GT House

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A.N: hopefully I can get back in to the regularity of writing this fic... I got a few e-mails recently that helped me with the boost I needed to show me that peoples are still reading this fic... Thank you Peeps.


Y.S.B: Welcome back to the GT HOUSE!! Right now Iím still kinda stuck in the basement with Goten (No complaining here). But here we go this is a little update on what you need. The voting is back in for the next two to enter the house and finally we got a song vote for Vegeta itís not on the list but still Iím accepting it... I just need people to go yay or nah to it... if no one protests then... it shall be...

Also Iíd like to apologise for the delay I got a house sitting job a while back and then they called me back again. and yes a new year of study has begun for me and my mother has shown me no mercy. So Iím going to tone down on the activeness of this fic until you people bombard me to continue.

I got a vote just this past week for Gohan and Videl... So Iím back again with this fic... and Iíve decided that if the votes donít come rolling in, I will continue the fic in the weekends with shorter chapters until every character has been in and out of the house!!!. And being fair instead of me picking the characters personally (if you donít vote or Sei doesnít say anything) I will be drawing names from a hat (or a little square bowl thing I have) to pick the next characters to enter the house.

Right my new year of study is pretty full on I have assignments every second day so itís really hard to get back in to the swing of things with this fic. So if it seems a little off forgive me. But donít forget all opinions are welcomed and encouraged. I got told me and Sei were boring in the e-mail vote. ;p ::grins:: see all opinions welcomed and I took it on board. Also because Iím just the writer you guys are the ones that keep this fic going. So please do... vote and tell me what you want to see. Because I canít write situations if I donít get told them.

Now hereís the updates!!!


#17 - 6 (EEEEK!!! you girls really love him donít you!!)
Mirai Trunks - 4
#18 - 4 (*shakes head* Seiís is happy about that)
Gohan - 4 (triple tie for the second person to enter so vote to break it!)
Piccolo - 3
Lunch - 3
Raditz - 2
Marron - 2
Yamcha - 2
Master Roshi - 2 (new entry who was voted in)
Videl - 2
Chibi Goku - 2
Chibi Chi-chi - 1
Chaoitsu - 1
Tien - 1 (another new entry)
Majin Trunks - 1 (I still donít know if there is such a thing but still it was voted)

Y.S.B: Right from now on Iím giving voters the option to put three/four votes forward for the characters of their choice to be voted in the house but they canít use two of those votes for one character it must be 3/4 different ones this hopefully will cause the tally ups to sky rocket... plus there are more characters to choose from now sooooo... READY... SET... VOTE!!!!

Seisetsu: VOTE 18!!!!!!!

Y.S.B: Sheís one of the top voted in Sei...


*18 looks at Sei inside the diary room and arches an eyebrow*

Y.S.B: *sighs* Even stuck in the diary room with her and heís still wants her actually in the house...

*outside M. Trunks blinks and he gives a side long glance at the camera*

Trunks: Whatíd I do to him?

Y.S.B: Anyways on with the tallyís I need more votes on these before they can actually get going...


Bulma's theme: Bootylicious
Vegeta's theme: Born to be wild / Donít stop Moviní


To be voted out:

Chi-chi - 3
Goten - 1 (Noooooooo - I know it hasnít changed since last time but still how could they?! *mock cries* j/k)
Bra - 1 (I was surprised at that one! but it was only so Vegeta could get Goten)

Vegeta: *smirks* I like that idea.

Goten: Errrrr... at least Iím safe for now.

Y.S.B: Youíre in a basement how is that safe?

Goten: Ummmm Iím safe till Vegeta knocks the door down.

Y.S.B: *sighs* Anyways on with the votes...

Lemon Vote:

(now youíll see why there hasnít been any Lemons of late)

Bra & 17 - 3 (17ís not in the house yet so there canít be)
Bulma & Veggie - 3 (Veggieís training for Cell)
Chi-chi & Vegeta - 2 (yet again Veggieís training for Cell)

Yuri/Yaoi votes:

(yus it got voted in here... so??)

Chi-chi & Bulma - 1

Goku & Vegeta - 1

When I see some more votes they will be up but for now lets catch up with the peoples of the house!!! Remember this ep is the beginning of the new CELL tourney!!!! (blarg weíre on our second run of that saga here die cell die!!)


Goku is doing press ups on the lounges floor with Bra sitting in the middle of his back as he is doing so, she has a glass of lemonade and is taking a sip out through a straw.
Bra: Thatís it Goku put your back in to it!

Goku looks at Bra over his shoulder and shakes his head and goes back to it.

Vegeta walks in side with Bulma and he looks at Goku.

Bulma: Goku what are we going to do about Cell? Heís completely taken over and now heís destroying the back yard with his tournament ring. I like that pool side and deck chairs.

Goku: I donít know about you Bulma but Iím still training. The tournament begins this episode.

Bulma: Yes thatís nice but DO YOU HAVE TO USE MY DAUGHTER AS WEIGHTS?!?!?!

