitled: 6:55pm

The six of them are at the table eating. Chi-chi and Bra are the only ones eating normally, while the other four are scoffing their food down hurriedly.

Bra: *mutters* I hope Trunks chokes...

Trunks: *mouthful* mwha??

Goten: *mouthful* Mprmh pmrh mrph phm??

Pan swallows her mouthful and she looks at the two and laughs. Goten swallows and throws some food at her.

Pan: Gah!!!

Pan throws some food back.

Trunks: FOOD FIGHT!!!!! *hiffs some food*

Food flies everywhere while Bra takes cover under the table. Chi-chi stands up angry.

Chi-chi: OH NO YOU DONíT!!!!!

The three of them stop hiffing food but covered in food. still with handfuls of food in their hands.

Chi-chi: you three clean this mess up this instant.

The three of them lower their head.