GT House

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Yamchaís Saiyan Babe walks back in to the house after a fair amount of absence. Sporting a new almost scary ssj likeness hairdo. Wearing a long black leather jacket, black trousers and a white shirt and carrying several bags of shopping.

Y.S.B: I got paid and I spent it all... how female of me... Holidays have begun and stuff so yay!!! Anywho today we have two new entries in to the house. So much for my one male one female hope, now the men are taking over the fic... So without further ado hereís the tally up!!!


#17 - 7
Gohan - 6
Mirai Trunks - 4
#18 - 4
Lunch - 4
Piccolo - 3
Raditz - 2
Marron - 2
Yamcha - 2
Master Roshi - 2
Videl - 2
Chibi Goku - 2
Chibi Chi-chi - 1
Chaoitsu - 1
Tien - 1
Majin Trunks - 1
Oolong - 1 (new entry)

To be voted out.

Chi-chi - 3
Bra - 2
Goten - 2
Cell - 1

Y.S.B: So here we go welcome in to GT House Seventeen and Gohan!!!

*The door opens and Seventeen and Gohan enter wild female screams are heard coming from no where*

*Gohan rubs the back of his neck and he waves to the audience

Gohan: Um... hi.

*screams are followed*

Y.S.B: Any words Seventeen?

Seventeen: No not really.

*more screams come from no where

Y.S.B: Okay Iíve done a draw and after Bra fights Cell. Gohan itís your turn though my guess is youíre not really worried about fighting him are you?

Gohan: Not really.

Seventeen: So what happens now?

Y.S.B: We head to the back yard to see how Veggieís doing while fighting Cell. So come come follow me.

*Y.S.B leads them back to the back yard*

Goten: Bro!! You got in!!

Sei looks over the fence.

Sei: It should of been Eighteen.

Hercule: (off) Hey get this thing off me!!

Sei: Juju is not a thing!! Heís ahhh- um skateboard. Get him Juju!!

Herculeís shouts are heard. Sei looks at Y.S.B

Sei: Carry on.

Sei vanishes from sight.

Y.S.B: Looks like The Son family now dominate the house.

Vegeta: *grumbles from in the ring* Not when Iím done here they wont.

Cell: Hey Vegeta focus here this is our fight.

Y.S.B pulls a hackey sack out.

Y.S.B: Anyone for Hackey sack?

Goten: Oooh!! Me me me!!


Pan covers her face and shakes her head.

Trunks is sitting next to her and he looks at her.

Trunks: I know heís embarrassing.

Pan: At least you donít share the same last name as him.

Trunks: Now you have a point there.


Oolong comes wandering through the gate and he shuts it behind him.

Marron: Hey Oolong you got voted in!

Oolong: *sighs* yeah... I really donít want to be here but you know author powers and everything.

Marron: Some author powers when she canít even get control of her fic back.

18 is looking up at the screen and she looks to Mirai Trunks.

18: Good thing theyíre in there. I really donít like looking at cell.

Sei: Saiyan Babe says heís like a giant bug or something.

18 looks at Sei.

18: You just seem to be everywhere donít you?

Sei: *grins* Iím everywhere you are...

Krillen: Hey hey back off pal.

Marron wanders over to the betting table where Raditz is talking to Yamcha.

Raditz:... and so I said hey you better pay up or else get out.v
Yamcha nods slowly.

Raditz: then I blasted him. The guy didnít know what hit him.

Marron: Twenty on Gohan against Cell.

Y.S.B is standing outside the ring watching Vegeta and Cell fighting.

Y.S.B: Wait a minute if Vegeta wins that means he gets author powers and heíll run my fic... thatís not on... I better do some training...

Y.S.B rushes off to do some serious training.

Bra looks round.

Bra: Whereíd Goku go?

Goten: Heís probably training!! Iíll go find him!!

Goten runs off to look.

Bra: Why is everyone training? Itís not like they need it.

Gohan crosses his arms looking at Cell in the ring fighting Vegeta the two phasing in and out punching and blocking each otherís moves.