Bra: I donít mind mom Gokuís all muscles...

Vegetaís eyebrows shoot up and he grabs Bra and pulls her off Gokuís back.

Bra: *spills her drink on the floor* Gah!!! Dad!!!

Vegeta: No daughter of mine is going to be used for Kakarottís training.

Bra: *pouts* Awwww... *thinks for a moment* hey how about I train with you then dad?

Vegeta: *nods* thatís better.

Bulma arches an eyebrow at Vegeta.

Bulma: hypocrite.

Vegeta and Bra go off to train.


The gathered fighters who were voted stand looking up at the screen.

Gohan: So much for trying to stop Cell.

Tien walks in the gate with Master Roshi and closes it behind Roshi.

Roshi: Did we miss anything?

Chaoitsu: Tien!!! You were voted!!

Chaoitsu floats up to his telepathic friend. Tien smiles at Chaoitsu and he looks over at Kushami on the fence firing machine gun fire out in to the crowds.

Kushami: BACK OFF PUNKS!!!

Roshi looks to the others.

Roshi: how long has she been like this?

Yamcha: About three hours so far. Say anybody got any pepper? Iím getting a headache from all that machine gun fire.

Roshi taps the door with his staff.

Roshi: I saw what happened on the television at home. Cell seems to like this tournament idea.

Gohan: Not me Iím sick of it. All it is, is tournament after tournament. How many more tournaments can there be?

Tien: So whoís going to be fighting?

Piccolo: Those inside the house. I think weíre allowed to as well. Iím not to sure. Iíd have to check with the authors.

Roshi: Where are those two weird kids?

Krillen: Sei stuck with -my- wife in the Diary room... *blinks* wait why Cell kidnapped her? Heís already complete.

Roshi: Donít ask me I just got here at least sheís safe... I think.

Yamcha: yeah and my um... stalker is trapped in the basement with Goten. so that makes me safe.

Raditz: She seemed pretty happy about that.

Yamcha: Iím glad itís not me.

Krillen: *nudges Yamcha* yeah sure címon your the one whoís an -expert- on women.

Yamcha: Women - yes, psychotic women - no.

Roshi: *taps the bottom of television with his staff* How do you change channels on this thing?


Goku is walking past the Diary room and he can hear eighteen and Sei laughing and he blinks and looks to the camera.

Goku: Do we want to know whatís going on in there?

The camera moves in a nodding fashion and Goku shrugs and he tries the door handle only to find itís locked. Goku looks round.

Rock bounces up to Goku and drops the keys at his feet and begins to bounce off.

Goku: Oh hey thanks.

Rock: No problem. *to the camera* Whatís going to bug him later though is how did I carry the keys to him with no hands. *bounces off*

Goku blinks suddenly realising Rock was right. Goku picks up the keys and unlocks the door and opens it he looks inside to see Sei and Eighteen running round the couch throwing handfuls of sugar at each other laughing.

Goku: Ummm... *sweatdrop*

Skateboard bounces up to Goku.

Goku: Oh hey Juju

Skateboard: *bounces and rolls itís wheels* hey hey.

Goku: Umm I suppose I should go let Saiyan Babe out huh?

Skateboard: If she wants to be let out.

Goku: I think itís best.

Goku walks off and Skateboard bounces back in to the diary room.

Goku walks up to the basement and he sees the keys in the lock and he unlocks the door and he looks in and sniffs the air.

Goku: Oh wow I smell food.

Goku walks in to the basement to see a table full of food piled up high and he looks at Goten sleeping on a mattress using a bag of flour for a pillow.

Goku: hello??

Y.S.B steps out of the shadows and piles more food on to the table.

Y.S.B: Check it out I finally managed to cook something!!!

Goku: Uh I can see...

Y.S.B: Iím soooo proud you know I donít normally cook and when I do itís packet food. but hey wake Goten and lets get this stuff upstairs.

Goku: Uh sure. Wait how did you cook with no stove or microwave.

Y.S.B: *points to Goten* I got him to blast it.

Goku: Rrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight... *sweatdrop*

Goku walks up to and kneels down by his youngest sonís side and shakes Goten lightly.

Goku: Goten címon get up the doors open you can leave the basement now. We have a tournament to fight.

Goten groans slightly and he sits up rubbing his eyes tiredly.

Y.S.B: Heís really cute when heís sleeping.

Goku looks at Y.S.B worriedly.

Goku: I wouldnít know.


Sei is skateboarding round the lounge, looking quite unhappy.
Goku, Y.S.B, Vegeta, Bulma, and Bra are sitting round the lounge.

Chi-chi walks in with a tray of food and puts it on the table and she looks at Goku.

Chi-chi: Whatís wrong with him? *looks to Sei*

Goku: Eighteen had to go back outside the house.

Sei continues to skate round the lounge and then heads towards outside forgetting that the glass ranch slider is shut and rams straight in to it and fall of skateboard landing flat on his back.

Y.S.B sweatdrops.

Y.S.B: Anyways have we decided whoís going to fight Cell first.

Vegeta: I will. Kakarott went first last time.

Vegeta shoots Goku a nasty glare.

Y.S.B: Fine just um donít destroy the house in your blasts okay or this fic will be over sooner than I planned.

Vegeta: Whatever girl.

Y.S.B sighs

Sei: *from the ground* At least he hasnít blasted anyone yet.

Bra: thatís cause Goten is still hiding.

Y.S.B: No heís not.

Goten: *off* YES I AM!!!


Goten: *off* FOOOOOOD!!!

Goten comes running in and up to the table and begins wolfing down the food.

Y.S.B opens the ranch slider door and motions Vegeta to go out.

Y.S.B: After you Veggie man.

Vegeta walks up to the ring.

Vegeta: This time youíre going to wish you stayed dead.

Cell smirks staying in his ring.

Vegeta enters the ring.

Y.S.B puts a bunch of names in to a hat and shakes them about.

Y.S.B: Okay Iíve Gokuís, Gotenís and Braís name in this hat this is who will go after Cell. *turns to the camera* Right now we would have another pair in this house but we have to break the three way tie between M. Trunks 18 and Gohan So vote you guys! If you donít vote Iím going to be force to place the three names in a hat and pull out the winners that way. Iím letting you know in advance. Showing that even though I write this thing I have no control over it. So vote so I donít have to do that...

Sei: 18!!!!! VOTE FOR 18!!!

Y.S.B shakes the hat about she pulls out a name and looks at it and blinks.

Sei: So who is next?

The group all leer at Y.S.B and she turns the piece of paper around for all to see.

The piece of paper reads:


A.N: I did actually draw his name out. See no control!

Goku: Oh wow!! Great I get to fight Cell again!

Y.S.B: Now lets all head out to watch Vegeta fight Cell *looks at camera again* remembering Cell canít leave until peoples vote him out.

Chi-chi: *whispers to Bulma* Sheís really depending on these votes isnít she?

Bulma nods her head.

Bulma: Mmm uh.


Chi-chi, Bulma, Bra, Goten and Goku all take seats.

Y.S.B sits off to the side with Sei and juju.

Y.S.B: Let the tournament BEGIN!!!

Sei: FIGHT!!

Vegeta charges forward at cell his hair flashing in to super saiyan. Vegeta drives a fist right in to Cellís Solar plexus and looks up at the green android and smirks.

Cell looks down at Vegeta and rings his fist down. Vegeta phases out. and appears behind Cell and holds his house out.

Vegeta: GALLIC GUN... FIRE!!!!

Cell jumps out of the way of the blast as is shoot through the fence and hits the returning ďworld champĒ Hercule and his little announcer buddy.

Sei: Nice shot.

Cell holds his hand up and he forms above his hand the familiar pink shaped disc.


The other voted characters for the in between watch the screen intently as Cell throws the disc at Vegeta who leaps out of the way and flies upward, the discís follow as Vegeta flies higher up then phases out.

Krillen: That move is really getting cliche.

Gohan nods.

Gohan: Mmmm uh...

All is practically silent as they watch the tournament on the GT house TV screen.

Raditz: My moneyís on Vegeta.

Yamcha: Mine too.

On screen Vegeta phases back behind Cell hoovering in mid air and he spins round delivering a round house kick in to the side of Cellís head.

Cell stumbles forward and he turns round and glares at Vegeta.

The discís then whiz back down to earth towards Vegeta.


Vegeta and Cell begin to fight in a fury of fists large explosions sounding out everytime their fists meet each otherís.

Vegeta phases out seconds before the discís reach him and Cell jumps out of the way as the discís whiz through the fence and Hercule and his announcer buddy hit the ground as they whiz overhead.

Y.S.B: Somebody get rid of those two.

Sei: Iíll do it.

Sei jumps on to juju.

Sei: Juju AWAY!!!

Sei skateboards through the hole in the fence towards Hercule and the announcer grabbing them by the collar and skating off with them.

Vegeta phases back in to the center of the ring and Cell smirks and looks at Vegeta.

Cell: Very good Vegeta you seemed to of improved since we last fought.

Bulma: Thatís because all heís been doing for the past twenty years is TRAIN!!!

Vegeta and Cell stand completely still in ring as the discís whiz about round the two and Vegeta holds his hand up and points it at the discís and blasts them away.

Vegeta: Enough of your cheap tricks Cell itís just you and me. Like it should be.

Goku is watching the fight and he nods.

Cell: Very well then.

The two stay put on the spot staring each other down- in a very cool dbz like style.

End of fic!!!

Hahahahahaha you have to vote what you want to happen next!!! and WHO you want in out of Gohan 18 and M.Trunks. sorry but 17 is definitely in there... I just need a 2nd character and they will enter the house next and become part of the tournament line up to!!!

Until the next chapter!!!

Sei: I hate cut off endings....

Hercule: Hey where do you think youíre taking us?!?!

Sei: Youíll just have to wait and see... hehehe...

~ Yamchaís Saiyan Babe aka Mirashia!!!