Gohan: Youíre right. I hate to sound like Hercule but if Cell is going to win itíll be through cheap tricks and Vegeta will probably disregard the rules and blast him anyway.

Bra: No fair!! I want to fight!

Gohan looks at her.

Bra: *shouts* Hey dad get thrown out!!! I want to fight and I want to fight now!!!

Vegeta blinks and he looks over just as Cell lands a punch in to the side of his face.

Vegeta: Bra!! Iím busy here.

Bra: But Dad.... I want to fight!!! If you fight him now I wonít get a chance cause Goten and Goku get to go before I do!!

Vegeta looks at her and looks round.

Vegeta: Where did Kakarott and his youngest brat go??

Gohan: Goten went to find dad.

Vegeta looks at Bra.

Vegeta: Bra-

Bra: Dad I am all woman now I can fight... See!!

Bra pull up her top and flashes those around to see.

Gohan blinks and he looks at Vegeta, whoís mouth has dropped in shock.

Vegeta: Cut that out!!!

Bra: I am a woman now dad!!

Vegeta jumps out of ring annoyed and pulls her top down.


Roshi begins laughing.

Trunks pulls out his sword and thumps Roshi over the head with the handle knocking him out. Roshi hits the ground with a thud.

Trunks: She may not be my sister in my time line. But sheís still my sister.

Raditz chuckles.

Raditz: Twenty bucks on Kakarott not arriving back in time for the match!

Krillen: Youíre on Goku will be back in time.

Marron looks at her father. Then at Yamcha and shrugs.

Marron: What do you think?

Yamcha: So long as thereís no head spinning round. Iíd say that this match is okay for you to watch.

Marron sticks her tongue out a Yamcha.

Sei looks up at the screen.

Sei: They look like theyíre having fun...

Krillen: Hey whatíd you do with the goofball?

Sei jerks his thumb over his shoulder to Hercule hanging from a tree in the distance outside the in between of the GT house with GT House fans with large stick thwacking him like heís a pinata.

Krillen chuckles.

Videl Shakes her head and covers her face at hearing her fatherís cries of protest.

Hercule: Hey you canít do that- *twack* Donít you know who I- *twack* am!! *twack* Cut that out! *twack* When I get-*twack* down from here- *twack* someoneís going to *twack* PAAAAAAY!!!

Videl: *mutters* Dad you are so embarrassing sometimes...


Cell: Vegeta you stepped out of the ring... Therefore that means I win.

Vegeta: Iíll show you who wins!!!

Vegeta begins to power up. Gohan grabs Bra and they hit the dirt. Seventeen stays standing.


The blast shoots out blasting the top half of cell off and Vegeta crosses his arms.

Bra: *whines* Ddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddd I wanted to fight.

Vegeta: Fine fight him then.

Bra walks up and enters the ring.

Chi-chi: Wait! Gokuís suppose to fight next.

Bra: If he fights next I wonít get a turn.

Bulma: Sheís right you know. *to Bra* Becareful honey!

Bra: I will mom.

Bra steps fully in to the ring and she watches as Cell regenerates.

Bra: Eeeeewwwww... Thatís gross...

Cell: What youíd rather fight a lower torso?

Bra: Well not really.

Cell: Then quit your whining.

Bra: Youíre the one whoíll be whining when Iím done with you.

Bra powers up she conjures up an energy attack and Cell chuckles and crosses his arms looking at her.


She fires the attack at him.

Goten turns round as he sees a large blast light up on the other side of the house.

Goten: Uhhhhh that sounded like Bra...

Goten looks round.

Goten: Damnit where is dad?

Goten turns a corner and finds Goku asleep leaning up against the fence in the sunlight snoring.

Goten: Dad... *he shakes his head* how embarrassing... I hope no oneís watching this.

Goten grabs Goku by the feet and he begins to drag him back to the ringside Goku still sleeping and snoring as heís being dragged.

Y.S.B pops up in front of the screen

Y.S.B: End of the episode vote what you want to happen next and who you want out of the house... and theyíll be gone in an episode or to... until next time- Laters!!!